Edwards' annual directory to the inhabitants, institutions, incorporated companies, business, business firms, manufacturing establishments, etc., in the city of Saint Louis
Miscellaneors Soeieties.
Bellefontaine Cemetery Association --Of-
fice, 4th street, northeast corner Olive, room 4.Wil-, M.McPherson, president ; John, F.Gibbons,
secrerary and tresrer ; William, W.McPherson,
Hudson, e.east Bridge, Gerard, B.Allen, , William, F.
Ferguson, Danid , B.Gale, Marshall, Brotherton,
James, B.Eads, Samuel, Coppjr.junior , James, e.east Yeat-, John, How, L.M.Kennett, , William, Hubbard,
G.F.Filley, , John, F.Darby and John, r.residence Shepley,
St. Louis Press Club--Rooms, 213 Chesnut street,
P.G.Ferguson, , president ; G.W.Gilson, , vice
president ; George, Negus, secretsry and treasurer ;
J.L.Tracey, , librarin ; e.east D.Kargan, , correspond-
ing secretary.
St.Street Louis Agricultural And Mechanical
Association--Office , 513 Pine street, Arthur, B.
Barrett, president ; G.B.Allen, , Ben., O'Fallon and
T.A.Many, , vice presidents ; Benj., C.Sanford,
trasurer ; G.O.Calb, , secretary ; W.M.Lindsay, ,
superintendent fair grounds.
St.Street Louis Phisharmonic Society -Meets at
their hall, 4th street, corner Washington avenue,
every Tuesday evening at 7.30 o'clock, and Thursdays
at 3.30. o'clock.
Government of the Society for the Eighth Series,
1867-8--Charles Balmer. president ; William, Down-, vice president ; George, W.Parker, recording
secretary ; Edward, Chase, corresponding secretary ;
Simon, kuh, librarian ; William, Robyn, William, Down-, F, Ringeling, Dr,WmWilliam , Tausday, Edward, Chase,
George, W.Parker, C, G.Weber, William, Anderson,
Wm.William T.Harris, , T.A.Werner, , Emil, Karst, Dr.I.
Forbes, and c.Balmer, directors.
Standing Committees --e.eastChase, , C.G.Weber, and e.east
Karst., membership; Dr.I.Fobes, , William, Robvn
and William, Anderson, ways, and means; Dr.W.
Taussig, , F.Ringeling, and A.Harless, , permanent
fund ; G. W.Parker, , william, Downing and e.eastKarst, ,
Music Committee for the Eighth Series--William,
Robyn, C.G.Weber, and Dr, William, Taussig first
concert; e.eastChase, , F. A, Werner and E, Karst,
second concert; William, Downing, W.T.Harris, and
William, Anderson, third concert; G.W.parker, , C.
G.Weber, and e.eastKarst, , fourth concert; Dr.William,
Taussig, Dr.I.Forbes, and e.eastChase, , fifth concert;
F. A.Werner, ,F.Ringeling, and William, Anderson,
sixth concert.
St. Louis Gymnastic Society--Turner hall, on
10th street, between Market and Walnut, Meeting,
first Wednesday in each month, G.A.Finkelburg, ,
president ; Hugo, Gollmer, vice president ; August, F.
Donk, treasurer ; Wm.WilliamMedert, , cashir ; P.Saussen-
thaier, , recording secretary ; John, Herbst, superin-
tendent of the hall.
St.Street Louis Tobacco And Cigar Manufactur-
Er'S Association --Turner Hall, 10th street, be-
tween Market and Walnut. Time of meeting, first
Monday in the month. Felix, Leise, president ; Fran-, Buse, vice president ; G.J.Helmerichs, , treasurer.
Nord St. Louis Maennerchor--(Church and
Social Choir), connected with St , John's, German
Evangelical Church , 14th street, corner Madison.
Meets on mondays and Saturdays, at 8p.m. Busi-
ness meeting, first Friday in the month.
St. Louis Temple Association--Temple on 17th
street, northest corner pine.Alexander, Suss, pres-
Sued St. Louis Unterstucizunges Verein --
Meets first Sunday in each month, at 463 (Old No.)
Jackson street.
Deutscher Unterstuctzungs Verein --Meets
last Sunday in every month, at 463 (Old No.) Jackson
Boehmisch Roemisch Catholischer Unter-
Stuctzungs Verein --Meets first Sunday in each
month, at 31 (Old No.) Buel street.
Geramania Saengerbund --Meets Tuesdays and
Fridays, at 463 (Old No.) Jackson street.
North St. Louis Jagdverein--Organized , Feb-ruary, 1863. Regular meetings second and fourth Fri-
days in each month. Club room in Waidmann's hall,
Franklin av.avenue between 13th and 14th streets, C.Schne-, , jaegermeister ; Carl, Barth, oberjaeger ; Hein-, Scharringhausen, schatzmeister ; Friedrich, Green-, schriftfiehrer.
St. Louis Jagdverein--Organized , September1st, 1863. Regular meetings first Wednesday in each
month. Club room 161 and 163 (Old Nos.) s.south 2d street.
Charles, Reis, president ; Frank, Bohm, vice president ;
John, Krumholz, treasurer ; L.J.Zwanzeger, , secre-