Saint Louis directory for the years ... Keemle's directory
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St. Louis Directory,
For 1838-'39.

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J.C. Dinnies &
Booksellers & Stationers ,
(Near The Auction Houses)
Corner of Main and Olive streets, St. Louts,
Offer for sale, at wholesale and retail, on liheral terms, an extensive assortment
of Books in every department of Science and Letters, and are at all times able
to supply Colleges, Schools, public Libraries, and country Merchants, with every
work in use in Missouri and Illinois. They also keep a large supply of ruled and
plain Writing Paper, Quills, Ink, and Stationery, generally.

They have connected with their establishment a
with a full stock of the best Papers and Materials, and are prepared to manufacture
for Public Offices, Banks, Insurance Companies, and Merchants, any kind of
Blank work, as well as it can be done in the eastern cities.

They also keep a constant supply and large assortment of
Musical Instruments,
comprising Italian, French and German Violins and Violincellos ; 5, 6 and 12 key'd
Clarinets; common and patent 1, 4, 6 and 8 key'd Flutes; double and single Fla-
gelels; 6 and 8 key'd Kent Bugles; maple, satinwood and cocoawood Fifes; Bass
and Snare Drums; Trombones; common and patent Guitars; Bassoons, Triangles,
Horns, Accordions, Trumpets, and Boston Piano Fortes of superior tone and finish,
together with every article in the Musical line.

Fine Cutlery;
consisting of Wade & Butcher's, Elliott's, 'Rogers & Sons' and Wostenholm's supe.
rior Razors; Pen, Pocket and Dirk Knives, and Scissors.

Paper Hangings;
embracing landscape, French, imitation of French, glazed and common Wall Pa-
per ; velvet and imitation Bordering, and Fireboard Patterns.


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single and double barrell'd Guns and Pistols; and a general assortment of
Storting Articles.

Printers' and Playing Cards, of Crehores', Bartlett's and Cohen's manufacture;
gold and silver Pencil Cases, Thermometers, Pocket Books and Wallets, Mathe-
matical Instruments and Spy-glasses, Backgammon Boards, Chessmen, Dominoes,
sword and walking Canes, and various Fancy Articles.

☞ New Publications received direct from the publishers, by the speediest

B. L.Turnbull, ,

[missing figure]

Bookseller And Stationer ,
No. 132, First street,
St. Louis,
Has on hand a valuable and extensive assortment of Law, Medical, Theological,
Classical, Miscellaneous and School Books.

All kinds of Blank Books on hand, or made to order: Day Books, Jour-
nals, Ledgers, Record Books, Letter Books, Bill Books, Note Books, Bank Books,
Freight Books, Pass Books, Steamboat Books, &c.

B.L.T. has opened a Paper Warehouse on First street, where he will
keep constantly on hand a general assortment of Paper, consisting of Demy,
Medium, Royal, Super Royal, Imperial, and Mammoth Printing Paper; Cap, Let-
ter, Folio Post, Wrapping and Tea Paper; Bonnet Boards, &a. &c.

Having accepted of the agency for the Clinton Paper Mill, he will engage to
furnish Printers of newspapers with a constant supply of Printing Paper to their
order, at short notice.

☞ All new Publications received direct from the publishers, by the earliest

☞ Orders for Binding thankfully received, and executed with punctuality and

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B. F.M'Kenney, ,
Justice Of The Peace,
Notary Public, And Conveyancer ,
Office No. 19, Olive street,
St. Louis.

WilsonPrimm, . Charles D.Drake, .

Primm & Drake ,
Attorneys At Law,
No. 25, Pine street,
St. Louis.

W. W.Amos, ,
Dealer in

[missing figure]
Hatters' Stock & Trimmings,
Hat Bodies, Furs, &C.

No. 106, First street,
St. Louis.

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James Lyman &
Wholesale and Retail Dealers in
Addlery - Hardware,
Carriage Trimmings,

[missing figure]

Saddles, Harness, Trunks, &c.

Also, a constant supply of Leather,
(sign of the white horse,)
No. 19, north First street, St. Louis.

☞ Orders from Country Merchants, Saddlers, and Carriage Manufacturers,
promptly and faithfully executed.

Dr.C. J.Carpenter, ,
Office 20, Chestnut st.street
Residence 57, Elm street,
St. Louis.

Missouri White-Lead.

Jos.Charless, . Henry T.Blow, . Edwd.Charless, .

Charless, Blow &
Are now manufacturing at their works in this city a superior article of
White-Lead in Oil,
Which they warrant equal to any made or imported in the United States, and
which they can afford at a moderate price. Dealers and consumers will find it to
their advantage to call and examine the article, at the warehouse of
Charless & Blow , corner of First and Pine streets,
Or at the Manufactory, west Market street, near Chouteau's Pond.

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Watches, Jewellery,
Military Goods.

Mead &A Driance ,
Corner of Pine and First streets,
St. Louis,
Importers and Wholesale Dealers in
Watches, Clocks, Vases, Silver plated Brittania and Ja-
panned Ware, Lamps, Table & Pocket Cullery, Guns,
Pistols, and Sporting apparatus; Military Goods,
Jewellery, Looking-glasses & Plates, Perfumery,
Musical Instruments, and Fancy Goods
generally; Watch Glasses, Tools,
and Watch materials.

Mead & Adriance are constantly receiving additions to
their stock, making their assortment at ail times full and
complete, which will be sold on liberal terms. They would
respectfully invite country dealers to examine their stock
and prices.

St. Louis Hat Store.

[missing figure]

John W.Paulding, ,
Silk And Fur Hat Manufacturer ,
No. 86, north First street.


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Loaf And

[missing figure]
Pilot Bread,
Crackers, Etc.

In any quantity, for Stores or Steam Boats, furnished to order, at short notice,
By J. F.Randolph, ,
Corner of Pine and Second streets, St. Louts.

F. W.Southack, ,
Dealer In

[missing figure]

Bronze and Brittania Ware,
Window Glass, Castor Frames. &c.

No. 18, First st.street (3 doors from Chestnut,)
St. Louis.

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JosephCharless, . Henry T.Blow, .

Charless & Blow ,
Wholesale Dealers in
Drugs, Medicines, Paints, Dye-Stuffs, Oils,
Surgical Instruments, Perfumery,
Pittsburgh Window-Glass, Hollow Ware, &c.;
Manufacturers of Castor Oil,
And Agents For
Charless, Blow & Co'S . White-Lead Factory,
Corner of Main and Pine streets,
St. Louis.

Bridge, Rayburn &
Dealers in
Stoves, Tin Plates, Copper,
Sheet Iron, Iron Wire, &c.

(Chouteau'S Buildings,)
No. 152, First street, St. Louis.

H.N. Davis &
Forwarding and Commission Merchants,
Wholesale Grocers,
And Dealers In Produce,
St. Louis.

John D.Davis, ,
Wholesale Grocer,
Forwarding And Commission Merchant ,
Pittsburgh, Pa.

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P.Powell, . T. L.Fontaine, . J. H.Wilson, .

Peter Powell &
Importers Of Foreign And Domestic
Hardware, Cutlery, &C.

No. 16, nnorth First street,
St. Louis.

Dr.B. B.Brown, ,
Surgeon Dentist ,
Office No. 18, Chestnut St.street
St. Louis.

☞ Refer to the Medical and Literary Faculties of St. Louis University.

J. M.Buckley, ,
Dealer in
Boat Stores & Family Groceries,
No. 40, Front street, St. Louis.

Berthold & Tesson ,
Wholesale Grocers,
Commission Merchants ,
No. 5, Front street, St. Louis.

Female Academy ,
By PhilipMauro, And The Misses Mauro, ,
S.W.southwest corner of Market and Fifth streets,
St. Louis.

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S.O. & N. Coleman ,

[missing figure]
In Wood,
No. 73, north Second street, St. Louis.

Beltzhoover & Robb ,
Manufacturers Of

[missing figure]
& Caps,
Wholesale And Retail,
No. 32, nnorth First street,
St. Louis.

☞ Hats and Caps made to order.

Charles F. Hendry &
No. 32, S. W.southwest corner of Market and Second streets,
(Directly under the St. Louis Museum,)
Wholesale Dealers and Importers of

[missing figure]
Shoe-Makers' Tools & Findings,
And Finished Leather Of Every Description.

☞ Extensive assortment of the above articles kept
on hand, and orders filled on moderate terms.

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RobertAllen, ,
Real Estate Agency,
Auctioneer, And Commission Merchant ,
Office No. 12, corner of Olive and First streets,
St. Louis.

[missing figure]

Missouri Insurance Company
Of St. Louis,
[Chartered January, 1831,]
Capital $100,000—privilege $400,000.

WilliamGlasgow, , President .

JohnFord, , Secretary .

Wm.WilliamGlasgow, , Directors .

EdwardTracy, , Directors .

H. VonPhul, , Directors .

JohnWalsh, , Directors .

Aug.Kerr, , Directors .

John H.Gay, , Directors .

John F.Darby, , Directors .

James C.Way, , Directors .

John D.Daggett, , Directors .

J. B.Brant, , Directors .

D. D.Page, , Directors .

BernardPratte, , Directors .

P.Chouteau, Jr.junior Directors .

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Farmers' And Mechanics' Insurance
[Incorporated Jan. 30, 1837,]
Capital $300,000—privilege $400,000.

Wm.William C.Anderson, , President .

Andrew J.Davis, , Secretary .

Wm.William C.Anderson, , Directors .

CharlesCollins, , Directors .

HughO'Neil, , Directors .

D. A.January, , Directors .

S. S.Rayburn, , Directors .

AlonzoChild, , Directors .

DavidCoons, , Directors .

John L.Blaine, , Directors .

AbnerHood, , Directors .

Daniel D.Page, , Directors .

I. Y.Munn, , Directors .

Wm.WilliamVandeventer, , Directors .

John J.Anderson, , Directors .

St. Louis Floating Dock & Insurance
[Chartered 1836-7,]
Capital $100,000—privilege $400,000.

John D.Daggett, , President .

John F.Hunt, , Secretary .

J. D.Daggett, , Directors .

E.Price, , Directors .

W.Risley, , Directors .

L.Deaver, , Directors .

Jno. F.Darby, , Directors .

J. F.Comstock, , Directors .

J. C.Laveille, , Directors .

W. CarrLane, , Directors .

W. H.Pococke, , Directors .

P.Ferguson, , Directors .

SamuelMerry, . Directors .

J.Jeffery, , Directors .

J. M.Buckley, , Directors .

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Marine Insurance Company
Of St. Louis,
Capital $100,000—privilege $400,000.

AlfredTracy, , President .

DanielHough, , Secretary .

GeorgeSproule, , Directors .

J. ParkerDoan, , Directors .

Ed. H.Beebe, , Directors .

S. S.Rayburn, , Directors .

Wm.William L.Sublette, , Directors .

E. P.Tesson, , Directors .

Wm.WilliamSmith, , Directors .

H. VonPhul, , Directors .

N.Patterson, , Directors .

H. N.Davis, , Directors .

TitusHale, , Directors .

John R.Shaw, , Directors .

Citizens' Insurance Company
Of Missouri,
[Chartered by Legislature 1836-7,]Capital $100,000—privilege $500,000.

H. L.Hoffman, , President .

Wm.WilliamRenshaw, , Secretary .

JamesClemens, Jr.junior Directors .

HenryChouteau, , Directors .

J. R.Stanford, , Directors .

JosephPowell, , Directors .

H. L.Hoffman, , Directors .

John O.Agnew, , Directors .

Wm.WilliamFinney, , Directors .

George K.Budd, , Directors .

JosephCharless, , Directors .

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St. Louis Perpetual Marine, Fire
and Life Insurance Company ,
Capital $300,000.

☞ Office No. 75, corner of First and Olive streets.—
Hours of business from 9, A.M., to 1, P.M., and from 3 to
5, P.M.

Jno. B.Camden, , President .

George A.Underhill, , Secretary .

WaymanCrow, , Directors .

JosephStettinius, , Directors .

Herman A.Carstens, , Directors .

Sherman J.Bacon, , Directors .

W. M.Tompkins, , Directors .

John J.Annderson, , Directors .

The Boonslick
Marine & Fire Insurance Company ,
Of Rocheport, Mo.Missouri

Are prepared to insure the hulls or cargoes of Steam Boats
or other vessels, from loss, either of sea or river navigation;
merchandise in stores; stores, dwellings or other buildings,
and property, from loss or damage by fire; shipments of
bullion or specie; remittances by mail, etc.

GeorgeKnox, , President .

J. W.Wilson, , Secretary .

GeorgeKnox, , Directors .

C. R.Harris, , Directors .

J. A.Hadwer, , Directors .

JohnWard, , Directors .

WarrenWoodson, , Directors .

WashKnox, , Directors .

O.Parker, , Directors .

C.Peebles, , Directors .

H. L.Boon, , Directors .

The undersigned having been appointed agent for the
company is now prepared to take risks at the customary

DavidTatum, ,
15, Front street, St. Louis.


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[missing figure]

Saint Louis Insurance Company ,
[Chartered in 1836, for 30 years,]
Capital $100,000—privilage $500,000.

Office, corner of Front and Olive streets, up stairs.

G. K.M'Gunnegle, , President .

RobertCollet, , Secretary .

EdwardTracy, , Directors For The Present Year.

B.Clapp, , Directors For The Present Year.

C. P.Billon, , Directors For The Present Year.

N. E.Janney, , Directors For The Present Year.

R.Campbell, , Directors For The Present Year.

SamuelRussell, , Directors For The Present Year.

Wm.WilliamChristy, , Directors For The Present Year.

Christ'R.Rhodes, , Directors For The Present Year.

T.Labeaume, , Directors For The Present Year.

A. G.Farwell, , Directors For The Present Year.

Edwd.Brooks, , Directors For The Present Year.

AdolphusMeier, , Directors For The Present Year.

This Company will insure all descriptions of Marine and
River Risks; Remittances by Mail; Specie or Bullion, by
land or water; and will Insure Buildings from loss or dam-
age by Fire.

They will also insure the lives of Slaves, whhether work-
ing on shore, or on boats navigating the rivers.

This Company will also Insure the Lives of Persons,
generally, and on fair terms.

Persons at a distance desirous of effecting insurance
either on the lives of their Slaves, on their own life, or on
the lives of others, can receive any information relative
thereto, by addressing a line (post-paid) to Rob'T.Collet, ,
Secretary Saint Louis Insurance Company , St. Louis, Mo.Missouri

December 31, 1838.

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☞ The customs of Life Insurance being as yet less common than that of
Insurance against Fire, is probably from that cause less understood—for were it
generally as well understood, there can scarce be a doubt but that the practice of
Insuring Lives would become a custom of almost universal adoption; for the
cases are so numerous and various in which its benefits would be felt, that they
could not fail to be appreciated.

A few examples may perhaps place the subject in a clear point of view, and con-
vey a better idea of its advantages.

1st. A married man at the age of 30, being engaged in such a business that a
continuance of his life for seven years would furnish him with a competency,
could readily affford to lay by $100 per annum: this sum invested in a policy on
his life, would secure to his family, in case of his death (within that period), the
sum of $6,900.

2d. Or the same premium of $100, at the same age, (say 30 years,) will secure
to his family, or other heirs, the sum of $7,500, should his life fail in one year.

3d. Suppose a man 30 years of age, the product of whose labor, or business,
enables him to support his family in comfort, but who, on his death, must be left
destiture,—this man could readily lay by $24 80 a year, (which is but little more
than $2 per month,) and by adopting the prudent course of insuring his life, and
paying that sum annually to the office, he from that moment secures $1,000 to his
family whenever he dies, even if his death should occur the next day—and small-
er or larger sums in proportion may be secured.

4th. A man at the age of 20 years by paying $10 35 annually to the office,
will entitle his family to receiv e $500 on his death, whenever that may occur.

5th. A man of 35 years of age, in a public office from which he derived an an-
nual salary of 81,500, which enables him to support his family respectably, but
which at his death must of course cease, and his family left utterly destitute;—if
this man invests $18 in a life insurance, his family will be entitled to $1,000 if he
dies within a year; or if he pays an annual premium of $19 10, his family will be
entitled to $1,000 in case of his death happening within seven years; or by pay-
ing $28 per annum, his family will be entitled to $1,000 whenever his death oc-
curs, be the same sooner or later.

6th. Again, imagine a young man of 18 years of age, who, by the untimely
death of his father, has become the only support of his widowed mother, and a
large family of brothers and sisters; and suppose that this young man by his ex-
ertions is just able to support them, and lay by some trifling sum. If his life is
spared a few years, his younger brothers will then be in a situation to take care of
themselves, and assist their mother and sisters in their turn; but if sudden death
overtakes him, they are all left utterly destitute. Now it is evident, if this young
man pursues the prudent course of investing that trifling sum, (probably not a great
deal more than is spent in cigars, &c.) in an insurance on his life—say the sum of
$27—this will entitle his bereaved family to receive $2,000 on his death, should it
occur within seven years. Now, this is a case in which the family is provided for
to a certainty, whether he lives or dies—if he lives they are provided for by his
exertions—if his life fails, the office provides for them by giving them the $2,000.

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Union Insurance Company ,
Capital $100,000—privilege $500,000.

Office the N.W. corner of Main and Vine streets, se-
cond story; entrance second door from the corner on
Main street, nearly opposite the Bank of the State of Mis-
souri. Business hours from 9, A.M., to 1, P.M., and from
3 to 6, P.M.

Jesse G.Lindell, , President .

Julius DeMun, , Secretary .

GeorgeCollier, , Directors .

Robt. A.Barnes, , Directors .

AugustusKerr, , Directors .

Edwd.Walsh, , Directors .

John B.Sarpy, , Directors .

T. L.M'Gill, , Directors .

P.Chouteau, Jr.junior Directors .

Wm.William G.Pettus, , Directors .

Singleton W.Wilson, ,
Counsellor At Law,
Office, No. 22, Olive street,
(Under C. Keemle'S Job Office.)

Grimsley & Young ,
Dealers In

[missing figure]
Trunks, Leather, &c.

No. 37, North First Street.

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Shipp & Woodbridge ,
Importers &

[missing figure]
Dealers In
Watches, Jewellery, Cutlery,
Guns, Pistols, & Fancy Goods,
No. 119, north First street.

[missing figure]

M. & N.H. Stout ,
Plane Manufacturers ,
No. 20, Olive street.

☞ Old Planes Neatly Repaired.


Sparring and Fencing Room,
In the building rear of No. 90, First street.

Will give lessons in Sparring or Fencing, at his room, ev-
ery day, from 8 in the morning, 'till 9 in the evening.

☞ Terms made known at the room.


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White, Cobb & Smith ,
Wholesale & Retail Grocers
Also, Sealers in
Drugs, Paints, Oils, Dye-Stuff,
Window Glass, Glass Ware, &c.
No. 91, (2nd floor,) north First street.

Wm.William D.Marrigan, ,
Tailob ,
No. 74, Second street,
(A few doors above the Tremont House.)

Respectfully informs the public, that, in consequence of
his expenses being low, he is enabled to work at least
20 per ct. cheaper
Than any person in the city.

AugustinKennerly, ,
Agent For Periodicals,
General Collector .

Office No. 8, north Second street,
St. Louis.

Union Steam Mill,
Walsh & Cathcart ,
Proprietors ,
Central St. Louis.

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James R.M'Donald, ,
No. 52, N. First street,
Stock & Exchange
Broker ,
Buys and sells uncurrent Bank Notes, Gold and Silver,
Bank and Insurance Stocks, etc.; also, agent for the mana-
gers of the Missouri State Lottery, for the benefit of the
St. Louis Hospital.

S.H. Mudge &
Exchange Brokers ,
Corner of Main and Ollbe streets.

Uncurrent Bank Notes Bought.

Drafts Bought And Sold.

J. B.Gibson, ,
(Late Of The Firm Of Crowl & Gibson .)
House Carpenter
And Joiner ,
Shop on Third street, a few doors south of St. Louis Theatre.

☞ Plans, specifications and estimates furnished at the
shortest notice, and all business in his line attended to with
neatness and despatch.

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China, Glass And Queensware.

Taylor & Holmes ,
Importers of
Queensware, Glass And China,
No. 34, north Front street.

☞ Orders promptly filled, and every attention paid to

New Bakery.

John P.Reily, ,
Loaf and Pilot Bread,
And Biscuit Baker,
No. 50, Elm street.

☞ Families, Boats, and Stores, promptly furnished.

Rialto House,
By J. J.M'Clelland, ,
No. 122, north First street.

[missing figure]
This establishment (recently opened) is supplied with
the choicest Liquors, &c., the market affords.

Andrews & Beakey ,
Manufacturers of, and Dealers in,
Copper, Tin And Sheet-Iron Ware,
No. 27, north First street,
☞ Keep constantly on hand, a general assortment of
every article in their line, warranted to be made of good
materials, and in a durable manner.

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Job Printing,
Of every description, In Fancy Colors,
Books, Pamphlets, Cards, Checks, Circulars,
Notes, Bills Of Lading, Bills Of Exchange,
Handbills, Showbills, Druggists' Labels.

Chas.Keemle, ,
Book, Job, & Fancy Letter-press
No. 22, Olive Street,
St. Louis.

Steamboat Bills,
(With A New And Beautiful Plate.)

Constantly on hand, a general assortment of
Justices' and Other Blanks.

☞ Orders for Printing respectfully solicited, which
will be promptly executed, on moderate terms.

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St. Louis Directory,
For The Years
1838-9:: Containing
The Names Of The Inhabitants, Their Occupations, Num-
Bers Of Their Places Of Business And Dwellings;
With A
Sketch Of The City Of St. Louis;
The Names Of The City, Township, County And State Of-
Ficers, And The Names And Officers Of The Various
Literary, Scientific, Benevolent, Religious and Public
With A Variety Of Other
Interesting Matter.
By CharlesKeemle, .
St. Louis

Printed By C.Keemle, ,
No. 22, Olive, near Main St.street

Publisher'S Advertisement.
View original image: Page  ii

In presenting to the public the second edition of the
St. Louis Directory, the publisher has the satisfaction of
knowing that it will be found to be much more complete
and accurate than that of 1836-'37. If any errors and
omissions have occurred, they are such as were unavoida-
ble, and for which he claims the indulgence of those who
can best understand the difficulty of a correct compilation
of names and residences. The work, notwithstanding its
inaccuracies, he believes will recommend itself for its gen-
eral usefulness as well to the citizens of St. Louis, as to
casual visiters and strangers.

The attention of advertisers is respectfully called to the
Advertising Directory prefixed to the volume. When it
is remembered that the Directory will not only be widely
circulated through the city, but will be placed in all the
public houses, and in the steam boats which ply to and
fromSt. Louis, and will be of necessity constantly referred
strangers who visit our city on business, the advan-
tages of an advertisement in the Directory must be appa-

Sketch Of St. Louis.
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The settlement of St. Louis is of a date somewhat re-
mote. The site on which it stands was selected towards
the close of the year 1763, by Mr.Laclede, , for the pur-
pose of establishing a trading post with the Indians of the
Upper Missouri and Mississippi.

