The elite directory of Saint Louis society
The Elite.
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Elite Directory
—of— Saint Louis society,: Containing the
names and addresses of the members
of the leading social circles of
this city and neighborhood.
an appendix, which will be found a complete guide to
ladies in shopping or calling, and comprising
a full but succinct code on leading
points of etiquette.
St. Louis:

Chas. E. Ware & , Printers
5th and Chestnut Sts.streets

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Entered according to Act of Congress, in the year 1877, by
The St. Louis Herald ,
In the Office of the Librarian of Congress, at Washington.

Some Prefatory Remarks.
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In submitting to the social world of St. Louis the
first directory of its kind ever published here, we
consider it naught but a duty to ourselves to allude
to some of the difficulties encoutered in gathering
the material for the same. While the “Elite” is
submitted with a confidence, that it is as nearly correct
as it is possible to make a book of the kind, it
still might have been more complete; and in this con-
nection we must make the statement that our can-
vassers met with many refusals and rebuffs from
persons who would not, or could not, understand the
nature and objects of the work. Still we console
ourselves with the fact that all innovations for public
good or convenience have met with steady discoun-
tenance and opposition from those who have after-
wards become their best supporters.

We do not claim for the “Elite” that it is in any
sense a complete directory of St. Louis’ social world.
On the contrary, we have used extreme caution in
gathering the material, and our aids have bee of
those best able to judge its purposes and objects.
We did not desire to make it a bulky volume—which
would have really been an easier labor—but rather
to constitute it what its title implies it to be. A
number of unitentional omissions have undoubtedly

Iv Preface.
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occurred, but this is through no fault of ours, for our
canvass has been complete and thorough. Again: we
have accomplished a great deal, and feel no small
sensation of pride in submitting the book to the
society people of St. Louis. It will serve a great
variety of purposes and make its standing so good
that in our second venture, a year hence, we will
receive a more general indorsement and co-opera-

We flatter ourselves that our little book will be
found in the drawing-rooms of the best people in St.
Louis. Its information is valuable—the result of hard
work; and to those who have kindly assisted us in the
undertaking we extend our warmest thanks. Trust-
ing in a substantial indorsement of our efforts, we
leave the “Elite”in the hands of the public.

The Publishers.

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Abadie, S. E., Mrs., 3335 Morgan st.street
Able, Daniel, Mrs., Magnolia ave.avenue near Claggett ave.avenue
Adams, B. Elmyr, Mrs., 3028 Chestnut st.street
Aderton, J. A. J., Mrs., 3516 Washington ave.avenue
Adkins, Jas., Mrs., 1314 Toney.
Aglar, Ione, Miss, 2131 Market st.street
Aglar, F. , JamesMrs., 2131 Market st.street
Alexander, B. W., Mrs., Cherokee and California aves.avenues
Alexander, Charles H., Mrs., 1021 Dillon st.street
Alexander, Jennie G., Miss, 3018 Pinc st.street
Alexander, John G., Mrs., 1021 Dillon st.street
Alexander, Nellie, Miss, Union ave.avenue
Alexander, M. W., Mrs., 810 Jefferson ave.avenue
Alford, C. F., Mrs., 2720 Washington ave.avenue
Allen, Thomas, Mrs., 1414 Lucas Place.
Allen, Annie , L., Miss, 1414 Lucas Place.
Allen, Arthur W., Mrs., 3023 Locust st.street
Allen, Bradford, Mrs., 2033 Olive st.street
Allen, C. Hayden, Mrs., Lindell Hotel.
Allen, Clara B., Miss, 2645 Washington ave.avenue
Allen, George L., Mrs., 2817 Chestnut st.street
Allen, George, Mrs., 2031 Olive st.street
Allen, Grace, Miss, 2735 Chestnut st.street
Allen, Edmund T., Mrs., 2805 Russell ave.avenue
Allen, Gerard B., Mrs.2735 Chestnut st.street
Allen, John A., Mrs., 3023 Locust st.street
Allen, J. G., Mrs., 2645 Washington ave.avenue
Allen, Lizzie R., Miss, 2645 Washington ave.avenue
Allen, W. L. B. G., Mrs., 1822 S. Compton ave.avenue
Allison, B. A., Mrs., 28th st.street and Washington ave.avenue
Allison, R. W., Mrs., 1218 Chambers st.street
6 The Elite Directory. ALL-BAI
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Allison, R. W., Jr.,junior Mrs., 2829 Morgan st.street
Allison, Miss, Carr, near Sixteenth.
Aloe, A. S., Mrs., 3146 Locust st.street
Ames, Mrs., 3506 Olive st.street
Anderson, Horace, Mrs., 1320 Glasgow ave.avenue
Anderson, H. B., Mrs., Ham near Amelia.
Anderson, JeNnie, Miss, 3017 Easton ave.avenue
Anderson, John w., Mis., 3244 Olive st.street
Anderson, Josephine, Miss, 1033 Chouteau ave.avenue
Anderson, R.Mrs., 1417 Olive st.street
Anderson, Reuben, Mrs., 2309 Chestnut st.street
Anderson, W. F., Mrs., 1033 Chouteau ave.avenue
Anderson, W. P., Mrs., 3244 Olive st.street .
Anderson, Jennie, Miss, 1222 Chambers st.street
Anderson, Mrs., Bellefonntaine Road.
Anderson, Robert, Mrs., 19th st.street and Washington ave.avenue
Anderson, Isabel, Miss, 19th st.street and Washington ave.avenue
Andrews, Joseph H., Mrs., 3111 Chesnut st.street
Anheuser, E., Mrs., Market st.street , near Crittenden.
Authony, E. A., Mrs., 2828 Wellington ave.avenue
Anton, Lena, Miss, 310 N.north 5th st.street
Antrim, W., Mrs., 3507 Lindell ave.avenue
Appleton, George D, Mrs., Lindell Hotel.
Appleton, Annie, Miss, 1310 Franklin ave.avenue
Archer, Mrs., 27 1/2, Camide st.street
Arnold, Annie, Miss, Beaumont Flats.
Arnold, D., Mrs., 2643 Washington ave.avenue
Arnot, Jessie, Mrs., Pine st.,street n.w.northwest cor.corner Kwing ave.avenue
Ashbrook, L., Mrs., St. Louis ave.avenue
Ashbrook, J., Mrs., Weutzville, Mo.Missouri
Ashdown, Salile, Miss, 4003 Belletontaine Koad.
Atkinson, C. Rob’t, Mis. Dr., 2802 Lafayette ave.avenue
Augustine, Jennie, Miss, 315 High st.street
Augustine, Laura, Miss, 315 High st.street
Aull, James, Mrs., 3414 Washington ave.avenue
Aull, Rob’t, Mrs., 34U Washington ave.avenue
Avis, Charles , W., 3512 Washington ave.avenue
Ayton, Carrie, Miss, Easton and Garrison aves.avenues
Bacon, Mardie, Miss, 3053 Thomas st.street
Baggott, P., Mrs., 2836 Stoddard st.street
Bagshaw, A. C., Mrs., 3110 Sheridan ave.avenue
Bagwell, Mrs., Lindell Hotel.
Bailey, Charles H, Mrs., 3520 Lindell ave.avenue
Bailey, Emma, Miss, 3520 Lindell ave.avenue
The Elite Directory. 7 BAI-BAT
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Bain, George, Mrs., Benton Place.
Bain, William, Mrs., 2031 Walnut st.street
Baker, Belle, Miss, 3407 Pine st.street
Baker, George A., Mrs., 3323 Morgan st.street
Baker, L. D., Mrs., 112 S. 16th st.street
Baker, M. A., Miss, 2831 Washington ave.avenue
Baker, William D., Mrs., 2831 Washington ave.avenue
Bakker, H. C., Dr., Mrs., 3055 Easton ave.avenue
Balentine, Julia, Miss, 3001 Morgan st.street
Balmer, Charles, Mrs., 1548 Paphi st.street
Balmer, Teresa, Miss, 1548 Papin st.street
Bantz, Minnie, Miss, 16th and Washington ave.avenue
Barada, X. F., Mrs., 1351 Garrisoli ave.avenue
Barclay, D. K., Mrs., 1201 Dillon st.street
Barclay, Etta, Miss, 1201 Dillon st.street
Barclay, Sheppard, Mrs., 1200 2nd Oarondelet.
Barlow, Agnes, Miss, Beaumont Flats.
Barlow, Stephen D., Mrs., Beaumont Flats.
Barnett, George I., Mrs., 2405 Chesnut st.street
Barnett, Misses. 2405 Chestnut st.street
Barnett, Mrs., 1703 Washington ave.avenue
Barnett, Carrie, Miss, 2114 Gamble ave.avenue
Barnes, A. S., Dr., Mrs., 3013 Easton ave.avenue
Barnes, E. H., Mrs., 3520 Lindell ave.avenue
Barnes, Ruth, Mrs., 3520 Lindell ave.avenue
Barnes, R. A., Mrs., 521 Garrison ave.avenue
Barney, E. C., Mrs., 1335 Washington ave.avenue
Barney, Allie, Miss, 1335 Washington ave.avenue
Barnum, Funny, Miss, Beaumont Flats.
Barnum, Theron, Mrs., Beaumont Flats.
Barret, A. B., Mrs., Lindell Hotel.
Barrett, Mrs., 1422 Washington ave.avenue
Barry, B. V., Mrs., 500 Ware ave.avenue
Barry, Mary. Miss, 2328 Pine st.street
Barry, R. F., Mrs., 2328 Pine st.street
Barry, Susan, Miss, 2328 Pine st.street
Barstow, Charles W., Mrs., 3043 Lindell ave.avenue
Barthalow, Mabel, Miss, 916 Chouteau ave.avenue
Bartholow, Jennie, Miss, 3044 Locust st.street
Bartlett, Abbie T., Miss, 3018 Glasgow Place.
Bartley, Walter S., Mrs., 3530 Chesnut st.street
Bartling, . E. Henry, Mrs., 1025 Chesnut st.street
Barton, Mani, Miss, 1306 Dillon st.street
Bates, Charles W., Mrs., 3510 Olive st.street
8 The Elite Directory. BAT-BER
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Bates, Ida R., Miss, 3329 Washington ave.avenue
Bates, Mattie, Miss, 33211 Washington ave.avenue
Bates, Mamie, Miss, 2923 Locust st.street
Bates, Martin L., Jr.,junior Mrs., 2923 Locust st.street
Batte, Bettie, Miss, 3408 Washington ave.avenue
Bayly, Cora, Miss, 2230 Clark ave.avenue
Beall, W. N. R., Mrs., 3d st.street n. w.northwest cor.corner Olive, Caron-
Beard, G. A., Mrs.3011 Easton ave.avenue
Beard, J. N., Mrs., 3011 Easton ave.avenue
Beattie, Anna, Miss, 2007 Eugenia st.street
Beaumont, Jonn W., Mrs., 2750 S.Jefferson ave.avenue
Beck, Merrit M., Mrs., 2120 Chestnut st.street
Behr, Peter, Mrs., 2217 Lafayette ave.avenue
Behr, Rosa, Miss, 2217 Lafayette ave.avenue
Behrens, Ellen H., Mrs., 902 Hiekory st.street
Belcher, Wilson G. C. W., Mrs., 2646 Washington ave.avenue
Bell, Clara W., Miss, 3023 Olive st.street
Bell, D. W., Mrs., 3623 Olive st.street
Belt, Henry B., Mrs., 3016 Locust st.street
Bell, James W., Mrs., 2819 Lucas. st.street
Belt, Jennie, Miss, 3016 Locust st.street
Belt, Rosa, Miss, 3010 Locust st.street
Bemis, Frank, Mrs., 1504 Pine st.street
Bemis, Kate, Miss, 1504 Pine st.street
Bemis, Stephen A., Mrs., 3028 Locust st.street
Bench, R. M., Rev., Mrs., 1834 Linas ave.avenue
Benson, James L., Mrs., 3537 Chestnut st.street
Benson, S., Miss, 3537 Chestnut st.street
Benson, Ruth, Miss, Belvidere Hotel.
Benson, E. A., Mrs., Belvidere Hotel.
Bent, Lucv, Miss, 717 Garrison ave.avenue
Bent, Marv L., Miss, 717 Garrison ave.avenue
Benton, William H., Mrs., 1604 Lucas Place.
Benton, Marie, Miss, 806 Chouteau ave.avenue
Bergeseh, Emina, Miss, 1211 N.north 16th st.street
Bergesch, Julia, Miss, 1211 N.north 16th st.street
Berklev, Lottie, Miss, 3512, Chestnut st.street
Berklev, Salile, Miss, 3512, Chestnut st.street
Berry, William C., Mrs., 3136 Pine st.street
Berthold, Martha, Miss, 3531 Lindell ave.avenue
Berthold, Mrs., 3531 Lindell ave.avenue
Berthold, Sarpy, Mrs., 1709 Olive st.street
Bernard, Minnie, Miss, Kirkwood, Mo.Missouri
The Elite Directory. 9 BET-BOI
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Betts,, Elizabeth L.Mrs.1102 Morrison ave.avenue
Betts, George CMrs., 1103 N.north Jefferson ave.avenue
Betts, Augusta, Miss, 2929 Olive st.street
Betts, Jennie, Miss, 2929 Olive st.street
Beltzhoover, Mary, Miss, 2732 Pine st.street
Bevis, Alfred, Mis.3130 Morgan st.street
Billings, A. W., Mrs., 1716 Olive st.street
Bircher, Rudolph, Mrs., Laclede Hotel.
Birge, Haitie, Miss, 1027 Clay ave.avenue
Birge, Julia C., Mrs., 1027 Clay ave.avenue
Bissell, Cornelia, Miss, Baden.
Blaine, Mollie, Mis., 2810 Pine st.street
Blaine, Sallie, Miss, 2810.
Blakenian, T. K., Mrs., 3140 Pine st.street
Blakey, Sarali, Mrs., 1236 St. Ange ave.avenue
Blakeslev, Annie, Miss, 3422 Morgan st.street
Blanke, Kinina, Miss, 2816 Walnut st.street
Blanke, Fred , W.Mrs., 2845 Clark ave.avenue .
Blanke, Henrv W., Mrs., 2816 Morgan st.street
Blanke, Ida, Miss.3110 Lucas ave.avenue
Blanke, Julia, Miss, 2816 Walnut st.street
Blesine, H. Bourgeoise, Mrs., 1500 Washington ave.avenue
Blodgett, Susie, Miss.2339 Chestnut st.street
Blodgett, W. H., Mrs., 2339 Chestnut st.street
Blood, Nelli , W., Miss, 1000 Chouteau ave.avenue
Blossom, Chalmers D., Mrs., Union ave.avenue near Olive st.street
Blossom, Howad A., Mrs., 2903 Pine.
Blossom, H. M., Mrs., 3000 Locust st.street
Blossom, Russell, Mrs., 3000 Locust st.street
Blow, Susie, Miss, 26th st.street and Washington ave.avenue
Blow, Gussie, Miss, 26th st.street and Washington ave.avenue
Blow, Eugenia L., Miss, Lindell ave. cor. Baker.
Blow, Peter E., Mrs., Lindell ave. cor. Baker.
Blow, Sarah, Mrs., 3212 Olive st.street
Bobb, Charles, Mrs., Webster Grove.
