Edwards' annual directory to the inhabitants, institutions, incorporated companies, business, business firms, manufacturing establishments, etc., in the city of Saint Louis
Zigler, , Geo.George n.north Stevens, , A.Valentine, , Louis T.La-, , PeterBischoff, , JamesOwens, , Jacob L.
Weyand, and eugeneAlcan, .
County Surveyor —JuliusPitzman, .
General Raod Superintendent —JohnAlt, . Office, Court
County Attorney —Henry A.Clover, .
County Collector —Edward s.south rowse, . Office, Court
House. Deputies —Wm.William e.east Raynor, , J. r.residence Howard, ,
AndrewBrown, , Wm.William C.Lyman, , r.residence M.Hutuwa, , W.
H.hamilton, G. H.Guenther, , J. C.Broadwell, , Ira
M.Bond, , JuliusGlade, and Charles W.Beehler, .
Inspector of the Poor —John H.Tice, . Office, Court
county Superintendent of Public schools —a. w.
Murphy, .
Collector of Dram Shop Licenses —Bernard F.Dailley, .
Office, Court House. Deputies —Jno.O'Counnel, and
M.Lacy, .
Jury Commissioner —Ed.Wlash, . Office, Court House.
Physician County Jail —P. J.Lingenfelder, .
Physician County farm —Dr.H. t.Leffingwell, .
Superintendent County Farm —Iasiah c.Brown, . As-
sistant —A.Hamback, .
Matron County Farm —Mrs.Susan e.east Brown, .
Janitor Court House —Capt.Jamesquigley, .
Keeper of Rotunds —EdwardFoley, .
Watchman at Court House —MichaelQuigley, .
County Jailor —Emilthomas, .