On the fifteenth day of February, 1764, Mr.Laclede, ,
in company with several persons whom he had brought
from New Orleans, Ste. Genevieve, Fort Chartres, and
Kahokia, reached the site which he had previously select-
ed, and proceeded to draw the lines of a town which was
called St. Louis, in honor of Louis Xv., the reigning mon-
arch of France, who claimed the whole country then des-
ignated by the name of Louisiana.

The peculiar situation of the town secured it immedi-
ate importance. The year after its settlement, the French
Commandant , St. Ange, , arrived at St. Louis with a body
of troops, and assumed the powers of Government.—
Thenceforward St. Louis was considered the capital of
Louisiana, and continued the permanent seat of govern-
ment of that portion of country until the final transfer to
the United States.

Established on the very outskirts of civilization, in a
wilderness country, and exposed to the incursions of the
fierce tribes of Indians that surrounded them, the inhabi-
tants of St. Louis confined themselves mostly to agricul-
tural pursuits, each inhabitant being the owner, under con-
cession from the government, of a portion of land adjoin-
ing the town. A few of them, however, engaged in com-
merce, carrying on a profitable traffic in furs and peltries
with the Indians of the Mississippi and Missouri, and
supplying ihe town with articles of merchandize drawn
from New Orleans and Mackinaw, which was then a prin-
cipal depot of English trade. In the meantime the town
did not extend beyond the original limits, and there was


iv Sketch Of St. Louis.
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no accession to its population beyond the natural increase
among the inhabitants.

After the transfer of Louisiana to the United States, a
tide of emigration from the eastern states began to pour
into the fertile lands west of the Mississippi. The emi-
grants brought with them a spirit of enterprize in com-
merce, mechanics, and agriculture, which gradually began
to develope the great resources of the country, of which
St. Louis was the most important point. About this time,
also, an important change was effected in the means of in-
land navigation. Hitherto all commercial operations, as
far as regards the transportation of merchandize, had been
carried on by means of keel boats and barges, the effect of
which was, to render the intercommunication, between
different points, tardy, expensive, and unsafe. These in-
conveniences were obviated by the invention of steam
boats, the first of which, the General Pike, made its ap-
pearance in the port of St. Louis in the year 1817.

From this period, particularly, we may date the progress
of the improvement of St. Louis. Its limits and popula-
tion were gradually increased in extent and numbers; and,
in fact, the character and appearance of both were chang-
ed. By intermarriages, and by their social intercourse
with the American settlers, the ancient inhabitants, who
were mostly the descendants of the French and Spanish,
imperceptibly adopted the manners, customs and language
of the strangers, and, in a great measure, suffered their
own to fall into disuse. The style and manner of con-
struction, adopted by the ancient inhabitants in their hous-
es, gave way to the more modern architecture, so that
scarcely a single building remains of those which were
erected when St. Louis was under the dominion of France
and Spain. Agriculture was pursued more extensively
and energetically—the mineral wealth of the country was
brought to light; and the different branches of human in-
dustry, successfully carried on, gave activity to a commerce
which must eventually place St. Louis, with its advanta-
ges of location, on an equality, at least, with the fairest
cities of the western country.

St. Louis is situated on the right bank of the Mississippi,
about twenty miles below the mouth of the Missouri river.

Sketch Of St. Louis. v
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It occupies a plain, which rising gently and gradually at an
angle of about two and a half degrees, to a distance of six
hundred yards from the river, terminates in a horizontal
plane, which extends far to the west, north and south.—
The city is built entirely over a substratum of lime stone,
whirh runs from the bed of the river along the whole
eastern front of the city, and for several miles above and
below, back into the interior to as great a distance. This
natural advantage gives solidity and permanency to the
buildings, furnishes inexhaustible quarries for use or em-
bellishment, and affords to the city an unvarying, safe and
commodious harbor and landing place. The wharf, along
the entire fronl of the city, is a hundred and fifty feet wide,
and the most of it is graded and paved.

In a commercial point of view, the location of St. Louis
is peculiarly fortunate. Its vicinity to the confluence of
two great rivers, gives it the command of all the com-
merce of the countries lying on those streams and their
tributaries, and renders it the depot of all the mineral and
agricultural wealth of those regions; in addition to which,
its proximity to the mouth of the Ohio gives it an easy ac-
cess to the whole range of territory lying west of the Al-
leghany mountains.

"The vast number of buildings which have been erected
last season and this year, have extended the city much be-
vond its chartered limits; and the general pressure in com-
mercial transactions has not in the least retarded the im-
provement of St. Louis. The inducements to build up the
city are as strong as ever, consisting in the continued high
rents, and the great and increasing demand for dwellings,
business houses and offices. Heavy business operations
are driving the retail dealers back from Front and from
Main or First streets, and property in the back streets,
cross streets, and in some of the alleys, is increasing in
value m an unparalleled extent.

Some difference of opinion exists as to the relative beau-
ty and value of the north and south unimproved grounds
adjoining the city. But those who are so fortunate as to
possess either, will speedily derive so much advantage from
this real estate, as to feel no envious emotions with refer-
ence to their fellow-citizens whose interest lies in an oppo-

vi Sketch Of St. Louis.
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site extreme. From the point where the most active busi-
ness now centres, the city is extending up and down the
river, and back from its margin, so steadily, and the per-
manence of the structures are such as to give promise of
resulting in the fine finish of one of the most populous and
opulent cities in the Union.

Among the improvements which are going forward in
South St. Louis, is the grading of the principal avenue,
which leads up towards the city from the ferry-landing.This operation is performed by the U.S. hands employed
in quarrying rock for the improvements in the St. Louis
Harbor. A grade is given them for this purpose, which
they are bound to observe in their labors. A county road
has been likewise ordered, to run from the ferry-landing back
into the interior of the county. These preliminary works
are intended to pave the way to those ultimate improve-
ments which will extend the city of St. Louis, at no dis-
tant day, to that high, beautiful tract of country embraced
in South St. Louis, which, about two years ago, was laid
out into avenues, streets, and lots, in anticipation of such

The opinion, however, prevails generally, that the great
manufacturing district of St. Louis will lie south of the
present improved part of the city. This impression arises
from the apparent certainty, that the Iron Mountain rail-
road will terminate, or begin, on the river below, or at the
lower extremity of the city. Thus the raw materials for
manufactures will be thrown into that district, and there
the most convenient point for shipment of such metals as
come from the mineral region in the interior will be ulti-
mately found to exist.

The marble, free-stone and lime-stone of South St. Louis
contribute not only to the advantage of that portion of the
tract which Nature designed to be densely peopled, but
the city already draws largely from that quarter for build-
ing materials. The inexhaustible beds of coal which lie in
the immediate vicinity of St. Louis, are among the great
sources of its wealth, and are the direct means of pros-

The increase of the population of St. Louis proper, with-
in the corporation, from 1830 up to 1837, has been on an

Sketch Of St. Louis. vii
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average of 1831 souls per annum. The population of 1837,
within the corporate limits of the city, was 12,040; but,
with the rapid increase since the last census, it is impossible
to conjecture its present amount.

In the year 1822, the inhabitants of St. Louis were cre-
ated a Corporation by the Legislature, under the name of
the ''Mayor, Aldermen and Citizens of the City of St.
Louis" This corporation is vested with extensive powers
for the regulation of the municipal concerns of the city, and
under their particular government it has continued to em-
bellish and improve.

The healthiness of the situation of St. Louis will not ad-
mit of a doubt. There are no causes to render it insalubri-
ous; and it is a well ascertained fact, that there has been as
little mortality from diseases in St. Louis, as in any other
place of the same population in the United States.

St. Louis contains eight Churches; two Market-Houses,
a Court-House, an Hospital, two Orphan Asylums, nine
Hotels, (including the St. Louis Hotel, not yet completed,)
four brass and iron Foundries, seven Printing Offices, and
a large number of saw and grist Mills. It also contains a
number of primary Schools, a Nunnery, and an Academy
for the education of females, and a University, conducted
by the Order of the Jesnits. The Market and Court
Houses, and the Catholic Church, are very fine and exten-
sive edifices. The last year has Ijeen signalized by the in-
stitution of two Public Schools in this city, with male and
female departments; and these are kept in substantial
houses erected for this purpose, of sufficient capacity for the
accommodation of 240 pupils. Four preceptors are em-
ployed in conducting these schools.

[Enract from the Missouri Gazetteer.]

"City or St. Louis.—Doctor Beck, , in his Gazetteer
published A.D.1823, describes this city as "a flourishing
post-town." At that period it would, perhaps, have required
the exercise of a poetic imagination to predict the import-
ance that this city has attained in little more than half a
score of years; but now, without the spirit of prophecy,
it may be clearly demonstrated, that St. Louis is destined
to become second to one city only in the great valley, and
probably in the union. A despot, wielding the re-


viii Sketch Of St. Louis.
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sources of a great empire, may set his foot on a barren
plain, and say, " Here shall a proud emporium of trade a-
rise!" But, in a country where virtuous human action is as
free as the unrestrained cascade, nature must lay the foun-
dations on which art shall build up imperishable wonders!
Such a foundation as that on which the abiding-place of
the everlasting hills is fixed, St. Louis is based upon. Out
of this solid basis of limestone are quarried the materials
that are piled up to magnify the city and adorn the earth.
Many towns of importance have arisen on ground of lim-
ited dimensions; and places with extraordinary commer-
cial advantages have grown up on the borders of navigable
waters, where additional space has been quarried with in-
finite labour out of the base of mountains. But ample
space for a city of the mammoth dimensions of Babylon
itself extends beyond and around the present limits of the
city of St. Louis. At this place the Creator of heaven and
earth, the Ruler of planets, and the Godlike alchymist, in
his allwise disposition of elements, has spread out space
on which to deposite the products of a country of im-
measurable extent! The three great rivers that makeup
"el Padre de las agtcas"—the father of waters—and pour
out, by prescriptive right, into the storehouse of St. Louis,
the treasures of the surface and of the hidden recesses of
the earth, would make a mighty city in the midst of pas-
sive beings. But, with the inducements now presented,
where temples of commerce, witli their well-supported roof-
trees, sustained by broad Doric basements, and doors held
ajar by clear-sighted ministers of trade for the entrance
of men and things, no estimate can compass the extent of
the wealth that Nature and art will heap up here! When
experience shall have fully tested the hazards of trade in
lower latitudes, true wisdom will point to St. Louis as the
place where the purchase and sale of merchandise, and
the products of the surface and of the bowels of the earth,
or the exchange of these commodities, shall be carried on.
The canvass-clad vehicles of trade from the ocean, and the
fire-eating barks on our rivers, may meet at the confluence
of their buoyant elements, and exchange cargoes, and all
balances can be settled at the mammoth city of the West.
Here salubrity and convenience will invite commerce and

Sketch Of St. Louis. ix
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the arts to fix their abode; and here, too, will the opulent,
after the money-making bustle of the morning of life, in
the meridian and in the evening of their days, become
tasteful and munificent. The native marbles of South St.
Louis, Ste. Genevieve, and of Pulaski, on the Osage, will
be speedily introduced by the builders of the city, that
improvement in architecture may keep pace with the un-
exampled accumulation of wealth in St. Louis. To do
justice to St. Louis in a description of its component parts,
natural and artificial, would require more space than can
be appropriated in a gazetteer, in which is traced some
brief notices of every section of a state that classes with
the largest in the union."

The commercial importance which St. Louis has attain-
ed, has naturally created jealousy in the minds of many
who inhabit other growing and busy towns, above this
city, on the great rivers, and in the interior of the coun-
try. The inimitable and oft quoted sentence of Captain
Toby, which Mone puts in his mouth when addressing the
fly that had annoyed the old gentleman, micht here be
Appropriately repeated: "There is room enough in the
world for both thee and me!" Other towns may enter
into energetic and active competition with St. Louis; they
"may flourish, or may fade, "—still this proud city, while
conducting with them a mutually beneficial traffic, will
remain prominent, sustained with the capital, enterprise,
and intelligence, which form a basis only paralleled in sta-
bility by the foundation on which it slands. and the felici-
tous location chosen by its wise and liberal founders.

In casting the eye over the map of the United States and
Territories, it must always forcibly strike the observer,
that the central position of St. Louis gives this eity a pe-
culiar advantage: and it is known, that, when navigation
is open, steam vessels are arriving from, and departing,
daily, to all the cardinal points of the compass. The re-
volution of governments and in commerce have buUt up
and destroyed cities; the vicissitudes of fortune have de-
populated towns and countries; but nothing except the
great convulsions of Nature—earthquakes and hurncanee,
the pestilence and sword—can arrest the advancement of

x Sketch Of St. Louis.
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St. Louis to that enviable consideration, which will class
this city among the great emporiums of commerce which
fill and adorn the pages of the annalist.

If vegetation should fail; if sunshine and rain should
withhold their accustomed offices, and no longer fertilize
the earth; if our mighty rivers—the extent and magnitude
of which are deemed fabulous by millions who have not
beheld them—should cease to flow, then will St. Louis be
arrested in her onward march to greatness,—but not 'till

The latitude of St. Louis is one of the essential advan-
tages of its location. Emigrants from the extreme north-
ern sections of the Union, and from the colder regions of
Europe, may here find a period of the winter season which
shall sufficiently remind them of the their sever-
al places of nativity, and brace them up for the endurance
of our long summers. The inhabitants of lower latitudes
may likewise repair to this point for business purposes, or
to attain a salubrious location, and secure a temporary or
permanent abode in a genial climate. The mighty march
of improvement, in sweeping over the surface of the civil-
ized sections of the earth, has not exempted the fair regions
which surround us from the impress of the arts and scien-
ces. The cunning contrivances which genius substitutes
for brute force, and which contribute so much to the ad-
vantage of the human family, currently reach us by those
means of communication, which outstrip in speed "the
wild horse's wilder sire!"

Little remains for us to do beyond the ordinary atten-
tion to our vocations, with diligence suited to our cupidity,
or love of independence, and that proportion of public
spirit, the expenditures or sacrifices of which reason should
and will direct.

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Fire Department.
Central Fire And Hose Company.

EdwardBrooks, , Captain .

CharlesKeemle, , Lieutenant .

AsaWilgus, , First Engineer .

HiramAlcKee, , Second Engineer .

Elihu H.Shepard, , Secretary and Treasurer .

Number of feet of Hose, 1700.

Union Fire And Hose Company.

B.Scverson, , Captain .

H.Winstandley, , Lieutenant .

SamuelHawkens, , First Engineer .

C.Legarier, , Second Engineer .

JosephRowe, , Secretary .

AugustusGuelberth, , Treasurer .

Number of feet of Hose, 1400.

Washington Fire And Hose Company.

B. W.Ayres, , Captain .

IsaacMcllose, , Lieutenant .

JohnCam, , Engineer .

J. G.Barry, , Secretary and Treasurer .

Number of feet of Hose, 400.

Hook, Axe And Ladder Company.

D. B.Hill, , Captain .

AbrahamAllen, , First Lieutenant .

David F.Goodfellow, , Seco?id Lieutenant .

George W.Rucker, , First Director .

OliverQuinett, , Second Director .

CalvinKeith, , Third Director .

AnthonyBennett, , Fourth Director .

John H.Ferguson, , Secretary and Treasurer .

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Abbreviations Used In The Directory.

N norths Southe Eastw Westm Residencec Corner.

☞ The names of the streets, and the numbers of the
houses, are given, without the superfluous repetition of
the words street and number.

Boundaries Of The Wards.

Fim Ward commences at the southern limits of the city,
and extends north to Elm street.

Second Ward commences at Elm, and extends north to
Pine street.

Third Ward commences at Pine, and extends north to
Vine Street.

Fourth Ward commences at Vine, and extends to the
northern limits of the city.

The wards extend east and west, from the Mississippi
river to the western limits of the city.

View original image: Page  npn

Containing a list of removals, and new establishments
opened, since the body of the Directory
was written out.

Bray, J. P., wholesale grocer, forwarding and commission
merchant , Chestnut street, bbetween Front and First
Drury, Luther, dry goods store, 54, south side Market
Geyer, H. S., attorney-at-law , office 18, nnorth Second
Homans, J. Smith, R44, Olive
Kennett M. & F. & , wholesale grocers, forwarding
and commission merchants , 25, nnorth Front
Page & Martin , scriveners, conveyancers, and general
agents —office over J.C. Dinnies & Co's. book store
—entrance on Olive street.
Business Directory
Directory. AND-ART
View original image: Page  0001
Anderson & Thomson , grocers, commission and forwarding
merchants , No. 26. nnorth Front street
Augustin, M. clothing siore. 321/2 n Front
American Fur Company , 50, nnorth Front
Allevne & grocers and commission merchants . 57, nnorth
Appleirate, S. furniture ware-room, 192, nnorth First
Amiss, Thos. L.shoe dealer , 1811/2, nnorth First
Adreon, S. W.M.D. office 142, nnorth First
Anderson, Wm.William , 125, ccorner of Vine and First
Amos, W. W. hat and cap store, 120, nnorth First
Atkinson, J. C.stove and tinware manufacturer , 121, nnorth
Alleles & Koghn , clothing store, 103 1-2, nnorth First
Adams, Leroy, (col'dcolored steward,) 123, ssouth First
Altinger, J.gun-smith , 73, ssouth Second
Appel, Peter, coffee house, 62, ssouth Second
Andre, G.mattress maker , 263, ssouth Second
Adams, David, 250, ssouth Second
Andrews & Beaky , copper, tin and sheet iron workers , 27,
nnorth First
Anderson, John, dealer in staple and fancy dry goods, 30,
nnorth First
Atwood, in drugs, medicines, paints, &c.5, nnorth
Ardelle, Mrs. (col'd.colored woman,) 100, ssouth Third
Alexander, B. W. livery stable, 88, nnorth Second—R 90, nnorth Sec-
Arcade Bath House , 102, ccorner Second and Vine
Mhion Hall Ten Pin Alleys, (by Moore & Fay ,) 151, nnorth
Arthur & Nevin , dry goods and grocery store, 157, ccorner
Third and Oak