Bofinger, M. John, Mrs., 3527 Lindell ave.avenue
Bogy, Benjamin, Mrs., 2828 Adams st.street
Bogy, Lewis V., Mrs., 1828 Wash st.street
Bogy, Joseph, Mrs., s.w.southwest cor.corner l15th and Walnut sts.streets
Bogy, Julia, Miss, s.w.southwest cor.corner 15th and Walnut sts.streets
Boisliniere, L. C., Mrs., 2303 Chestnut st.street
Boisliniere, Louis. Miss, 2303 Chestnut st.street
Boisliniere, Lucie, Miss, 2303 Chestnut st.street
Boisliniere, Marie, Miss.2303 Chestnut st.street
10 The Elite Directory. BOL-BRA
View original image: Page  0010
Boland, Jonn L., Mrs., Ferguson Sta., or 612 Wash-
ington, ave.avenue
Bollman, Henry, Mrs., 1312 Chouteau ave.avenue
Bolms, G., Mrs., 1203 Monroe st.street
Bolms, Minnie, Miss, 1203 Monroe st.street
Bond, T. E., Mrs., 1500 Washington ave.avenue
Boner, Silas S., Mrs., 2816 Morgan st.street
Boner, Misses, 2816 Morgan st.street
Bonner, B. R., Mrs., 2726 Lucas ave.avenue
Bonner, Ida, Miss, 2726 Lucas ave.avenue
Bonner, Sam., Mrs., 2828 Pine st.street
Boogher, Jennie . L., Mrs., 2702 Pine st.street
Boogher, John P., Mrs., 2317 Clark ave.avenue
Booth, Wm.William, Mrs., 2702 Washington ave.avenue
Booth, Fannie, Miss, 2700 Washington ave.avenue
Booth, Thomas, Mrs., 3301 Morgan st.street
Bordley, Helen, Miss, 1305 Chouteau ave.avenue
Bordley, Mary, Miss, 1305 Chouteau ave.avenue
Bordley, Florence, Miss, Kirkwood.
Borgess, John, Mrs., 3415 Washington ave.avenue
Botsford, Minnie, Miss, 3502 Olive st.street
Bouvier, J. C.Mrs., 1903 Wash st.street
Bowen, Lulu S., Miss, 518 West End Place.
Bowen, John H., Mrs., 518 West End Place.
Bowlin, Judge, Mrs., Olive st. bet. Jefferson ave.avenue and
Beaumont st.street
Boyd, J. W., Mrs., 2833 Morgan st.street
Boyd, Woodie, Miss, 2833 Morgan st.street
Boyd, J. Will, Mrs., 1229 Washington ave.avenue
Boyden, Annie, Miss, 1549 Papin st.street
Boyden, Ida, Miss, 1549 Papin st.street
Boyle, Wilbur F., Mrs., 2305 Pine st.street
Bradford, Mrs., 2901 Pine st.street
Bradford, Carrie, Miss, 207 S.14th st.street
Bradley, C. W., Mrs., Lindell Hotel.
Bragg, C. A., Mrs., Barnum’s Hotel.
Branch, Joseph W., Mrs., 2803 Bellefontaine Road.
Brandt, Tillie, Miss, Lindell Hotel.
Brangle, Addison, Mrs., 2619 Laclede ave.avenue
Brank, Rev. Dr., Mrs., 2929 Lucas ave.avenue
Brant, Sallie, Miss, 806 Chouteau ave.avenue
Brant, Sarah, Mrs., 806 Chouteau ave.avenue
Brawner, A. Wm.William , Mrs., Franklin Place, n.w.northwest cor.corner
Pendleton ave.avenue
The Elite Directory. 11 BRA-BUC
View original image: Page  0011
Bray, C. B., Mrs., 2711 Washington ave.avenue
Breckenridge, Jenni, Miss, 2303 Olive st.street
Breckenridge, Maggi, Miss, 2303 Olive st.street
Breckenridge, Mary, Miss, 2303 Olive st.street
Breckenridge, Samuel M., Mrs., 2303 Olive st.street
Bredell, Mina, Miss, 2110 Lafayette ave.avenue
Bredell, Edward, Mrs., 2110 Lafayette ave.avenue
Breed, Susie P., Miss, 2720 Washington ave.avenue
Breen, Lou, Miss, 2108 Gamble ave.avenue
Brewster, Maitie Copp, Miss, 1610 Papin st.street
Bridge, G. Hudson, Mrs., Glendalc.
Bridge, Mary, Miss, Glendale.
Bridges, G. A., Miss, 2003 Glasgow ave.avenue
Bridges, H. A., Mrs., 1513 Papin st.street
Britton, H. James, Mrs., Benton Place.
Britton, Sallie, Miss, Benton Place.
Broadhead, James O., Mrs., Lafayette ave.avenue n.e.northeast cor.corner
Thomas st.street
Broadhead, Minnie. Miss, Lafayette ave.avenue n.e.northeast cor.corner
Thomas st.street
Broadhead, William F., Mrs., 1838 California ave.avenue
Brolaski, Howard, Mrs., 1511 Chouteau ave.avenue
Brookings, Harry G., Mrs., 2809 Dayton st.street
Brookmire, James H., Mrs., 2723 Lucas ave.avenue
Brooks, Josie, Miss, 1210 Pine st.street
Brother, Alexander, Mrs., 2305 Pine st.street
Brother, S. H., Miss, 2305 Pine st.street
Brotherton, L. S., Mis., 2809 Laclede ave.avenue
Brown, Alice, Miss, 1318 Olive st.street
Brown, H. S., Mrs., 500 Dorcas st.street
Brown, Nellie, Miss, 317 N.north 11th st.street
Brown, P. F., Mrs., 1314 Olive st.street
Brown, Robert B., Mrs., 2027 Locust st.street
Brown, Yoder, Mrs., 2340 Pine st.street
Brownell, B. H., Mrs., 2308 Chestnut st.street
Brownlee, Lucy L., Miss, 525 Ware ave.avenue
Brownlee, W. C., Mrs., 525 Ware ave.avenue
Bryan, Henry M., Mrs., 2800 Kussell ave.avenue
Bryan, F. T., Mrs., 1405 Pine st.street
Bryarly, Mrs., 1809 Olive st.street
Bryson, John, Mrs., 2026 Pine st.street
Buck, Charles, Mrs., 2019 Morgan st.street
Buck, Emma, Miss, 2019 Morgan st.street
Buchanan, W. E., Mrs., Beaumont Flats.
12 The Elite Directory. BUC-CAP
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Buckingham, Florence L., Miss, 3804 Locust st.street .
Buckingham, Conciseli, Mrs., 2804 Loeust st.street
Buckner, Bettie, Miss, St. Charles, Mo.Missouri
Budd, Katie C., Miss, 3515 Chestnut st.street
Budd, Louise O., Miss, 3515 Chestnut st.street
Budd, Thomas D., Mrs., 3515 Chestnut st.street
Bulkley, Minni, Miss, 3119 Lucas ave.avenue
Bunn, H. C, Mrs., 2702 Dayton st.street
Burehard, Mortimer N., Mrs., Shaw ave.avenue west of
Grand ave.avenue
Burg, Henry, Mrs., 1519 Carondelet ave.avenue
Burg, William, Mrs., 159 Carondelet ave.avenue
Burkenbaeh, Amelia, Miss, 826 S.10th st.street
Burlingham, Aaron H., Mrs., 2710 Leeust st.street `
Busch, Adolphus, Mrs., Menard st.street near Crittenden st.street
Buse, Jennie, Miss, 834 S.6th st.street
BuseMaggie, Miss, 834 S.6th st.street
Bush, Isador, Mrs., 1351 Morton st.street
Bushey, Frank, Mrs., 1209 Chambers st.street
Buskett, James L., Mrs., Laclede ave.avenue near Grand ave.avenue
ButlerJos. G., Mrs., Grand ave.avenue near Lafayette ave.avenue
Butler, Lawrence, Mrs., 1520 Lucas Place.
Byrd, George H.Mrs., 217 Summit ave.avenue
Cabanne, Joseph C., Mrs., 3187 Lucas ave.avenue
Cabanne, S. C., Mis., 3429 Franklin ave.avenue
Cabanne, Stella, Miss, Lucas ave.avenue bet.between 27th and 28th
sts.streets north side.
Cabot, Joseph C., Mrs., 2113 Pine st.street
Cahill, Amada. Mis., 1301 Washington ave.avenue
Cain, Joseph, Mrs., Osceola st.street near Stringtown Road.
Calhoun, James C, Mrs., 2705 Lucas ave.avenue
Campbell, Georgie, Miss, 1801 Wash st.street
Campbell, Given, Mrs., 2221 Lafayette ave.avenue
Campbell, Robert, Mrs., 1508 Lucas Place.
Campbell, Robert A., Mrs., Windsor Flats.
Campbell, Miss, cor.corner Pine st.street and Kwing ave.avenue
Campen, Henry, Mrs., 2634 St. Louis ave.avenue
Campfield, Mrs., 2638 Camble ave.avenue
Candee, Belle, Miss, 3522 Lindell ave.avenue
Candee, Kate, Miss, 3522 Lindell ave.avenue
Candee, W. B., Mrs., 3522 Lindell ave.avenue
Candee, Miss, 1604 Wehster ave.avenue
Cantwell, John J., Mrs., 2702 Lucas ave.avenue
Capen, George D., Mrs., 1520 Olive st.street
The Elite Directory. 13 CAP-CHA
View original image: Page  0013
Capen, Harry, Mrs., Grand and Moore aves.avenues
Capelle, John P., Mrs., 620 Garrison ave.avenue
Capitaine, Frank J., Mrs., 2209 S.Spring st.street
Card, Joe P., Mrs., 3510 Washington ave.avenue
Carpeuer, E. B., Mrs., 3329 Washington ave.avenue
Carpenter, Cora, Miss, 1101 N.north Compton ave.avenue
Carpenter, George O., Jr.,junior Mrs., 1837 Kennett Place.
Carpenter, Jas , M., Mrs., Lindell ave.avenue near Grand ave.avenue
Carpenter, Maggie, Miss, Lindell ave.avenue near Grand ave.avenue
Carpenter, Marian, Miss, Lindell ave.avenue near Grand ave.avenue
Carr, Carrie, Miss, 1908 Wash st.street
Carr, C. Bent, Mrs., 1908 Wash st.street
Carr, Dorcas, Mrs., 1908 Wash st.street
Carr, Robert S., Mrs., 1908 Wash st.street
Carr, Eliza, Miss, 2735 Chestnut st.street
Carr, Harry C., Mrs., 3308 Laclede ave.avenue
Carr, Robert E., Mrs., 3130 Lucas ave.avenue
Carr, Susie, Miss, 2228 Gamble ave.avenue
Carr, Joseph P., Mrs., 3622 Baker ave.avenue
Carroll, Maggie, Miss, 3627 Chestnut st.street
Carroll, Julia, Miss, 3304 Cass ave.avenue
Carroll, S., Miss, 3304 Cass ave.avenue
Carroll, John, Mrs., 1727 Washington ave.avenue
Carson, Carrie, Miss, 2922 Washington ave.avenue
Carson, Nannie, Miss, 2922 Washington ave.avenue
Carson, Jas. O., Mrs., 2922 Washington ave.avenue
Cartan, David, Mrs.1618 Pine st.street
Carter, Ida, Miss, 3101 Pine st.street
Case, M. D., Miss, 3507 Lindell ave.avenue
Cassilly, Laura, Miss, 806 Brooklyn st.street
Cassler, Ada, Miss, 1803 Carr Place.
Castleman,David, Mrs., 3242 Oive st.street
Castleman, Sarah, Mrs., 3212 Olive st.street
Catet, Oliver, Mrs., Beaumont Flats.
Catlin, Dan, Mrs., 2016 Olive st.street
Catlin, Nellie, Miss, 2635 Olive st.street
Causland, George, Mrs., 2615 Gamble st.street .
Cavender, John S., Mrs., Benton Place above Park
Chadbourne, Lyda, Miss, 2712 Dayton st.street
Chamberlain, F. B., Mrs.1819 Washington ave.avenue
Chamberlin, L. A., Miss, 1819 Washington ave.avenue
Chambers, B. M., Mrs., 2721 Pine st.street
Chambers, James M., Mrs., 1623 Chestnut st.street
14 The Elite Directory. CHA-CLA
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Champlin, Warnas, Mrs., 2129 Pine st.street
Chandler, Jefferson, Mrs., Rinkleville.
Chapman, Charles L., Mrs., 1033 Compton ave.avenue
Chapman, David H., Mrs., 2631 Lafayette ave.avenue
Chapman, Edw. H., Mis., 1633 Washington ave.avenue
Chapman, George, Mrs., 1119 Washington ave.avenue
Chapman, Gilbert. Mas., 1714 Lucas Place.
Chapman, Joe G., Mrs, 1714 Lucas Place.
Chapman, Mary, Miss, 1633 Washington ave.avenue
Charbonier, Corrine, Miss, Beaumont Flats.
Chartrand, Michael, Mrs., 1624 Clark ave.avenue
Chartrand, Rosetta, Miss, 1624 Clark ave.avenue
Chase, B. L.Mrs., 3012 Cass ave.avenue
Chase, Edw’d, Mrs., Carondelet Road, near Itasca st.street
Chase, Fannie, Miss, 1104 Park Place.
Chase, Ida W., Miss, Grand ave.avenue near Shenandoah st.street
Chase, Julia, Miss, Carondelet near Itasca.
Chassaing, Edward J., Mrs., 2119 Pine st.street
Chassaing, Mary, Miss, 2119 Pine st.street
Chassaing, Palmin, Mrs, 2119 Pine st.street
Chatard, Fred , P., Mrs, 1416 Pine st.street
Chauvenet, Wm.William, Mrs, 2703 Lucas ave.avenue
Chauvin, Lucille, Miss, 2947 Dayton st.street
Chick, Ida, Miss, Cote Brilliante.
Chick, Nellie, Miss, Cote Brilliante.
Childs, Theo , F., Mrs, 3115 Chestnut st.street
Chiles, W. W., Mrs, 3512 Chestnut st.street
Choate, Alice, Miss, 2831 Washington ave.avenue
Chouteau, Belle, Miss, 1523 Lucas place.
Chouteau, Eugenia, Miss, 1523 Lacas place.
Chouteau, Chas. P., Mrs.Main st.street nr.near Adams, Caron-
Chouteau, Xannie, Miss, Main st.,street nr.near Adams. Caron-
Christy, Frank M., Mrs, St. Louis county.
Christy, Wm.William, Mrs, 1311 Park ave.avenue
Churchill, Capt.,captain Mrs, 2805 Laclede ave.avenue
Churchill, Fred. A., Mrs., 815 S.8th st.street
Claiborne, Nattie, Miss, 3327 Pine st.street
Claiborne, N. G., Mrs., 3327 Pine st.street
Clapp, Lillie F., Miss, 1527 Lucas Place.
Clark, Daniel B., Mrs., 2653 Washington ave.avenue
Clark, Ellen C.Miss, 2728 Pine st.street
Clark, Enos, Mrs., Woodlawn, M. P. R. R.
The Elite Directory. 15 CLA-COM
View original image: Page  0015
Clark, James E., Mrs., 3213 Locust st.street
Clark, John O’F., Mrs., 920 Amelia st.street
Clark, Lizzie P., Miss, 1530 Washington ave.avenue
Clark, Mollir, Miss, 928 Webster st.street
Clark, Robert D., Mrs., 3006 Locust st.street
Clark, Wm.William G., Mrs., 1530 Washington ave.avenue
Clavtor, Emma, Miss, 1429 Pine st.street
Clear, Mattie, Miss, 1310 Franklin ave.avenue
Clegg, Ada S., Miss, Mercantile Library Building.
Clegg, Julia A., Miss, Mercantile Library Building.
Clemmens, H. S., Mrs., Lindell Hotel.
Clements, Hilda, Miss, 105 S.15th st.street
Clemens, James W., Mrs., Cass ave.avenue , near 21st.
Clemens, James, Mrs., Windsor Flats.
Clendenin, Ellen, Miss, 3329 Pine st.street
Clendenin, Nannie, Miss, 3329 Pine st.street
Clendenin, Wm.William A., Mrs., 3329 Pine st.street
Cline, G. W., Mrs., 840 S.8th st.street
Clonev, Maggie, Miss, 3022 Thomas st.street
Cloptou, W. H., Mrs., 2740 Lafayette ave.avenue
Clover, Mav M., Miss, 3303 Washington ave.avenue
Clowry, Robert A., Mrs., 2946 Thomas st.street
Coakley, James, Mrs., 3421 Olive st.street
Coale, Sam. A., Mrs., Vandeventer Place.
