Edwards' annual directory to the inhabitants, institutions, incorporated companies, business, business firms, manufacturing establishments, etc., in the city of Saint Louis
Officers of the City Government—Terms
ending April, 1869.
Names, residences and places of business of officers of
the city government:
Mayor —James s.south Thomas, , 1723 Christy avenue.
Mayor's Secretary —H. F.Zider, , 1319 n.north 15th.
Comptroller —JosephDetgenrforf, , 1417 Park avenue.
Deputy Comptrollei —JohoBatman, , Maiden lane, cor-
ner North Market.
Comptroller's Clerk -EdwardAdrn, , 1311 n.north 14th.
Auditor —Phil. H.Mur., , 1418 Chcsnnt.
Auditor's Cleric —Wm.WilliamWaltschmldt, , Carondelet ave-
nue, conrer Cherokee.
Treasurer —ErnstSussisky, , 909 Hickory.
Treasurer's Clerk —CharlesDeggendorf, , 1417 Park
City Register —Jesse W.Heath, , 812 n.north 9th
Deputy Register —F. W.Fuchs, , 423 Olive.
City Collector —M. J.Hartnett, , office, court House,
north wing, basement, east side.
City Collector's Clerk —John J.Flippin, , office, Court
House, north wing, basement, east side.
Deputy City Collectors —n.north D.Dyer, and Edward r.residence
Freeland, , office, Court House, north wing, basement,
east side.
City Colletor's Messenger —Hy.Steinberg, .
Inspector of Vehicles —Chas. L.fox, , 5th, corner
City Engineer —Ferd.Bischof, , 1906 Buel.
City Counsellor —H. AOlovar, , 5th, corner Market .
Police Justice —Quo.Dennlson, , 1325 Pine.
City Attorney —Wm.William s.south Stewart, , office, Pine, north-
west corner 3d.
Clerk of Police Court —J. C.Vqgel, , 1318 Jacknon.
City Marshal —Hy. j.Kappesser, , 1514 Carondelet
Harbor Master —DavidBerlin, , office, Levee, north-
west corner Market.
Fund Commissioner —AdolphusMeier, , 100 Main.
Land Commissioner —Samuel n.north Holmes, , 5th, corner
Deputy Land Commissioner —Joseph T.Tatum, , 5th,
corner Chesnut.
Street Railroad Commissioner —JosephFries, , 513
Inspector of Weights and Measures —Charles G.
Ramaey, , Beaumont and Lucas avemie.
Translator —Theo.Pfan, , 8. 7th, near HicKory
Gas Inspector —Geo.GeorgePfeil, , 733 s.south 7th.
Wood Master —AbrahamDyson, , 605 Poplar.
Superintendent of Fire Alarm, Police and Munici-
pal Telegraph —G. W.Hammond, , 1115 n.north 21st.
Chief of Fire department —J. W.Bame, , 216 n.north 7th.
Inspector of Beef and Pork —WeniclPollack, , Devol-
sey, cnrner Gravois road.
Superintendent of Workhouse —J.Luddlngton, , Devol-
sey, corner Gravois road.
Supervisor of Street Inspectors —GeorgeSchuster, .
Inspector of Steam Boilers —Chas. M.Blasdell, .
Quarantine Physician — AlexanderMontgomery,
Stewart of Quarantine Hospital —Stephen e.east Adreon, .
Matron of Quarantine Hospital —Mrs.C. e.east Adreon, .
Engineer at City Hospital —JohnKearney, .
City Weighers —MartinNan, , City market scales; Sam- F.Dolman, , Lucas market scales; GeorgeSchwart-, , North Levee scales, and Fred. W.Baum, , South
Levee scales.