St. Louis directory :
Of Missouri.

Meets twice a year. Semi-annual session will be
held at Rocheport, Bonne county, on the 4th Tues-
day in April, and the annual session at No. 40 Wash-
ington avenue, on the 4th Tuesday in October, 1859.


WilliamRoss, , of Madisonville, G.W.P.

J. B.Dameron, , of Milton, G.W.A.

Thos. B.Hooper, , of St. Louis, G. Scribe .

A. C.Robertson, , of St. Louis, G. Treasurer .

Win. C.Ebcrt, , of Hannibal, 6. Conductor .

Mcintosh, , of Chantiily, G. Chaplain .

W. C.Porter, , of Millwood, G. Sentinel.