Cobb, W. H.Mrs., 1520 Pine st.street
Cockrill, Angeline, Miss, 2050 Lucas ave.avenue
Cockrill, Mrs., 3006 Locust st.street
Cody, Katie, Miss, 2315 Chestnut st.street
Coglan, K., Mrs., 3518 Lindell ave.avenue
Cohen, Alice, Miss, 1226 St. Ange ave.avenue
Coben, Venda, Miss, 811 Jefferson st.street
Cohen, Eav, Miss811 Jefferson st.street
Colburn, F. M., Mrs., 310 N.north 11th st.street
Cole, Nathan, Mrs., 1728 Lucas Place.
Coleman, Laura K., Miss, Olive Street rd.road
Coles, Walter, Mrs., 3004 Olive st.street
Collier, George, Mrs., 1003 Lucas Place.
Collier, M. Dwight, Mrs., 2215 Lucas Place.
Collins, H., Mrs., 3528 Lindell ave.avenue
Collins, J. Blatford, Mrs., 3333 Pine st.street
Collins, Mary, Mrs., 3528 Lindell ave.avenue
Collins, Martin, Mrs., 3547 Pine st.street
Collins, Monroe R., Mrs., 3528 Lindell ave.avenue
Comstock, Carrie, Miss, 2035 Adams st.street
16 The Elite Directory. COM-CUE
View original image: Page  0016
Comstock, Freeman J., Mrs., Lafayette and Arkan-
sas aves.avenues
ComstOok, Thomas G., Mis., s.w.southwest cor.corner 14th st.street and
Washington ave.avenue
Conant, Carrie, Miss, Alton.
Conn, Luther, Mrs.,s.e.southeast cor.corner Lafayette and McNair
Conn, Lizzie, Miss, West End Place.
Connery, W. H., Mis., Summit and Park aves.avenues
Conrad, Chas. W., Mrs., 915 Catalpa st.street
Conrad, Julius, Mrs., 915 Amelia st.street
Cobb, Gussie, Miss, 1520 Pine st.street
Cook, Isaac, Mrs., Lindell Hotel.
Cook, Douglass, Mrs., 3301 Cass ave.avenue
Cooke, Sophia, Miss, 2617 Pine st.street
Cook, Mrs., 2617 Pine st.street
Cooper, Alexander, Mrs., 1523 N.north Springst.
Copelin, E. C.Mrs., Compton Hill.
Copelin, John G., Mrs., Lafayette and Compton aves.avenues
Copp, Kate, Miss, 2322 finest.
Corbett, James M., Mrs., 1812 Wash st.street
Coste, Felix, Mrs., 1004 St. Ange ave.avenue
Coulter, John, Mrs., 2032 Morgan st.street
Couzens, John, Mrs.., 2647 Washington ave.avenue
Couzens, Phoebe W., Miss, 2047 Washington ave.avenue
Cuwen, Agnes, Miss, 1317 Morton st.street
Cowen, Alexander H., Mrs., 1317 Morton st.street
Cowen, Mamie, Miss, 1317 Morton st.street
Coyle, James, Mrs., 1320 Olive st.street
Cozens, Carrie, Miss, 3433 Morgan st.street
Crafton, Lou., Miss, 2119 Eugenia st.street
Cragin, Charles O., Mrs., Ewmg ave.avenue , near Pinest.
Cram, George T., Mrs., 3103 Lucas ave.avenue
Crangle, James, Mrs., 1119 Leonard ave.avenue
Crangle, John, Mrs., 2014 Locust st.street
Crawford, Lillian, Miss, 3504 Olive st.street
Crawford, T. L., Mrs., 3504 Olive st.street
Crawford, Robert, Mrs., 1347 Garrison ave.avenue
Creveling, Henry C., Mrs., 1425 Lucas Place.
Crockett, D. V., Mrs., 1002 Pine st.street
Crouch, J. N., Mrs., 3522 Lindell ave.avenue
Crow, Wayman, Mrs., 603 Garrison ave.avenue
Crunden, Benjamin K, Mrs., 1419 Chouteau ave.avenue
Cuendet, Eugene J., Mrs., 2041 Washington ave.avenue
The Elite Directory. 17 CUL-DeV
View original image: Page  0017
Culver, William T., Mrs., 1808 Olivo st.street
Cupples, Samuel, Mrs., Caroline ave.avenue , Cote Brilliante.
Curlis, E. C., Mrs., 1408 Decatur st.street
Curtis, Edward P., Mrs., 2911 Dayton st.street
Curtis, Frank B., Mrs., 3512 Olive st.street
Curtis, Frank C, Mrs., 3512 Olive st.street
Curtis, H. H., Mrs., 1424 Lucas Place.
Curtis, Mrs., 1406 Dencatur st.street
Curtis, Lily, Miss, 1400 Decatur st.street
Curtia, Minnie, Miss, 3512 Olive st.street
Cushhman, M. B., Mrs., 3000 Locust st.street
Cuthbert, Charles, Mrs., 2621 Pine st.street ,
Cuthbert, Annie, Mrs., Pith and Pine sts.streets
Cuthbert, Annie, Miss, n. e.northeast corner Pine and 16th sts.streets
Cuthbert, Eugenia, Miss, 16th and Pine sts.streets
Dailey, John J., Mrs., 2919 Pine st.street
Dameron, Logan D., Mrs.. 1705 Washington ave.avenue
Damon, Chas. P., Mrs., Russell ave.avenue , near Grand.
Darrah, Miss, 2309 Locust st.street
Darby, Julia, Miss, 2231 Pine st.street
Darby, Man, Miss, 2231 Pine st.street
Dausman, George, Mrs., 1321 La Salle st.street
Davis,Jennie, Miss, 1710 Chestnut st.street
Davis, Lou, Miss, 1710 Chestnut st.street
Davis, Mary, Miss, 3504 Chestnut st.street
Davis, John D., Jr.,junior Mrs., 3504 chestnut st.street
Day, Annie, Miss, 2737 Locust st.street
Day, Franklin O., Mrs., 2737 Locust st.street
Dean, Charles L., Mrs., Minnesota and Delaware aves.avenues
Dean, Wm.William B., Mrs., 2624 Chestnut st.street
Denver, Larkin, Mrs., 3556 Lindell ave.avenue
Deekellmayer, Miss, 2939 Dickson st.street
De Forrest, Theodore, Mrs., 2130 Chestnut st.street
De Geverville, Mme., Union ave.avenue
Delafield, Wallace, Mrs., 1207 Garrison ave.avenue
Demary, T. C., Mrs., 3031 Easton ave.avenue
De Menili, Alexander M., Mrs., 2nd st.street and Caron-
delet ave.avenue , near Cherokee.
Dennett, F. O., Mrs., 2802 Washington ave.avenue
Dennett, May F., Miss.2802 Washington ave.avenue
Desloge, Clara, Miss, Pentoli Place,
Desloge, Sophia, Miss, Pentoli Place.
De Vervins, Alfred, Mrs., 2309 Chestnut st.street
18 The Elite Directory. DeW-DOU
View original image: Page  0018
De Ward, Sophy, Miss, Lacas ave.avenue , between 27th and
28th sts.streets
De Wulf, E., Mrs., 1107 Waektegtoa ave.avenue
Diekey, Florence M., Miss, 1309 Washingti ave.avenue
Diekey, Hatlie, Miss, 1309 Wellington ave.avenue
Dickson, B., Mrs., 2630 Chestnut st.street
Dickson, Estelle, Miss, 3424 Washington ave.avenue
Dickson, Chas , K., Mrs., 3424 Washington ave.avenue
Dickson, Joe, Mrs., 3513 Morgan st.street
Dickson, Richard , L.,. Mrs., Laclede ave.avenue , near Grand.
Dickinson, Putman, Mrs., 3500 Olive st.street
Dickson, Kate, Miss, 19th and Olive sts.streets
Dickson, Maggie, Miss, 19th and Olive sts.streets
Dieckriede, Helen, Miss, 1613 Chouteau ave.avenue
Dierkes, Edward, Mrs., 3120 Franklin ave.avenue
Dill, Floy, Miss, 1411 N.north 17th st.street
Dillon, John A., Mrs., 1523 Hickory st.street
Dillon, John, Mrs., 3212 Olive st.street
Dillon, Miss, 3212 Olive st.street
Dinwoodey, Alice, Miss, 3139 Clark ave.avenue
Diuwoodey, Mary E., Miss, 3139 Clark ave.avenue
Dixon, William, Mrs., 1401 Pine st.street
Doan, George P., Mrs., 2309 Olive st.street
Doan, Laura, Miss, 2309 Olive st.street
Dodd, Marv L., Miss, 2311 Locust st.street
Dodge, Ella, Miss, 2329 Market st.street
Dodge, Fannie, Miss, 2329 Market st.street
Dodge, Julia, Miss, 2329 Marker st.street
Dodge, William, Mrs., 2329 Market st.street
Dooley, Silas W., Mrs., 2815 Russell ave.avenue
Donovan, Frank, Mrs., 2827 Cambie ave.avenue
Donovan, Joseph L., Mrs., 1827 Morgan st.street
Donaldson, John W., Mrs., 3407 Morgan st.street
Dorsheinier, Louis, Mrs., 2223 Pine st.street
Dorsheinier, Ella, Miss, 2223 Pine st.street
Dorsheinier, Lulu, Miss, 2223 Pine st.street
Dougherty, Kate, Miss, 3114 Chestnut st.street
Dougherty, Lizzie, Miss, 3114 Chestnut st.street
Dougherty, Mattihas, Mrs.,3114 Chestnut st.street
Douglass, Archer W., Mrs., 1302 Washington ave.avenue
Douglass, Annie, Miss, 1131 St. Ange ave.avenue
Douglass, John T., Mrs., 1131 st.street Ange ave.avenue
Douglass, Hdward F., Mrs., 827 Tayon ave.avenue
Douglass, Fannie, Miss, 1131 St. Ange ave.avenue
The Elite Directory. 19 DOU-EAS
View original image: Page  0019
Douglass, James McQ., Mrs., 203 S.14th st.street
Douglass, James N., Mrs., 1000 Glasgow ave.avenue
Douglass, Bailie, Miss, 1181 St. Ange ave.avenue
Douseman, H. I., Mrs., 3930 Locust st.street
Downs, Julia, Miss, 2207 N.north 12th st.street (Jackson Place.)
Downs,Libbie, Miss, 2207 N.north 12th st.street (Jackson Place.)
Dozier, Cynthia, Miss, 2105 Washington ave.avenue
Drake, George S., Mrs., 2807 Locust st.street
Drake, Quincy J., Mrs., 3010 Kaston ave.avenue
Drew, F. A., Mrs., 2328 Pine st.street
Drey, Adolph, Mrs., 2632 Chestnut st.street
Drowne, Annie, Arkansas ave.avenue
Drucker, Henry, Mrs., 923 Amelia ave.avenue
Drury, Nelly, Miss, 2911 Pine st.street
Dryden, Mary C., Miss, California and Miami sts.streets
Dudley, Mollie, Miss, 519 High st.street
Duffy, Jennie. Miss, 1124 Locust st.street
Duffy, Merge, Miss, 1121 Locust st.street
Dugan, Cant., Mrs., Garrison ave.avenue , near Thomas st.street
Duke, Basil W., Mrs., 2327 Olive st.street
Dunham,A. J., Mrs., 2631 Pine st.street
Dunham, Annie M., Miss, Kirkwood.
Dunham, Cora A., Miss2631 Pine st.street
Dunham, J. S., Mrs., 2631 Pine st.street
Dunkin, J. F., Mrs., 1500 Washington ave.avenue
Dunnica, Dora, Miss, 1609 Hickorv st.street
Dunnica, Saidee, Miss, 1609 Hickory st.street
Dunning, Emina, Mrs., Beaumont Flats.
Durkan, Molile, Miss, 1131 N.north 19th st.street
Durkan, Robert W., Miss, 1131 N.north loth st.street
Durkee, Dwight, Mrs., 2803 Locust st.street
Durkee, Sallie, Miss, 2803 Locust st.street
Dutcher, Clinton O., Mrs., Cass ave.avenue , near 28th.
Dutcher, Isaac V. W., Mrs., 7 High st.street
Dutcher, I. V. W., Jr.,junior Mrs., 3215 Pine st.street
Dwyer, Kate, Miss, 2224 Chestnut st.street
Dwyer, Mary, Miss, 2224 Chestnut st.street
Dyer, D. P., Mrs., 2723 Morgan st.street
Dyer, Lulu, Miss, 2725 Dayton st.street
Dyer, John M., Mrs., 929 Amelia ave.avenue
Eads, Addie, Miss, Compton ave.avenue , near Henrietta.
Eads, James B., Mrs., Compton ave.avenue , near Henrietta.
Eames, Miss, 13th and Washington ave.avenue
Easton, A. R., Mrs., 3154 Easton ave.avenue
20 The Elite Directory. EAT-EWA
View original image: Page  0020
Eaton, George, Mrs., 2020 Olive st.street
Eaton, Lucien, Mrs., 1631 Olive st.street
Eddy, Mattie, Miss, 2612 Chestnut st.street
Eddy, Jessie, Miss, 2612 Chestnut st.street
Edgar, Clara, Miss, 1326 Chouteau ave.avenue
Edgar, Sallie, Miss, 1326 Chouteau ave.avenue
Edgar, William B., Mrs., 3411 Morgan st.street
Edgerton, George. Mis., Beaumont Flats.
Edwards, Albert G., Mrs., Kirkwood.
Edwards, Annie, Miss, 2628 Chestnut st.street
Edwards, Lizzie, Miss, 2628 chestnut st.street
Edwards, H. J. G., Mrs., 3204 Chestnut st.street
Elder, Basil J., Miss, 1028 Clay ave.avenue
Elder, Mamie, Miss, 1099 Clay ave.avenue
Elder, Philip L., Mrs., 2720 Dickson st.street
Eliot, Henrv W., Mrs., 3047 Thomas st.street
Eliot, William G., Mis., 2660 Washington ave.avenue
Elleard, Charles M., Mrs.St. Charles Rock Road,
near Goode ave.avenue
Ellerbe, Christopher J., Mrs., 320 Emily st.street
Ellerman, Charles, Mrs., 913 Catalpa st.street
Ellis, Mrs., 1349 Elliott ave.avenue
Elliott, Mav, Miss, 20S S.16th st.street
Elliott, Sue, Miss, 208 S.16th st.street
Ely, Frank., Mrs., N.E.northeast cor.corner 19th and Washington ave.avenue
Embree, Carrie, Miss, 1601 Washington ave.avenue
Kmerson, S. T., Mrs., 40 S Jefferson st.street
Emmons, Mrs., 2305 Locust st.street
Endres, John, Mrs., 1308 Dillon st.street
Fugleman, George. Dr., Mrs., 3003 Locust st.street
Engelke, D. H., Mrs., Washington Avenue Flats.
