St. Louis directory :
Order Of Free And Accepted Masons.
Giand Officers of the Grand Lodge of the State of

M.W.G.H., Samuel H.Saunders, ; R.W.D.
G.M., MarcusBoyd, ; R.W.S.G.W., John F.
Houston, ; R.WJ.G.W., JohnDecker, ; R.W.
G.S., A.O'Sullivan, ; R.W.G.T., John D.Dag-, ; W.S-G.D., Samuel JlHays, ; M.J.G.D.,
W. R.Penick, ; G. Lecturer , A.O'Sullivan, ; G.T.,
A.Stilie, .

The Grand Lodge meets in the city of St. Lonis at
Masonic Hall, on the fourth Monday in Jliy in every

Officers of the Grand Chapter of the State of Mis

M.E.G.H.P., MarcusBoyd, ; R.E.D.G.H.P.,
John F.Houston, . E. G.King, , D. T.Wainwrijrht, ; R.E. G.Scribe, , W. R,Peneck, ; R.E.G. Treasurer ,
John D.Daggett, ; R.E.G. Secretary , A.O'Sullivan, ;
G.Chaplain, , Rev.James E.Drake, ; G.C.H., Saim'l
M.Hays, ; G.R.A.C, N.Sutherland, ; G- Lecturer ,
A.O'Sullivan, ; G.Sentinel, , A.Stilie, .

The Grand Chapter meets annually on the Wed-
nesday preceding the fourth Monday iu May, at Ma-
sonic Hall in the city of St. Louis.