Edwards' annual directory to the inhabitants, institutions, incorporated companies, manufacturing establishments, business, business firms, etc., etc., in the city of St. Louis for ... /
Homœopathic Medical College of
Located on Eighth street, n. w. corner of Tenth.
This institution was organized in the year 1859,
by the appointment of the following
Board of Trustees.
Dr. C. w.west Spaulding, , President .
F. P.Blair, , WashingtonKing, , Thos. r.residence Axtell, ,
John H.Helmuth, , Charles r.residence Anderson, , Henry
T.Tomlinson, and EdwardChase.,
Board of Censors.—Canada West.
w.west A.Greenleaf, M. D., Hamilton; Alexander
T.Bull, M. D., London ; JohnHall, M. D., To-
Professor StormRosa, , M. D., Painesville; Pro-
fessor Witherell., Ciucinnati ; Professor A. F.Bis-, , Toledo; Professor H. P.Gatchell, , Cincinnati.
Professor A. e.east Small, , M. D., Chicago ; George
e.east Shipman, M. D., Chicago ; LeonardPratt, M.
D., President Illinois Homœpathic Medical Asso-
ciation , Rock Creek ; D. s.south Smith, M. D., Wauke-
gan ; G. V.Sturley, M. D., Jacksonville ; e.east P.
Johnson, M. D., Alton.
Dr. Davis, , Natchez.
Wm.William H.Holcomb, M. D., Waterproof.
J. s.south Douglass, M. D., Milwankee.
s.south H.Guilbert, M. D., Dubuque.
John T.Temple, M. D., (St. Louis, Mo.,) Pro-
fessor of Materia Medica and Therapeutics .
r.residence E. W.Adams, M. D., (St. Louis, Mo.,) Pro-
fessor of the Theory and Practice of Medicine .
b.between L.Hill, M. D., (Cleveland, Ohio,) Professor
of the Institutes and Practice of Surgery .
J.Brainerd, M. D., (Cleveland, Ohio,) Professor
of Chemistry and Medical Botany .
A. r.residence Bartlett, M. D., (St. Louis, Mo.,) Profes-
sor of Physiology and General Pathology .
e.east A.Guilbert, M. D., (Dubuque, Iowa.) Profes-
sor of Obstetrics and Diseases of Women and
Children .
Wm.William TodHelmuth, M. D., (St. Louis, Mo.,)
Professor of Anatomy .
Officers of the Faculty.
John T.Temple, M. D., Dean, 78 North Ninth
street,—Box P. O., 3207.
r.residence E. W.Adams, , Registrar, 133 Olive street.