Funis, Richard, Mrs., 1306 Clark ave.avenue
Ennis, Thomas, Mrs., 1306 Clark ave.avenue
Ertel,F. H., Mrs., 2222 S.Spring st.street
Espenschied, Fred. F., Mrs., 813 Hempstead ave.avenue
Espensehied, Lou, Miss, 813 Hempstead ave.avenue
Eustace, L., Miss, 111 n.north 16th st.street
Evill, Mrs., 1917 Lucas ave.avenue
Evill, Kate C., Miss, 1917 Lucas ave.avenue
Evill, John H., Mrs., 3313 Pine st.street
Ewald, Annie, Miss, 1319 Chouteau ave.avenue
Ewald, Kate, Miss, 1319 Chouteau ave.avenue
Ewald, Lizzie, Miss, 1319 Chouteau ave.avenue
Ewald, Philip L., Mrs., 1319 Chouteau ave.avenue
The Elite Directory. 21 EWA-FIR
View original image: Page  0021
Ewald, Jacob C., Mrs., 2112 Engenia st.street
Ewing, August B., Mrs., 3524 Lindell ave.avenue
Ewing, Henry, Mrs., 2814 Olive st.street
Ewing, Lolla, Miss, 3524 Lindell ave.avenue
Fabian, Geo. , C.Mrs., 1107 Dillon st.street
Faris, Chas , A., Mrs., 1027 St. Ange ave.avenue
Farish, Edward T., Mrs., 2134 Eugenia st.street
Farish, Mimika, Miss, 2134 Eugenia st.street
Farrar, Nellie, Miss, 2733 Chestnut st.street
Farrar, Agnes, Miss, 2654 Locust st.street
Farrer, Ben., Mrs., 2654 Locust st.street
Farrer, Bernie, Miss, 2654 Locust st.street
Farwell, Lulu, Miss, 1324 Chouteau ave.avenue
Fassett, Lou,. Miss, 1903 Wash st.street
Faulkner, Laura, Miss, 1351 Washington ave.avenue
Faulkner, Jas , P., Mrs., 3223 Locust st.street
Fenby, Ella, Miss, 3026 Chestnut st.street
Fenby, Jennie, Miss, 2810 Locust st.street
Fenby, Mary, Miss, 2810 Locust st.street
Fenby, Rebecca, Miss, 3026 Chestnut st.street
Fenby, S. G., Miss., 2810 Locust st.street
Fenby, Sallie, Miss, 3026 Chestnut st.street
Ferguson, Carrie, Miss, 3550 Pine st.street
Ferguson, D. K., Mrs., 3550 Pine st.street
Ferguson, H. S., Mrs., 1017 Laveille st.street
Ferguson, Mamie, Miss., Pine st.street , near Grand ave.avenue
Ferguson, W. C., Mrs., 3033 Easton ave.avenue
Ferguson, William F., Mrs., 2603 Chestnut st.street
Field, Kate, Miss, 3026 Chestnut st.street
Field, Lillie C., Miss, McPherson ave.avenue , near Vande-
venter avec.
Fife, Julia, Miss, 4256 Bellefontaine Road.
Filley, Alice, Miss, 2201 Lucas Place.
Filley, Charles H., Mrs., 3548 Lindell ave.avenue
Filley, C. G., Mrs., 1527 Lucas Place.
Filley, Chauncey I.Mrs., 2348 Pine st.street
Filley, Annie K., Miss, 1614 Olive st.street
Filley, Edward A., Mrs., 1614 Olive st.street
Filley, Frank B., Mrs., 2801 Dayton st.street
Filley, Oliver D., Mrs., 2201 Lucas Place.
Finney, AlexanderMrs., 2102 Olive st.street
Finney, John D., Mrs., 214 S.14th st.street
Finklenburg, Gustavus G., Mrs., 1117 Dolman st.street
Firth, Mrs., 1512 Walnut st.street
22 The Elite Directory. FIR-FRA
View original image: Page  0022
Firth, Minnie. Miss, 1512 Walnut st.street
Fishbaek, George W.Mrs., Kirkwood.
Fisher, Clayton S., Mrs., 3215 Thomas st.street
Fisk, James T., Mrs., 2643 Washington ave.avenue
Fitch, Thomas W., Mrs., 912 Garrison ave.avenue
Fitzhugh, Samuel J., Mrs., 2623 Chestnut st.street
Flach, Lenora, Miss, 810 S.6th st.street
Flad, Henry, Mis., 1102 Chouteau ave.avenue
Flagler, Misses, 2709 Morgan st.street
Flanagan, Charles M., Mrs., 3635 Barker ave.avenue
Flanagan, George, Mrs., 3447 Pine st.street
Flanigan, Francis, Mrs., 1406Decatur st.street
Fleming, A. D., Mrs., Kirkwood.
Fleming, Florence May , Miss, Kirkwood.
Flesh, Kinina, Miss, 1119 Dolman st.street
Flesh, Laura S., Miss, 1119 Dolman st.street
Fletcher, Ella, Miss, 3 Minnesota ave.avenue
Fletcher, Thomas C., Mrs., 3 Minnesota ave.avenue
Fletcher, Josic, Miss, 2402 Biddle st.street
Fogg, Mary L., Miss, 1318 Washington ave.avenue
Foflett, O. E., Mrs., Lindell Hotel.
Follett, Kate, Miss, Lindell Hotel.
Forbes, Arthur P., Mrs., 3749 Washington ave.avenue
Forbes, Cora, Miss, 2726 Olive st.street
Forbes, Isaiah, Mrs., 2726 Olive st.street
Ford, E. A., Mrs., 3059 Sheridan ave.avenue
Foreman, Pinkie, Miss, 1413 Poplar st.street
Foster, Emory S., Mrs., 3132 Bell st.street
Fowle, James W., Mrs., 2208 Locust st.street
Fox, A. J., Mrs., 2828 Olive st.street
Fox, Hugh L., Mrs., 2726 Morgan st.street
Fox, Joseph M., Mrs., 14 Nicholson Place.
Foy, Peter L., Mrs., 1523 Lucas Place.
Fralev, M., Mrs., 2720 Fine st.street
Francis, Charles, Mrs., 1108 S.7th.
Francis, D. R., Mrs., 3309 Morgan st.street
Franciscas, Lulu, Miss, 3200 Lafayette ave.avenue
Francisons, J. M., Mrs., 3200 Lafayette ave.avenue
Francisons, Mamie, Miss, 3200 Lafayette ave.avenue
Frank, Henriette, Miss, 902 Morgan st.street
Franklin, Edward C., Mrs., 302S Kaston ave.avenue
Franklin, Lottie, Miss, 3028 Kaston ave.avenue
Franklin, Florence, Miss, McXair Place, near Lafay-
ette ave.avenue
The Elite Directory. 23 FRA-GAR
View original image: Page  0023
Franklin, Joseph, Mrs., McXair Placo, near Lafayette
Franklin, Mary, Miss, McNair Place, near Lafayette
Franklin, Mrs.1702 Chouteau ave.avenue
Fraser, Mrs., 1420 Pine st.street
Frazer, Sam H., Mrs., Laclede Hotel.
Frederick, Misses.The, 3112 Bell st.street
Fremont, Kose, Miss, 2107 Walnut st.street
Frey, J. J., Mrs., 4th st.street , near Nebraska, Carondelet.
Fritsch, Letitia, Miss, 1015 Hibbard st.street
Frost, Dan M., Mrs., 1811 Wash st.street
Frost, R. Graham, Mrs., 2909 Lucas ave.avenue
Fruin, J., Mrs., 509 Naomi st.street
Fruin, Kate, Miss, 509 Naomi st.street
Fuller, Charles CMrs., 2713 Dayton st.street
Funkhouser, Tibien S., Mis., 1515 Spruce st.street
Funsten, Wm.William F., Mrs., 2746 Lafayette ave.avenue
Furth, Jacob, Mrs., 1321 Dillon st.street
Gage, Fannie S., Miss, 3668 Washington ave.avenue
Galloni, Sadie, Miss, 2800 Lafayette ave.avenue
Gale, Daniel, Mrs., 17th and Lucas Place.
Gamble, David C., Mrs., 3526 Olive st.street
Canse, Marv, Miss, 1413 Lucas Place.
Gantt, T. T., Mrs., 15005 Lucas Place.
Gardner, A. M., Mrs., 3007 Locust st.street
Gardner, Adele, Miss, 3007 Locust st.street
Gardner, Ella J., Miss, 3007 Locust st.street
Garesehe, A. J. P., Mrs., Windsor Flats.
Garesche, Alex., Jr.,junior Mrs., 323 Montrose ave.avenue
Garesche,Ferd. L., Mrs., Hogan ave.,avenue W.west of Grand.
Garesche, Louise, Miss, Hogan ave.,avenue W.west of Grand.
Garesche, Marie, Miss, Hogan ave.,avenue W.west of Grand.
Garesche, Millie, Miss, Hogan ave.,avenue W.west of Grand.
Garesche, Wm.William A., Mrs., Colliusville, Ills.Illinois
Garlock, S. E., Dr., Mrs., 1010 N.north 5th st.street
Garneau, Clenience, Miss, 1012 Washington ave.avenue
Garneau, Joseph, Mrs., 1012 Washington ave.avenue
Games, Ellie, Miss, 2011 Eugenia st.street
Garnett, James, Mrs., 2827 Dickson st.street
Garnett, Lemuel H., Mrs., 2700 Dayton st.street
Garnett, Leslie, Mrs., 1412 Olive st.street
Garrells, William, Mrs., 1024 Autumn st.street
Garrett,Jno , C., Mrs., Webster Grove.
24 The Elite Directory. GAR-GLA
View original image: Page  0024
Garrett, F., Mrs., 2812 Locust st.street
Garrison, A. B., Mrs., Kirkwood.
Garrison, C. M.Mrs., 2645 Olive st.street
Garrison, Carrie, Miss, 1224 Morrison ave.avenue
Garrison, Dan. K., Mrs., 3019 Bell st.street
Garrison, Emma,Miss, 3019 Bell st.street
Garrison, Lilly, Miss, 1224 Morrison ave.avenue
Garrison, Lulu, Miss, Kirkwood.
Garrison, LunaMiss, 3019 Bell st.street
Garrison, Maggie, Miss, 3019 Bell st.street
Garrison, O. L., Mrs., 1224 Morrison ave.avenue
Garvin, Annie, Miss, 2315 Chestnut st.street
Garvin, James, Mrs., 2315 Chestnut st.street
Garvin, Maggie, Miss, 2315 Chestnut st.street
Gaty, Addie, Miss, 2701 Margan st.street
Gause, Dr., Mrs., 1413 Lucas Place.
Gauss, Charles W., Mrs., California, near Park ave.avenue
Gauss, William T., Mrs., 3006 Olive st.street
Gay,John D., Mrs., 1017 Garrison ave.avenue
Gay, John P., Mrs., 2813 Gamble st.street
Gay, Nannie, Miss, 1520 Lucas Place.
Gazzam, James B., Mrs., 2810 Pine st.street
Gazzello, E., Miss, 1909 Washington ave.avenue
Gee, H. F., Mrs., 2934 Locust st.street
German, Grace, Miss, 1829 Olive st.street
German, Grace, Miss, 3528 Olive st.street
Gernhart, Jno. H., Mrs., 2607 Chestnut st.street
Gernhardt, Francis E., Mrs., 4000 Washington ave.avenue
Ghio, A. J., Mrs., Hogan ave.avenue , west of Vandenwenter
Ghio, Christopher, Mrs., 2303 Pine st.street
Ghio, James C., Mrs., 2303 Wash st.street
Ghio, John B.,Mrs., Grand, near Bell ave.avenue
Gibbon, Belle, Miss, 3311 Pine st.street
Gibbons, John S., Mrs., 2741 Locust st.street
Gibbs, John S., 2138 Eugenia st.street
Gibson, Charles. Mrs., Lafayette ave.,avenue s.w.southwest corner
McNair ave.avenue
Gibson, William O., Mrs., 2922 Olive st.street
Gilbert, M. B., Mrs., 2313 Eugenia st.street
Glaser, L., Mrs., 1121 Dollman st.street
Glaser, Sophie, Miss, 1111 S.13th st.street
Glaser, Therese, Miss, 1111 S.13th st.street
Glasgow, Annie, Miss, 3010 Glasgow Place.
The Elite Directory. 25 GLA-GRE
View original image: Page  0025
Giasgow, Ed. J., Mrs., 1510 Washington ave.avenue
Glasgow, Sarah L.,. Miss, 3010 Glasgow Place.
Glasgow, Sue, Miss, 3016 Glasgow Place.
Glasgow, Wm.William C., Mrs., 3016 Glasgow Place.
Gloeson, Thomas C.Mrs., 1827 Rutgcr st.street
Glenn, J. S., Mrs., 1220 Pine st.street
Glover, Bettv. Miss, 2904 Gamble st.street
Glover, Hcnrv, Mrs., 2625 Lucas ave.avenue
Glover, Mildred, Miss, 2800 Gamble st.street
Glover, Sam T., Mrs., 2904 Gamble st.street
Godbev, John K., Mrs., 2218 Chestnut st.street
Goddard, J. H., Mrs., 3031 Lucas ave.avenue
Godfrey, W. H., Mrs., 2201 Clark ave.avenue
Godlove, C. L., Mrs., 2201 Sooth Spring st.street
Goldsmith, K. W., Mrs., 1020 Russell ave.avenue
Goldsmith, Robert F., Mrs., cor.corner Pestalozzi and 2d
Carondelet ave.avenue
Good, JamesMrs., 2818 Clark ave.avenue
Good, Jennie, Miss, 2818 Clark ave.avenue
Goodfellow, Joe, Mrs., St. Louis Comity.
Goodin, Charles R., Mrs., 3125 Clark ave.avenue
Goodin, Mairie, Miss, 2642 Olive st.street
Goodson, Cora, Miss, 1703 Olive st.street
Goodson, LizzieMiss, 1708 Olive st.street
Goodwin, Aaron S. W., Mrs., 1000 Olive st.street
Goodwin, George J., Mrs., 3001 Chestnut st.street
Gordon, Lillie, Miss, Beaumont Flats.
Gordon, A., Mrs., Beaumont Flats.
Gorman, Nannie, Miss, 2904 Morgan st.street
Gottschalk, Louis, Mrs., 1734 Missouri ave.avenue
Graham, Kllie, Miss, 2615 Pine st.street
Graham, Fannie, Miss., 1017 Leonard st.street
Graham, James, Mis., 2615 Pine st.street
Grant, B. S., Mrs., 2631 Locust st.street
Grant, Jennie A., Miss.2113 Walnut st.street
Crani, W., Mrs., 321 Montrose ave.avenue
Gray, Edward P., Mrs , Claggett ave.,avenue s.e.southeast cor.corner Papin
Gray, Pauline, Miss, 313 S.22d st.street
Gray, R. Bentley, Mrs., 1210 Washington ave.avenue
Greeley, Carlos S., Mrs., 1535 Lucas Place.
Green, Charles, Mrs., Minnesota ave., S. of Lafayette.
Green, Orange F., Mrs., 2006 Olive st.street
Green, Philip T., Mrs., 2814 Clark ave.avenue
26 The Elite Directory. GRE-HAL
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Greene, Carrie, Miss, 19 S.15th st.street
Greene, James. Mrs., 3669 Washington ave.avenue
Greene, Julia M., Miss, 19 S.15th st.street
Greene, Sarah, Miss, 19 S.15th st.street
Greene, Theodore P., Mr., 19 S.15th st.street
Greer, Robert C., Mrs., 2627 Chestnut st.street
Gregg, Clara J., Miss, 2639 Pine st.street
Gregg, W. H., Mrs., 2639 Pine st.street
Gregory, Alexis. Miss, 1006 Olive st.street
Gregory, Elisha H., Mrs., 1006 Olive st.street
Gregory, Maggie, Miss, 1006 Olive st.street
Gregory, James A., Mrs., 1008 Locust st.street
Grey, James, Mrs., 1217 Chestnut st.street
Griffith, Carrie, Miss,2835 Lucas ave.avenue
Griffith, Fannie B., Miss, 2835 Lucas ave.avenue
Griffith, Thomas, Mrs., 2835 Lucas ave.avenue
Griffith, W. F., Mrs., 2835 Lcas ave.avenue
Griffith, Gertie, Miss, 208 S.16th st.street
Griffith, James N., Mrs., 1208 Washington ave.avenue
Griffith, Julius. Mrs, 2733 Morgan st.street
Griffith, Sallie W., Miss, 2835 Lucas ave.avenue
Grigsby, John, Mrs., 1127 Washington ave.avenue
Grindon, Sophia, Miss, 2127 Market st.street
Griswold, W. D., Mrs., 2621 Market st.street
Groshorn, Nellie C., Miss., Webster Grove
Grover, George S., Mrs., 1015 Compton ave.avenue
Grover, Maggie, Mrs., 1015 Compton ave.avenue
Grover, Hiram J., Mrs., Lindell ave., cor. Baker ave.avenue
Groves, John N., Mrs., 1829 Olive st.street
Grubb, Armstead O., Mrs., Kirkwood.
