St. Louis directory :
Railroad Dtcket Offices.
Ohio And Mississippi Rail Road.
Ticket Offices: 28 & 30 n.north 4th, under Planters’ House,
and c.corner Vine and Levee.
Pacific Rail Road.
Ticket Offices: c.corner 4th and Chesnut, under Planters’
House; 53 n.north Levee, aiulc. 7th and Poplar.
St. Louis, Alton & Chicago Rail Road.
Ticket Offices: 27 n.north 4th, and 71 n.north Levee.
St. Louis And Terre Haute Rail Road.
Ticket Offices: 32 n.north 4th, under Planters’House, and
36 n.north Levee b.between Olive and Locust.
St. Louis And Iron Mountain Rail Road.
Ticket Office: 10 Chesnut st.
North Missouri Rail Road.
Ticket Office : nw. c. 4th and Locust.

More than forty pages of valuable ami highly interesting matter has been omitted for want of time to
produce it in printed shewts. This has cost the publisher much time ami money in itn preparation. It
will appear in
Kennedy’s St. Louis Business Mirror,
to be issued about the First or April, to which publication the publisher will more particularly call the attention of
the public within the next few weeks.