2 St. Louis Directory. AND-ATK
View original image: Page  0002
Andrews, Thomas, R67, nnorth Third
Amos, W. W.R46, ssouth Fifth
Auley, Sarah, widow, 70, ssouth Seventh,
Allen, Robert, R15, ssouth Seventh
Allen, Beverly, attorney-at-law , R129 Market
Annan, R & dealers in tobacco, segars &c.56, Market
Alexander & Arnold , dry goods store, 50, Market
Alvarez, M.laborer , R41-2, nnorth Third
Amiss, Mrs.Lucinda A.milliner and dressmaker , 4, nnorth Third
Anderson, J. R. (col'dcolored man,) laborer , 51, nnorth Fourth
Arthur, Jno.R170, nnorth Fourth
Adie, Lewis, house carpenter , Rnnorth Fifth, bbetween Wash and Carr
Atchison, G. W.R74, nnorth Fifth
Austin, Wm.William J.R45, nnorth Fifth
Aberly, F.carpenter , 53, Spruce
Andross, teacher , 70, Spruce
Anderson, Stephen, (col'dcolored ) laborer , 91, Almond
Anderson, Charles, (col'dcolored ) laborer , 93, Almond
Alton, House, (J. W.Carson, , proprietor ,) 49, Chesnut
Ayers A.W. & painters , 8 Olive
Argus, Office, ccorner Olive and First
Allen, Robert, auctioneer , 12, Olive
Austin, W. J.auctioneer 12, Olive,
Amar, John, laborer , Olive, bbetween Third and Fourth
Atkinson, John, city constable , 62, ssouth First
Allen, Abraham, builder , R30, nnorth Sixth
Atkins, R.shoemaker , 97, nnorth Sixth
Anderson, Wm.William (Corse & A. ) R144, nnorth Sixth
Anderson, -, Rccorner Sixth and Wash
Anderson, Wm.William C.Rnnorth Sixth, bbetween Wash and Carr
Abernethy, John, wagoner , Biddle, bbetween Sixth and Seventh
Adreon, Dr.S. W.R165, nnorth Seventh
Avis, Thos.R113, ccorner Seventh and Washington Avenue
Ames, Benj.R26 1-2, Locust
Augustin, M.R57, Locust
Archer, E. E. livery stable, 50, Vine
Adams, R. S.boot and shoe maker , 27, Laurel
Adams, Mrs. boarding house, Prune, bbetween Second and Third
Albits, Jacob, boot and shoemaker , Oak, bbetween Front and First
Alexander, Peter, carpenter , Willow, bbetween Front and First
Atkinson, J. C.rresidence Washington Avenue, bbetween Fourth and Fifth
st. Loos Directory. 3 AND-BLO
View original image: Page  0003
Anderson, J. T.stone mason , RGreen, bbetween Tenth and Eleventh
Arnold, Benjamin, rope-maker , Green, bbetween Seventh and Eight
Belt, Mrs. boarding house, ssouth wwest ccorner First and Market streets
Boschenstein, J. dry goods store, 4, ssouth First
Balderston, J. wire manufactory, 28, ssouth First
Brown, B. B.surgeon dentist , R71, ssouth First
Braeeau, Madame, widow, R.78 ssouth First
Barry, Jas. G.soap and candle manufacturer , 97,ssouth First
Bovle, John, tobacconist , 112, ssouth First
Black, Samuel, stable keeper , R86, ssouth Second
Bhuterman, A.boot and shoemaker , 88, ssouth Second
Benson, Frederick, candle manufacturer , 155, ssouth Second
Bragen, Francois, stone mason , R.149, ssouth Second
Baxter, Lewis, coffee house, 173, ssouth Second
Brown, -, butcher , —, ssouth Second
Brichta, F.grocer and commission merchant , 3, nnorth Front
Berthold & Tesson , grocers and commission merchants , 25,
nnorth Front
Buckley, J. M.grocer and commission merchant , 40 nnorth Fraat
Billon, C. P.wholesale grocer and commission merchant ,
52, nnorth Front
Blaine & Tompkins , commission and forwarding mer-
chants, and wholesale grocers , 59, nnorth Front
Blomi B. & lwarding house, 92, nnorth Front
Burg, Philip, barber , 200,nnorth First
Burbage & Keller , tin-ware manufacturers , 160, nnorth First
Burnham, S. C.M.D. 155 1-2, nnorth First
Bridge, Rayburn & dealers in stoves, tin plates, copper
and iron wire, 152, nnorth First
Barnard J.H. & Brother , druggists , 136, nnorth First
Bank of Missouri , 135, nnorth First
Budd, G. K.wholesale shoe dealer , 122, nnorth First
Beaumont, Wm.WilliamM.D. , R123 1-2, nnorth First
Brolaski, H.tailor , 117 1-2, nnorth First
Brichta, F.druggist , 109, nnorth First
Burrows & Jennings , wholesale & retail grocers , 95, nnorth First
Bircher, R.barber, cupper, and leecher , 87, nnorth First
Boyle & West , drapers and tailors , S3, nnorth First
Bunding & Krugen , apothecaries , 180, nnorth First
Blount, J. E., carpenter , 163, nnorth Seventh
4 St. Louis Directory. BOL-BOY
View original image: Page  0004
Bolgiano, Mrs.M. E.milliner , 90 1-2, nnorth First
Burnett, Isaac, wholesale dealer in dry goods, 71, nnorth First
Baum, J.tailor , 66, nnorth First
Busseron, Therese, widow, 50 1-2, nnorth First
Blow, P. E.wholesale dealer in dry goods, 45, nnorth First
Burd & Tilden , copper, tin, sheet iron workers and brass
founders , 43, nnorth First
Beltihoover & Robb , manufacturers of hats and caps, 32,
nnorth First
Baird & Farrell , wholesale and retail dealers in fancy and
staple dry goods, 22, ccorner First and Chesnut
Bredell K. & J.C. dealers in dry goods, 2, nnorth ccorner of Market
and First
Brooks, Edward, dealer in drugs, paints, oils. &c.21, ccorner
First and Chesnut
Basconi, H. B.watchmaker and jeweller , 13, nnorth First
Bertelsmann & Hoelilc , dealers in dry goods, 19, nnorth side
Bench, Jacob, wagon-maker , shop 27, nnorth Sixth
Breese, Robt.R35, nnorth Sixth
Bush, Chs.carpenter , RC Seventh and Wash
Bovce, Wm.William H.lumber merchant , Rn Sixth, bbetween Wash and
Franklin Avenue
Brintzenhoffer, Geo.R.ccorner Seventh and Biddle
Bolton, R. E.painter , rresidence 174, nnorth Seventh
Brown, W.Rnnorth Seventh, bbetween St. Charles and Locust
Bosworth, S. private boarding, 79. nnorth First, ccorner Olive
Barnes, W. A.carpenter , 104, ssouth Fourth
Benson, Henry, 156, ssouth Fourth
Beatty & McDowell , dry goods store, 10, Market Square
Bent, John, attorney-at law , R27. ssouth Fifth
Berkley & Wright , cartenters , 31. ssouth Fifth
Brolaski, H.R33, ssouth Fifth
Billon, C. P.R15, ssouth Sixth
Boyle, Hugh (B. & West ,) RSixth, bbetween Spruce and Almond
Boyd, -, accountant , R115, Market
Bomeisler, Louis, 90, Market
Burd, Wm.William (B. & Tilden ,) R52, nnorth Second.
Butcher, Thomas, labourer , 27, ssouth Third
Brown, Jas. L. (H.N. Davis & ) R36. ssouth Third
Boyer, Francois, 126, ssouth Third
st. Loots Directory. 5 BER-BRA
View original image: Page  0005
Berger, Paul, carpenter , 167 ssouth Third
Brichta, F. R.3, ssouth Fourth
Buckley, J. M.rresidence 11, ssouth Fourth
Bavfield, Henry, baker , 92, ssouth Fourth
Beaky, John, (A. & Beaky ,)R81, Market
Barry & McMillan , lottery and exchange brokers and
scriveners , 49, Market
Bayfield, J. H. dry goods store, 48, Market
Bonner & Iredell , barbers , 58, Market
Broking, H. D. grocery, 67, nnorth Second
Bailey, Wm.Williamcarpenter , ccorner Second and Prune
Brewer, R.cooper , bbetween Oak and Cherry
Bullock, Orrin, carpenter , nnorth Second, above Cherry
Bolt, -, carpenter , Rnnorth Third
Burges, L. D.blacksmith , Rwest broadway
Broadway, Cottage, (by ElizabethRenou, ,) e side Broadway
Britton, Ed.tailor , 163, nnorth Third
Brown, Patrick, grocery, 155, Oak and Third
Bowman, Jas.druggist , 151, nnorth Third
Bowman, Mrs.H. S.dressmaker , 151, nnorth Third
Blackmore, Wm.William (weigher north scales ) family grocer , 140,
nnorth Third
Boyce, W. H.lumber merchant , ccorner Third and Laurel
Bartlett, Jos.Rccorner St. Charles and Third
Bartlett, Phineas, builder , 102, nnorth Third—R 100 nnorth Third
Brannagan, Wm.William boarding house, 85, nnorth Third
Barron, John, tailor , S3, nnorth Third
Rohbs, John, R167, Walnut
Brooks, Edward, nnorth 161, Walnut
Brooks, P.superintendent water works, 24, Elm
Bicher, P.boot and shoemaker , 29, Elm
Beltzhoover, F. W. (B. & Robb ,) R115, Elm
Berklev, Charles, carpenter , 108. Myrtle
Blood, Sullivan, R53, Myrtle
Blome, Heinrich, dyer and scourer , 28, Myrtle,
Burke, Mrs. widow, 7 1-2 Myrtle
Bruner, Joseph, wood dealer , 3, Myrtle
Brotherton, Marshal, sheriff , R103, Spruce
Baum, Jacob, R46, nnorth Third
Bemis, Fred, Rccorner Seventh and Biddle
Bradlev, J. W.R15. nnorth Third


6 St. Louis Directory. BAR-BRE
View original image: Page  0006
Barton, John, carpenter , Rnnorth Third, bbetween Market and Chestnut
Byrnes, Martin, boarding house, 11, nnorth Fourth
Backensto, Benj.wagon maker , 13, nnorth Fourth
Bowlin, J. , R27, nnorth Third
Bartlett, P.carpenter shop, ccorner Fourth and Locust
Barnes, W. J.R93, nnorth Fourth
Bridge, H. E. (B. Rayburn & ) R136, nnorth Fourth
Brabrook, Benj.Rnnorth Fifth, bbetween Wash and Carr
Burrows, J. M. (B. & Jennings ,) Rnnorth Fifth, bbetween Wash and Carr
Bertrand, Matilde, seampstress, nnorth Fifth, bbetween Olive and Locust
Berthold, Madame, widow, R42, nnorth Fifth, ccorner Pine
Bascom, H. B.Rnnorth Third, bbetween Market and Chestnut
Broochmier, H. grocery, 166, nnorth Fourth
Bonfils, Joseph, R23, Poplar
Brumbaugh, Thos.brewer , 3, Poplar
Boyer, , Convent, bbetween Second and Third
Blackburn, Thomas, boatman , 2, Plum
Brown, James, drayman , Lombard, bbetween First and Second
Brnwhammer, Jos.carpenter , Third, bbetween Lombard and Hazel
Brill, Henry, laborer , Convent, bbetween Second and Third
Brown, B. B.surgeon dentist , oiHce basement story, 18,
Bouis, Madame, widow, 51, Chestnut
Bridenstein, Jacob, blacksmith , 101, Chestnut
Brimer, teacher , 68, Pine, up stairs
Brown, H. M.gunsmith , 26 1-2, Olive
Black, J.scrivener and conveyancer , 32, Olive
Brandegee, E.M.D. 34, Olive
Brancunier, D.carpenter , 61, Olive
Bogy, Lewis , office 19, Chestnut—R 27,
Bell, Ezekiel, ca rpenter , rresidence 68, Pine
Bowlin, Jas , office 29, Pine
Besson, John B.boot and shoemaker , Olive, bbetween Second and
Boington, Susan (col'dcolored washerwoman ,) 31, Locust
Bird, G. A.Rccorner St. Charles and Ninth
Budlong, Harvey, R66, St. Charles
Brown, Mrs.M. private boarding, 49, St. Charles
Burk, Wm.WilliamR65, Vine
Brever, L.French boot maker , Vine, bbetween Second and Third
St. Louis Directory. 7 BRO-CON
View original image: Page  0007
Brown, cutter, 35 1-2, Vine
Betts John & upholsterers , 20, Vine
Beaumont, Wm.WilliamM.D. office 81-2, Vine
Blew, Milley, (col'dcolored washerwoman ,) Prune, bbetween First and Se-
Burke, Simon, (col'dcolored man,) 27, Oak,
Barnes, Wm.Williamcarpenter , Willow, bbetween Front and First
Brant, J. B.L't.Lieutenant Col.Colonel U. S. A.United States of America Washington Avenue, bbetween Third
and Fourth
Brown, John, stone mason , RGreen, bbetween Seventh and Eight
Bailey, Wm.Williamcarpenter , Prune, bbetween First and Second
Bannister, Mrs. (col'dcolored ,) Prune, bbetween First and Second
Baxter, John, boarding house, Green, bbetween Seventh and Eight
Bushy, George, carpenter , R73, Green
Buckley, Wm.Williamsteward , 71, Green,
Barnard, C (Barnard & Brother ,) R24 1-2, Green
Ballinger, F.tailor , 25, Green,
Brockmeir, Adam, cabinet maker , ccorner Morgan and Fourth
Burns, Joseph, laborer , Morgan, bbetween Fourth and Fifth
Boswell, Charles, Rc Morgan and Eight
Bodemier, H.carpenter , Franklin Avenue, bbetween Eight and Ninth
Boyle, John, laborer , Franklin Avenue, bbetween Fourth and Fifth
Browner, John, laborer , Franklin Av.Avenue , bbetween Fourth and Fifth
Brueggeng, H.boot and shoemaker , Franklin Avenue, bbetween
"Fourth and Fifth
Bush, Chailes, carpenter , Wash, bbetween Sixth and Seventh
Berry, Mrs. boarding house, Carr, bbetween Sixth and Seventh
Chouteau & Barlow , grocers , dry goods and commission
merchants , No. 1, ccorner Front and Market streets
Collier & Pettus , commission and forwarding merchants ,
19, nnorth Front
Chouteau & Mackenzie , grocers , commission and forward-
ing merchants , 23, nnorth Front
Clapp, Benj.merchant , 221-2, nnorth Front
Cavrilliac, H. grocery, 30 1-2, nnorth Front
Chouteau, Henry, grocer and commission merchant , 39,
Caspary, P. W. clothing store, 57 1-2, nnorth Front
Connoly, Hogan & grocers , commission and forward
ing merchants , 66, nnorth Front
8 St. Louis Directory. CON-CHE
View original image: Page  0008
Conran, J. boarding-house, 90, nnorth Front
Cavanagh, P. boarding-house, 98, nnorth Front
Cook, A. boarding-house, 104, nnorth Front
Converse, Seth, 105, nnorth Front
Christy, Dinah, (col'dcolored washerwoman ,) 236, nnorth First
Canton, Aug.grocer , 189, nnorth First.
Childs Alonzo & dealers in hardware and cutlery, 179,
nnorth First
Cooper, Thos.sign painter , nnorth First, bbetween Prune and Vine
Carpenter, S. in boots and shoes, 166,nnorth First
Carstens, Angelrodt & importers and wholesale deal-
ers in groceries, wines and liquors, 165, nnorth First
Carstens & Schuetze , wholesale and retail druggists , 163,
nnorth First
Clark, Van Allen & hardware store, 134, nnorth First
Chouteau, Auguste, R110, nnorth First
Crow & Tevis , wholesale dry goods merchants , 100, ccorner Lo-
cust and First
Chapman T.J. & J.W. clothing store, 94, nnorth First
Collins, Chs. dry goods store, 156 1-2, nnorth First
Crawford, Wm.William dry goods store, 1, ssouth First
Chanot, J. coffee house, 5, ssouth First
Chouteau, Madame, widow, 7, ssouth First
Christy, A. dry goods store, 2, ssouth First
Colard & Nicolas , druggists , 8, ssouth First
Cohen, Thomas, grocer , 33, ssouth First,—R 39, ssouth First
Carey, Nelson, R61, ssouth First
Clay, George, boatman , R38, ssouth First
Corn, Wm.William (col'dcolored ) laborer , 123, ssouth First
Chatelain, D. coffee house, 61, ssouth Second
Cook, Dr.J. H. office and R63, ssouth Second
Craft, George, grocer , 65, ssouth Second
Cavenaugh, P.cooper , rresidence 67, ssouth Second
Cheno, Joseph, gardener , R93, ssouth Second
Chapman, John, carpenter , 90, ssouth Second
Cowie, John, city weigher , R94, ssouth Second
Cruess, Peter, rresidence 127, ssouth Second
Clark, Lewis, carpenter , 269, ssouth Second
Chenery, J. A.lottery and exchange broker , 75, ccorner of First
and Olive.
St. Louis Directory. 9 COR-CHA
View original image: Page  0009
Corse & Anderson , wholesale druggists , 69, nnorth First
Conn,Sprigg& Greene , auction and commission merchants ,
70, nnorth First
Citizens Insurance Company , office 641-2, nnorth First
Cruchat, Alex, confectioner , 53, nnorth First
Charless & Blow , wholesale dealers in drugs, paints, oils
and white lead, 47, ccorner First and Pine.
Curtis, E. private boarding house, 46 1-2, nnorth First
Comstock, J. F.wholesale and retail dealer in boots, shoes
and leather, 34, nnorth First
Camden J.B & M. & dealers in dry goods, 26, nnorth First
Clemens, Jas.Jr.junior dealer in staple and fancy dry goods, 14,
nnorth First
Cobb Henry & dealers in dry goods and shoes, 12, nnorth
Campbell, R. L.engraver , 641-2, nnorth First
Chenie, Antoine, R29, ccorner Market and Second
Calvert, John, R7, ssouth Third
Crawford, Wm.WilliamR—, ssouth Third
Cerre, Paschal, R143, ssouth Third
Cavendar, George, rresidence 180, ssouth Third
Cravely, Ellen, seampstress, —, ssouth Third
Cubberlv, Thos. W.carriage maker , 98, ssouth Fourth
Cava, Edward, R105, ssouth Fourth
Coons, David, grocery and dry goods, 1, ssouth Front
Chouteau, Pierre, Sen. R144, nnorth First
Chase, Wm.William , office 56 1-2, nnorth First
Coleman S.O. & N. turners , 73, nnorth Second
Crumpton & Emerson , chair makers , 91, nnorth Second
Conant, E. L.R109, nnorth Second
Carter, H. grocer , 162, nnorth Third
Camden, P. G.R134, nnorth Third
Craft, J. L.Thomsonian practitioner, and botanical druggist ,
135, nnorth Third
City, Hotel (by R. I.Curie, ,) 101, ccorner Third and Vine
Charless, Mrs. widow, 2 ssouth Fifth
Call, Dr.G. W.R56, ssouth Fifth
Chouteau, Sarah, 117, ssouth Fifth
Chambers, A. B. (C. Harris & Knapp ,) R19, ssouth Sixth
Camp, Jefferson, (col'dcolored man,) ssouth Sixth
Chateont, Clement, laborer , 76, ssouth Seventh,,
10 St. Louis Directory. CHA-CHR
View original image: Page  0010
Chapman, E. H. (Lewis & C. ) R66, ssouth Seventh
Conway, F. R.recorder of land titles, R35, ssouth Seventh—of-
fice 37, ssouth Seventh
Clapp, Benj.R143, Market
Callender, Geo. H.R141, Market
Chouteau, PierreJr.junior R148, Market
Charless, Jos. (C. & Blow ,)R102, Market
Chapman, D. H.grocer and confectioner , 57, Market
Chauvin & Maxfield , painters , 37, Market
Chapouil, Anthony, confectioner , 33, Market
Crowl & Gibson , carpenters , shop nnorth Third, bbetween Chesnut and
Cooper, J.R29, nnorth Third
Court, Saloon (by J. W.Hoffmann, ,) 3, nnorth Fourth
Corson & Overdier , family grocers , 61, ccorner Fourth and Olive
Collier, George, (C. & Pettus ,) R101, nnorth Fourth
Collins, Chs.R134, nnorth Fourth
Coleman, -, R145, nnorth Fifth
Chappell, Wm.William L.R16S, nnorth Fourth
Casey, Mrs. boarding house, Fifth, above Franklin Avenue
Childs, -, Rnnorth Fifth, bbetween Wash and Carr
Cole, Samuel, R179, nnorth Fifth
Crawford, Hugh, turner , R129, nnorth Fifth
Crow, Wayman, (C. & Tevis ,) Rnnorth Fifth, bbetween Olive and Locust
Chapman, T. J.R69, nnorth Fifth
Clark, M. Lewis, Rccorner Olive and Fifth
Childers, Ann T.mantua-maker , 123, nnorth Fifth
CulverHenry, M.D.Walnut, bbetween Third and Fourth
Coons, David, R42, Walnut
Carpenter, C. J.M.D. R57, Elm
Cochran, John, carpenter , R53, Elm
Chouteau, Auguste, (C. & Barlow ,) R82, Myrtle
Carlisle, John, R26, Myrtle
Constant, Mrs. widow, 9, Myrtle
Calvert, Jesse, blacksmith , rresidence 49, Spruce
Carroll & McBron , blacksmiths , 65, Spruce
Culver & Bachman , carpenters , 64, Spruce
Culver, Thomas (C. & Bachman ) R66, Spruce,
Chester, J.boot and shoe-maker , 92, Spruce
Coutts, Charles, stone cutter , Almond, bbetween First and Second
Christy, A.RPoplar, bbetween Third and Fourth
St. Louis Directory. 11 CAR-CUM
View original image: Page  0011
Carter, Wm.William (col'dcolored ) laborer , 48, Poplar
Craly, Mrs.washerwoman , 57, Cedar
Caya, Antoine, RLombard, bbetween Second and Third
Caya, Michael, RLombard, bbetween Second and Third
Carpenter, C. J.M.D. office basement story, 20 Chestnut
Coxe, H. S.R29, Chestnut,
Cooper, Mrs. boarding house, 39, Chestnut
Central, Hall, (J.Maguire, , proprietor ,) 64, Chestnut
Calvert, John, livery "stable keeper , 65, Chestnut
Conrad, Adam, blacksmith , 74, Pine
Corley, W. chair manufactorv, 26, Pine—R 32, Pine
Call, G. W.M.D. office 31, Pine
Cook, D. , office 31 1-2, Olive
Clark, Matilda, (col'dcolored ) washerwoman , Olive, bbetween Second and
Carter, Jane, (col'dcolored ) washerwoman , Olive, bbetween Second and
Chadwick, Isaac, plasterer , R68, Olive
Collins, Martin, R118, Olive
Clemens, JamesJr.junior R20, ccorner Sixth and Chestnut
Christy, Wm.William (Woods, C. & ) R62, ccorner Olive and Sixth
Chapman, John, carpenter , R19S,nnorth Sixth
Conn, Jos. H. (C. Sprigg & Greene ,) Rnnorth Sixth, bbetween Wash
and Carr
Craig, Alex, blacksmith , Rnnorth Seventh, bbetween Biddle and Carr
Carter, R. u nnorth Seventh, bbetween Chestnut and Pine
Clark, J. J.M.D. office 17, Locust
Charles & Fooshee , paintets and glaziers , 19, Locust
Cramer, H.professor of music , 39, Locust
Campbell, C.M.D. office 40. Locust
Carter. Powers & coachmakers , Locust, ccorner Fifth
Corse, Wm.Williamprinter , Rrear 47, St. Charles
Cabanne, J. B.R28, Vine
Catton, dresser , 23, Vine
Cattermole, J. boarding house, ccorner Oak and Third
City Brewery . Cherry, , bbetween Second and Third
Cox, Jacob, drayman , Green, bbetween Tenth and Eleventh
Carlisle, David, stone mason , Green, bbetween Tenth and Eleventh
Conwav, P. , 57, Green
Craft, J. L.M.D. 66, Green
Cummiskey & McAdams , boot and shoemakers , 28, Green
12 St. Louis Directory CAR-DAL
View original image: Page  0012
Carter, Henry, Rccorner Seventh and Biddle
Corbin, A. R.R32, Morgan,
Cole, John, R46, Morgan,
Collier, Ely, carpenter , Wash,bbetween Sixth and Seventh
Crozier, Alexander, blacksmith , Carr,bbetween Fifth and Sixth
Chambers, Francis, blacksmith , Carr, bbetween Fifth and Sixth
Drake, Silas, dry goods store, No. 6, ssouth First street
Donegan, J. J. dry goods store, 30 1-2, ssouth First
Douglass, T. R46, ssouth First
Dallam, R. B. boarding house, 73 and 75, ssouth First.
Deitz, W. A.confectioner , 79, ssouth First
Daggett, John D.R80, ssouth First
Dickerhoff, Christian, stone-cutter , 129, ssouth First
Dreyer, G. W. (Johnstone, D. & Trowbridge ,) R53, ssouth Second
Dowling, , 75, ssouth Second
Denny, Jas.butcher , rresidence ssouth Second, bbetween Lombard and Hazel
Daby, Mrs. widow, ssouth wwest ccorner Second and Hazel
Denny, Thomas, butcher , 270, ssouth Second
Dinnies, A. J.grocer and commission merchant , 3, nnorth Front
Dixon, D. W.wholesale grocer and commission merchant ,
38, nnorth Front
Dunseth C. & grocers and commission merchants , 42,
nnorth Front
Davis H.N. & commission and forwarding merchants ,
61, nnorth Front
Davis, A. C. hardware, grocery and dry goods store, ccorner Oak
and First
Deforest, J. in stoves and hollow ware , 130, nnorth
Dubreuil, C. B. boot and shoe store, 123, nnorth First
Deaver, L. clothing store and carpet ware-house, 126, ccorner
First and Vine.
Dinnies J.C. & booksellers and stationers , 74, ccorner
First and Olive
Dupre, E.lithographer , 64 1-2, nnorth First
Darby, J. , 63, nnorth First
Denage, Stephen, grocer , 55, nnorth First
Deaver, L. clothing store, 15, nnorth First
Demoulin, John Baptiste, laborer , 10, nnorth Second
Dallam, M.R12, nnorth Second
St. Louis Directory 13 DIL-DUB
View original image: Page  0013
Dillon, Charles, nnorth 19, ssouth Third
Deazly, David, farmer , ssouth 19, ssouth Third
Darras, Joseph, carpenter , 46, ssouth Third
Davidson, Mrs. widow, boarding house, 62, ssouth Third
Duncan, Shadrach, (col'dcolored ) drayman , 103, ssouth Third
Duncan, Mrs. widow, 113, ssouth Third
Darst & Pelloux , grocers and dry goods store , 3, ssouth Front
Dumain, Lucien, dry goods store, 5, ssouth Front
Delany, D. m.n.rresidence 275, nnorth First
Delmore, W.laborer , rresidence 85, nnorth Second
Dessaint, L. C. cabinet ware-room, 100, ccorner Vine and Second
Daniel, Samuel, rresidence 105, nnorth Second
Dumont, Charles, rresidence 114, nnorth Second
Darnielle, John, livery stable, bbetween Laurel and Prune—rresidence 107,
nnorth Second
Dougherty, Michael, laborer , nnorth Third
Davis, Samuel, carpenter , rresidence east side Broadway
Dreegan, P.grocer , 165, nnorth Third
Dobyns & Wimer , dealers in lumber , shingles, sash, &c. ccorner
Third and Morgan
Doll C. & J. family grocers , 133, nnorth Third
Devoy, Nicholas, boarding house, 131, nnorth Third
Donnally, John, paver , 81 1-2, nnorth Third
De Lisle, J. P.teacher of the French language , rresidence 6, ssouth Fifth
Doane, J. P.rresidence 134, Market
Drake, Silas, rresidence 98, Market
Dillon, Charles, dry goods store, 69, Market
Dicks, J. R.tailor , 52, Market
Darst, Mrs. widow, private boarding house, 102, Walnut
Dicks, J. R.rresidence 86, Walnut
Dougherty, Mrs. widow, 84, Walnut
De Lisle, Miss, milliner , 32, Elm
Dumaine, Lucien, rresidence 102, Myrtle
Delaney, E.laborer , 7, Spruce
Davis, G. W.plasterer , rresidence 107, Spruce
Duncan, Jerry, (col'dcolored ) laborer , 127, Spruce
Dubreuil, Antoine, rresidence 52, Poplar
Day, —, hatter , rresidence 1, Poplar
Drake, C. D. (Primm D. ) rresidence 25, Chestnut
Draper, Jas.rresidence 110, Pine
Dubreuil, Chas.rresidence 15, Pine