Grubb, Alice, Miss, Kirkwood.
Gngerty, Mollie. Miss1115 Valle ave.avenue
Guion, Aurelia. Miss, 816 Barlow st.street
Guion, W. P., Mrs., 816 Barlow st.street
Guinersell, Ida B., Miss, 2837 Morgan st.street
Gumersell, William H., Mrs., 2837 Morgan st.street
Gunn, Marian, Mrs., 506 Chestnut st.street
Gunn, John W., Mrs., 3110 Bell st.street
Hahn, Simon. Mrs., 1328 Linn st.street
Haley, Miss, 2329 Pine st.street
Hall, AunaMiss, 2903 Washington ave.avenue
Hall, George D., Mrs., 1347 Washington ave.avenue
Hall, Harry, Mrs., Laclede Hotel.
Hallidav, George V.Mis., 2624 Lafayette ave.avenue
The Elite Directory. 27 HAL-HAY
View original image: Page  0027
Halliday, Nellie, Miss, 2624 Lafayette ave.avenue
Halsted,. L., Miss, 3043 Pine st.street
Hamilton, L. M., Mrs., 2814 Pine st.street
Hamilton, Pinkie, Miss, 1308 Clark ave.avenue
Hancock, Russell, Mrs., Carondelet.
Haucock, W. P., Mrs., 2339 Scott ave.avenue
Hanenkamp, Mary, Miss, 3009 Easton ave.avenue
Hanenkamp, R. P., Mrs,, 3009 Easton ave.avenue
Hanna, James A., Mrs., 1420 Washington ave.avenue
Hanson, Grace, Miss, Park ave.avenue , near Arkansas ave.avenue
Hanson, Jos. M., Mrs., Park ave.avenue , near Arkansas ave.avenue
Hardawav, Charles, Mrs., 2118 Eugenia st.street
Hardaway, William A., Mrs., 2118 Eugenia st.street
Hardenbrook, Mrs., 3503 Chestnut st.street
Hardin, Andrew M., Mrs., 2110 Walnut st.street
Harding, Roger E., Mrs., 3554 Lindell ave.avenue
Harding, Jennie, Miss, 3554 Lindell ave.avenue
Harding, Wm.William, Mrs., Missouri ave.avenue , near Lafayette ave.avenue
Harding, William H., Mrs., 3554 Lindell ave.avenue
Hardy, Lee, Mrs., 3032 Olive st.street
Hardy, William P., Mrs., 1511 Chouteau ave.avenue
Hargadine, Julia, Miss, 1416 Washington ave.avenue
Hargadine, Mamie, Miss, 1416 Washington ave.avenue
Hargadine, Wm.William A.Mrs., 1416 Washington ave.avenue
Hart, James M., Mrs., 1113 Leonard st.street
Hart, Oliver A., Mrs., 1418 Lucas Place.
Harris, N. C., Mrs., 3032 Olive st.street
Harris, Wm.William T., Mrs., 1116 2d Carondelet ave.avenue
Harris, C. C.Mrs., Ware ave., bet. Olive and Locust.
Harrison, A., Mrs., 1503 Belmont st.street
Harrison, Annie, Miss, 2835 Olive st.street
Harrison, Edwin, Mrs., 2835 Olive st.street
Harrison, Jos., Mrs., 2033 Sheridan ave.avenue
Harrison, John P., Mrs., 2035 Sheridan ave.avenue
Harrison, John W., Mrs., 2835 Olive st.street
Hartman, Adele, Miss, 1311 Dillon st.street
Hartnett, Martin J., Mrs., 2000 Washington ave.avenue
Harvey, Lewis P., Mrs., 3254 Pine st.street
Hastings, S. W., Mrs., 3059 Easton ave.avenue
Hawks, Edward S., Mrs., Pine st., bet. 21st and 22d.
Hawthorn, M. P., Mrs., 2651 Olive st.street
Hawthorn, Misses. The, 2051 Olive st.street
Haydel, Celia, Miss, Villa Padua. Stringtown rd.road
Haydel, Laura, Miss, Villa Padua, Stringtown rd.road
28 The Elite Directory. HAY-HOD
View original image: Page  0028
Hayden, Edwin, Mrs, 2628 Lafayette ave.avenue
Hayden, Nelly, Miss, 1232 St. Ange ave.avenue
Haynes, Deloa, Mrs., 3016 Pine st.street
Haynes, Jodan E., Mrs., 2707 Clara ave.avenue
Hayes,Joseph, Mrs., 1824 Rutger st.street
Hays, Hamle, Miss, 3026 Locust st.street
Hays, Samuel A., Mrs., 3026 Locust st.street
Hayward, Fanita, Miss, 1833 Carr Place.
Hayward, Florence, Miss, 1883 Carr Place.
Hayward, George A., Mrs., 1833 Carr Place.
Hazard, Rebecca, Mis., Woodlawn.
Hazeltlne, Nellie, Miss, 2731 Pine st.street
Hazeltine, William B., Mrs., 2731 Pine st.street
Heafford, George H., Mrs., 1817 Kennett Place.
Hemenway, S. O., Mrs., 3037 Washington ave.avenue
Hemple, Annie C., Miss, 2708 Lucas ave.avenue
Hendee, CarrieMiss, 3514 Chestnut st.street
Hendee, Homer, Mrs., 3514 Chestnut st.street
Hendee, Lila, Miss, 3514 Chestnut st.street
Henneseey, Molile, Miss, 2001 Biddle st.street
Henry, Alfred W., Mrs., 2027 Eugenia st.street
Henry, William, Mrs., 2020 Locust st.street
Hensliaw, C., Mrs., Main st.street , near Adams, Carondelet.
Hemden, Jennie, Miss, 2727 Morgan st.street
Herrmann, Lina, Miss, 2000 Walnut st.street
Hester, Mollie, Miss, 942 Autumn st.street
Hewitt, Mary I., Miss, 3556 Lindele ave.avenue
Hewlett, S. H., Mrs.2205 Engenla st.street
Hiekey, Minnie, Preston Place.
Hickman, Mary, Miss, Klrkwood.
Hildreth, Hugh R.Mrs., Grand and Washington aves.avenues
Hill, Nellie, Miss, 2643 Washington ave.avenue
Hill, Robert J., Dr., Mrs., 2437 Wash st.street
Hill, William L.,. Mrs., 1322 Chouteau ave.avenue
Hinde, Nettie, Miss, Cote Brilliant.
Hilton, M., Mrs., 1306 Washington ave.avenue
Hinton, Miss, Ferguson Station.
Hirschberg, F. D., Mrs., 1346 Garrison ave.avenue
Hitchcock, Charles O., Mrs., 1353 Garrison ave.avenue
Hitchcock, Lilian A., Mrs., 1603 Lucas Place.
Hitchcock, Henry, Mrs., 1507 Lucas Place.
Hoagland, Missouri, Miss, 105 S.11th st.street
Hoblitzelle, Clarence, Mrs.,928 Catalpa st.street
Hodgen, John T., Mrs., 2703 Washington ave.avenue
The Elite Directory. 29 HOD-HOW
View original image: Page  0029
Hodgman, Annie. Miss, Kirkwood.
Hodgman, James W., Mrs., Kirkwood.
Hoeber, Gustave, Mrs., 1121 St. Ange ave.avenue
Hoffmann, Caddie, Miss, Lindell ave.avenue , west Grand ave.avenue
Hoffmann, Katie. Miss, Lindell ave.avenue west Grand ave.avenue
Hoffman, Herbert L., Mrs., 3028 Sbendati ave.avenue
Hofman, Charles, Mrs., 1302 Dillon st.street
Hogan, Jolni, Mrs., 2935 Olive st.street
Hogan, John G., Mrs., Barnnm’s Hotel.
Holland, Robert A., Mrs., 2616 Chestnut.
Holle, J. A., Mrs., 2118 Wash st.street
Holliday, John J., Mrs., 3252 Olive st.street
Holliday, Medine J., Mrs., 3027 Morgan st.street
Hollman, Pauline, Miss, 1918 Wash st.street
Holmes, John R., Mrs., 2715 Washington ave.avenue
Holmes, Mamie, Miss, cor.corner 34th and Chestnut st.street
Holten, Eduard K., Mrs., 3139 Laelede ave.avenue
Hood, Abner, Mrs., 2224 S.Spring st.street
Hood, Hermione, Miss, 2224 S.Spring st.street
Hood, John F., Mrs., 3215 Sheridan ave.avenue
Hooten,H. E., Mrs., 3008 Locust st.street
Hopkins, John, Mrs., 1107 St. Ange ave.avenue
Hopkins, Lulu. Miss, 1107 St. Ange ave.avenue
Hopkins, Neily, Miss, 1107 St. Ange ave.avenue
Hopkins, William T., Mrs., 3419 Olive st.street
Horner, William H., Mrs., 2304 Pine st.street
Hornsby, Thomas, Mrs., College Hill.
Hornsby, Lelia, Miss, College Hill.
Hornsby, Nicholas, Mrs., 4th, near Nebraska. Caron-
Hornsby, Madeline, Miss, 4th near Nebraska. Caron-
Horton, Benj., Mrs., Lindell ave.avenue , west of Grand ave.avenue
Horton, Carrie, Miss, Lindell ave.avenue , west of Grand ave.avenue
Houser, Dan. N., Mrs., 1624 Chouteau ave.avenue
Housman, Alice, Miss, 1603 Chestnut st.street
Housman, James D., Mrs., 1603 Chestnut st.street
Housman, Nellie, Miss, 1603 Chestnut st.street
Houston, Mollie. Miss, 2322 Walnut st.street
Houston, Sarah, Mrs., 2322 Walnut st.street
Houston, M. E., Miss, 2019 Fine st.street
Houston, S. M., Mrs., 2619 Pine st.street
Houts, Samuel B., Mrs. Dr., 2024 Olive st.street
How, James F., Mrs., 1000 Chouteau ave.avenue
30 The Elite Directory. HOW-ISA
View original image: Page  0030
Howard, Azel B., Mrs., 3909 Dayton st.street
Howard, Havili B., Mis., 2120 Pine st.street
Howard, Delia, Miss, 133 S.16th st.street
Howard, Edwin T., Mrs., 3636 Washington ave.avenue
Howard,Elisa, Miss, 3036 Washington ave.avenue
Howard, Jennie, Miss, 3036 Washington ave.avenue
Howard, Laclede J., Miss, 3036 Washington ave.avenue
Howard, Ella O., Miss, 1022 N.north 10th st.street
Howard, Julia F., Miss, 1022 N.north 10th st.street
Howenateln, James I., Mrs., 3529 Lindell ave.avenue
Howland, Harvey B., Mrs, 1526 Papin st.street
Hoyle, Charles, Mrs., 1332 Chouteau ave.avenue
Hudson, E. B., Mrs., 2901 Washington ave.avenue
Hudson, Hattie, Miss, Klrkwood.
Hudson, Lucila. Miss, 4315 Washington ave.avenue
Hudson, N. C., Mrs., n.w.northwest cor.corner Shaw and Grand aves.avenues
Humea, Birdie, Miss, 21 S.16th st.street
Humea, Charles, Mrs., 21 S.16th st.street
Humea, William . T., Mrs., 1006 Olive st.street
Humphrey, Krank W., Mrs., Channing ave.avenue and Chest-
nut st.street
Humphrey, Merwin C., Mrs., 3420 Washington ave.avenue
Himieke, August H., Mrs., 922 Winter st.street
Hunt, Anna L., Mrs., 1700 Lucas Place.
Hunt, Charlea L., Mrs., Central Township.
Hunt, ClaudineMiss, 2733 Locust st.street
Hunt, Henrietta, Mrs., 1125 St. Ange ave.avenue
Hunt, Jennie. Miss, 1033 Winterst.
Hunt, Molile, Miss, 1033 Winter st.street
Hunt, Theodore, Mrs., 2024 Pine st.street
Hunter, William J., Mrs., 3031 Chestnut st.street
Huntington, Thomas, Mrs., 3202 Olive st.street
Hutching, Stilson, Mrs., 1716 Olive st.street
Hutchinson, Mary, Miss, Beaumont Flats.
Hutchinson, L. B.Miss, Beaumont Flats.
Hutchinson, Randall R., Mrs., 2929 Locust st.street
Hyde, William, Mrs., 2025 Pine st.street
Hyde, William, Mrs., 2125 Pine st.street
Ingham, Mary C., Miss, 3008 Lucas ave.avenue
Ingraham, J. P. T., Mrs., 1215 Grattan st.street
Irons, Samuel, Mrs., 806, Brooklyn st.street
Irwin, Hattie, Miss, 1105 Clinton Place.
Irwin, Ida, Miss, 1105 Clinton Place.
Isaacs, Mrs., 2714 Olive st.street
The Elite Directory. 31 ISE-JON
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Iseustadt, Jennie, Miss, 3042 Locust st.street
Ittner, Anthony, Mrs., 3125 Lafayette ave.avenue
Ivory, Bertha, Miss, 1311 Garrison ave.avenue
Ivory, Jennie, Miss, 1311 Garrison ave.avenue
Ivory, John C, Mrs., 1311 Garrison ave.avenue
Jaccimi, D. C., Mrs., 1122 St. Ange ave.avenue
Jaccarci, Eugene, Mrs., n.e.northeast cor.corner Washington and
Grand ave.avenue
Jackson, Annie, Miss, 1500 Pine st.street
Jackson, John, Mrs., 1500 Pine st.street
James,L., Mrs., 1510 Morgan st.street
James, William A., Mrs., 514 West End Pince.
Jaminet, A., Mrs., 1119 Locust st.street
Jamieson, M. E., Mrs . 2001 Chestnut st.street
Jamison, William C.Mrs., 3001 Chestnut st.street
Janssen, Emma, Miss, 1310 Dillon st.street
January, D. A., Mrs., 1137 Washington ave.avenue
January, Jesse L., Mrs., 2648 Washington ave.avenue
Jennings, Clara. Miss, 2706 Lucas ave.avenue
Jennings, Emma. W., Miss, 2700 Lucas ave.avenue
Jennings, William H., Mrs., 2706 Lucas ave.avenue
Jewett, Mamie, Miss, 2918 Morgan st.street
Johnson, Agnes, Miss, 3306 Lucas ave.avenue
Johnson, Charles P.Mrs., 1507 Chestnut st.street
Johnson, Elvira, Miss, 1507 Chestnut st.street
Johnson, Corrine, Miss, 2130 Gamble ave.avenue
Johnson, Emily, Miss, 2131 Lucas Place.
Johnson, Hattie, Miss, 2131 Lucas Place.
Johnson, Nannie, Miss, 2131 Lucas Place.
Johnson, John B., Mrs., 2131 Lucas Place.
