Edwards' annual directory to the inhabitants, institutions, incorporated companies, business, business firms, manufacturing establishments, etc., in the city of Saint Louis
Barnum & Brother.

The Office of the Industrial Plow Manufacturing Company, of St.
Louis, and Barnum & Brother'S Agricultural Warehouse and
Seed Store, is at No. 25 South Main street. The factory, where plows of
the largest size and various patterns are made, is at the corner of Utah
and Lemp avenues. These works are complete in all their departments,
the buildings, engine and boiler, and all the machinery being of the
most approved capacity. The business is divided into six departments,
requiring three foremen and from eight to ten salesmen, and a large
number of workmen in the various departments. This is a new enter-
prise, having been established by the present proprietors in July,1867. There are many interesting and novel appliances and machinery
in this manufactory, the sight of which will well recompense the visitor.
St. Louis can well boast of this establishment. It is on a par with
those of a similar character in the east, which tend so much to build
up and add to capital. The Barnum Brothers are sons of Theron
Barnum Esq., the late gentlemanly and popular proprietor of Barnum's
Hotel. Being raised in Missouri, they are closely identified with her
interests and prosperity, and are gentlemen in all their relations. Col.
Markham, the president of the company, is an old Missourian, and has
all the experience and ability requisite for the business in which the firm
are engaged.