St. Louis directory :
Giand Officers of the Grand Lodge of the State of

M.W.G.H., Samuel H.Saunders, ; R.W.D.
G.M., MarcusBoyd, ; R.W.S.G.W., John F.
Houston, ; R.WJ.G.W., JohnDecker, ; R.W.
G.S., A.O'Sullivan, ; R.W.G.T., John D.Dag-, ; W.S-G.D., Samuel JlHays, ; M.J.G.D.,
W. R.Penick, ; G. Lecturer , A.O'Sullivan, ; G.T.,
A.Stilie, .

The Grand Lodge meets in the city of St. Lonis at
Masonic Hall, on the fourth Monday in Jliy in every