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Rates Of Postage.

The postage on letters, to be forwarded in the
mails to any part of the United States, is three cents per half ounce, pre-paid by stamps.

The postage on letters dropped in this Office
for delivery in the City, is two cents per half
ounce, pre-paid by stamps.

Transient newspapers, pamphlets, proof sheets,
book manuscripts, samples, sample cards, photo-
graph cards, cards, maps, blanks, blank paper,
engravings, envelopes, seeds, roots, scions, and
printed matter, (except circulars and books,) will
be rated at two cents for every four ounces, or
fraction thereof, prepaid by stamps.

Double the above rates will be charged for

Unsealed circulars, not exceeding three in num-
ber, shall pass at the single rate of two cents, and
in that proportion for a greater number, adding
one rate for three circulars, or less number there-
of, directed to one address.

Canada and the British Provinces, ten cents per
half ounce. New Founcland, ten cents per half
ounce, must be pre-paid by stamps.

Letters to any executive department, except of-
ficial communications, written and franked by an
officer responsible thereto, must be pre-paid.

The “United States Mail.” a monthly paper
published in New York, by J. Holbrook, Esq., con-
tains correct tables of postages to foreign coun-
tries, arrivals and departures of foreign mails and
the official decisions and other important matters
relating to the Post Office Department.