St. Louis directory :
Relating To Hackney Carriages, Omni-
Buses And Other Vehicles.
Article 1.

Section 1. No person shall, in this city, without
complying with the provisions of this ordinance, hire
out or keep for hire, or use or cause to be used, for

hire in the transportation of persons or property from
one part of the city to another, or from places within
the city to places without, or from places without the
city to places within, any hackney carriage, omnibus,
dray, cart, wagon or other vehicle.

Sec. 2. There shall be levied an annual tax upon
all omnibuses, of thirty dollars; drays, twelve dollars;
wagons, five dollars; baggage wagons, nine dollars;
furniture cars, ten dollars; carts, two dollars; hack-
ney carriages, cabs or cabriolets that occupy stands,
twenty dollars; carriages, cabs or cabriolets owned
or used for hire in livery stables, five dollars; and
buggies owned and used for hire in livery stables,
two dollars.

Sec. 3. The owners of any of the vehicles men-
tioned in the foregoing section, paying the annual tax
therein provided for, shall be released from all other
taxes on the same to the city of St. Louis during the
period for which said tax is paid.

Sec. 4. There shall be placed and kept conspicu-
ously to view, on every dray, wagon, baggage wagon,
furniture car, cart, hackney carriage, omnibus, cab
or cabriolet, that occupies a stand, the registered
number of such vehicle; such number shall be in plain,
distinct and legible figures, each figure to be not less
than two inches in length, and one inch and a half in
width, painted in oil colors, and placed on each ve-
hicle in the following manner : On drays and carts,
the nnmber shall be painted on metallic plates and
placed on the outer side of each shaft, three inches
in front of the body or bed of the cart or dray; on
wagons, the number shall be painted on metallic
plates and placed on the hind axle; and where a body
is used on such wagon, said number shall also be
placed on one outer side thereof. On furniture cars,
the number shall be painted on metallic plates and
placed on each outer side of the body; on hackney
carriages, cabs or cabriolets, that occupy stands, the
number shall be painted on the outer glass of the
lamps; and on omnibuses, the number shall be placed
in some conspicuous place on the outside of the body
thereof, in Arabicnumerals, not less than three inches
square, so that it can be easily seen and read from
the sidewalks.

Sue. 5. It shall be the duty of the City Register,
upon receiving the annual tax of any vehicle men-
tioned in the preceding sections, to register the same,
and give the party applying for the license the num-
ber to be put thereou, and if such number be so
placed upon said vehicle, and bond be entered into as
hereinafter required, within three days after registry
of said vehicle, the Register shall, upon being paid a
fee of fifty cents, deliver to the party applying, a li-
cense to use said vehicle for one year from the date of
the payment to the Register; otherwise the money so
paid shall be forfeited.

Sec. 6. The party applying for a license shall, be-
fore the same shall be issued, enter into bond to the
city, with sufficient security, to be approved by the
Register, in a sum not less than two hundred dollars
(unless the said license befor a dray) conditioned for
the safe delivery of all property delivered to him or
his servant or agent, to be conveyed, and for the pay-
ment of all damages which may accrue to any person
by his negligence, or that of his seivants, agents or
employes, in and about the use and management of
the vehicle licensed. The party applying for a li-
cense for a dray shall enter into a like bond, in the
sum of three hundred dollars, and the said bonds may
be sued upon, in the name of the city. by any person
injured by a breach of the conditions thereof.

Sec. 7. All persons who are owners, keepers or
occupants of livery stables, shall state annually, un-
der oath, before the City Register. what number of
cabs, cabriolets, carriages and buggies are owned or
kept for hire by them, and shall pay on each the tax
required by the second section of this ordinance. All
owners of omnibuses shall in like manner be required
to state under oath the whole number of omnibuses
owned, driven and employed by them, and shall pay