Johnson, D. B., Mrs., 1414 Dadier st.street
Johnson, James T., Mrs., 2013 Pine st.street
Johnson, John D., Mrs., 1112 Chouteau ave.avenue
Johnson, Richard N., Mrs., Collinsville. Ill.Illinois
Johnston, Bessie, Miss, 2714 Dayton st.street
Jones, Charles G., Mrs., 1411 Chestnut st.street
Jones, C. S., Mrs., 1014 S.6th st.street
Jones, Dermont G., Mrs., 2924 Pine st.street
Jones, Emily, Mrs., 3113 Lucas ave.avenue
Jones, Isaac E., Mrs., 2704 Olive st.street
Jones, Jonathan, Mrs., 2814 Olive st.street
Jones, Josie, Miss, 13 S.16th st.street
Jones, L. F., Mrs., 3401 Pine st.street
Jones, Louis., 2924 Pine st.street
32 The Elite Directory. JON-KEY
View original image: Page  0032
Jones, Silas B., Mrs., 2737 Lucas ave.avenue
Jones, Walter D., Mrs., 2929 Morgan st.street
Jones, William C., Mrs., 1524 Papin st.street
Jordan, Bobert N., Mrs., 2653 Olive st.street
Joy, George L., Mrs., Lafayette ave.avenue n.w.northwest cor.corner Comp-
ton ave.avenue
Julian, Fred., Mrs., 523 S.Jefferson ave.avenue
Kaime, David F., Mrs., 3521 Lucas ave.avenue
Kaime, James E., Mrs., Grand ave.avenue and Morgan st.street
Kalb, G. O., Mrs., Fair Grounds.
Karst, Emile, Mrs., 2210 Morgan st.street
Katte, Walter, Mrs., 1 Benton Place.
Kayser, CamillaMis., 1420 Lucas Place.
Kayser, Henry, Mrs., 1420 Lucas Place.
Keach, John R., Mrs., 1306 Chouteau ave.avenue
Kealhofer, K., Mrs., cor.corner Garrison and Washington.
Keating, Ella, Miss, 817 Wright st.street
Keating, William, Mrs., 1417 Papin st.street
Keevil, Lillie, Miss, 1703 Pine st.street
Keevil, William H., Mrs., 1703 Tine st.street
Keferstein, Mrs., St. Ange ave.avenue and Hickory st.street
Keiser, John P., Mrs., 2227 Olive st.street
Keller, John, Mrs., 1923 Morgan st.street
Kelley, J. G., Mrs., 3537 Chestnut st.street
Kellogg, Louisa E., Miss, 1233 Washington ave.avenue
Kelsey, Alexander, Mrs., 1106 Compton ave.avenue
Kelsie, Jennie, Miss, Planters’ House.
Kelso, Alex P., Mrs., Page ami Yamleventer aves.avenues
Kelso, Jennie, Miss, Page and Vandeventer aves.avenues
Kempland, Katie, Miss, 913 Warren st.street
Kempland, Mollie, Miss, 913 Warren st.street
Kendrick, Albert T., Mrs., 2708 Gamble ave.avenue
Kennard, John. Jr.,junior Mrs., 3032 Morgan st.street
Kennard, Samuel M., Mrs., 703 Garrisoli ave.avenue
Kennedy, WilliamMrs., 2332 Chestnut st.street
Kennedy, William C., Mrs., 3518 Olive st.street
Kennet, Fannie, Miss, 1504 Washington ave.avenue
Kennet, Lutie, Miss, 1504 Washington ave.avenue
Kennet, William C., Mrs., 1504 Washington ave.avenue
Kennet, Luther M., Mrs., 29th ami Pine sts.streets
Kernan, BernardMrs, 2100 Chestnut st.street
Kerr, George C, Mrs., 3503 Lindell ave.avenue
Ketehnm, Charles D., Mrs., 2819 Dickson st.street
Keyser, John W., Mrs., 2918 Easton ave.avenue
The Elite Directory. 33 KIM-LAN
View original image: Page  0033
Kimball, Benjamin, Mrs., St. Louis County.
Kimball, Katie, Miss, 2730 Morgan st.street
Kimball, Didi, Miss, 1510 Lucas Place.
Kimball, E. B., Mrs., 1510 Lucas Place.
Kimball, J. G., Mrs., 1121 Morrison ave.avenue
Kimbrough, FannieMiss,2730 Morgan st.street
Kimbrough, George C., Mrs., 2730 Morgan st.street
King, Cora, Miss, 2651 Pine st.street
Kingsland, George, Mrs., 3310 Fine st.street
Kingsland,L. D., Mrs., Beaumont Flats. 2603 Olive st.street
Kingslainl, Philip, Mrs., 3502 Lindell ave.avenue
Kinkead, Jennie, Miss,922 Benton st.street
Kinsella, James, Mrs., 2011 Cliestnut st.street
Kirchner, Charles, Mrs., 1033 Benton st.street
Kirchner, Henry, Mrs., 1033 Benton st.street
Kirchner, Lena, Miss1033 Benton st.street
Kirkbride, Joe C.Mrs., 3510 Washington ave.avenue
Kirtland, Edw. W., Mrs., 2705 Lucas ave.avenue
Kirtland, Isaac B., Mrs., 2705 Lucas ave.avenue
Knapp,Ada, Miss, 2732 Pine st.street
Knapp, Andrew J., Mrs., 3018 Morgan st.street
Knapp, Ben., Mrs., 818 Gratiot st.street
Knapp, Chas., Mrs., 2732 Pine st.street
Knapp, Geo., Mis., 818 Gratiot st.street
Knapp, John, Mrs., 2732 Pine st.street
Knapp, Lillie, Miss, 2732 Pine st.street
Knapp, Vernon W., Mrs., 12th and Autumn sts.streets
Knight, Einilv, Miss, 2101 N.north 11th st.street
Know, Sadie P., Miss, Lindell Hotel.
Kohn, David, Mrs., 1013 Grattan st.street
Kramer, Abraham, Mrs., 904 Winter st.street
Kretchmar, Marv. Mis., 3307 Morgan st.street
Knini, Lydia, Miss, 3032 Locust st.street
Lackland, Fdgar C., Mrs., 3552 Lindell ave.avenue
Lackland, Daisy, Miss, 1023 Lucas Place.
Lackland, Marv, Miss, 1023 Lucas Place.
Lackland, Kufus J., Mrs., 1623 laicas Place.
La Croix, Fannie M., Miss, 2725 Dayton st.street
Ladd, Tillman A., Mrs., 2005 Chestnut st.street
Laflin, Addison H.Mrs., 3210 Washington ave.avenue
Laflin, Sylvester H.Mis., 2834 Olive st.street
La Motte, Nellie, Miss, 3510 Washington ave.avenue
Lancaster, Richard D., Mrs., 1113 N.north Compton ave.avenue
Lane, Frank A., Mrs., Baker ave.avenue , west of Grand ave.avenue
34 The Elite Directory. LAN-LEW
View original image: Page  0034
Langdon, Clara, Mrs., Barnum’s Hotel.
Langdon, E., Mrs., 2643 Washington ave.avenue
Langton, P. S., Mrs., 3303 Morgan st.street
Lanham, Helle, Miss, 2622 chestnut st.street
Lanham, Philip S., Mis., 2622 Chestnut st.street
Lansing, Nannie, Miss, 3015 Locust st.street
Larkin, Maggie, Miss, 1600 Lucas Place.
Larkin, Sude, Miss, 3015 Lucas Place.
Larkin, Thos. H.Mrs., 1600 Lucas Place.
Lathrop, Jos., Mrs., 1522 Olive st.street
Lauek, Jacqueline, Miss, 1927 Papin st.street
Lauck, Louis, Mrs., 1937 Papin st.street
Lauck, Lulu, Miss, 1927 Papin st.street
Laurie, Jos., Mrs., Barnmn’s Hotel.
Laveille, Theo., Mrs., 3001 Lafayette ave.avenue
Leathe, Samuel H., Mrs., 2700 Lucas ave.avenue
Leavitt, David F., Mrs., 2836 Gamhle st.street
Leavy, Edward. Miss, 1806 Olive st.street
Leavy, Lizzie, Miss, 1806 Olive st.street
Le Beau, Chauvain V., Mrs., 3211 Locust st.street
Le Beau, Julia, Miss, 3211 Locust st.street
Lee, Bradley, D., Mrs., 3114 Washington ave.avenue
Lee, Elmira, Miss, 2930 Locust st.street
Lee, Mary, Miss, 2803 Locust st.street
Lee, William H., Mrs., 105 S.16th st.street
Leech, Mary A., Miss, 2409 Washington ave.avenue
Leech, Thomas. Mrs., 2409 Washington ave.avenue
Leeds, Ellis N., Mrs., 2902 Washington ave.avenue
Leet, Clara, Miss, Kirkwood.
Leete, James N., Mis., 2912 Washington ave.avenue
Leffingwell, Hiram W., Mrs., Kirkwood.
Leggat, Alex. J., Mrs., 2225 Clark ave.avenue
Leighton, George E., Mrs., Glendale.
Leiteh, Alexander, Mrs., 2129 Pine st.street
Leitch, Belle, Miss, 3139 Pine st.street
Lemoine, Edwin S., Mrs., 1622 Washington ave.avenue
Leonard,J. D.,Mrs., 3507 Lindell ave.avenue
Lett, Joseph, Mrs., Barnnm’s Hotel.
Levering, Lillie, Miss, 819 S.8th st.street
Levering, Lauraeon, Mrs., 819 S.8th st.street
Levering, R., Mrs., 3244 Olive st.street
Lewis, Annie, Miss, 2902 Washington ave.avenue
Lewis, Jessie Burehard.2902 Washington ave.avenue
Lewis, May Louise, Miss, 2902 Washington ave.avenue
The Elite Directory. 35 LEW-LOU
View original image: Page  0035
Lewis, G. W., Mrs., 2902 Washington ave.avenue
Lewis, Benjamin. Mrs, 2630 Pine st.street
Lewis, E. A., Mrs., 3105 Pine st.street
Lewis, Susie, Miss, 2730 Washington ave.avenue
Lewis, Joseph W., Mrs., 2730 Washington ave.avenue
Lewis, Martrom D., Mrs., 1820 Park Place.
Lewis, Sallie. Miss, 3014 Morgan st.street
Lewis, William J., Mrs., 3014 Morgan st.street
Lightner, John H.Mrs., 1037 Washington ave.avenue
Lightner, Mary E., Miss, 1037 Washington ave.avenue
Liggett, Dollie. Miss, 2021 Locust st.street
Liggett, Cora C., Miss, 2021 Locust st.street
Liggett, Lois, Miss, 2021 Locust st.street
Liggett, John C.Mrs., 2021 Locust st.street
Lindley, Jas , C., Mrs., Benton Place and Hickory st.street
Lindsley, DeCourcy B., Mrs., 3030 .Morgan st.street
Linlev, Ezra, Mrs., 3527 Chestnut st.street
Linton, Maggie, Miss, College ave.avenue , near O’Fallon.
Linton, Moses, Mrs., College ave.avenue , near O’Fallon.
Lionberger, Maggie,Miss,1601 Olive st.street
Lionberger, Marv, Miss, 1601 Olive st.street
Lionberger, John P., Mrs., 1001 Olive st.street
Lipman, Lewis, Mrs., 2707 Dayton st.street
Lipphardt, Bertha, Miss, 502 Sidney ave.avenue
Lipphardt, Kinina, Miss, 502 Sidney st.street
Lippman, Daisie, Miss, 1209 Dillon st.street
Lippman, Jennie R., Miss, 1209 Dillon st.street
Lippman, Morrisey, Mrs., 1209 Dillon st.street
Litton, Abram, Mrs., 2220 Eugenia st.street
Litton, Olive W., Miss, 1601 Olive st.street
Little, George H., Mrs., Cote Brilliante.
Loader, John W., Mrs., Laclede Hotel.
Lockwood, R. J.,Mrs., 2731 Chestnut st.street
Lockwood, William M., Mrs., 2323 Chestnut st.street
Logan,, Charles C.Mrs., 3024 Easton ave.avenue
Logan, Mary C., Miss, 3024 Easton ave.avenue
Loker, George H., Mrs., 2806 Locust st.street
Loker, James, Mrs., 2806 Locust st.street
Lomax, S. W., Mrs., 3411 Morgan st.street
Long, John F., Mrs., 2127 Walnut st.street
Longueniar, Leon, Mrs., 2729 Clark ave.avenue
Longuemar, Louis, Miss, 2729 Clark ave.avenue
Loth, A., Mrs., 2200 Olire st.street
Louderman, James H.Mrs., 1310 Chouteau ave.avenue
36 The Elite Directory. LOV-McG
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Love, Mrs., Barnum’s Hotel.
Lowe, Dimple, Miss, Lindell Hotel.
Lowe, Eilwina D., Mrs., Lindell Hotel.
Lucas, James H., Mrs., 1515 Lucas Place.
Lucas, Robert , J., Mrs., St. Louis Country.
Lucas, William, Mrs., 2314 Pine st.street
Lynch, Ambrose, Mrs., 2025 Eugenia st.street
Lynch, Henry C., Mrs., 1025 Winter st.street
Lyle, Alex. L., Mrs., 3135 Chestnut st.street
Lyle, Alice, Miss, 3135 Chestnut st.street
McAdoras, General, Mrs., Cherokee ave.avenue , near Min-
nesota ave.avenue
McAllister, Elijah, Mrs., 1125 St. Ange ave.avenue
McAllister, Marie, Miss, 1125 St. Ange ave.avenue
McAllister, Nina, Miss, 1125 St. Ange ave.avenue
McBeth, James K., Mrs., 2123 Olive st.street
McBurney, Hessie, Miss, 2614 Locus st.street
McBurney, Lottie, Miss, 2606 Wash st.street
McCabe, Edmund H., Mrs., 2813 Locust st.street
McCabe, Rebecca, Miss, 2813 Locust st.street
McCartney, Samuel, Mrs., 105 S.16th st.street
McCausland, Robert K., Mrs., St. Louis County.
McClerry, Mrs.2901 Sheridan ave.avenue
McClenna, James S., Mrs., 1231 Grattan st.street
McCluney, Belle, Miss2627 Pine st.street
McCluney, John H., Mrs., 22627 Pine st.street
McCord, Edna, Miss, 411 High st.street
McCord, John T., Mrs., 2637 Pine st.street
McCormick, Ella, Miss, 2612 N.north 10th st.street
Mcformick, S. R.Mrs., Beamnont Flats.
McCullongh, Mamie, Miss, 2926 Olive st.street
McCreery, Mary, Miss, 2601 Pine st.street
McCreery, Wayman C., Mrs., 2601 Pine st.street
McDowell, Charles, Mis., 2106 Lafayette ave.avenue
McDowell, Cora, Miss, 2106 Lafayette ave.avenue
McDowell, Lizzie, Miss, 2106 Lafayette ave.avenue
McKlrov, W. T., Dr., Mrs., 3611 Market st.street
McKnnis, Florence, Miss, 2326 carr st.street
McEnnis, M., Mrs., 2326 Carr st.street
McFall, Laura, Miss, 2323 Carr st.street
McFall, John, Mrs., 2323 Carr st.street
McFarland, J. S., Mrs., 3728 Washington ave.avenue
McGinnis, James C., Mrs., Carondelet.
McGinnis, Jos. O., Mrs., Alton.
The Elite Directory. 37 McG-MAN
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McGrath, James, Mrs., 2308 Pine st.street
McHenrv, Kstell, Mrs., 2110 Eugenia st.street
McKee, Henry, Mrs., 1811 Olive st.street
McKeighan, M. C.Mrs., 3523 Lindell ave.avenue
McKellops, Josie, Miss, 615 Olive st.street
McKinlev, Mary, Miss, St. Louis County.
McKittrick, John, Mrs., 2621 Chestnut st.street
McLaren, Clias., Mrs., 1628 Lucas Place.
McLaren, Fannie, Miss, 1628 Lucas Place.
McLean, Jas , H., Mrs., 1723 Washington ave.avenue
McManus, T. F., Mrs., 1417 Olive st.street
McNair, A. R., Mrs., 1704 Chestnut st.street
McNair, Stella, Miss, 1704 Chestnut st.street
McPheeters, Thos. G., Mrs., 1609 Washington ave.avenue
McPheeters, Sallie G.,1000 Washington ave.avenue
McPherson, Marv, Miss, 2735 Chestnut st.street
McPherson, Wm.William M., Jr.,junior Mrs., 2221 Lucas Place.