14 St. Louis Directory DIN-DIN
View original image: Page  0014
Dings, F. R.brush maker , 28, Olive
Davis, John, attorney-at-law , office 31, Olive
Davis, A. , office 31, Olive
Davis & Spurr , land agents , 31, Olive
Delphi Coffee House , (W.Willey, , proprietor .) 33, Olive
Depas, J.importer of wines , 65, Olive
Deal, Conrad, butcher , rresidence 62 1-2, Prune
Day, —, locksmith , 56, Prune
Darley, J. L.cabinet maker , rresidence Prune, b Second and Third
Durham, Hannah, (col'dcolored woman,) Prune, bbetween First and Second
Davies, E.painter , Prune, bbetween Front and First
Davies, Wm.Williamgrocer , Prune, bbetween Front and First
Deer, W.tailor , 1, Oak
Delany, Dr. office Oak, bbetween Front and First
Dobyns, James, carpenter , rresidence 25, Oak
Disharoon, T. L.aWashington avenue, bbetween Fourth and Fifth
Dav, E.carpenter , Green, bbetween Tenth and Eleventh
De Mier, J. R.rresidence 47, Green,
Davis, Miss, school teacher , ccorner Morgan and Fourth
Davenport, —, accountant , rresidence Morgan, bbetween Fourth and Fifth
Duffey, Miss, dress-maker , ccorner Locust and Third
Dagget, Leslie, blacksmith , rresidence 78, Locust
Dafnbrook, Adam, carter , 100, ccorner St. Charles and Fifth
Demun, J. (register land office,) rresidence 50, nnorth Sixth
Dowler, Thomas, carpenter , 99, nnorth Sixth
Daggett, Milton, private boarding house, 146, nnorth Sixth
Dyer, Abner, carpenter , nnorth Sixth, bbetween Wash and Franklin
Dunbar, Nancy, sempstress , nnorth Sixth, ccorner of Wash
DeYoung, Michael, rresidence nnorth Seventh, bbetween Washington Avenue
and Green
Duncan, Jonathan, (colored man,) 48, nnorth Fourth
Dresser, Thos.carpenter , rresidence 97, nnorth Fourth
De Forrest, Jacob P.rresidence nnorth Fifth, bbetween Wash and Carr
Dobyns, Edward, rresidence ccorner Fifth and Wash
Dickson, D.rresidence Fifth, nnorth Franklin Avenue
Decamps, Mrs.washerwoman , 131, nnorth Fifth
Donohoe, David, laborer , 127, nnorth Fifth
Dwyer, Wm.WilliamSen. soap and candle manufacturer , 96, nnorth
Fifth—rresidence 98, ccorner St. Charles and Fifth
Dinnies, J. C. (J.C.D. & ) rresidence 76, nnorth Fifth
St. Louis Directory. 15 DUP-EDD
View original image: Page  0015
Dupre, E.nnorth 65. nnorth Fifth
Edwards Rasin & grocers and commission merchants ,
No. 14, nnorth Front street
Erskine & Gore , grocers and commission merchants , 21, nnorth
Everiste di, Rodgers , manufacturers of sheet iron ware and
steam boat work, 83, n Front
Eagle & Harp coffee house, (by Wm.WilliamMcKenny, ,) 86 1-2,
nnorth Front
Eby, Cyrus, boot and shoemaker , 171, nnorth First
Ealer, John, watchmaker , rresidence 111, ssouth First
Ezekiel, Wm.William clothing store, rresidence 97, ssouth Second
English, E.brewer , 251, ssouth Second
Elandis, Francis, pilot , ssouth Second, bbetween Lombard and Hazel
Earl, —, carpenter , rresidence 16 1-2, ssouth Fourth
English, E.carpenter , rresidence 137, ssouth Fourth
Ellis, Arthur, rooper , rresidence 158, ssouth Fourth
Evans & Dougherty , auction and commission merchants ,
73, nnorth First
Exchange Reading Roms , 45, nnorth First, (up stairs)
Ewald, Philip, barber , 13 1-2, n First
Engelmann, Geo.M.D. office 20, nnorth Second, ccorner Chesnut
Evans, Jos.boot and shoemaker , 72, nnorth Second
Ennis, John, boot and shoemaker , 80. ccorner Second and Locust
Edelberg, Nicholas, rresidence nnorth Second
Ely, C. A.rresidence wwest side Broadwav
Edgar, T. B. carriage repository, 144 and 146, nnorth Third
English, Wm.Williamgrocer , 129. nnorth Second
Emerson, Mrs.Elien. corset and dress-maker , 91, nnorth Second
Evans, Augustus. (E. & Dougherty ,) rresidence 27, ssouth Fifth
Erwin & Sinnickson . boot and shoe store, 41 1-2, Market
Exchange Coffee House , (D.Dodd, . proprietor ,) 31, Market
Edgar, Jos. C.builder , shop nnorth Sixth, ccorner Morgan
Eckert, N.boot and shoemaker , 39. nnorth Seventh
Edmond, Mrs.M.sempstress . Locust, bbetween Second and Third
Edwards, John, carpenter , rresidence 29, St. Charles
Ellis, S. C.surgeon dentist , office 79, nnorth First
Evans, Henry, boarding-house, 142. nnorth Fourth
Edgar, T. B. carriage manufactory, 156, nnorth Fourth
Eddowes, J.rresidence nnorth Fifth, bbetween Wash and Carr
16 St. Louis Directory EDM-FON
View original image: Page  0016
Edmondson, John, carpenter , rresidence 138, Walnut
Est, Adam, laborer , 2 1-2, Plum
Etling, Frederick, laborer , Convent, bbetween Second and Third
Etling, Philip, laborer , Convent, bbetween Second and Third
Etling, Conrad, laborer , Convent, bbetween Second and Third
Ellinwood, B.stone mason , rresidence 83, Chestnut
Englemann, T. intelligence office, 33, Pine
Eaton, N. J.rresidence 44, Olive
Edelbers, N. clothing store, 6, Oak
Eickart, F.rresidence Oak, bbetween First and Second
Evoy, Bridget, widow, Green, bbetween Tenth and Eleventh
Evans, S. J.rresidence 65, Green
Edgar, Joseph, carpenter , rresidence 40, Morgan
Engel, Louis, grocery , Franklin Avenue, bbetween Eighth and Ninth
Essex, James C.rresidence Franklin Avenue, bbetween Seventh and Eighth
Franklin, House, (W.Tighe, , proprietor ) ccorner Front and Olive
Florez, , 31 1-2, nnorth Front
Farwell L. & A.G. & co wholesale grocers, forwarding and
commission merchants , 67, nnorth Front
Finney, Lee & grocers and commission merchants , 70,
nnorth Front
Frank, C.laborer , nnorth First
Farmers & Mechanics Insurance 125, ccorner Vine-and First
Franciscus, J. T.lottery, exchange and general broker , 90,
nnorth First
Fairley, Mrs.corset-maker , 30, ssouth First
Ferrall, John, rresidence 88, ssouth First
Flockmeier, F.farmer , rresidence 92, ssouth Second
Feickert, J.baker , 92, ssouth Second
Flaw, Mary, (cofd woman,) 168, ssouth Second
Fallis, Thomas, carpenter , ssouth Second, bbetween Lombard and Hazel
Fix, Jacob, cooper , 253, ssouth Second
Forbes A. & L. looking-glass and picture frame manufac-
turers , 82, nnorth First
Farnsworth, S. V.copper , tin and sheet iron manufacturer ,
59, nnorth Firat
Filley, O. D.tin and sheet iron manufacturer , 57, nnorth First
Fisher, J. in boots and shoes , 28, nnorth First
Forbes, I.surgeon dentist , office 52 1-2, nnorth Second
Fontaine, Felix, rresidence 70. ssouth Third
St. Loots Directory. 17 FAT-FIT
View original image: Page  0017
Fath, Jacob, grocery , 111, ssouth Fourth,
Farrell, Michael, grocer , 78, ccorner Second and Locust
Ford, Edward, boot and shoe-maker , 84, nnorth Second
Frontier Coffee House , (by P.Greek, ,) 121, ccorner Laurel and
Fields, Geo.laborer , e side Broadway
Fleming, Fred, engineeer , e side Broadway
Farnsworth, S. V.annorth Third, ccorner Green
Flannagen, Mathew, laborer , 76, nnorth Third
Friend, Gustavus, saddler , rresidence 132, ssouth Sixth
Funk, Adam, coffee house, Market, bbetween Eighth and Ninth
Foulks &. Shaw , tobacconists , 1, Walnut
Field, Easter, (col'dcolored ) washerwoman , 10, Elm
Femister, Edmund, accountant , rresidence 51, Elm
Fisse, Henry, rresidence 117, Elm
Fuller, , 5, Spruce
Fulton, Brewery, (Wainwright & Coutts , proprietors ,) 21,
Francis, —, rresidence 2, Plum
Fallet, J.locksmith , 42, Chestnut
Ferguson, John, carpenter , rresidence 87, Olive
Foster, John, blacksmith , 7, Laurel
Fowler, Mrs. boarding-house, 54, Oak
Fisher, Joseph, millwright , 60, Oak
Few, William, rresidence Willow, bbetween First and Second
Fouychey, Mrs. widow, Washington Av.Avenue bbetween Fourth & Fifth
Fay, M. (Moore & F. ) rresidence Washington avenue, bbetween Fifth and
Finney, John, (F., Lee & nnorth Washington avenue bbetween Fifth
and Sixth
Finney, William, (F., Lee & Washington avenue, bbetween
Fifth and Sixth
Ferguson, Peter, accountant , rresidence Washington av.bbetween Tenth
and Eleventh
Fishback, Mrs. widow, Green, bbetween Seventh and Eighth
Fanning, B., Green, bbetween Sixth and Seventh
Fuller, R.carpenter , rresidence Green, bbetween Third and Fourth
Framan, Henry, laborer , Franklin Av.Avenue bbetween Fourth and Fifth
Foshee, J. A.rresidence 55, Locust
Fitzgerald, Ed.carpenter , rresidence Locust, bbetween Fourth and Fifth
Fitzgerald, Francis, carpenter , rresidence Locust, bbetween Fourth and Fifth


18 St. Louis Directory FIE-GAM
View original image: Page  0018
Fielder, S.R110, St. Charles
Fowler, Benjamin, rresidence 65, St. Charles
Frecker, John, laborer , 40, St. Charles
Farwell, L. (L. & A.G.F. & ) R37, nnorth Sixth
Finney & Lyons , cooper shop , 123, nnorth Sixth
Finney, B.rresidence 168, nnorth Sixth
Foster, John, carpenter , annorth Sixth, bbetween Chestnut and Pine
Ferguson, Mrs.E. H. private boarding-house, 13, nnorth Third
Fleischman, Mrs.Eliza K. private boarding-house, 8 nnorth Third
Filley, O. D.rresidence 5, nnorth Fourth
Ferguson, J. H.carpenter shop, ccorner Fourth and Morgan
Fargie, Mrs.sempstress , Fifth, nnorth Franklin avenue
Foibes, Mrs.straw hat maker and bleacher , 107, nnorth Fifth
Gempp, Dr.druggist , No 55, ssouth Second street
Green Tree Tavern , (B. W.Ayres, , proprietor ,) 68, ssouth
Gutbrod, J.tailor , 98, ssouth Second
Guion, Madame, widow, 119, ssouth Second
Gates, Madame, widow, 150, ssouth Second
Godet E. & bakers , 157, ssouth Second
Guitard, A. P.carpenter , 257, ssouth second
Greely, Gale & wholesale and retail grocers and com-
mission merchants , 10, ccorner Front and Chestnut
Glasgow, Shaw & Larkin , commission and forwarding
merchants , 33, nnorth Fiont
Green Banner Coffee House , (by P.Kelly, ,) 95, nnorth Front
Grosclaude, J.grocerv , 133, nnorth First
Gaty & Coonce , rresidence 210, nnorth First
Gatv, Coonce & Beltzhoover , founders and engine makers ,
202, nnorth First
Gahan, N. boarding house, 71 1-2, nnorth First
Guelberth, Auguste, watchmaker and jeweller , 159, nnorth First
Geisel, G. furniture ware-room, 112, nnorth First
Goodyear, W.boot and shoe dealer , 56, nnorth First
Grimsley & Young , dealers in saddlery-hardware,saddlery,
harness, trunks, fee . 37, n First
Glaxier, D.hat and cap manufacturer , 35, a First
Gay, J. H.a 30, nnorth Second
Gamble, Hamilton , office 38 1-2, ccorner Pine
and Second
St. Louis Directory. 19 GAM-GAL
View original image: Page  0019
Gamble, Archibald, attorney-at-law , rresidence 43, ssouth Third
Guitar, Louis, rresidence 69, ssouth Third
Gambrel, Thomas, R73, ssouth Third
Gower, Mrs. (col'dcolored woman,) 65, ssouth Third
Gebois, Joseph, 187, ssouth Third
Glasgow, Wm.William (G., Shaw & Larkin ,) rresidence 17, ssouth Fourth
Globe, Tavern, (T.Beaty, , proprietor ,) 6 & 8, Market square
Guitar, Madame, rresidence 61, ssouth Third
Gray, Thomas, blacksmith shop, 70, nnorth Second
Geisel & Vogle , furniture wareroom, 77, nnorth Second
Grundell, Wm.Williamrresidence nnorth Second, bbetween Oak and Cherry
Greene, Wm.William (Conn, Sprigg & G. ) rresidence nnorth Second, above
Greffet, G. A.rresidence nnorth Second, above Cherry
Grafdt, U.carpenter , 159, nnorth Third
Greason, Robert, carpenter , rresidence nnorth Third, bbetween Olive and Locust
Green, Room (by ErastusTracy, ,) ccorner Olive and Third
Griffin, John, (col'dcolored drayman ,) 45, ssouth Fifth
Gamier, J. V.rresidence 22, ssouth Seventh
Gonsollis, James, nnorth 34, Myrtle
Gallagher, John, laborer , 5, Spruce
Gangris, Peter, laborer , Almond, bbetween Second and Third
Guy, reMrs. widow, rresidence 71, Cedar
Grimsley, Thornton, (G. & Young ,) rresidence 23, Chestnut
Glazier, D.rresidence 106, Pine
Goodfellow, John, rresidence 94, Pine
Goodfellow, David, rresidence 90, Pine
Gilpin, , office Pine, bbetween Second and Third
Godier, Mrs. widow, 116, Olive
Gallagher, Peter, boot and shoemaker , Prune, bbetween Front and
Glenn, Milton, ship carpenter , Willow, bbetween Front and First
Grant, David, Green, bbetween Seventh and Eighth
George & Scheibel , bakers , 66 1-2, Green
Gazette Printing Office , ccorner Front and Locust
Gerke, J. P.26, Locust
Gray, Mrs.Mary, rresidence 60, Locust
Gerard, J. B.wagon-maker , 74, Locust
Gholson, Mrs.Sarah, boarding house, Locust, bbetween Third and
Galbraith, Samuel, drayman , 192, nnorth Sixth
20 St. Louis Directory GIL-HOF
View original image: Page  0020
Gildersleev, Richard, carpenter , rresidence 196, nnorth Sixth
Goodfellow, Wm.Williamlaborer , 180, nnorth Seventh
Goodfellow, David, laborer , 178, nnorth Seventh
Gordon, Jas. (city constable ,) office and a 14, nnorth Third
General Stage Office , (J.Consaul, , proprietor ,) ccorner Fourth
and Pine
Gibson, J. B.rresidence 167, nnorth Fourth
Gordon, P.rresidence nnorth Fourth, above Morgan
Gleason, Wallace, carpenter , rresidence nnorth Fifth, bbetween Wash and Carr
Hovey, in jewellery and cutlery , No. 32. nnorth Frout
Hines & clothing store, 54 1-2, nnorth Front
Head, Quarters, (by J. C.Melcher, ,) 56, nnorth Front
Hill J.B. & grocers and commission merchants , 77
and 78, nnorth Front
Hill, O. (col'dcolored man) laborer , 258, nnorth First
Hart, Lavinia (cofd washerwoman ,) 220, nnorth First
Hoyle, Lawrence, dry goods and grocery store, 177, ccorner First
and Prune
Houix, J. boarding house, 174, nnorth First
Holbrook & Tappan , dealers in hardware and cutlery ,
157, nnorth First
Holton, Geo.bookseller and stationer , 157, nnorth First
Hood & Abbot , dealers in boots and shoes , 116, nnorth First
Hunt & Mallory , tailors , 115, nnorth First
Homer T. & J. dry goods store, 108, nnorth First
Holman & Axtel , boot and shoe store, 80, nnorth First
Hale, , 82, ccorner Locust and Second
Hughes, H. J.carpenter , rresidence Broadway
Hamilton, Mrs.D. private boarding house, 142-2, nnorth Third
Hannon, T.grocer , ccorner Third and Green
Hopkins, Jane, chambermaid , 76, nnorth Third
Hayman E. & C.C. dealers in dry goods , 14, nnorth First
Herve, W. R.portrait and miniature painter , 62, nnorth First
Helms, Richard, (col'dcolored ) barber and hair dresser , 39, nnorth First
Hardy, J. private boarding house, 11, nnorth First
Heisterhagen & Valentine , importers and dealers in fancy
dry goods, &c. 9, nnorth First
Hoffman H.L. & dealers in drugs, paints, and dve-
stuffs , 3, nnorth First
St. Louis Directory 21 HAN-HAM
View original image: Page  0021
Hanken, Geo.grocer , 13, nnorth Second
Hyles, Wm.Williamfamily stores , 45, nnorth Second
Haywood, A.R44, nnorth Second
Hough, D.R49, nnorth Second
Hill, D. B.lumber merchant , office, c Third and Pine
Hoffmann, F.R9 1-2, nnorth Fourth
Holbrook, -, R75, nnorth Fourth
Hempstead, Wm.William (H. & Beebe ,) R74, nnorth Fourth
Hile, P.carpenter , rresidence 146, nnorth Fourth
Handfield, Jas. W.carpenter , Rccorner Carr and Fifth
Harris, G.rresidence Fifth, bbetween Wash and Carr
Henry, Harriet (col'dcolored washerwoman ,) nnorth Fifth, bbetween Morgan and
Harold, -, tailor , 131 1-2, nnorth Fifth
Henderson, Geo.dry goods store , 43, ssouth First,—R 48, ssouth First
Haren, Edward, grocer , 45, ssouth First
Hammond, D. M.cabinet maker , 59, ssouth First
Hunt, Stephen, laborer , 130, ssouth First
Hackney, Mrs. widow, 32. ssouth Second
Holtzwart, C. F.tobacconist , 69, ssouth Second
Hammond, Mrs.C.dress-maker , 82, ssouth Second
Holden & Wood , stone cutters , 115, ssouth Second
Harris, Robert, (col'dcolored ) boatman , 114, ssouth Second
Helgenberg & Schoenthaler , bakers , ssouth Second, bbetween Cedar and
Hetzel, Michael, laborer , ssouth Second, bbetween Cedar and Mulberry
Honne, Wm.Williambutcher , rresidence 236. ssouth Second
Hill, Capt.D. B.R38. ssouth Third
Hoffman, John, turner , 44. ssouth Third
Hellcm, Gabriel, (col'dcolored barber ,) R103 1-2, ssouth Third
Hale, Tituss, Rbbetween Almond and Poplar, ssouth Third
Hafheymer, John, school master , 144, ssouth Third
Hilt, Christine, w idow, washerwoman , s Third
Hammond, Mis. school teacher , 16, ssouth Fourth
Hoffman, H. L. (H.L. Hoffman & ) R122, ssouth Fourth
Hoff, Henry, carpenter , 32, ssouth Sixth
Huth, Charles, grocer and confectioner , 55, Market
Humbert & Thomas , upholsterers , 43, Market
Hendry C.F. & dealers in boots, shoes, saddlerv-hard-
ware, &c. 32, Market
Hamilton, Robert, dry goods store. 26, Market
22 St. Louis Directory HOO-HAI
View original image: Page  0022
Hooper, Clark, painter , ccorner Walnut and Fourth
Hood, A. (H. & Abbott ,) R38, Walnut
Hamilton, Wm.William (col'dcolored ) boatman , R63, ssouth Fifth
Howard, Wm.Williamdyer and scourer , 54, Myrtle
Hensey, Patrick, cooper , R7, Myrtle
Hyer, Wm.Williambaker , R7, Spruce
Hergel, Andrew, boarding house, 29, Spruce
Hansen, P.painter , ccorner Spruce and Second
Hammerle, P.boot and shoemaker , 59, Spruce
Hayden, -, R38, Spruce
Hospital , (under the superintendance of the sisters of Char-
ity,) 76, Spruce
Honing, Frederick, laborer , 51, Cedar
Heintz, Philip, boot and shoemaker , Hazel, bbetween First and Se-
Harvey, John, laborer , Hazel, bbetween Second and Third
Heisel, Jacob, laborer , Convent, bbetween Second and Third
Hunt, Wilson in furs and peltries , 2, Chestnut,—R
33, Chestnut
Hunton, , office 19, Chestnut
Hamilton, Alexander, attorney-at-law , office 36, Chestnut —
rresidence 41, Chestnut
Hempstead & Beebe , counting-room Pine, bbetween Front and
Hudson, T. , office 17, Olive
Homans, J. , R44, Olive
Hoffman, J. W.R76, Olive
Hawken J. & S. gunsmiths , 31, Laurel
Hawken, S. (Hawken J. & S. ) R35, Laurel
Huntsinger, J.tailor , 23, Oak
Hare, Wm.Williamcarpenter , Green, bbetween Seventh and Eighth
Harrington, George, R75, Green
Hayes, T. boarding house, 51, Green
Harrington, James, stone mason , 45, Green
Hanna, A.tobacconist , 43, Green
Hutawa, Edward, R44, Green
Huslage, Harman, Franklin Avenue, bbetween Eighth and Ninth
Horner, Thomas, shoemaker , RCarr, bbetween Sixth and Seventh
Humbert, S.R24, ccorner Sixth
Hall, Chs.R.R 40, ccorner Pine and Sixth
Haines, Geo.drayman , 186, nnorth Sixth
St. Louis Directory. 23 HAC-JAC
View original image: Page  0023
Hacoolis, G.grinder , 188, nnorth Sixth
Harper, Wm.Williamblacksmith , a 194, nnorth Sixth
Hartman, Barnard, iron moulder , rresidence Biddle, bbetween Sixth and
Huddlestone, R.ship carpenter , nnorth Seventh, bbetween Wash and
Franklin Avenue
Harshaw, W.R184, nnorth Seventh
Hall, Dr.J. H.R.169, nnorth Seventh
Heely, Mrs.M.tailoress , 161, nnorth Seventh
Harris, Oliver (Chambers, H. & Knapp ,) Rnnorth Seventh, bbetween
Chestnut and Pine
Henry, Dr.J.R20, Locust
Huber, J.gunsmith , 49, Locust
Icherer, Ignace, tailor , 154, ssouth Second
Impy, Francis, R105, Spruce
Inge'rsoll, L. chair factory, 38, Prune
Janowski, John, coffeehouse, 140, ssouth First
Joyale, Jos.laborer , 94, ssouth Third
Johnson, William, (col'dcolored ) barber , R112, ssouth Fourth
Johnson, E. A. (E.A. Johnson & ) R136, ssouth Fourth
Jeffrey, Jacob, boatman , R174, ssouth Fifth
Jamison, David, R13, ssouth Seventh
Johnson, John, R137, Market
Jefferson, Mrs.milliner , 65, Market
Johnson & Gleim , druggists , 60, Market
Johnstone, P. (J., Dreyer & Trowbridge ,) R85, Myrtle
Johnson, F.R51, Spruce
Janney N.E. & wholesale dealers in china, glass and
queensware, 6, Chestnut
Jeffery, J.R21, Pine
Johnson, Mary, (col'dcolored ) washerwoman , 66, Olive
James, Jesse, boot-maker , Prune, bbetween Front and First
Jackson, E. T.gunsmith , 19, Oak
Jurac, Julia, (col'dcolored ) washerwoman , Green, bbetween Sixth and
Johnson, James, R63, Green
James, John, engineer , 47, Green
Johnson, -, (col'dcolored ) laborer , 29, Green
Jackson, J. H.RWash, bbetween Sixth and Seventh
24 St. Louis Directory. JOH-KEN
View original image: Page  0024
Johnson, Rachel, (col'dcolored ) washerwoman , Wash, bbetween Sixth and
Johnson, -, hotel bar, 33, Vine
Jarrow, S.R54, nnorth Sixth
Johnson, Jas.bricklayer , R198, nnorth Sixth
Johnson, M.carpenter , R198, nnorth Sixth
Johnson, Dreyer & Trowbridge , auctioneers and commis-
sion merchants , 68, nnorth First
Jones & Corthron , clothing store , 67, nnorth First
Johnson, E. A. dealer in hardware and cutlery, 46, nnorth First
Jaccard Louis & watchmakers and jewellers , 40, nnorth First
Janney, N. E.R40, nnorth Second
Jones, E. coffee house, 71, nnorth Second
Jackson, Samuel, rresidence nnorth Second, bbetween Oak and Cherry
Johns, Robt.Rnnorth Second, bbetween Oak and Cherry
Johnston & Baker , family grocers , Broadway
Jones, R.tailor , nnorth Third, ccorner Oak
Jones, F. (J. & Corthron ,) Rnnorth Third, bbetween Chestnut and Pine
Jaffray, R. W.R49, nnorth Fourth
Jones, R.tailor , rresidence nnorth Fifth, bbetween Wash and Carr
January, D. (J. Stettinius & ) R185, nnorth Fifth
Jeffery, Jas. wholesale grocer, forwarding and commission
merchant , 12, nnorth Front
Jaques & Morriss , tailors , 53 1-2, nnorth Front
Jones, Priscilla, sempstress , 231, nnorth First
Johnson, Wm.Williambarber , 186, nnorth First
Jackson, Thos. hardware store, 17S, nnorth First
Jones, Bacon & druggists , 150, nnorth First
Kraeling, H.tailor , 20, ssouth First
Kadmus J. & jewellers , 51, ssouth First
Kretchmar, F. boarding-house, 69, ssouth First
Knecht, P. coffeehouse, 56, ssouth First—R 58, ssouth First
Kaler, Michael, boarding-house, 103, ssouth First
King, Thomas, ssouth Second, bbetween Lombard and Hazel
Kennedy, Reuben, wagoner , ssouth Second, bbetween Lombard and
Kakle, H. G.watchmaker , ssouth Second
Kline, Joseph, accountant , R107, ssouth Fourth
Knott & Largue , carpenters , ccorner Third and Walnut
Kennedy, Henry, carpenter , R174, ssouth Fifth
st. louis directory. 25 KEE-KIM
View original image: Page  0025
Keemle, Charles, book, job and fancy letter-press printer ,
22, Olive—R 27, Olive
Keith, David, agent for the Bible and Tract Depository,
88, Market
King, Willis, (Warburton & K. ) R84, Market
Kisch, E. dry goods store, 63, Market
Katz, H. C.tailor , 59, Market
Kretier T. & dealers in tobacco, segars, &c. 30, Market
Kain, Miss, sempstress, &c. 88, Walnut
Kline, Edward, R70, Myrtle
Kennett, Mortimer, R59, Myrtle
Klau, Charles, cooper , R52, Spruce
Kern, Joseph, blacksmith , 54, Spruce—R 72, Spruce
Kroneman, F.laborer , 51, Cedar
King, H.m.d. office and R32, Chestnut
Kramer, -, R68, Pine
Keller & Ebner , distillers , 71, Olive
Keegan, C.boot and shoemaker , 73, Olive
Kilpatrick, George, laborer , 62, Prune
Klein, M.tailor , Oak, bbetween Front and First
Kimball, -, carpenter , R13, Oak
Kemlen, C. F.R60, Oak
Kans, Mrs.-, widow, Washington avenue, bbetween Fifth and
Ketchum, S. P., rresidence Green, bbetween Sixth and Seventh
Ken, Mrs.G. W. widow, 13, Morgan
Keller, Thomas, [col'dcolored man,] Morgan,bbetween Seventh and Eighth
Kreamer, Nicholas, rresidence Franklin avenue, b Fourth and Fifth
Kipthler, John, brass founder , R Franklin avenue, bbetween Fourth
and Fifth
Koch, H.watchmaker , 32, Locust
Kneedley, Gideon, plasterer , R47, St. Charles
Kneedley, Jacob, bricklayer , R47, St. Charles
Kingsbury, Jas. W.acting assistant commissary subsis-
tance V.S.A., office basement story, 28, Vine
Knox, J. M.tailor , 23 1-2, Vine
Knox, Samuel, attorney-at-law , 63, nnorth First
Ken Jno. & Aug. wholesale dealers in staple and fancy dry
goods, 1, nnorth cof First and Market
Kimni & Tewes , importers of dry and fancy goods, 3. nnorth


