St. Louis directory :
Names And Locations Of Shcools.

Benton—Sixth street, between Louust and St.

Clark—Seventh street, between Hickory and Laba-

Clay—Bellefontaine Road, corner of Mallinckrodt.

Eiiot —Fifteenth and Pine streets.

Fairmount Grammar—Broadwav, opposite Rolling

Fairmmint Primary—Intersection of Bellefontaine
Road ami Broadway.

Franklin—Seventeenth street and Christy avenue.

Gamble—Gamble avenne and Mercer.

Hamilton—Twenty-fourth and Biddle streets.

High—Fifteenth and Olive streets.

Jackson—Broadway and Webster street.

Jefferson—Ninth and Wash streets.

Lafayette—Anne and Decatur streets.

Laclede Grammar—Fifth and Poplar streets.

Laclede Primary—Fourth and Spruce streets.

McDonald— Gravois Road, near Grand avenue.

Mound—Eighth and Howard streets.

Natural llridge—Natural Bridge plank road.

Not-lli Freemen —Sixteenth and Carr streets.

South Freemen—Seventh and Hickory streets.

Shepherd—Carondelet Road, opposite Marine ave-

Stoddard—Twenty-sixth and Morgan streets.

Webster—Sixteenth aud Jefferson streets.