McPherson, Sophie E., Miss, 1701 Washington ave.avenue
McRae,Wm.William G., Mrs., 1104 Valle ave.avenue
MacDonald, R. S., Mrs., Belvidere Flats.
Mackwitz, Rudolph, Mrs., 821 Tavon ave.avenue
Madison, Virginia, Miss, 2010 Olive st.street
Matlit, Chouteau, Mrs., 3501 Washington ave.avenue
Maffit, Emilv, Miss, n.e.northeast cor.corner 18th and Lucas Place.
Matlit, Julia, Miss, n.e.northeast cor.corner 18th and Lucas Place.
Matlit, Nancy, Miss, n.e.northeast cor.corner 18th and Lucas Place.
Maffit, Wm.William, Mrs., n.e.northeast cor.corner 18th and Lucas Place.
Magovern, John F., Mrs., 2616 Locust st.street
Magruder, D. L., Dr., Mrs., 2808 Locust st.street
Maguire, Clara. Miss.Bellefontaine road.
Maguire, Geo., Mrs., Bellefontaine road.
Maguire, Hattie, Miss, 3611 Olive st.street
Maguire, Jas., Mrs., 1103 Chouteau ave.avenue
Maguire, John, Mrs., e. s.east side Benton Place, second
house north of Park ave.avenue
Maguire, Sarah A., Miss, e. s.east side Benton Place, second
house north of Park ave.avenue
Maguire, Hattie,Miss, Grand ave.avenue , west, bet.between Olive
st.street and Lindell ave.avenue
Major, Nellie, Miss, 81s Gratiot st.street
Malin, Jas. D., Mrs., 2833 Gamble st.street
Mallinckrodt, Edward, Mrs., 3727 N.north 12th st.street
Mange, Davis J., Mrs., 3103 Chestnut st.street
Manly, W. N., Mrs., 2020 Olive st.street
38 The Elite Directory. MAN-MEL
View original image: Page  0038
Mann, H. D., Mrs., 8609 chestnut st.street
Manning, Geo. W., Mrs., Washington ave., cor. 12th st.street
Manny, Florence, Miss, 2710 ulive st.street
Manny, E. A., Mrs., 2710 Olive st.street
Marehel, D., Mrs., 3824 Washington ave.avenue
Marion, Kate, Miss, 2115 Carr st.street
Marshel,J. A., Mrs., 2712 Lucas ave.avenue
Martin, Ed., Mrs., 1513 Walnut st.street
Martin, Foster, Mrs., 2920 Locust st.street
Martin, Meredith, Dr., Mrs., 2914 Locust st.street
Martin, Thomas J. J., Mrs., 503 Ware ave.avenue
Martin, Mrs., 1014 Clay ave.avenue
Martin, Alexander, Mrs., Cair Place.
Marvin, Ada, Miss, 2719 Lucas Place.
Marvin, Cornelia, Miss, 2719 Locai Place.
Marvin, E. M., Mrs., 2919 Lucas Place.
Marvin, Marcia C.,Miss, 2719 Lucas Place.
Marvin, Minnie. Miss, 2719 Lucas Place.
Mason, Isaac, Mrs., 1303 Grattan st.street
Mathews, Ida, Miss, 1300 Washington ave.avenue
Mathews, Leonard, Mrs., Oakland.
Mathey, FerdinandMrs., 1021 Dollman st.street
Maude, James L., Mrs., 2729 Lucas ave.avenue
Maude, John B., Mrs., 1731 Washington ave.avenue
Maughs, Dr., Mrs., 2801 Olive st.street
Maurice, Fannie. Miss, Park ave., bet. Missouri and
Maxon, John H., Mrs., 2908 Washington ave.avenue
Maxon, Nellie, Miss, 2908 Washington ave.avenue
Maxwell, Erwin, Mrs., 1021 N.north Comptas ave.avenue
May, Ben., Miss,, 2932 Olire st.street
May, Floy, Miss, 2932 Olire st.street
Mead, Andrew W., Miss, 2701 Clark ave.avenue
Mead, Edward H, Miss,2911 Sheridan ave.avenue
Mechin, Gus. V. K., Mr., 1308 Grattan st.street
Medart, William, Mrs., 710 N.north 12th st.street
Meeker, Joseph R., Mrs., 2934 Olive st.street
Meinberg, Amelia, Miss, 1505 Jackson st.street
Meier, George W., Mrs., 1310 Chouteau ave.avenue
Meier, Adolphus, Mrs., 3916 N.north 10th st.street
Meier, John J., Mrs., 3916 N.north 10th st.street
Meier, John W., Mrs., 1802 Oregon ave.avenue
Mellier, Albin A., Mrs., 1804 Lucas Place.
Mellon, Jennie, Miss, Lafayette Park Flats.
The Elite Directory. 39 MEL-MIT
View original image: Page  0039
Mellon, Laura, Miss, Lafayette Park Flats.
Melton, E. M., Miss, 3437 Pine st.street
Menken, Edward T., Mrs., 3413 Chestnut st.street
Menken, Cecilia, Miss, 3413 Chestnut st.street
Menken, Anthony H., Mrs., 3413 Chestnut st.street
Mermod, Augustus S., Mrs., Kirkwood.
Merritt, Annie T.,2734 Thomas st.street
Metcalfe, Grace L., Miss, 1100 N.north Park Place.
Metcalfe, Lynn S., Mrs., 1100 N.north Park Place.
Meyer, Frank K., Mrs., 1107 S.6th st.street
Meyer, Geo , F., Mrs., 14th st.street and Chouteau ave.avenue
Myers, Eva, Miss, 1528 Pine st.street
Meyseuburg, Edward A., Mrs., 3017 Glasgow ave.avenue
Meysenberg, Matilda, Miss, 2213 Eugenia st.street
Meysenberg, Nataile, Miss, 2213 Eugenia st.street
Meysenburg, Otto W., Mrs., St. Louis County.
Mifford, M., Mrs., 2d and Cedar sts.streets , Carondelet.
Milburn, Jas., Mrs., 3036 Sheridan ave.avenue
Millard, Arthur, Mrs., 2812 Locust st.street
Miller, Flov S., Miss, 3426 Washington ave.avenue
Miller, Laura, Miss, 2636 Bernard st.street
Miller, C. H., Mrs., 2704 Locust st.street
Miller, Lilly, Miss, 2704 Locust st.street
Miller, Maud, Miss, 2704 Locust st.street
Miller, Nellie, Miss, 2704 Locust st.street
Miller, John S. J., Mrs., 2729 Chestnut st.street
Miller, Kate T., Miss, 3243 Washington ave.avenue
Miller, Mary, Miss, 3243 Washington ave.avenue
Miltenberger, Eliza, Mrs., Kansas ave.avenue , near Osceola,
Miltenberger, Eugene. Mrs.,Stringtown road.
Miltenberger, Katie, Miss, 3412 Washington ave.avenue
Milteuberger, Pauline, Mrs., Kansas ave.avenue , near Osce-
ola, Carondelet.
Miltenberger, Ritti, Miss, Stringtown road.
Minor, Fraueis, Mrs., 2652 Olive st.street
Minor, Jennie, Miss, 2626 Olive st.street
Mitchell, Andrew W., Mrs., 2922 Washington ave.avenue
Mitchell, Callie, Miss, 2714 Morgan st.street
Mitchell, Cora,Miss, 2816 Pine st.street
Mitchell, Nettie, Miss, 2817 Pine st.street
Mitchell, Solomon C.Mrs., 2908 Olive st.street
Mitchell, William J., Mrs., 2816 Pine st.street
Mitchell, Wm.William J., Mrs., 26th st.street and Washington ave.avenue
40 The Elite Directory. MOF-NEA
View original image: Page  0040
Moffett, Leslie N., Mrs., 3201 Pine st.street
Montague, Fannie, Miss, 1103 Olive st.street
Montgomery, Edw., Mrs., 1316 Olive st.street
Moore, Hallie W.,1115 Washington ave.avenue
Moorehead, Ida M., Miss, 3037 Wellington ave.avenue
More, Anson E., Mis., 3113 Washington ave.avenue
Morgan, George H., Mrs., 3029 Morgan st.street
Morgan, Henry T., Mrs., 521 Ware ave.avenue
Morgan, A., Miss, 2648 Olive st.street
Morris, Belle, Miss, Franklin ave.avenue , near Grand ave.avenue
Morris, George A., Mrs., 3431 Franklin ave.avenue
Morris, Jennie B., Miss, 1700 Chestnut st.street
Morrison, Adele, Miss, s.e.southeast cor.corner 28th and Loeust sts.streets
Morrison, Mamie, Miss, s.e.southeast cor.corner 28th and Locust sts.streets
Morrison, J. L. D., Mrs., s.e.southeast cor.corner 28th and Loeust sts.streets
Morse, Thomas P., Mrs., 1919 Chouteau ave.avenue
Mortimer, John W., Mrs., 2669 Washington ave.avenue
Morton, Lizzi, Miss, 2914 Locust st.street
Morton, Isaac W., Mrs., 3030 Washington ave.avenue
Morton, R. H.Mrs., 3030 Washington ave.avenue
Moses, Gratz A., Mrs., 2020 Olive st.street
Moses, S. Gratz, Mrs., 2020 Olive st.street
Moulton, Nellie G., Miss,2614 N.north 8th st.street
Moulton, Sylvanus, Mrs., 3002 Olive st.street
Mudd, Ella, Miss, 2703 Washington ave.avenue
Mueller, Herman, Mrs., 912 S.4th st.street
Mueller, I. F., Mrs., 912 S.4th st.street
Mulinili, Aurelia, Miss, 3537 Morgan st.street
Mulhall, James, Mrs., 3537 Morgan st.street
Mullen, Carrie, Miss, 2819 Lucas ave.avenue
Munger, Frank J., Mrs., 2702 Olive st.street
Munroe, Alice L., Mis., 1618 Olive st.street
Munson, John W.Mrs., 3501 Lindell ave.avenue
Munster, Mrs., 1026 Winter st.street
Murphy, MaryMiss, 2819 Lucas ave.avenue
Murphy, P. C., Mrs., 1124 Locust st.street
Murphy, F. G., Mrs., 728 S.8th st.street
Murphy, Rose, Miss, 2700 Walnut st.street
Murray, May, Miss, 705 N.north 10th st.street
Myerson, Lulu, Miss, 504 16th st.street
Myles, Albert, Mrs., 2645 Washington ave.avenue
Nanson, Joseph S., Mrs., 3508 Lindell ave.avenue
Nave, Abram, Mrs., 2819 Locust st.street
Neal, MaryMiss,1901 Morgan st.street
The Elite Directory. 41 NEW-ORE
View original image: Page  0041
Newcomb, Kate, Miss, 3124 Pine st.street
Newcomb, Minnie, Miss, 8124 14ne st.street
Newcomb, N., Mrs., 3124 Pine st.street
Kevins, Mollie, Miss, Beaumont st.,street cor.corner Olive st.street
Nevins, Sarah,Mrs., Beaumont st.,street cor.corner Olive st.street
Newington, Mis., 1821 Pine st.street
Newman, Lemina M., Miss, 8037 Washington ave.avenue
Newman, Lina, Miss, 2109 Walnut st.street
Newman, Simeon T., Dr., Mis., 2711 Morgan st.street
Newman, Socrates, Mrs., 2107 Walnut st.street
Newton, A. C., Mrs., 1609 Chestnut st.street
Niccolls, Samuel J., Mrs., 2651 Olive st.street
Nichols, Mary, Miss, 2708 Olive st.street
Nichols, William, Mrs., 2708 Olive st.street
Nicholson, Belle, Miss, Lafayette ave.avenue ,nr.near McNair ave.avenue
Nicholson, David, Mrs., Lafayette ave.avenue ,nr.near McNair ave.avenue
Nicholson, Jennie,Miss, Lafayette ave.avenue ,nr.near McNair ave.avenue
Nicholson, Peter, Mrs., 1108 Garrison ave.avenue
Nisbet, Henry A., Mrs., 1123 Compton ave.avenue
Nisbet, John L., Mrs.1 Benton Place.
Noble, John W., Mrs., 3043 Pine st.street
Noonan, Thomas S., Mrs., 1828 Wash st.street
Norris,Edmund P., Mrs., 29l7 Pine st.street
Norris, James N., Mrs., 3039 Pine st.street
Norvell,L. C., Miss, 2637 Washington ave.avenue
Norvell, Susie. Miss, 2637 Washington ave.avenue
Obear, E. G., Mrs., 3008 Locust st.street
Obear,Wm.William F., Mrs., Grand ave.avenue , near McRae.
O’Conner, Lou, Miss, 524 Gratiot st.street
O’Conner, Marv, Miss, 524 Gratiot st.street
O’Fallon, Beni., Mrs., 3600 Delniar ave.avenue
O’Fallon, Ruth, Miss, 3600 Delniar ave.avenue
O’Fallon, Caroline, Mrs., 2813 Pine st.street
O’Flaherty, Eliza, Mrs., 1125 St. Ange ave.avenue
O’Grady, John, Mrs., 3429 Lucas ave.avenue
Oliphant, Robt , W., Dr., Mrs., 709 Locust st.street
O’Meara, Marv, Mrs., 2100 Warren st.street
O’Meara, Tessie, Miss, 2100 Warren st.street
O’Neil, H. G., Miss, 3504 Olive st.street
O’Neil, K.Miss, 3504 Olive st.street
O’Neil, Joseph, Mrs., 2304 Morgan st.street
Opel, Louis, Mis., 942 Autumn st.street
Opel, Minnie, Miss, 942 Autumn st.street
Ores, Carrie, Miss, 1525 Pine st.street
42 The Elite Directory. ORR-PEA
View original image: Page  0042
Orr, Belle, Miss, Lafayette ave.avenue , near Compton ave.avenue
Orr, Katie, Miss, Lafayette ave.avenue , near Compton ave.avenue
Orr, Wm.William C., Mrs., Lafayette ave.avenue , near Compton ave.avenue
Orrick, John C., Mrs., 3039 Washington ave.avenue
Overall, John H., Mrs., 2934 Pine st.street
Overstolz, Henry, Mrs., 3439 Washington ave.avenue
Owen, O. E., Mrs., 2346 Chestnut st.street
Patriarche, P. H., Mrs., 2702 Olive st.street
Page,, Mrs., 510 West End Place.
Page, Kate, Miss, 510 West End Place.
Packer, Carrie, Miss,2023 Carondelet ave.avenue
Pallen, Edmund G., Mrs., 2914 Pine st.street
Pallen, Selmin , B.,. Mrs., 2814 Olive st.street
Papin, Adolph, Mrs., 1209 St. Ange st.street
Papin, Clara, Miss, 1209 St. Ange ave.avenue
Papin, Lulu, Miss, 1209 St. Ange st.street
Papin, Eugene, Mrs., 2702 Washington ave.avenue
Papin, Theophile, Mrs., 2014 Oliv st.street
Papin, Julia, Miss, 2014 Olive st.street
Papin, Theo, Mrs., 3542 Washington ave.avenue
Parker, Jas. H., Mrs., 1613 Pine st.street
Parker, John B., Mrs., Park Flats, 12th and Olive sts.streets
Parker, John C., Mrs., Lindell st.street , west of Grand ave.avenue
Parker, Jennie, Miss, 113 S.16th st.street
Parks, Jennie, Miss,Summit st.street , south of Chou-
teau ave.avenue
Parrish, John G., Mrs., 914 N.north 19th st.street
Parsons, S. B., Mrs., 1226 Washington ave.avenue
Parsons, John K., Mrs., 1120 Leonard ave.avenue
Partridge, Geo., Mrs., 1614 Olive st.street
Pasehah, Geo., Mrs., Jefferson st.street and Pine st.street
Paschall, Heim, Mrs., Jetlerson st.street and Pine st.street
Patrick, William K., Mrs., 3620 Baker ave.avenue
Patterson, Etta, Miss, 914 Locust st.street
Patterson, H. L., Mrs., 914 Locust st.street
Patterson, James L., Mrs., 1921 Olive st.street
Pattersou, Lemuel, Mrs.1033 Winter st.street
Patterson, Marie, Miss914 Locust st.street
Patterson, Robert D., Mrs., 2828 Locust st.street
Patterson, Sallie, Miss, 2828 Locust st.street
Patterson, Winifred, Mrs., 1803 Lucas Place.