26 st. louis directory. KEN-LYN
View original image: Page  0026
Kennedy, Augustin, city collector , 8, nnorth Second
Kincaid, Robt.drayman , 192, nnorth Sixth
Klaen, M.tailor , nnorth Seventh, bbetween Wash and Franklin Avenue
Klein, Peter, confectioner , 141, nnorth Seventh
Keesucker, Mrs.E. widow boarding-house, 19, ccorner Chestnut
and Fourth
Knight, Jas.R140, nnorth Fourth
Kerr, Mathew, Rnnorth Fifth, bbetween Morgan and Franklin Avenue
Knox, R. (Jones, Bacon & ) R178, ccorner Franklin Avenue
and Fourth
Knox, Dr.R183, nnorth Fifth
Kain, Daniel, drayman , R123 1-2, nnorth Fifth
Kerr, Augustus, (Jno. & Aug. Kerr ,) R58, corner Olive and
King, J. , office 58, ccorner Olive and Second
Kimball, -, carpenter , nnorth Second, bbetween Oak and Cherry
Keith, Michael, drayman , nnorth Second, bbetween Cherry and Franklin
Kinnear, Thos.grocer , Broadway
Kemper, H.laborer , Broadwav
Kienlen, C. F.grocer , 153, nnorth third
Kane, Paul, portrait painter , 96 1-2, nnorth Third
Kingslands & Lightner , manufacturers ot steam engines,
machinery, stoves, &c. 35, nnorth Front
Kyle, Robt.tobacconist , ccorner Green and First
Knox, Franklin, M.D. 148, nnorth First
Kramer, J.tailor , 92, nnorth First
Lewis, Martin, R154, nnorth Sixth street
Littleton, Wm.WilliamR164, nnorth Sixth
Lucas, J. C.R14, nnorth Seventh
Levi, S. J. clothine store, 51, nnorth First
Leduc, M. P. judge county court, office and rresidence 38, nnorth First
Lagrange House , by Williams &. Kinneer , 33, nnorth First
Little J. & F. cabinet makers , 21, nnorth First (up stairs)
Lyman Jas. & saddlery warehouse, 19, nnorth First
Low & Evens , family grocers , 22, nnorth Second, ccorner Chestnut
Low, Mrs.-, private boarding house, 45 1-2, nnorth Second
Leduc, J.dyer and scourer , 51, Locust
Littleton, Milley, (col'dcolored ) washerwoman , Vine
Lynch & Trask , furniture warerooms, 23 and 96, Vine
St. Louis Directory. 27 LEF-LAD
View original image: Page  0027
Lefaivre, Antoine, ship carpenter , rear 54. nnorth Third
Lafayette Coffee House , (by J.Wilman, ,) 11, nnorth Third
Lewis, Thomas, private boarding-house, and teacher of
dancing, 65, nnorth Fourth
Lee, John, (L. & Elder ,) Rccorner Franklin Avenue and Third
Lane, Wm.William Carr, (mayor,) R24. nnorth Fifth
Lewis, Anthony, coffee house, 42, ssouth First
Locker, Jacob, boot and shoemaker , 60, ssouth First
Ladarout, Michael, R91, ssouth First
Labcau, J.gunsmith , 120, ssouth First
Luthy, Dr.41, ssouth Second
Little, John, drayman , 112, ssouth Second
Lomax, Michael, grocer , 133, ssouth Second—R 131, ssouth Second
Lang, Taopalt, boot and shoemaker , 134, ssouth Second
Latour, Peter, carpenter , 147, ssouth Second
Laurent, Mrs.-, widow, ssouth Second
Lehman, John G.grocer , 267, ssouth Second
Lenkmeir, Henry, grocer , 21, ssouth Third
Leroux, Mrs.Ellen, widow, 44, ssouth Third
Labaddie, Jos.butcher , 115, ssouth Third
Lallimier, Mrs.-, widow, 137, ssouth Third
Lawless, Luke E. judge of the circuit court, R131, ssouth Fourth
Lock, wood Isaac, leather dealer , 4, ssouth Front
Lewis & Chapman , dry goods store, 7, Market Square
Laveille, Jos.Clumber vard, ccorner Fifth and Walnut—R 48, ssouth
Lockart, Mrs.-, milliner , 143, ssouth Fifth
Lyle, A. (Mathews & Lyie ,) R19,ssouth Seventh
Loyd, D. (L. & Hoffman ,) R120, Market
Leseur, A. fancy drv goods store, 42, Market
Lyons, Mrs.E.milliner , 24. Market
Letcher, Isaac, R150, Market
Lock, wood Isaac, R88, Walnut
Latresse, E.rresidence Walnut, h Third and Fourth
Laidain, Joseph, R48, Elm
Little, F.cabinet maker , R36, Myrtle
Lewis, Anthony, laborer , 3, Myrtle
Langty, Peter, R17, Cedar
Lapoint, Lawrence, laborer , Mulberry, bbetween First and Second
Lamont, D. (Powell, L. & ) R22, Chestnut
Ladain, J. turning shop and chair factory, 24, Chestnut
28 St. Louis Directory. LOY-LYN
View original image: Page  0028
Loyd & Hoffmann , book binders , Pine, bbetween First and Second
Lion Coffee House , (W. P.Hudson, , proprietor ,) Pine, bbetween
First and Second
Langton, , office 16, Olive
Learned, , office 16, Olive
Labeaume, Mrs.Susan, widow, rresidence 40, Olive
Lewis, Chs., (L. & Chapman ,) rresidence 89, Olive
Leduc, L.dyer and scourer , 41, Laurel
Lawson, T.plumber , 54, Prune
Love, James, blacksmith , 52, Prune
Lott, John, livery stable keeper , ccorner Prune and Second
Long, Philip, blacksmith , ROak, bbetween First and Second
Learned, J. D.R59, Green
Levieson & Wanberg , clothing store , 31, nnorth Front
Lee & Elder , grocers and commission merchants , ccorner of Lo-
cust and Front
Labeaume T. & grocers and commission merchants ,
41, nnorth Front
Levi, S. store , 50 1-2, nnorth Front
Light-House , by (E.Perkips, ,) 63, ccorner Front and Laurel
Liberty Coffee House , by (J.Segnaigo, ,) 82, nnorth Front
Lawlin, Jas.saddler , 84, nnorth Front
Lux, John, boarding-house, 89, nnorth Front
Lecompte, P.laborer , 201, nnorth First
Lee, Jos. (col'dcolored ) barber , 195 1-2, nnorth First
Lafrance, Francois, boarding-house, 161, nnorth First
Louderman, J. C. clothing store, 155, nnorth First
Learned, J. , office 135, nnorth First
Lee, John, house and sign painter , 51, nnorth Second
Lockwood, A. carpenter , 51 1-2, nnorth Second
Luciani Chas. & confectioners , 60, nnorth Second
Lane & McCabe , physicians , office 92, nnorth First
Lane, Hardage, (L. & McCabe ,) R78, nnorth Second
Lesperance, J. store , 90, nnorth Second
Lebeau, C. V.confectioner , 96, nnorth Second
Lebeau, Madame Ellen, R98, nnorth Second
Longuemare, Chas.rresidence 95, nnorth Second
Lynch & Trask , cabinet shop, 115, nnorth Second
Lott, John W.Rnnorth Third, ccorner Morgan
Leach, John, family grocer , 150 and 152, nnorth Third
Lynch, Wm.William (L. & Trask ,) R106, nnorth Third
St. Louis Directory. 29 LEC-McL
View original image: Page  0029
Lecompte, W.laborer , Rnnorth Third, bbetween Locust and Vine
Lynch, John, carpenter shop, nnorth Third, bbetween Locust and Vine
Labeddie, Julia (col'dcolored woman,) 76, nnorth Third
Louis, Madame John, 63. nnorth Third
Mauck, Philip, confectioner , R22, nnorth Sixth
Morrison, Saml.laborer , 135. nnorth Sixth
Maen, Jas.laborer , 194. nnorth Sixth
Merryman, C.carpenter , RBiddlee, bbetween Sixth and Seventh
McKenny, Wm.Williambrickmason , Rbbetween Wash and Franklin Av-
Meredith & Evans , carpenters , shop, ccorner Franklin Avenue
and Seventh
Murphy, Jos, wheelwright and plough maker , nnorth Seweath, ccorner
McEntire, John, 145, nnorth Seventh
Myers, F.dry goodwtore , 8 1-2, nnorth Second
Massias, Major, v.U. S. A.United States of America 8, ssouth Seventh
McGunnegle, George K. (McG. & Way ,) R146, Market
McGill, T. (Von Pkul & McGull ,) R122, Market
Mauro, P.principal of ladies academy, ccorner of Market and
Mills, A. L.119, Market
Meridian Coffee Home , (D. Gohn & proprietors ,) ccorner
Market and Fourth
Molloy, Mrs.-, milliner , 75, Market
Market Street House , (Newman, , proprietor ,) 45, Market
Mudge, S. H.R72, Market
Morgan, Mrs.-, milliner , 3, Market,(up staris)
Moses & Campbell , barbhers , 39, Market
Mullanphy, Bryan, atlorney-at-law , 21 1-2, Market
Myers, H. B.saddle , 22, Market
McGinnis, Meredith, grocery , nnorth Market. bbetween Eight and Ninth
Morgan, John, stone cutter , R120, Walnut
Morgan, Francis, stone cutter , R120, Walnut
Mason & Black , livery stable keepers, 80, Walnut
Mason, B. (M. & Black ,) R78, Walnut
Male, Orphan Asylum, under the superintendence of the
sisters of charity, ccorner Walnut and Third
Mullikin, C. (M. & Pratte ,) R15, Elm
McLachlan, D. A.a 92, Elm


