St. Louis directory :
Scientific Department.

A.Lnton, M.D., Professor of Analytic and
Industrial Chemistry.

Joseph J.Ktenyolds, A.M., Professor of Me-
chanics aud Civil Engineering.

(Late Assistant Professor of Natural and Experi-
mental Philosophy, at West Point.)

GeorgeEnglemann, . M.D., Professor of Botany
aud Natural History.

Charles A.Pope, M.D., Professor of Compara-
tive Anatomy aurl Physiology.

The following Chairs will be tilled as soon as ade-
quate endowment and the services of competent men
can be secured:

Geology and Mineralogy, Mining and Metallurgy,
Mathematics, Agriculture, Architecture, Astronomy.

Until these Professorships are filled, instruction by
Lectures and otherwise will be given in these branch-
es of Education by the other Professors and Teachers.

A Department of the Fine Arts is also contempla-
ted as a part of the general plan, with good promise
of ultimate success, a sufficient fund for that purpose
having been, already pledged.