St. Louis directory :
Standing Committees.

On Teachers—Bailey, Fichtenkam, Leavy, Baker,
and Hodgman.

Committee on Lands and Claims—Greene, Bar-
low, Thornton, Leonard, and Patrick.

Leasing Committee—Patrick, Mosberger, Meyer,
Robbins and Detchmendy.

Budding Committee—Robbins, Cordes, O'Neil,
Meyer, ami Robison.

Auditing Committee—Bailey, Baker, and Fichten-

High and Normal School Committee—Pope, Thorn-
ton, and Greene.

Committee on Books and Apparatus—Leavy,
Leonard, and Carr.

Library Committee—Hodgman. Mosberger, and

Committee on Evening Schools—Carr, O'Neil, and

Committee on Ways and Means—Barlow, Cordes,
and Detchmeudy.