30 St. Louis Directory. MAT-MAN
View original image: Page  0030
Matthews, James, drayman , 113, Elm
Mattox, -, plasterer , R103, Myrtle
Morton, George, R104, Spruce
Maheu, Madame -, midwife , 24, Poplar
Marlee, Mrs.-, widow, R10, Plum
Monroe, George, (col'dcolored man,) 13, Cedar
Miller, -, (col'dcolored woman,) Mulberry , bbetween First and
Murphy, D.laborer , Lombard, bbetween First and Second
Mayberry, R.carpenter , R36, Spruce
Mills, A. L.mail stage proprietor , office 30, Chestnut
McMurry, L.baker , 46, Chestnut
McDowell, J. B.m.d.R45, Chestnut
Minard, Rev.Reverend P.R.rresidence Chestnut, bbetween Fifth and Sixth
Matthews, Mrs.C. widow, 100, Pine
Mull, Wm.WilliamR34, Pine
Magenis, A. , office, 27, Pine
Manning, Alonzo, attorney-at-law , office, 17, Pine
McKenny, B. F.justice of the peace, office 19. Olive
Missouri Coffee House , ( F.Hamer, , proprietor ,) 30, Olive
Morris, J. P. boarding house, 25, Olive
McDonough, P.stone mason , nnorth 72, Olive
McKain, Mrs.-, widow, R118, Olive
Myers, Hugh, R116, Olive
Marmion &. Gahan , stationers hall, 25, Laurel
Magenis, A. L.rresidence 53, Laurel
McKenna, Mrs. widow, 48, Prune
Miskell, J.carpenter , 40, Prune
Magwire, J. iron warehouse, 21, Prune
McNichol, D.barber , Prune, bbetween Front and First
Morris, , 8, Oak
Martin, Myer & Ranly , coffee house, Oak, bbetween Front and
Myers & Gordon , stable keepers , Oak, bbetween First and Second
Moetz, Peter, laborer , 56, Oak
Mysock, M.boot and shoemaker , Cherry, bbetween First and Se-
Mette, James, Indian interpreter , Washington avenue, bbetween
Fourth and Fifth
Manny, Aaron, rresidence Washington avenue, bbetween Fourth and Fifth
Manny, J. G.rresidence Washington avenue, bbetween Fifth and Sixth
St. Louis Directory. 31 McM-McN
View original image: Page  0031
McManus, B.carpenter , Green, bbetween Tenth and Eleventh
Mount, John, constable , R113, ssouth First
McFarland, Mary, widow, Green, bbetween Seventh and Eighth
Menne, H.tailor , 62, Green
Matthews, W.laborer , 28, Green
Marshall, R. (col'dcolored ) laborer , 29, Green
Murphy, Dennis, grocer , 27, Green
Maule, Mrs.sempstress , 17, Green
Mitchell, F.farmer , RMorgan, bbetween Sixth and Seventh
McGovern, Mrs.—, widow, ccorner Franklin avenue, and Ninth
Man, John, boot and shoemaker , Franklin avenue, bbetween Eighth
and Ninth
Meredith, Wm.William carpenter , shop ccorner Franklin avenue and
Eighth—RFranklin avenue, bbetween Eighth and Ninth
Musick, Abraham, (col'dcolored ) drayman , Wash, bbetween Sixth and Sev-
Matthews, John, RCarr. bbetween Sixth and Seventh
McWilliams R. & copper, tin and sheet iron workers ,
35 1-2, nnorth Front
Moore, Capt.J.R80, ccorner Locust and Second
Mulligan, MrsM. female school, 44, Locust
McCullough, Thos.laborer , 62, Locust
McDowell, , RLocust, bbetween Third and Fourth
McKnight, Mrs.Mary Ann, private boarding , 67, St. Charles
McEvoy, John, stone cutter , R27, St. Charles
Marlow, Chas.turner , 8, St. Charles
Martin, M.M.D. office 56, nnorth Second
Marrigan, W. D.tailor , 74, nnorth Second
Miller, Mrs.Julia, milliner and dress-maker , 94, nnorth Second
Mead, George, R102, nnorth Second
Meacham, J. B. (col'dcolored man,) cooper , 111, nnorth Second—R 108,
nnorth Second
Moslow, Chas.turner , 115, nnorth Second
Murry & Brother , house and sign painters , 120, nnorth Second,
ccorner Laurel
Merry, Samuel, (receiver of public monies,) R147, nnorth Se-
Magwire, J., RW side Broadway
McDonald, Alex, school teacher , 108, nnorth Third, up stairs
Munsa, H. W. dressing-rooms, 98, nnorth Third, ccorner Vine
McNeil, John, tailor , 81 1-2, nnorth Third
32 St. Louis Directory. MAY-MIS
View original image: Page  0032
May, Wm.William B.R110, nnorth Second
Moore, Robt.Rnnorth Second, ccorner Cherry
Myers, Margaret, sempstress , 76, nnorth Third
Montagne, J.RC Olive and Third
Mansur, Charles, dealer in domestics , shirtings, sheetings,
&c. 3 1-2, nnorth Front
Mullikin & Pratte , grocers, commission and forwarding
merchants , 20 nnorth Front
McElderry T. & S.E. dealers in wines, liquors, Havana se-
gars and tobacco, 30, nnorth Front
Miller A.J. & O.A. clothing store, 37, ccorner Front and Locust
Mack, R. A.grocer , 54, nnorth Front
McGunnegle & Way , commission and forwarding mer-
chants , 72, nnorth Front
McGregor & Strachan , grocers , 80, nnorth Front
Mullanphy, Mrs.E.R275, nnorth First
Marine, Exchange, (by J.Kelly, ,) 198, nnorth First
Martin, Lucy (col'dcolored ) washerwoman , 218, nnorth First
Maember, , 211, nnorth First
Mississippi House , (by J.Christy, ,) 119, nnorth First
Metz & Vegoske , tailors , 197, nnorth First
Missouri, Hotel, (by W. C.Templeton, ,) 194, nnorth First
Mason, C.tin-ware manufacturer , 184, nnorth First
McAnulty, , 176, nnorth First, ccorner Prune
Markley & Crause , segar manufacturers , 172, nnorth First
Munn & Lindsley , boot and shoe store , 164, nnorth First
McKinder, E.watchmaker , 117, nnorth First
Massot, J.113, nnorth First
Mayer & Hurxthal , dealers in hardware and cutlery , 97,
nnorth First
Metten & Muller , clock and watchmakers , 85, nnorth First
Mudge S.H. & exchange brokers , 76, ccorner First and Olive
Missouri Insurance Company , office 67 1-2, nnorth First
Manning, A. lottery and exchange office, 61, nnorth First
Marine Insurance Company , office 62, nnorth First, (up stairs)
Martin, E., M.D. office 62, nnorth First, (up stairs)
Martin W.R. & J.T. clothiers , 58, nnorth First
McDonald, J.R.stock and exchange broker , 52. nnorth First
Mead & Adriance , watchmakers , jewellers and dealers in
fancy goods, 49, ccorner First and Pine
Missouri, Republican, office 45½, nnorth First [up stairs]
33 St. Louis Directory. McK-MOR
View original image: Page  0033
McKee, Hiram, hat manufacturer , 41, nnorth First
Mylius, J. P.watchmaker and jeweller , 42, nnorth First
Meier A. & dealers in hardware and cutlery , 23, nnorth
Macauley & Son , carpet warehouse, 22, ccorner First and Chest-
nut [up stairs]
Manny, J. G. dealer in saddles and saddlery-hardware,
20, nnorth First [up stairs]
Meech, S. W.bookseller , stationer and bookbinder , 4, nnorth
Mickle E. & dealers in dry goods , 21, Market
Mayhew, William, confectioner , 50, nnorth Second
Magehan, J. M.carpenter , R17, nnorth Third
Mallender, James, tailor , 10, nnorth Third
Markham, George, portrait painter , nnorth Third, bbetween Market and
Maurette, Desire, (col'dcolored ) washerwoman , 71, nnorth Fourth
Mills, James, steam boatman , Third, bbetween Market and Chestnut
Mansion, House, (by A. L.Corson, ,) 79, ccorner Locust and Fourth
Macnamee, William, laborer , 176, nnorth Fourth
Myers, William, RC Biddle and Fifth
Martin, George, laborer , nnorth Fifth, bbetween Wash and Carr
Martin, Dr.E.R181, nnorth Fifth
Merritt, W. H.cabinet-maker , Rnnorth Fifth, bbetween Green and
MilburnGen'l, Wm.William (surveyor general's office,) 121, nnorth
Mayger, John, plain and ornamental plasterer , nnorth Fifth, bbetween
Green and Morgan
McDonagh, Mrs.Mary, family grocery , 101, ccorner St. Charles
and Fifth
McCabe, E. H. (Lane & McC. RUnion Hotel
Morrel, Justin, confectioner , 14, ssouth First
McVey, Thomas, tailor , 55, ssouth First
Maeder, John, coffee house, 34, ssouth First—R 36, ssouth First
Merckle, G.turner , 44, ssouth First
Monnier, Misses, mantua-makers , 50, ssouth First
Martin, James, city officer , R66, ssouth First
McLaughlin, Thos.drayman , 92, ssouth First
Milt, Jacob, laborer , 114, ssouth First
Morton, George, lumber yard , ssouth wwest ccorner Second and Walnut
34 St. Louis Directory. McG-NEW
View original image: Page  0034
McGovern, Mrs.—, widow, 28, ssouth Second
Miller & Hinzpeter , saddlers , 53, ssouth Second
Mallet, F.collector , 71, ssouth Second
Medart, P.wagon maker , R85, ssouth Second
Margueron, P.confectioner , 100, ssouth Second
Matzke, M.tailor , 120, ssouth Second
Mylius, J. P.watchmaker , rresidence 130, ssouth Second
Miller, Miss, mantua-maker , 144, ssouth Second
Mathew, Anderson, brickmaker , 162, ssouth Second
McPhetridge, —, tin manufacturer , R171, ssouth Second
Morine, Mrs. widow, 171 1-2, ssouth Second
McHose, Isaac, brewer , 259, ssouth Second
Marallano, J. teacher , 15, ssouth Third
Massie, Wm.William, 37, ssouth Third
Milligan, Edward, 35, ssouth Third
Moray, Antoine, laborer , 163, ssouth Third
Mitton, Joseph, pedlar , 171, ssouth Third
Morey, Henry, laborer , 184, ssouth Third
Matthews, S. (M. & Lyle ,) R22, ssouth Fourth
McCausland, John, 12, ssouth Fourth
Mathews & Lyle , carpenters , 24, ssouth Fourth
McCartney, Mrs. widow, 39, ssouth Fourth
McKinney, Mrs. widow, 120. ssouth Fourth
Manville, Peter, (col'dcolored ) laborer , 39, ssouth Front
Meech, S. W.R53, ssouth Fifth
McMillan, John, (Barry & McM.) R67, ssouth Fifth
McNeil, John, R11, ssouth Seventh
New Green Tree Coffee-house , (L.Schaffler, , proprietor ,)
No. 152, ssouth Second street
Navalles, J. coffee-house, 196, ssouth Second
National, Hotel, (Stickney & Knight , proprietors ,) ccorner Third
and Market
Navalles, Joseph, laborer , 152, ssouth Third
Nash, Benjamin, (col'dcolored ) drayman , 107, Myrtle
Neal, Jos.watchman , R27, Myrtle
Nelson, Thomas, pilot , 17, Poplar
Newbill, Franklin, carpenter , 71, Chestnut
Newton, House, (J. H.Kanopka, , proprietor ,) Pine, bbetween First
and Second
St. Louis Directory. 35 NAE-O'RE
View original image: Page  0035
Naegelins, Carl, coffee-house, 127, nnorth Third
North St. Louis Distillery , (by Smith & Green ,) north St.
Nugen, Patrick, boarding-house, 234, nnorth First
Neuberg, M.tailor and mender , 187, nnorth First
Nourse, S. boarding-house, 155½, nnorth First
Nelson, Wm.William H.boot and shoe-maker , 48, nnorth Second
Nelson, Thomas Somers, attorney-at-law , a 125, nnorth Fifth
Oliver, Alexander, tailor , No. 46, ssouth First street
Otenwelder, Martin, blacksmith , 131, ssouth First
Ochley, John, stone mason , 125, ssouth First
Ortesse, master , 160, ssouth Second
Oppelt, J. A.tailor , 64, ssouth Second
Ortesse, master , 202, ssouth Second
O'Hara, Dr.ccorner Third and Myrtle
O'Rourke, John, grocery and dry goods store , 7 and 8, ssouth
Front—R 123, ssouth Second
Osterloh, C. D.wholesale dry goods , 18, Market [up stairs]
Odenwelder, M.R1, Poplar
Ovrey, John, blacksmith , 18, Poplar
O'Blenis, R.livery stable keeper , 48, Chestnut
Oakford, William, R63, Pine
O'Neil, Mrs.—, widow, Green, bbetween Seventh and Eighth
O'Brien, Hugh, R64, Green
O'Brian, John, laborer , Biddle, bbetween Sixth and Seventh
Olthause, Henry, carpenter , nnorth Fourth, bbetween Olive and Pine
Office Superintendent Indian Affairs , Vine, bbetween Front and
Office Military Disbursing Agent Indian Department , Vine,
bbetween Front and First
Old Dominion Boarding-house , (by Camron & Langley ,)
60, ccorner Second and Olive
Office Receiver Public Monies , 149, nnorth Second
Ohl, Theodore, boot and shoe-maker , 92, nnorth Second
Old, Dominion, (by J.Cafferat, ,) 65, nnorth Front
Owens, Esram, coroner , 256, nnorth First
O'Neil, —, boot and shoe-maker , 146, nnorth First
Oakford A. & comb manufacturers and variety store,
82, nnorth First
O'Reilly, Mrs.Mary Ann, boarding school, 6, nnorth Second
36 St. Louis Directory. OVE-PER
View original image: Page  0036
Overmann, Fred.carpenter , Rnnorth Fifth, bbetween Morgan and Green
Orme, A. E.R43, nnorth Fifth
Politte, S.musician , RNo. 54, nnorth Third street
Pococke, William H.painter , R7, nnorth Fourth
Peats, —, boarding-house, 11½, nnorth Fourth
Pecifeer, Andreas, boarding-house, 50, n Fourth
Perkins, E.R105, nnorth Fifth
Peltier, Jos.Rnnorth Fifth, bbetween Locust and Olive
Prather, J. V.physician and surgeon , office 58, nnorth Second
Philadelphia Coffee-house , (by A.Weisenberg, ,) 101, ccorner Se-
cond and Vine
Picot, A.R116, nnorth Second
Peck, Hayden & clock manufacturers , 148, nnorth Third
Paddock, O.R2, ccorner Market and Sixth
Price, E. (E.P. & ) R55, nnorth Sixth
Perry, John, R84, nnorth Sixth
Penrod, J.R162, nnorth Sixth
Pratt, H. W.carpenter , Rnnorth Sixth, bbetween Carr and Biddle
Polk, Trusten, attorney-at-law , office No. 54, nnorth Second—R
49, nnorth Seventh
Powell, Miss Maria, sempstress , 43, nnorth Seventh
Primeau, P.R37, nnorth Seventh
Protestant, Orphan Asylum, nnorth Seventh, bbetween Franklin avenue
and Morgan
Pettus, Wm.William G. (Collier & P. ) R107, St. Charles, ccorner Fourth
Powell, Lamont & wholesale dealers in dry goods, 13,
nnorth Front
Price E. & wholesale grocers , commission and forward-
ing merchants , 73, nnorth Front
Pope & West , grocers, commission and forwarding mer-
chants , 86, ccorner Oak and Front
Pfuerd, Frederick, boarding-house, 91, nnorth Front
Parker, Joseph, boarding-house, 230, nnorth First
Patterson H.R. & confectioners , 181, nnorth First
Piggott, Austin, druggist , 173, nnorth First
Pecare S. & clothing store , 144, nnorth First
Phillips, Dr. office 135½, nnorth First
Papin, Joseph, confectioner , 111, nnorth First
Paulding J.W. & hat manufacturers , 86, nnorth First
Perpetual Insurance Company , office 76, ccorner First and Olive
St. Louis Directory. 37 PEC-PRO
View original image: Page  0037
Pecare S. & clothing store , 54, nnorth First
Papin H. & T. confectioners , 44, nnorth First
Pease J.S. & importers and dealers in hardware, cat-
lery, &c., 20, nnorth First
Powell P. & importers of foreign and domestic hard-
ware, cutlery, &c. , 16, nnorth First
Phillips, H.R34, nnorth Second
Page, Daniel D.baker , 22, ssouth First—R 24, ssouth First
Perin, Madame —, mantua-maker , 26, ssouth First
Pastuer, Mrs.Mary, boarding-house, 30, ssouth First
Page, W. M.grocer , 48, ssouth First
Piggott, Mrs.—, widow, 99, ssouth Second
Primm, Wilson, attorney-at-law , R117, ssouth Second
Pepin, Zachariah, grocer , 125, ssouth Second
Peter, Mrs.—, widow, R136, ssouth Second
Provenchere, Mrs.—, widow, 179, ssouth Second
Perry, Mrs.—, widow, 19, ssouth Fourth
Purdy, James J.64, ssouth Fourth
Paul, Edmund W.R109, ssouth Fourth
Pease, J. S. (J.S. Pease & ) R134, ssouth Fourth
Phoenix, Brewery, (Fleischbein & Katterer , proprietors ,)
44, ssouth Front
Perry, John, R50, ssouth Front
Pritchard, Leeds, stone mason , R107, ssouth Sixth
Prefontaine, J. De, M.D. RSeventh, bbetween Spruce and Myrtle
Perrin, Dr. office basement of 74, Market
Paschall, N.R74, Market
Peck & Blackburn , grocers , 53, Market
Petzold J.F. & tailors , 41, Market
Phillips, N.umbrella-maker , 28, Market
Paul, Edmund W.boot and shoe dealer , 20, Market
Power, James, comb-maker , 28, Walnut
Primm, Peter, R52, Elm
Paul, Rene, city surveyor , office and R88, Elm
Powars, James, drayman , 111, Elm
Price, Lewis, (col'dcolored ) laborer , 109, Myrtle
Peacock, Francis, carpenter , 15, Poplar
Papin, H. N.laborer , 11, Poplar
Papin, Joseph, laborer , 7, Poplar
Peterson, Mrs.—, widow, 15, Cedar
Provensol, , 28, Cedar—R 32, Cedar


38 St. Louis Directory. PYB-ROL
View original image: Page  0038
Pyburn, R.laborer , Lombard, bbetween First and Second
Pratte, Bernard, (Mullikin & P. ) R21, Chestnut
Post, Office, 34, Chestnut
Powell, J. (P., Lamont & ) R20, Chestnut
Pulte, Dr. office 30, Pine
Primm & Drake , attorneys-at-law , office 25, Pine
Purdy, James J.justice of the peace, office 26, Olive
Paget, John, blacksmith , 64, Olive
Patterson, N. (J. & E. Walsh & ) R84, Olive
Pesquer, M. —, tailoress , 91, Olive
Parker, Eady, (col'dcolored washerwoman ,) 105, Olive
Philiberth, Joseph, R13, Laurel
Price, J. (Snyder & Price ,) R17, Oak
Papin, Madame, RGreene, bbetween Tenth and Eleventh
Petty, Jesse, carpenter , Morgan, bbetween Sixth and Seventh
Parker, John, R52, Morgan
Pollosh, Madame, Franklin Avenue, bbetween Eighth and Ninth
Quarter Master's Office , (L't.Lieutenant Col.Colonel J. B.Brant, ,) Washington
Avenue, bbetween Third and Fourth
Richards, S. C.blacksmith , shop nnorth Fourth, bbetween Chestnut and
Pine streets
Rice, John, R69, nnorth Fourth
Raborg & Shaffner , tanners and curriers , 35, ssouth First
Reinheimer, Mrs. boarding house, 47, ssouth First
Rundlett, Mrs. widow, private boarding house, 107, ssouth First
Roth, Jacob, laborer , 112, ssouth First
Roper, J.gun-smith , 51, ssouth Second
Reily P. & D. grocers and grain dealers , 77, ssouth Second
Romain, Charles, tailor , 89, ssouth Second
Robin, Wm.Williammusic teacher , 84, ssouth Second
Rocky Mountain House , (Joseph Bofield & proprietors ,)
116, ssouth Second
Rutgers, Madame —, widow, R128, ssouth Second
Rising Sun Coffee House , (J.DeLisle, , proprietor ,) 148, ssouth Se-
Rocky Mountain Coffee House , —, , proprietor , 641-2,
ssouth Second
Russell, Mrs. widow, 169, ssouth Second
Roland, A. L.carpenter , 260, ssouth Second
St. Louis Directory. 39 RAM-ROS
View original image: Page  0039
Ramond, Bruneau, laborer , 140, ssouth Third
Robbins, E. H.dry goods and variety store , 3, Market Square
Roubidoux, Joseph, 39, ssouth Front
Ruland, John, clerk of the circuit court, office ccorner Market
and Fifth—R 25, ssouth Fifth
Ranney, N.R62, ssouth Fifth
Roach, John, laborer , 170, ssouth Fifth
Randolph, W.S.RSixth, bbetween Spruce and Almond
Rainwick, Wm.WilliamR68, ssouth Sixth
Randolph, , R10, ssouth Seventh
Rhodes, C.R145, Market
Ridgely, F. L.R132, Market
Russell, S. (R. & Lindley ,) R128, Market
Roche, Wm.Williamdry goods store , 35, Market
Robinson, Thos.saddler , Market, bbetween Eighth and Ninth
Richards, Geo. (col'dcolored ) laborer , 140, Walnut
Reily, John P.baker , R50, Elm
Rocheblave, Madame, widow, 34, Myrtle
Risley, Wm.WilliamR74, ssouth First
Roache, Mrs. widow, R27, Spruce
Reinstein, Francis, R72, Spruce
Richardson, W.bricklayer , 46, Poplar
Richards, D. S.R19, Poplar
Russell, Jane, (col'dcolored ) washerwoman , Hazel, bbetween Second and
Rochefou, Peter, laborer , Convent, bbetween Second and Third
Rollan, Chas.laborer , Convent, bbetween Second and Third
Ryhiner, Chas.mathematical instrument maker , 26, Chestnut
Robbins, Mrs. boarding house, 28, Chestnut
Read & Maury , intelligence office and agency , 30, Chestnut
Risque, F. , office 38, Chestnut
Rippey, Matthew, carpenter , 112, Chestnut—R 106, Chest-
Ransom, D.R108, Pine
Ranken, Robt. tea warehouse, Pine, bbetween First and Second
Ruel, S.laborer , 60, Olive
Ruel, Joseph, laborer , 62, Olive
Robb, Mrs.mantua maker , 39, Laurel
Rasin, U. RPrune, bbetween Second and Third
Ruth, Wm.Williamprinter , R25, Oak
Ross, S. C.RWashington Avenue, bbetween Fourth and Fifth
40 St. Louis Directory. ROS-RIZ
View original image: Page  0040
Ross, Jonathan, RWashington Avenue, bbetween Fourth and Fifth
Rowe, Joseph, R50, Morgan
Regner, John, tailor , Morgan, bbetween Seventh and Eighth
Reyburn, S. S. (Bridge, R. & ) RMorgan, bbetween Eighth and
Russell, Isaiah, Wash, bbetween Sixth and Seventh
Rhodes, C.merchant , 22 1-2, nnorth Front
Rice, John, grocery , 43, nnorth Front
Rice, John, grocery , 55, nnorth Front
Roberts, Z. store , 55 1-2, nnorth Front
Risley, Wm.Williamgrocer and commission merchant , 68, nnorth Front
Russell & Lindley , grocers and commission merchants , 69,
nnorth Front
Reyburn T.G. & grocers, commission and forwarding
merchants , 81, nnorth Front
Rising Sun Tavern , by D.McGrath, , 96, nnorth Front
Robertson, Alex.hatter , 166, nnorth First
Renshaw, Wm.WilliamR129, nnorth First
Rialto House , by J. J.McClelland, , 124, nnorth First
Rogers, C. S.dry goods store , 118, nnorth First
Riggin Jno. & Brother , dry goods store , 114, nnorth First
Rosselot & hair manufactory , 105, nnorth First
Robinson, Jos. (col'dcolored ) barber , ccorner First and Locust
Ruggles & Chace , auction and commission house, 106, nnorth First
Ransom, D.saddle, harness and trunk maker , 31, nnorth First
Recordon, C.watchmaker and jeweller , 36, nnorth First
Rutherford, T. in staple and fancy dry goods ,
24, ccorner First and Chestnut
Robinson & McMurray , iron railing manufactory and
smith shop, 5, nnorth Second
Robinson & McMurray , livery stable , 7, nnorth Second
Robinson, Wm.William (R. & McMurray ,) R11, nnorth Second
Randolph, J. F.bakery , 39, ccorner Pine and Second—R 31, nnorth
Roach, Jas. T.sign and ornamental painter , 41, ccorner Pine and
Rucker, L. F.livery stable , nnorth Second, bbetween Oak and Cherry—
Rbbetween Cherry and Franklin Avenue
Rindesbacher, Mrs.Rnnorth Second, above Cherry
Russell, Richard, Rnnorth Second, above Franklin Avenue
Rizer & Brintzenhoffer , carriage makers , 173, nnorth Third
St Louis Directory. 41 ROB-SMI
View original image: Page  0041
Robinson, Louisa, (col'dcolored woman) 64, nnorth Third
Renard, H.RC Locust and Second
Reymond, A.turner , 47, Locust
Rucker, Mrs.E.private boarding , ccorner Vine and Third
Rust, T.shoemaker , 31, nnorth Sixth
Rose, Sarah, widow, 97, nnorth Sixth
Raymond, Chs.RBiddle, bbetween Sixth and Seventh
Renfrew, John, engine maker , R176, nnorth Seventh
Robbins, grocer , nnorth Seventh, ccorner Franklin Avenue
Ritter, Wm.Williambutcher , nnorth 107, nnorth Seventh
Ridgeway, J. B.rresidence nnorth Seventh, ccorner Chestnut
Smith, Brothers & wlolesale grocers , No. 4, n Front
Smith & Young , clothing store , 182, nnorth First
Smith, D. B. cabinet warehouse, 162, nnorth First
Smith W. & D. & wholesale dealers in dry goods , 110,
ccorner Locust and First
Smith & Young , clothing store , 78, nnorth First
Smith, John, president Bank of Mo.Missouri Re side Broadway
Smith, H. (col'dcolored man,) 70, nnorth Third
Smith, Mrs.E. widow, private boarding , 9, nnorth Fourth
Smith, William, boardine-house, 142, nnorth Fifth
Smith, Jacob, butcher , rresidence 119, nnorth Fifth
Smith, , 61, nnorth Fifth, ccorner Olive
Smith, --, R111, nnorth Seventh
Smith, Charles, nnorth 51, St. Charles
Smith & Ludeking , restaurat , 57, ssouth First
Smith, Philip, coffee-house, 13, ssouth Third
Smith, John, laborer , -,ssouth Third
Smith, James, (Smith, Brothers & ) rresidence 178, ssouth Third
Smith, -, carpenter , 47, ssouth Second
Smith, Mrs. (col'dcolored ) washerwoman , 94, ssouth Fifth
Smith, Alpheus, R178, ssouth Fifth
Smith, J.wig-maker , 39, Market
Smith, Joseph, R72, Myrtle
Smith, William, tailor , Lombard, bbetween First and Second
Smith, William, (W. & D. Smith & ) RFranklin ave-
nue, bbetween Seventh and Eighth
Smidt, George, laborer , Convent, bbetween Second and Third


