St. Louis directory :
District No. 5, Embraces All That Portion Of The Ctty Lying North Of Columbia
Street And Cass Avenue.

An alarm of fire for this District will be five blows on the bells, with an interval of three seconds between
each blow. Repeated four times, with an interval of fifteen seconds between each alarm.

Station No. 1. Mound Engine House, Broadway ; Key at Engine House.

Station No. 2, Sturgeon Market. Broadway and North Market street; Key at O'Gallagher's Drugstore,
and M'Kie's Drugstore, opposite corners.

Station No. 3, Ashbrook's Pork House, Broadway and Tyler ; Key at Office of Pork House.

Station No. 4, Bremen Exchange, Broadway and Salisbury street; Key at Hoffman's Drugstore, opposite
corner, and at C. Crone's Dwelling, Broadway.

Station No. 5, St. John's Church, S.E.cor. 14th and Madison street; Key at C. Kleine's, opposite oor.,
and with J.J. Fisher, teacher in basement of Church,

Ten blows on the bells, with three seconds interval, will indicate that the fire is out.