St. Louis directory :
District No. 1 Embraces All That Portion Of The City Lying South Of Park

An alarm of fire for this District will be one blow on the bells. Repeated fifteen times, with an interval
of fifteen seconds between each blow.

Station No. 1, N.W. corner Lami and Columbus streets: Key at Helmbacher, Wolf & Co.'s, opposite
corner, and at Henry C. Lynch's,opposite I.M.R.R. Depot.

Station No. 2, N.E. corner Carendelet avenue and Victor street; Key at N. Daush's, same corner, and
at B. Brison's, 445, Carondolet avenue.

Station No. 3. N.E. corner Carondelet avenue and Lafayette street; Key at Nicholas Ast's, same corner.

Station No. 4, South St. Louis engine house, Ann avenue; Key at Engine House.

Station No. 5, Laclede Mills, corner of Soulard and Decatur streets ; Key at Mills office.

Station No. 6, S.W. corner Menard street and Park avenue ; Key at same corner.

Station No. 7, N.E. corner Soulard and Linn streets; Key at City Hospital.

Station No. 8, S.W. corner Park and Mississippi avenues ; Key at Abelen's Grocery, same corner.