42 St. Louis Directory. SEM-SNO
View original image: Page  0042
Semont, , 11, nnorth Front
Stagg John & grocers and commission merchants , 24,
nnorth Front
Scheide & Ducoe , clothing store , 29, nnorth Front
Stettinius & January , grocers , commission and forwarding
merchants , 60, nnorth Front
Stearns, Arthur & grocers and commission merchants ,
71, nnorth Front
Sproule & Agnew , wholesale grocers, commission and for-
warding merchants , 74, nnorth Front
Stone, Field & Marks , grocers , 79, nnorth Front
Spellen, Stephen, boarding-house, 85, cOak and Front
Sothworth & Miers , boarding-house, 88, nnorth Front
Sessan, Lucy, (col'dcolored ) washerwoman , 242, nnorth First
Neverson, wareroom , 168, nnorth First
Salomon, store , 1661/2, nnorth First
Scott, William, auction room , 158, nnorth First
Street, Robert, clothing store , 128, nnorth First
St. John, H. money and bill broker , ccorner First and Vine—a
131, nnorth First
Sarpy, J. B.R1181/2, nnorth First
Shipp & Woodbridge , dealers in watches and jewellery ,
119, nnorth First
Salisbury & Riggin , dealers in boots and shoes , 114, nnorth First
Sylvester, J.clock and watchmaker , 1021/2, nnorth First
Stansbury & Amos , clothiers , 102, ccorner Locust and First
Shaw, Henry, importer and dealer in hardware, iron , etc
98, nnorth First
Settle & Bacon , dealers in dry goods , 88, nnorth First
Spalding, Josiah, attorney-at-law , office 671/2, nnorth First—a 32,
nnorth Second
Shelton, J. G.tailor , 65, nnorth First
Schneidler & Abele , dealers in Havana segars , 591/2, nnorth First
St. Louis Floating Dock and Insurance Company , office
471/2, ccorner First and Pine
Solms, S. J.wholesale dealer in dry goods , 18, 2nd floor,
nnorth First
Southack, F. is china, glass and queens ware , 18,
nnorth First
Simpson, R.retail family grocer , 10, nnorth First
Snowden A.H. & dealers in staple and fancy dry
goods , 6, nnorth First
St. Louis Directory. 43 SUB-SHA
View original image: Page  0043
Sublette & Campbell , dealers in foreign and domestic dry
goods , 7, nnorth First
Schaler, M.R29, Walnut
Slauderman, 15, nnorth Second
Soparuru, J. B.French and Spanish academy , 14, nnorth Second
Skinker, Thomas, attorney-at-law , office 14, nnorth Second
Sullivan, J. , office 16, nnorth Second
Simmons, H. C. (E. Price & ) R47, nnorth Second
Shaw, J. R. (Glasgow, S. & Larkin ), R47, nnorth Second
Strangers' Home , coffee-house, (by J. D.Mather, ,) ccorner Se-
cond and Prune
Shener, Benedict, boot and shoemaker , 145, nnorth Second
Salorgne, Theodore, carriage and spring-maker , nnorth Second,
bbetween Prune and Oak
Storm, H. F.carver , R149, nnorth Second
Sporleder, Frederick, carpenter , Rnnorth Second, above Cherry
Sharkey, John, Re side Broadway
St. Louis Public School , No. 2, northern section, ccorner Broad-
way and Cherry—E. Leavy, teacher
Schaeffer, -, blacksmith , wwest side Broadway
Simpson, M.R—, nnorth Third
Swart, A. grocer , ccorner Green and Third
Shepard, E. H.rresidence 9, nnorth Fourth
Shawk, Samuel, locksmith , rresidence 142, nnorth Fourth
Selkirk, Alexander, Rnnorth Fourth, above Morgan
Scott, J. R.rresidence 172, nnorth Fourth
Stake, Singleton, carpenter , Rnnorth Fifth, above Franklin Av.Avenue
Stibbs, J. T.Rccorner Morgan and Fifth
Schroer, William, boarding-house, 142, nnorth Fifth
Surveyor General's Office , 121, nnorth Fifth
Shallcross, Mrs.RFifth, bbetween Olive and Pine
Spence, Henry, carpenter , R51, nnorth Fifth
Shade, John, R47, nnorth Fifth
Second Presbyterian Church , ccorner Pine and Fifth
Stine, Nicholas, grocery , 39, nnorth Sixth—R 38, nnorth Sixth
Singleton, H.builder , R43, nnorth Sixth
Stewart, W. S.R52, nnorth Sixth
Stine, C. grocer , 58, nnorth Sixth
Stout, N.H.R69, nnorth Sixth
Stout, M.R71, nnorth Sixth
Shaw, Mrs.-, widow, sempstress , 95, nnorth Sixth
44 St. Louis Directory. STI-STE
View original image: Page  0044
Stimson, Phoebe, tailoress , 141, nnorth Sixth
Stettinius, Joseph, (S., January & ) R156, nnorth Sixth
Stine, James , 151, nnorth Seventh
St. Andrews, Nicholas, segar manufacturer , 139, nnorth Seventh
Sebielle, J.RSeventh, bbetween Chestnut and Pine
Switzer A.G. & wholesale grocers and commission
merchants , 10, Locust, bbetween Front and First
Sandberg, P. G.R53, Locust
Schneider, E. B.Rccorner St. Charles and Ninth
Shchermer, Frederick, R45, St. Charles
Siddons, Mrs.-, widow, boarding house, 25, St. Charles
Schaller M. & dry goods store , 41, ssouth First
Schneidler & Abele , tobacconists , 49, ssouth First
Simonds, John, sen., harbor master , R70, ssouth First
Stanford, J. R. (S. & Davis ) R74, ssouth First
Souter, Michael, coffee-house 90, ssouth First
Speck, Henry, cooper , 69 1-2, ssouth Second
Schaumberg, C.barber , 98, ssouth Second
Schnell, teacher , ssouth Second h Cedar and Mulberry
Sougrain, Madame -, widow, 177, ssouth Second
Statte, John, cabinet maker , -, ssouth Second
Simpson, Robert, R39, ssouth Third
Simonds, Selar, 63, ssouth Third
Sutton, -, carpenter , 60, ssouth Third
Simond, Helar, 120, ssouth Third
Singler, Barney, laborer , 130, ssouth Third
Shaw, Lyman B.R18, ssouth Fourth
Stone, Henry, carpenter , 21, ssouth Fourth
Social, Hall, (Henry, Phillips, proprietor ,) 1, Market Square
Stanford, Davis & dry goods store , 9, Market Square
Steam Flouring Mill , (D. D.Page, , proprietor ,) 21, ssouth Front
Steigert, George, stone cutter , 40, ssouth Front
Stevens, Simeon, R4, ssouth Fifth
Spencer, Mrs. widow, 47, ssouth Fifth
Spears, Geo. (col'dcolored ) laborer , 55, ssouth Fifth
Sheppard, David, R65, ssouth Fifth
Sherburn, Mrs. widow, 90, ssouth Fifth
Schrader, F. V.RSixth, bbetween Spruce and Almond
Stine, J. Rstate and county collector , R33, ssouth Seventh
Sprigg, J. R. (Conn, S. & Greene ,) R128, Market
Steigers, Matthias, grocer , ccorner Market and Fourth
St. Louis Directory. 45 SCH-SNY
View original image: Page  0045
Schilling, Charles, tailor , 47, Market
Schule, J. G.boot and shoemaker , 47, Market
St. Louis Coffee-house , (C. & F. Jacoby , proprietors ,) 23,
SimondsJohn, jr.RMarket, ccorner Ninth
Snowden, Lewis, carpenter , RMarket, bbetween Eighth and
Soulard, Benjamin, RWalnut, bbetween Fifth and Sixth
Shaefer, F.tailor , 76, Walnut
Spencer, Mrs.-, widow, a 51, Elm
Skinner, Alfred, R92, Elm
Scott, Mrs.-, widow, rresidence 91, Elm
Sweeney, Patrick, drayman , 113, Elm
Shaw, Thomas, boot and shoemaker , R88, Myrtle
Scheide, William, R50, Myrtle
Sax, M.tailor , 59, Spruce
Sutton, Mrs.-, widow, 63, Spruce
Scleier, Jacob, laborer , Hazel, bbetween First and Second
Schuchert, David, Hazel, bbetween Second and Third
Studley, N. C.dry goods and grocery store , Convent, bbetween Se-
cond and Third
Sissons, John, laborer , Convent, bbetween Second and Third
Sutton, Mrs.-, widow, ssouth Third, bbetween Myrtle and Spruce
Stevenson, Mrs.-, widow, 36, Spruce
Simmons, R. P.M.D. office 78, Chestnut
St. Louis Library rooms , 33, Pine
Shepard, E. H.justice of the peace, office 17, Olive
Stout M. & N.H. plane manufactory , 20, Olive
Sproat, Harris , office 32, Olive
Sproat, Spencer , office 32, Olive
Shamrock Coffee-house , (J.McMahon, , proprietor ) 36, Olive
Simpson, Mrs.-, mantua-maker , Olive, bbetween Third and
Shibley, John, R70, Olive
Stibbs, J. T.upholsterer, 23, Laurel
Steger, J. S.barber , 60, Prune
Scannall, T.carpenter , 46, Prune
Shieffer, -, coffee-house, Oak, bbetween Front and First
Sexton, Isham, dep. constable , R23, Oak
Snyder & Price , brass founders and blacksmitlis, Oak, bbetween
Second and Third
46 St. Louis Directory. SCH-TOM
View original image: Page  0046
Schrader, W.plough-maker , Cherry, bbetween First and Second
Stocker W. & G. coopers , Green, bbetween Tenth and Eleventh
Secor, James, machinist , shop Green, bbetween Sixth and Seventh
—R Green, bbetween Seventh and Eighth
Scott, John, silversmith , Green, bbetween Sixth and Seventh
Shryer, W.grocer , 67, Green
Street, Robert, rresidence 61, Green
Stack, James, laborer , 60, Green
Snowden, S.rresidence 21, Green
Scudder, C.M.D. 11, Morgan
Schweitzer, H.boot and shoemaker , Morgan, bbetween Fourth and
Sullivan, Jeremiah, R43, Morgan
Sanburn, Stephen, butcher , Morgan, bbetween Eighth and Ninth
Stearns, Charles D.RCarr, bbetween Sixth and Seventh
Taylor & Marshall , dealers in staple and fancy dry goods,
50, c First and Pine
Thomson, Hugh, dealer in dry goods 48, ccorner Pine and First
Tufts, A.merchant tailor , 29, nnorth First
Thomas, Lewis, barber , 15 1-2, nnorth First
Taylor, R. (Sinclair, T. & ) R28, nnorth Second
Tunstall, Warrick, attorney-at-law , office 58, ccorner Second and
Tremont, House, by J. R.Mathews, , 62, nnorth Second
Tiernan, Wm.Williamgrocery , 81, nnorth Second
Trudeau, Dr. office 116, nnorth Second, basement story
Trotter, John, carriage maker , ccorner Cherry and Second
Tayon, John, Rnnorth Second, above Oak
Teary, Wm.WilliamR.machinist, nnorth Third
Tabor, Joseph, Re side Broadway
Turner, Jas.Rnnorth Third
Tanner, Wm.Williamcarpenter , Rnnorth Third, above Laurel
Terry, Chas.confectioner , 142, nnorth Third
Thornton, John, grocer , 81, ccorner Locust and Third
Theatre, House, by P. M.Laivler, , 61, nnorth Third
Theatre Coffee House , by Girvest & Gerdemain , 54, nnorth
Teschler, Franz, cabinet maker , 26, nnorth Sixth
Trowbridge, D. (Johnson, Dryer & T. ) R34, nnorth Sixth
Tompkins, Wm.William (Blaine & T. ) Rccorner Sixth and Wash
St. Louis Directory. 47 TOM-TIG
View original image: Page  0047
Tomlinson, Wm.Williamcarpenter , Rnnorth Seventh, bbetween Franklin Av-
enue and Wash
Thomson, J. S. (Anderson & T. ) 147, nnorth Seventh
Tarbe, Geo.tanner , nnorth Seventh, bbetween Chestnut and Pine
Tufts, A.Rnnorth Seventh ccorner Chestnut
Timon, James, general collector of accounts, 44, Locust
Tracy, Erastus, R68, Locust
Turpin, Mrs.A.private boarding , 55, St. Charles
Turner, Wm.Williamrresidence 33, St. Charles
Trask, Geo. (Lynch & T. ) R 66, Vine
Tiffin, Clayton, physician , R29, Vine—office basement story
Tatum, David, wholesale grocer and commission merchant ,
15, nnorth Front
Tracy E. & A. forwarding and commission merchants , 22,
nnorth Front
Taylor & Holmes , importers of queensware, glass and
china, 34, nnorth Front
Turner M. & meat store , 83, nnorth Front
Townsend B. & wire and sieve manufacturers, 195, nnorth
Tate, Wm.Williambarber , 167, nnorth First
Turnbull, B. L.bookseller , bookbinder and stationer ,
132, nnorth First
Tucker & Greetham , dry goods store , 104, nnorth First
Tavlor Sinclair & wholesale dealers in dry goods, 99,
nnorth First
Tontine, House, by J. B.Bogert, , 89, nnorth First
Tiffany, P. , office 67 1-2, nnorth First
Tesson M. & F. dry goods store , 10, ssouth First
Thompson, Rob't.blacking manufactory , 40, ssouth First
Taylor, G. W.laborer , 132, ssouth First
Tesser, and liquor store , 140, ssouth Second
Thompson, John, bricklayer , ssouth Second
Turner, John, drayman , 27, ssouth Third
Tracy, Alfred, (E. & A. Tracy ,) R83, ssouth Third
Treadway, Mrs. widow, 63, ssouth Third
Tellier, Edward, 169, ssouth Third
Tanner, Edward, architect , 9 ssouth Fourth
Tracy, Edward, (E. & A. Tracy ) R13, ssouth Fifth
Tolbert, Samuel, engineer , R176, ssouth Fifth
Tighe, William, R87, Market
48 St. Louis Directory. THO-VAN
View original image: Page  0048
Thompson, Hash, R70, Market
Tousey & Michael , agents for the sale of Brandreth's pills,
56 1-2, Market
Tatum, D.R40, Walnut
Twombly, Wm.Williamcarpenter , 24, Myrtle—R 76, Myrtle
Targee, Thomas, R109, Spruce
Tolbert, Phillis, (col'dcolored ) washerwoman , 127, Spruce
Turner, Peter, watchman , 53, Cedar
Times Coffee House , (JohnCroneman, , proprietor ,) 68,
Tilden, K. S. (Burd & T. ) R72, Chestnut
Tiernan, N.wheelwright , shop 70, Pine—R 66, Pine
Tiernan, Peter, wheelwright , shop Olive, bbetween Second and Third
—R 67, Olive
Thorington, J. , office 16 1-2, Olive—R
75, nnorth First
Tucker, Robert, coffee house, 30 1-2, Olive
Tucker, Joshua, baker , 21, Laurel
Thomas, J. , Oak, bbetween Front and First
Thomas, Wm.WilliamRWillow, bbetween First and Second
Taylor, Moses, grocer , Green, bbetween Seventh and Eighth
Toy, D. V.boot and shoemaker , 28, Green, [up stairs]
Thorner, H.baker , Morgan, bbetween Fourth and Fifth
Thcile, J.watchmaker , Franklin Avenue, bbetween Eighth and Ninth
Thomas, J.blacksmith , Carr, bbetween Sixth and Seventh
Union, Exchange, by Katz, 93, nnorth Front
Uncle Sam Coffee House , by M.Baker, , 94, nnorth Front
Union Insurance Company , office 126 1-2, nnorth First
Utley, David, hatter , Rnnorth Fifth, bbetween Wash and Carr
Underhill, Geo.R28, nnorth Fifth, bbetween Market and Pine
Ulrici C. & Grocers , 12, ssouth First
Ulrici, C.R109, ssouth First
Union Coffee House , (E.Pelletier, , proprietor ,) 12 1-2, ssouth
Union, Hotel, (H.Farish, , proprietor ,) ccorner Prune and First
United States' Pension Agency , (Wm.William C.Anderson, , agent ,)
125, ccorner First and Vine
Vanleer, Hicks & dealers in Tennessee iron and cast-
ings , 8 and 9, nnorth Front
St. Louis Directory. 49 VON-WAR
View original image: Page  0049
Von Phul & McGill , commission and forwarding merchants ,
27, ccorner Olive and Front
Van, Beil store , 171, nnorth First
Vandeventer J. & W. & dealers in cloths, cassimeres
and clothing , 156, ccorner Laurel and First
Vaniandt, Wm.Williamphysician and oculist , 51, nnorth First. d floor—
R Chesnut, bbetween Fifth and Sixth
Vandevert, P.Rnnorth Second, above Cherry
Vanhorne, Wm.Williamengineer , R99, nnorth Fourth
Vanhouten, Capt. JRnnorth Fifth, bbetween Wash and Carr
Vandeventer, Wm.WilliamRnnorth Sixth, bbetween Wash and Carr
Valiant, Fanny. (col'dcolored ) washerwoman , 45, nnorth Seventh
Virginia, Hotel (by J. E.Norriss, ) Vine, bbetween First and Second
Vital, Gabriel, RAlmond, bbetween Second and Third
Von, Phul Henry, (Von P. & McGill ,) R31, Chestnut
Vasquez, Mrs. widow, 114, Pine
Weigle, store , 54, nnorth Front
Willing G.M. & grocers and commission merchants ,
58 1-2, nnorth Front
Walsh J. & wholesale grocers and commission
merchants 62, nnorth Front
Willis, Chas. J. exchange office, 64, nnorth Front
Woods, Stacker & dealers in castings and iron , 75, ccorner
Front and Prune
Webb & Chapin , distillery , 106, nnorth Front
Walsh, Edward, (J. & E. Walsh & ) R225, nnorth First
Wind, F.bakery , 214, nnorth First
Webb & Chapin , distillers , 191, nnorth First
Walters, C.saddler , 107, nnorth First
Walker & Kennett , dealers in dry goods , 96, nnorth First
Woods, Christy wholesale dealers in dry goods , 93,
nnorth First
White, Cobb & Smith , wholesale & retail grocers , 91, nnorth First
Williams & Duhring , dealers in staple and fancy dry goods.
84, nnorth First
Watson, R. D. importer of china, glass and queensware, 72,
nnorth First—R 12, nnorth Sixth
Wales, in dry goods , 60, nnorth First
Wing S. & tin and sheet iron workers , 25, nnorth First
Ware, Thomas, nnorth Fifth, bbetween Franklin avenue and Wash


50 Louis Directory. WAR-WHI
View original image: Page  0050
Warburton & King , wholesale dealers in dry goods, hard-
ware, boots and shoes, 17, nnorth First
Wolff & Hoppe , dealers in German and fancy goods, 17,
Wells, W. G.professor of music and dancing, saloon 17,
Market, 2d floor
Welcker, Fred, (clerk sur.genls. office.) R21 1-2, Market
Wclcker, Mrs.artificial flower maker , 21 1-2, Market
Wilgus, Asa, house, sign and ornamental painter , and ven-
der of paints and oils, 33, nnorth Second —R 101, Olive
Wade, Mrs. widow, private boarding , 36, nnorth Second
Walker, Jos. , office 33 1-2, nnorth Second, ccorner
Wm.William Tell Tavern , (by Faulk & Creitter ,) 248, and 250, nnorth
Winstandley, H. and chair maker , 76, nnorth Second
Wood, Wm.WilliamRnnorth Third
Winter, John M.Reast side Broadway
Wright, Isabella, (col'dcolored ) washerwoman , l6l, nnorth Third
Wallace, Samuel, R160, nnorth Third
Waters, Stephen, house joiner and carpenter , R138, nnorth Third
White, T. J.M.D. office and residence 96, nnorth Third
Waters, —, carpenter shop, 23, nnorth Fourth
Williams, E. K. house and sign painter , 76, nnorth Second
Walz, F. J.carpenter , 95, nnorth Fourth
Whitehill, J.R138, nnorth Fourth
Whitehill, Weston, carpenter shop, 141, nnorth Fourth
Weston, D.carpenter , R165, nnorth Fourth
Winright, John, school-room, nnorth Fifth, bbetween Morgan and Green
Wilson, D. (col'dcolored man,) shoemaker , 139, nnorth Sixth
Walsh, Rich'd.bricklayer , RBiddle, b Sixth and Seventh
Wegman, M.tailor , nnorth Seventh, bbetween Wash and Carr
Walton, Samuel D.R70, Locust, bbetween Third and Fourth
Walton S.D. & C.D. livery stable , Locust, ccorner Fourth
Walton, C. D.rresidence Locust, bbetween Third and Fourth
Walton, Jas.dry goods and grocery store , 35, St. Charles
Walsh, Jas.R5, St. Charles
Warne, Thomas, dry goods store , 3, ssouth First
Wilmington, H.dry goods store , 53, ssouth First
Wachler, F.boot and shoemaker , 77, ssouth First
White, Wm.Williamgrocer , 87, ssouth First
St. Louis Directory. 51 WAR-WAL
View original image: Page  0051
Warren, —, currier 67, ssouth Second
Weinheimer, John, coffee-house, 89, ssouth Second
Wagner, Gebhard, furrier , 139, ssouth Second
Weizenecker, Peter, baker , 146, ssouth Second
Wilkinson, gauger , rresidence 175, ssouth Second
Willi, Samuel, rresidence 17, ssouth Third
Watson, Thomas, 57, ssouth Third
Warner, A. soap and candle manufactory, 74, ssouth Third
Weaver, B.laborer , 97, ssouth Third
Watt, James, accountant , rresidence ssouth Third, bbetween Almond and Poplar
Wetmore, Alphonso, 1, ssouth Fourth
Wagner, N. dry goods store, 100, ssouth Fourth
Wetting, Andrew, boarding-house, 30, ssouth Front
Woodsworth, , 69, ssouth Fifth
West, George, (Boyle & W. ) rresidence Sixth, bbetween Spruce and Al-
Wilson, Mark, office 2S, Market,—rresidence 30 ssouth Seventh
Whiting, Abijah, rresidence 69, Market
Washington coffee-house , (J.Kenney, , proprietor ,) 51, Mar-
Williams, Harvey, office 28, Market
Wiemann H. & , grocers , 18, Market
Wiggins, Wm.Williamrresidence 36, Walnut,
Wittmer, —, boot and shoe-maker , 46, Elm
Wherry, Joseph, city register , office city hall—rresidence 112, Elm
Willis, Charles, rresidence 101, Myrtle
Whaley, Mrs.—, boarding-house, 80, Myrtle
Wells, Henry , 68, Myrtle
Warne, Thomas S.rresidence 66, Myrtle
Warner, F.cabinet-maker , rresidence 23, Myrtle
Williams, R.rresidence 68, Spruce
Watts, John, boatman , rresidence 4, Plum
Walters, John, carpenter , Lombard, bbetween First and Second
Ward, Mrs.—, boarding-house, 97, Chestnut
West, T. H.plasterer , rresidence 65, Pine
Weber, W.rresidence 33, Pine
Wilson, S. , office 22, Olive
Walsh, P.justice of the peace, office 21, Olive—rresidence 23, Olive
Walsh, Peter , office 22, Olive
Walsh, Joseph W.justice of the peace, office and rresidence 24,
52 St. Louis Directory. WIL-ZIE
View original image: Page  0052
Williams, C. coffee-house, 10, Oak
Weisenberger, A. clothing store, Oak, bbetween Front and First
Waterman, David, stone mason , Green, bbetween Tenth and
Wallace, Alexander, grocer , c. Green and Fifth
Warren, Luke, stable keeper , 19, Green
Walter, Joseph, carpenter , Morgan bbetween Fourth, and Fifth
Webb, Cephas, rresidence 48, Morgan
Wetherell, Mrs.—, mantua-maker , Morgan, bbetween Seventh
and Eighth
White, Samuel, moulder , Carr, bbetween Sixth and Seventh
Young, Jos. C.cooper , No. 20, ssouth Front street
Young, John (col'dcolored ) laborer , 7, ssouth Seventh
Yunt, George, boatman , rresidence Poplar, bbetween Third and Fourth
Young, James A.boot and shoemaker , Franklin Avenue,
bbetween Sixth and Seventh
Young, John broker , 8, Vine
Zeigenhain, , Morgan, bbetween Fourth and Fifth
Zierlein, H. L. private "boarding-house, 19 1-2, Market
Missouri Republican, Chambers, Harris & Knapp , editors
and proprietors —published daily—office 45, nnorth First
street [up stairs.]
Missouri Argus, Thomas Watson & Son , editors and pro-
prietors —published daily—office ccorner Olive and First
streets, [up stairs.]
Commercial Bulletin, Churchill & Ramsay , editors and
proprietors —published daily—office 68, First st.street ,
[up stairs.]
Anzeiger des Westens, (Western Advertiser,) Wm.WilliamWe-, , editor and proprietor —published weekly—office
33, Pine street.
Missouri Saturday News, LeonidasWetmore, , proprietor ,
AlphonsoWetmore, , editor —published weekly—of-
fice Shark Alley, bbetween Pine and Olive and First and
Second streets, block 31,
Dvily Evening Gazettb, D.Hotirrook, , editor and proprie-
tor —published daily—office ccorner of Locust and First
streets, [up stairs.]
View original image: Page  0053
Chamber Of Commerce,
Of The
City Of Saint Louis.

