St. Louis directory :

Station No. 1, N.W.cor. Carr aad Main street; Key at Kohler & Siever' s, same oorner, and at Renfrew,
Crozier & Pomeroy's, Main street.

Station No. 2, Liberty Engine House, cor. Broadway and Franklin avenue ; Key at A. & C. Pasquier's,
opposite corner.

Station No. 3, New City Market, Broadway and Biddle streets ; Key at St. Louis Hall, Opposite, and with
Market Master.

Station No. 4, S.E.cor. Columbia street and Broadway ; Key at F. Rohlfs, same corner.

Station No. 5, S.W.cor. Wash and Eighth street; Key at Feiler's Grocery, same cor., and at Kaiser's
Grocery, opposite.

Station No. 6, N.W. oor. Ninth and O'Fallon streets ; Key at Herber's, same corner, and Salzmanu &
Nast's Grocery, opposite.

Station No. 7, N.W.cor. Eleventh street and Christy avenue ; Key at Capt. Couzins', same corner.

Station No. 8, Franklin Engine House, Eleventh street, betweea Wash and Carr ; Key at Engine House.

Station No. 9, S.W.cor. O'Fallon and High streets; Key at Cornet's Grocery, same corner, and at
Wade's Plaining Mill.

Station No. 10, S.W.cor. Franklin avenue and l5th street; Key at F. Tutenbergh's Bakery, 300 Franklin

Station No. 11, Blind Asylum, Morgan street; Key at J.D.McAuliffs, 463 Morgan street

Station No. 12, Jefferson Engine House, Franklin avenue, near 23rd street; Key at Engine House.