EdwardTracy, , President .

Henry VonPhul, , Vice-President .

JohnFord, , Secretary and Treasurer .

Tariff Of Charges, &c.,
Established and recommended for general adoption, when
no agreement exists to the contrary.

Per Cent.
On Sales of Merchandise or Produce, 5
On Sales of Lead, 21/2
Guarantee of Sales, on Time, 21/2
For Purchasing and Shipping Merchandise or Pro-
duce, with Funds in hand, on the aggregate cost
and charges,
For Accepting Drafts, or Endorsing Notes, or Bills
of Exchange, without Funds, Produce, or Bills of
Lading in hand,
For Cash Advances, in all cases, even with Produce
or Bills of Lading, (and interest from date),
For Shipping to another Market, Produce, or Mer-
chandise, upon which Advances have been made,
For Negotiating Drafts or Notes, as Drawer or En-
On Sale or Purchase of Stocks, 1
On Sale or Purchase of Boats, without guarantee, 21/2
For Procuring Freights, on the amount of freight, 5
" Chartering Boats, 21/2
" Collecting Freights or Accounts, 21/2
" Collecting delayed and litigated Accounts, 5
" Collecting Dividends on Stocks, 1/2
" Adjusting Insurance losses, 21/2


54 St. Louis Directory.
View original image: Page  0054

Per Cent.
For Receiving and Remitting Moneys from which
no other remuneration is derived,
" Effecting Insurance, when the premium amounts
to forty dollars, or less,
$2 00
" Effecting Insurance, when the premium exceeds
forty dollars on the amount of premium,
On Outfits and Disbursements, 21/2

☞ The above Commissions to be exclusive of Storage,
Brokerage, and every other charge actually incurred.

The risk of loss by fire, unless insurance be ordered, and
of robbery, theft, and other unavoidable occurrences, if the
usual care be taken to secure the property, is, in all cases,
to be borne by the proprietors of the goods.

Interest to be charged at the rate of Ten per cent, per
annum on all debts, after maturity, until paid.

For Receiving and Forwarding Goods, exclusive of charges
actually incurred.

Sugar, per hhd. $00 50
Tobacco, per hhd. 50
Pork, Beef, and Whiskey, in bbls., per bbl. 10
Flour, Beans, Wheat, Beeswax, &c. " " 61/4
Corn, Wheat, Salt, &c., per sack. 4
Lead, per pig, 2
Merchandise, assorted, per 100 lbs.pounds 10
Lard, per keg, 4
Gunpowder, per keg, 25
Carriages, each, 5 00
Gigs, " 3 00

And other articles in proportion.

Rates Of Storage.

Per Month.
On each hogshead of Tobacco, 00 50
" " " Sugar, 50
" " " Molasses, 75
" " " Bacon, 371/2
" " " pipe or hhd. Liquor, 50

St. Louis D1Rectort. 55
View original image: Page  0055

Per Month.
On each hogshead of Oil, 50
" " tierce Oil, 371/2
" " " Rice or Flaxseed, 25
" " bbl. Salt, 8
" " bbl. Oil, Molasses, or Foreign Liquors, 121/2
" " " Whiskey, Cider, Sugar, Fish, Lard,
Pork or Beef,
" " Flour, Apples, Bread and Beans, 61/4
" " 100 lbs.pounds Bacon, in boxes, 8
" " keg of Lard, 3
" " box Soap or Candles, 3
" " box Wine, 61/4
" " box Raisins or drum Figs, 3
" " box Window Glass, 5
" " half box do 3
" " 100 pounds Hempen Yarn, 5
" " 100 " Hemp, in bales, 61/4
" " 100 " Bale Rope, 5
" " piece of Bagging, 50 yds.yards or less, (longer
in proportion,)
" " 100 pounds Cordage, (tarred or white,) 5
" " 100 " Salted Hides 61/4
" " 100 " Dried do, 10
" " crate and cask Queensware (small size,) 25
" " do do do (large size,) 371/2
" " bag Coffee, Pepper and Pimento, 10
On each 100 pounds Iron, Steel, Lead and Shot, 5
" " 100 " manufactured Tobacco, 61/4
" " 100 " Dry Goods, or other Mer-
chandise, in assorted lots,
" " baa Salt, (larce size.) 10
" " do do (small size,) 61/4
" " kee White Lead, 2
" " Nails. 5
" " ton Dye-wood, 1 00
" " hamper Bottles, 181/4
" " ream writing and wrapping Paper, 1
" " cask Cheese, 8
" " 100 pounds Tea, 10

Other articles in proportion.

56 St. Louis Directory.
View original image: Page  0056

For the second and succeeding months, one-half of the
above Rates to be charged. The rule, under the head
"Commissions," respecting fire, robbery, theft, &c. to ap-
ply, also, in the case of Storage.

Agency For Steam Boats.

Per Trip.
Under 150 tons, 10
Over 150 " and less than 300 tons, 20
Over 300 " and less than 400 tons, 25
Over 400 " and upwards, 30

Census Of St. Louis County.

St. Louis city, and suburbs, (taken 1837,) 14,253
Bonhomme township, (taken October, 1836,) 2,271
St. Ferdinand township, do. 3,139
Merrimae township, do. 692
Carondelet township, do. 1,854
St. Louis township, do. 1,127
Total population, 23,336

Municipal Government.
City Officers.
William CarrLane, , Mayor .
Joseph A.Wherry, , Register .
Richard B.Dallam, , Auditor and Clerk of the Market .
Herman L.Hoffman, , Treasurer .
Alonzo W.Manning, , City Attorney .
AugustinKennerly, , " Collector .
JohnAtkinson, " Constable .
S. P.Ketchum, , City Assessor .
RenePaul, , City Surveyor .
James J.Reily, , Street Commissioner .
Charles J.Carpenter, m.d.Health Officer .
JohnSimonds, Sen'r ., Harbor and Lumber Master .
James J.Wilkinson, , Inspector of Beef, Pork and
Flour, and Ganger of Domestic Liquors.
JohnCowie, , (south scales,) Weighers of Hay and Stone Coal.
Wm.WilliamBlackmore, , (north scales,) Weighers of Hay and Stone Coal.
St. Loots Directory. 57
View original image: Page  0057
PeterBrooks, , Superintendant of Water Workt.
Wm.WilliamYeoman, , Deputy Sup. of Water Works.
E.Grant, , Deputy Constable and Clerk of the Market.
JohnMcCausland, , Deputy Collector .
Boarb Of Aldermen.
First Ward—B. W.Ayres, ,
Jos. S.Pease, ,
Jos. W.Walsh, .
Second " DavidCoons, , President of the Bocrd.
Louis V.Bogy, ,
StewartMatthews, .
Third " HughO'Neil, ,
PeterTiernan, ,
M. LewisClark, .
Fourth " Giles A.Lindley, ,
HughO'Brien, ,
John M.Wimer, .
Roard Of Health.
HughO'Brien, , President ,
DavidCoons, ,
B. W.Ayres, ,
PeterTiernan, ,
C. J.Carpenter, M.D.
St. Louis Public Schools.
M. P.Leduc, . President , Board of President and Directors.
JohnMcEvoy, , Board of President and Directors.
JohnFinney, , Board of President and Directors.
H. L.Hoffman, . S Board of President and Directors.
D. D.Page, , Board of President and Directors.
J. P.Reily, , Board of President and Directors.
JosephTabor, , Board of President and Directors.
John H.McMillan, , Sectetary .
JohnMcCausland, , Bailiff .
County Officers.
Luke E.Lawless, , Judge of St Louis Circuit Court.
JohnRuland, , Clerk and er-officio Recorder .
MarshallBrotherton, , Sheriff .
EsromOwens, , Coroner .
LewisPatterson, , County Assessor .
DanielHough, , Treasurer .
58 St. Louis Directory.
View original image: Page  0058
M. P.Leduc, , Justices of St. Louis County Court.
HenryWalton, , Justices of St. Louis County Court.
JosephLeblond, , Justices of St. Louis County Court.
HenryChouteau, , Clerk .
Township Officers.
PatrickWalsh, , Justices of the Peace.
James J.Purdy, , Justices of the Peace.
Elihu H.Shepard, , Justices of the Peace.
Joseph W.Walsh, , Justices of the Peace.
Benj. F.McKenney, , Justices of the Peace.
JamesGordon, , Constables .
LouisDubreuil, , Constables .
State Officers.
Lilburn W.Boggs, , Governor .
FranklinCannon, , Lieutenant Governor .
Peter G.Glover, , Secretary of State.
A.McClellan, , Treasurer ,
H. H.Baber, , Auditor .
William B.Napton, , Attorney General .
NathanRanney, , Surveyor and Collector of the Port
of St. Louis.
Insurance Companies.
Missouri Insurance Company.
Wm.WilliamGlasgow, , President .
JohnFord, , Secretary .
Citizens Insurance Company.
H. L.Hoffman, , President .
Wm.WilliamRenshaw, , Secretary .
Marine Insurance Company.
AlfredTracy, , President .
DanielHough, , Secretary .
St. Louis Floating Dock And Insurance
John D.Daggett, , President .
John F.Hunt, , Secretary .
St. Louis Directory. 59
View original image: Page  0059
Farmers' And Mechanics' Insurance
Wm.William C.Ahdkrsok, , President
Andrew J.Davis, , Secretary .
Union Insurance Company.
Jrsse G.Lindell, , President .
JuliusDeMun, , Secretary .
St. Louis Perpetual,Insurance Company.
John B.Camden, , President .
Geo. A.Underhill, , Secretary .
Saint Louis Insurance Company.
Geo. K.McGunnecle, , President .
R.Collet, , Secretary .
Boonslick Marine And Fire Insurance
(of Rocheport, Mo.Missouri )
DavidTatlm, , Agent .
Office, at Counting Room of DavidTatum, , No. 15, nnorth
Front street.
St. Louis Gas Light Company .
Hon.Honorable Rob't.Wash, , President .
S. W.Wilson, , Secretary .
Religious and Benebolent Societies.
St. Louis Cathedral ,—[On Walnut, bbetween Second and
Third streets.]
Rt.Revd.JosephRosati, , Bishop .
Very Revd.Francis B.Jamison, , Vicar General .
Joseph F.Marallano, , Organist .
First Presbyterian Church ,—[Corner of St.
Charles and Fourth streets.]
Revd.A.Bullard, , Pastor .
60 St. Louis Directory.
View original image: Page  0060
Second Presbyterian Churchy —[corner of Fifth
and Pine streets.]
Revd.A. D.Norton, , Pastor .
Methodist Episcopal Church , [corner of Fourth
street and Washington avenue.]
Revd.S.Comfort, , Pastors .
" W. M.Dailey, , Pastors .
Episcopal Church ,—[Corner of Fifth and Chestnut
Revd.Peter J.Minard, , Pastor .
Unitarian Church ,—Corner of Pine and Fourth
Revd.W. G.Eliot, Jr.junior , Pastor .
Baptist Church ,—[Corner of Chestnut and Third
Revd.B. F.Braybrook, . Pastor .
African Church ,—[Corner of Almond and Fifth
John B.Meachum, , Pastor .
Convent Of The Sacred Heart .—[Fifth, bbetween La-
baddie and Soulard streets.
CatharineThiefry, , Superior .
Orphan Asylum —under the care of the Sisters of
Charity,—[Corner of Walnut and Third streets.]
Sister AngelaHughes, , Superintendent .
Protestant Orphan Asylum.
Mrs.MatthewKerr, , First Directress .
Mrs.JohnTorode, , Second Directress .
Mrs.Ann M.Perry, , Treasurer .
Mrs.JohnSmith, , Secretary .
St. Louis Directory. 61
View original image: Page  0061
St. Louis Male Orphan Association,

For the purpose of aiding in the maintenance and educa-
tion of destitute orphan boys, under the care
of the Sisters of Charity.

MichaelTesson, , President .
StewartMatthews, , Vice-President .
ChristopherGarvey, , Secretary .
JohnMcEvoy, , Treasurer .
St. Louis University.
[Between Ninth and Tenth streets, and Washington av-
enue and Green street, block 173.]
P. J.Verhaegen, , President .
Medical Society Of Missouri, At St. Louis.
[Organized January 7th, 1836.]
HardageLane, M.D., President .
G.Engelmann, M.D., Vice-President .
B. B.Brown, M.D., Corresponding Secretary .
Edmund H.McCabe, M.D., Treasurer .
St. Louis Hospital —under the care of the Sisters
of Charity.
[Situate on Spruce, between Third and Fourth streets.]
Sister FrancisXavier, , Superior .
Auxil'Y Colonization Society Of St. Louis.
BeverlyAllen, , Esq., President .
Total Abstinence Society Of St. Louis.
G. K.Budd, , President .
Thomas G.Settle, , Vice-Presidents .
B. F.Braybrook, , Vice-Presidents .
ReubenKnox, , Vice-Presidents .
H. D.Bacon, , Corresponding Secretary .
Thomas L.Fontaine, , Recording Secretary .
JosephPowell, ,
FranklinKnox, ,
Jonathan A.Ross, ,
HarveyHolman, ,
William L.Chappell, ,
WilliamHolcombe, .


62 St. Louis Directory.
View original image: Page  0062
St. Louis Lyceum.
James B.Bowlin, , President .
James H.Bayfield, , Vice-President .
Charles F.Hendry, , Secretary .
CharlesGleim, Jr.junior , Treasurer .
St. Louis Library Association.
Rev.Reverend William G.Eliot, Jr.junior , Chairman .
GeorgeEngelmann, , Secretary .
M. P.Leduc, , Treasurer .
T.Engelmann, , Librarian .
H.King, , Directors .
W.Williams, , Directors .
B. B.Brown, , Directors .
Western Academy Of Natural Sciences.
H.King, , President .
B. B.Brown, , Vice-president .
GeorgeEngelmann, , Secretary .
C. J.Carpenter, , Cor. Secretary .
M. P.Leduc, , Treasurer .
Missouri Musical Fund Society.
[Hall, corner of Vine and First streets, up stairs.]
RenéPaul, , President .
Henry F.Flagg, , Secretary .
Union Club.
C.Ulrici, , President .
T.Kretzer, , Directors .
T.Schneidler, , Directors .
E.Angelrodt, , Directors .
E.Haren, , Directors .
Hibernian Society.
HughO'Neil, , President .
JohnEnnis, , Vice-president .
James J.Reily, , Secretary .
Ringrose D.Watson, , Treasurer .
St. Louis Directory. 63
View original image: Page  0063
German Benevolent Society.
W.Weber, , President .
E.Haren, , Secretary .
G.Schonthaler, , Treasurer .
German School Corporation.
G.Engelmann, M.D.President .
H.Gemp, M.D.Secretary .
A.Duhring, , Treasurer .
E.Angelrodt, , Directors .
B.Kraft, , Directors .
G.Schonthaler, , Directors .
L.Degenhard, , Directors .
B.Mendrup, , Teachers .
A.Menne, , Teachers .
St. Louis Museum.
A.Koch, , Proprietor .
Corner of Market and Second streets.
Grand Lodge of Missouri.
S. W.southwest B.Camegy, , G.M.
J. D.Daggett, , Dep.G.M.
A. B.Chambers, , S.G.W.
Alex. T.Douglass, , J.G.W.
G. H.C.Melody, , G.Treas.treasurer
R. B.Dallam, , G.Sec.secretary
Rev.Reverend H.Chamberlain, , G.Ch.
EsromOwens, , G.Tyler.
St. Louis Lodge, No. 20.
EdwardKlein, , W.M.
S. V.Farnsworth, , S. W.southwest
E.Bosworth, , J.W.
G. C.Melody, , Treas.treasurer
R. B.Dallam, , Sec.secretary
EsromOwens, , Tyler.
Napthali Lodge of St. Louis.
GilbertNourse, , W.M.
JesseLittle, , S. W.southwest
J. S.Hull, , J.W.
James G.Barry, , Treas.treasurer
JosephFoster, , Sec.secretary
EsromOwens, , Tyler
64 St. Louis Directory.
View original image: Page  0064
Independent Order Of Odd Fellows Of
St. Louis.
Grand Lodge of the State of Missouri.
JohnDawson, , G.M.
Wm.WilliamBlackburn, , D.G.
Robt.Cathcart, , G.Sec.secretary
Wm.WilliamBlackburn, , G.Treas.treasurer
N.Snyder, , G. Guardian .
Travellers' Rest Lodge, No. 1.
[Hall corner of Olive and First streets, up stairs.]
H. M.Brown, , N.G.
Wm.WilliamCooper, , V.G.
Wm.WilliamStewart, , Treas.treasurer
GeorgePatch, , Sec.secretary
Wildey Encampment of Patriarchs, No. 1.
[Hall corner of Olive and First streets, up stairs.]
RobertCathcart, , C.P.
WilliamStewart, , H.P.
Henry M.Brown, , S. W.southwest
GeorgeOrr, , J.W.
JohnDawson, , Sec.secretary
B. M.Backensto, , Treas.treasurer
JonathanCompton, , Guard.
Wildey Lodge, No. 2.
[Hall corner of Olive and First streets, up stairs.]
Thomas B.Hudson, , N.G.
J. S.Sullivan, , V.G.
Wm.WilliamBlackburn, , Treas.treasurer
E. H.Shepard, , Sec.secretary
South Market,
[Between Front and First, and Market and Walnut
Richard B.Dallam, , Clerk .
North Market,
[Junction of Third street and Broadway.]

Note.—This market is the property of a joint stock

St. Louis Directory. 65
View original image: Page  0065
Post Office.

No. 15, south side of Chestnut street, corner of Second.

Wilson P.Hunt, , Postmaster .

☞ Office open on Sundays, for delivery, one hour and
a half—say from half-past 12 'till 2, p.m. On all other
days, from sunrise 'till sunset.

Persons wishing to pay postage on letters to be sent,
can, at any time when the office is shut, envelope the mon-
ey with the letter and drop it in the box, which will in
sure attention.

Arribals and Departures of Mails at St. Louis.
Vincennes, Ind.Indiana
Arrives daily, at 10 o'clock, A.M.
Closes daily, at 12 o'clock, M.
Springfield, Via Edawrdsville, Ill.Illinois
Arrives Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, at 12, M.
Closes Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, at 9, A.M.
Jacksonville, Ill.Illinois
Arrives Sundays, Wednesdays and Fridays, at 6, P.M.
Closes Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, at 8, P.M.
Vandalia, Ill.Illinois
Arrives Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, at 3, P.M.
Closes Sundays, Tuesdays and Thursdays, at 8, P.M.
Shawneetown, Ill.Illinois
Arrives Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, at 10, A.M.
Closes Sundays, Tuesdays and Thursdays, at 12, M.
Kaskaskia, Ill.Illinois
Arrives Tuesdays and Saturdays, at 4, P.M.
Closes Sundays and Thursdays, at 8, P.M.
Potosi, New Madrid, Arkansas, &c.
Arrives Sundays and Fridays, at 12, M.
Closes Tuesdays and Saturdays, at 11, A.M.
St. Charles, Mo.Missouri
Arrives daily, at 11, A.M.
Closes daily, at 10, A.M.
Fulton, &c.Mo.Missouri
Arrives Mondays, Thursdays and Saturdays, at 11, A.M.
Closes Sundays, Tuesdays and Thursdays, at 10, A.M.


66 St. Louis Directory.
View original image: Page  0066
Pinckney, &c.Mo.Missouri
Arrives Fridays, at 11, A.M.
Closes Sundays, at 10, A.M.
Palmyra, And Iowa Territory.
Arrives Sundays, Wednesdays and Fridays, at 11, A.M.
Closes Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, at 10, A.M.
Jefferson City, (south side of Mo.Missouri R.)
Arrives Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, at 11, A.M.
Closes Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, at 10, A.M.
Old Mines, by Rich Woods.
Arrives Tuesdays, at 1 P.M.
Closes Saturdays, at 10, A.M.
Owens' Station, Waltonham, And Flint.
Arrives Wednesdays and Saturdays, at 11, A.M.
Closes Tuesdays and Fridays, at 10, A.M.
Rates Of Postage On Letters.

6 cents for any distance not exceeding 30 miles

10 cents, if over 30 and not exceeding 80 miles

12½ cents, if over 80 and not exceeding 150 miles

18¾ cents, if over 150 and not exceeding 400 miles

25 cents, if over 400 miles.

Double letters are charged double; treble letters, treble;
and quadruple letters, quadruple these rates.

Postage on heavier packages, in proportion.


Not carried over 100 miles, or for any distance within
the State where they are printed, are charged one cent
each. If carried over 100 miles, and out of the State
where they are printed, one and a halt cents each.

Periodicals, Pamphlets, And Magazines.

Carried not over 100 miles, one cent a sheet

Carried over 100 miles, two cents a sheet.

Those not periodicals, for 100 miles or less, four cents a
sheet. Those not periodicals, over 100 miles, six cents per

No deduction will be made on postage of letters charged
double, treble, or quadruple, unless they are opened in the
presence of the post master, his assistant, or some one be-
longing to the office.

St. Louis Directory. 67
View original image: Page  0067
St. Lotus Hotel , (now building,) Fourth, between Chest-
nut and Pine.
City Hotel , by M.Latshaw, , corner of Vine and Third
Green Tree Tavern , by B. W.Ayres, , No. 68, south
Second street.
Globe Tavern , by ThomasBeatty, , No. 8, south side
Market square.
Missouri Hotel , by Wm.William C.Templeton, , No. 194, nnorth First
street, corner of Oak.
National Hotel , by Stickney & Knight , corner of Mark-
et and Third streets.
Union Hotel , by H. N.Farish, , corner of Prune and First
Virginia Hotel , by Norris & Vine, between First
and Second
Mansion House , by A. L.Corson, , Corner of Fourth and
Locust streets.
Mississippi Foundry.

Gaty, Coonce & Beltzhoover , Proprietors .

Situated on north First street, first square above the Mis-
souri Hotel.

St. Louis Foundry.

Kingslands & Lightner , Proprietors .

Situated on Third street, north of the new market.

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