Paul, Adolph , L., Mrs., 837 Chouteau st.street
Peaeock, Eber, Mrs., 2043 Clark ave.avenue
Pease, Oliver C., Mrs., 2715 Thomas st.street
The Elite Directory. 43 PEE-POL
View original image: Page  0043
Peek, Bessie, Miss, 3607 Vanderenter ave.avenue
Peek, Charles H., Mrs., 4005 Washington ave.avenue
Peek, Randolph, Mrs., 3629 Washington ave.avenue
Peckham, Miss, 1305 washington ave.avenue
Peckham, O. H., Mrs., 2814 Olive st.street
Pegram, Benj. K., Mrs., 1321 Chouteau ave.avenue
Pegram, Minnie S., Miss, 1321 Chouteau ave.avenue
Pegram, M. A., Mrs., 3010 Oliva st.street
Pegram, Verdie R., Miss, 3010 Olive st.street
Pendleton, Robert A., Mrs., 2202 Walnut st.street
Peper, Mank . Miss, 1522 Horgan st.street
Parkins, V. W., Mrs., 1503 Chestnut st.street
Perry, Ella, Miss, 2945 Dickson st.street
Perry, Annie, Miss, 2945 Dickson st.street
Perry, Ella, Miss, 2407 Washington ave.avenue
Perry, John D., Mrs., 3407 Washington ave.avenue
Peters, Alexander E., Mrs., 3555 Chestnut st.street
Pettes, Eleazar P., Mrs., 1733 Morgan st.street
Pettes, Nellie. Miss, 2840 Camble ave.avenue
Pettes,Eliza, Miss, 2825 Locust st.street
Pettuos, William H. H., Mrs., 2740 Stoddard ave.avenue
Pettus, William H., Mrs., 2740 Stoddard ave.avenue
Peugnet, Ernst, Mrs., 2600 Olive st.street
Phelan, H., Miss, 2736 Thomas st.street
Philibert, Benjamin, Mrs., 2705 Clark ave.avenue
Philibert, Lola, Miss, 2705 Claik ave.avenue
Philibert,Julia, Miss, 2705 Clark ave.avenue
Picot, Adele, Miss, 3339 Morgan st.street
Picton, John K., Mrs., 2710 Washington ave.avenue
Pierce, E. S., Mrs., 3407 Pine st.street
Pierce, B. T.,Mrs., 3407 Pine st.street
Pierce, H. C., Mrs., Cote Brillhmte.
Pierce, Nathan G., Mrs., 2839 Lucas ave.avenue
Pierce, J. S., Mrs., 2647 Olive st.street
Pierson, Henrv, Mrs., 1301 St. Ange ave.avenue
Pinn, Louis T., Mrs., 3008 Eneas ave.avenue
Pine, Jennie, Miss, 1514 Pine st.street
Pitcher, Annie P., Miss, Garrison ave.,avenue nr.near Thomas st.street
Piteher, Jenem, Miss, 1554 Papin st.street
Plant, A., Mrs., Wrhster Grove.
Plant, Georg . H., Mrs., 2920 Washington ave.avenue
Plaver, James G., Mrs., 2810 Locust st.street
Player, Preston, Mrs., 3440 Pine st.street
Pollock, Nora, Miss, 1103 Valle ave.avenue
44 The Elite Directory. POM-PUS
View original image: Page  0044
Pomarede, Clemens, Miss, 2114 St. Ange ave.avenue
Pomarede, Leon D., Mrs., 1114 St. Ange ave.avenue
Pope,Richard C., Mrs., 2102 Chestnut st.street
Porter, Henry S., Mrs., Park Flats, 12th and Olive sts.streets
Portnis, Lucy, Miss, 3033 Chestnut st.street
Post, HenryMrs., 3121 Lucas ave.avenue
Post, Kate H., Miss, 3021 Lucas ave.avenue
Potter, Henry F., Mrs., Park Flats.
Poujand, Anita. Miss.1423 Pine st.street
Powell, Celia, Miss, 1410 Pine st.street
Powell, Dellie, Miss, 1410 Pine st.street
Powell, Loulou. Miss, 1410 Pine st.street
Powell, Willis J., Mrs., 1410 Pine st.street
Powell, . David R., Mrs., 3109 W. Bell st.street
Powell, Edith, Miss, 2612 Lucas ave.avenue
Powell, Lennie. Miss, Webster Grove.
Powell, Louise, Miss, 2712 Lucas ave.avenue
Powell, Isadora, Miss, 2642 Locust st.street
Powell, Louisa A., Miss, 2642 Locust st.street
Powell, . Mary E., Miss, 2642 Locust st.street
Powell, Robt. W., Mrs., 2642 Locust st.street
Powell, . Randall, Mrs., 2340 Pine st.street
Praether, John G., Mrs., 1411 Chouteau ave.avenue
Pratt, J. B.,Mrs., Barnum’s Hotel.
Preetorius, Emile, Mrs., 2013 Part ave.avenue
Price, John T., Mrs., 1917 Lucas ave.avenue
Price, Julia A., Miss, 1505 Lucas ave.avenue
Price, Milton M., Mrs., 3559 Lindell ave.avenue
Price, Susie, Miss, 3559 Lindell ave.avenue
Priest, Annie, Miss, 1003 Chouteau ave.avenue
Priest, J. E., Mrs.908 N.north 19th st.street
Priest, Lizzie, Miss, 908 N.north 19th st.street
Priest, John G., Mrs., 1003 Chouteau ave.avenue
Priest, Thomas, Mrs., 1698 Morgan st.street
Primm, Hubert, Mrs., Illinois, near 4th st.street , Caron-
Primm, Wilson. Mrs., Illinois, near 4th st.street , Caron-
Prince, . L. F., Mrs., s.e.southeast cor.corner 14th and Olive st.street
Pritchard, Beckie, Miss, 2800 Russell ave.avenue
Provenchere, Bosie. Miss, 1103 Paul st.street
Pulsefer, Nelly, Miss, Kennett Place.
Pulte, . H. A., Mrs., 3109 Clark ave.avenue
Pusy, Paul A., Mrs., 1113 N.north Market st.street
The Elite Directory. 45 PYE-RIC
View original image: Page  0045
Pye, Miss, 2936 Pine st.street
Quinette, Lulu, Miss, Papin ave.avenue , near Kenealy ave.avenue
Quinette, Oliver, Mrs., Papin ave.avenue , near Kenealy ave.avenue
Rains, M. E.,. Mrs., 3504 Olive st.street
Ramlett, Seth A., Mrs., 2670 Washington ave.avenue
Ramsey, Charles K., Mas., 2908 Dickson st.street
Ramsey, John, Mrs., 3024 Glasgow ave.avenue
Randall, Lillie, Miss, Lindell Hotel.
Randolph, F. H., Mrs., 1314 Olive st.street
Rankin, John D., Mrs., Lindell Hotel.
Rankin, Fannie, Miss, 1522 Lucas Place.
Rankin, Mamie, Miss, 1522 Lucas Place.
Rasin, Laura, Miss, 1432 Poplar st.street
Rasin, Tillie, Miss, 1432 Poplar st.street
Rasin, Unit, Mrs., 1432 Poplar st.street
Rayburn, Mary, Miss,2821 Olive st.street
Rayburn, Thomas, Mrs., 2821 Olive st.street
Raymond, Ollie, Miss, 17 N.north 17th st.street
Raymond, Nellie, Miss,17 N.north 17th st.street
Ready, Thomas C., Mrs., Franklin ave.avenue , near Grand.
Rebenoeck, Fred., Mrs., n.e.northeast cor.corner Madison and 15th sts.streets
Reed, Addie, Miss, 1703 Olive st.street
Reed, Henry S., Mrs., 1703 Olive st.street
Reed, Benj. E., Mrs., California ave.,avenue nr.near Lafayetteave.
Reifsnider, C. K., Mrs., Union ave., cor. Maple ave.avenue
Reilly, Florence, Miss, 2637 Locust st.street
Reilly, James, Mrs., 2637 Locust st.street
Reis, Carrie, Miss, 1615 Clark ave.avenue
Reis, Ray, Miss, 1615 Clark ave.avenue
Reynolds, Florence S., Miss, 2811 Dayton st.street
Reynolds, Mary G., Miss, 2811 Dayton st.street
Reynolds, Florence S., Miss, Beaumont Flats.
Reynolds, Edward S., Mrs., Beaumont Flats.
Rex, John, Mrs., 3403 Pine st.street
Rex, Sybil, Miss, 3403 Pine st.street
Rhodes, Mosheis, Mrs., 2703 Dayton st.street
Ribot, Anita, Miss, 1223, Olive st.street
Ribot, Zena, Miss, 1223 Olive st.street
Richards, Carrie L., Miss, n.e.northeast cor.corner Grand and Frank-
lin aves.avenues
Richards, Grace, Miss, n.e.northeast cor.corner Grand and Franklin
Richards, Eben, Mrs., n.e.northeast cor.corner Grand and Franklin
46 The Elite Directory. RIC-SAM
View original image: Page  0046
Richardson, Clifford J., Mrs., 2811 Locust st.street
Richardson, James, Miss,2827 Locust st.street
Ridgley, Frank L., Mrs., 2631 Washington ave.avenue
Ridgley, Stephen, Mrs., 1629 Washington ave.avenue
Ringo, Mattie, Miss, 2335, Eugenia st.street
Risley, Sadie.2733 Thomas st.street
Ritner, Lena, Miss, 1607 Chestnut st.street
Robbins, Miss, 2808 Locust st.street
Roberts, P. G., Dr., Mrs., 2731 Morgan st.street
Robertson, Bishop, Mrs., 2727 Chestnut st.street
Robinson, C., Mrs., 3504 Olive st.street
Robinson, Geo. R., Mrs., Laclede Station.
Robinson, P. G., Dr., Mrs., 1525 Olive st.street
Rodgers, Thos. B., Mrs., 2836 Morgan st.street
Roe, John J., Mrs., cor.corner Compton and Lafayette aves.avenues
Rogers, Chas. S., Mrs., 2837 Lucas ave.avenue
Rosenheim, Morris. Mrs., 3042 Locust st.street
Rosenheim, Rose, Miss, 3042 Locust st.street
Rosenheim, Tillie. Miss, 3042 Locust st.street
Rosenthal, S. W., Mrs., 1024, Hickory st.street
Rothschild, . Albert J., Mrs., 2804 Clark ave.avenue
Rothschilds, Julius, Mrs., 211 Summit ave.avenue
Rowe, Mamie, Miss, 2903 Gamble st.street
Rowe, Mollie, Miss, 2903 Gamble ave.avenue
Rowe, Pettie, Miss, 2805 Bernard st.street
Rowe, Susie, Miss, 2805, Bernard st.street
Rozier, Ferd., Mrs., 2711 Walnnt st.street
Rozier, Hattie, Miss, 2711 Walnut st.street
Rozier, Laura,Miss, 2711 Walnut st.street
Rozier, Lottie, Miss, 2711 Walnut st.street
Rumsey, Mrs., 2925 Pine st.street
Rumsey, Moses,Mrs., 2925 Pine st.street
Runyan, Mary D., Miss, 1825 Papin st.street
Russell, Chas. H., Mrs., 1825 Olive st.street
Russell, Grace, Miss, 1825 Olive st.street
Russell, Minnie, Miss, 3446 Chestnut st.street
Rutherford, Dr., Mrs., 3118 Washington ave.avenue
Rutherford, E. H., Mrs., 2808 Locust st.street
Rutherford, Lucille, Miss, 2808 Locust st.street
Ryder, Wm.William B.,Mrs., 1211 Dillon st.street
Sale, Mrs., 2129 Pine st.street
Salveter, Chas., Mrs., 2717 Stoddard st.street
Samuels, Lizzie, Miss, 2341 Chestnut st.street
Samuel, Web. M., Mrs., 2341 Chestnut st.street
The Elite Directory. 47 SAN-SEI
View original image: Page  0047
Sands, Annie, Miss, Lafayette ave.,avenue s.w.southwest cor.corner Comp-
ton ave.avenue
Sanford, Jennie, Miss, 2912 Morgan st.street
Sanford, Lillie, Miss, 2912 Morgan st.street
Sauvagean, Adeline, Miss, 2847 Clark ave.avenue
Sauvagean, Eugenia, Miss, 2847 Clark ave.avenue
Sauvagean, Trancrede, Mrs., 2847 Clark ave.avenue
Savitz, Geo. S., Mrs., 2320 Walnut st.street
Sayers, Kate, Miss, 3305 Morgan st.street
Sayers, Robt., Mrs., 3305 Morgan st.street
Scaling, Samuel, Mrs., 2931 Clark ave.avenue
Scanlan, J. J., Mrs., Lindell Hotel.
Scarritt, Sanfonrd G., Mrs., 3003 Glasgow Place.
Scharff, L., Mrs., 3506-Chestnut st.street
Schofield, J. V., Mrs., 1227 Chambers st.street
Scholten, John A., Mrs., 922 Olive st.street
Schueler, C. T., Miss, 1315 Linn st.street
Schulter, Annie, Miss, n.e.northeast cor.corner 12th and Wright sts.streets
Schumacher, Bertha, Miss, 619 Walnut st.street
Schuyler, Nellie, Miss, 2820 Locust st.street
Schuyler, Rev. Dr., Mrs., 2820 Locust st.street
Scollay, Josie, Miss, 2309 Chestnut st.street
Scollay, Wyman, Mrs., 2309 Chestnut st.street
Scott, Albert M., Mrs., 1826 Rutger st.street
Scott, Ashley D., Mrs., 1615 Lucas Place.
Scott, Geo., Mrs., 2838 Gamble ave.avenue
Scott, Helen, Miss, 2645 Pine st.street
Scott, Mamie, Miss, 2645 Pine st.street
Scott, John G.,Mrs., Beaumont Flats.
Scott, J. R., Mrs., s.w.southwest cor.corner 15th and Olive sts.streets
Scott, Lulu, Miss, 3018 Lucas ave.avenue
Scott, Wm . P., Mrs., 3018 Lucas ave.avenue
Scott, Sol., Jr.,junior Mrs., 3025 Easton ave.avenue
Scott, Wm.William L., Mrs., 3505 Lindell ave.avenue
Scudder, Edward G., Mrs., 3150 Locust st.street
Scudder, John A., Mrs., Ashland ave.avenue , Cote Brilliante.
Scudder, Wm.William H., Mrs., King’s highway, near Natural
Seamonds, Belle V., Miss, 2814 Clark ave.avenue
Seamonds, J. M., Miss, 2814 Clark ave.avenue
Seamonds, Lulu D., Miss,2814 Clark ave.avenue
Seamonds,M. S., Mrs., 2814 Clark ave.avenue
Seaman, Clement N., Mrs., 2714 Olive st.street
Seiffert, Julia, Miss,826 S.10th st.street
48 The Elite Directory. SEL-SIM
View original image: Page  0048
Selby, Wm.William, Mrs., 3431 Lucas ave.avenue
Sellers, J. M., Mrs., 2636 Locust st.street
Selmar, Eberlein, Mrs., Lafayette ave.avenue , near Califor-
nia st.street
Semple, Chas. H., Mrs., 505 Ware ave.avenue
Semple, . E. H., Mrs., 2713 Washington ave.avenue
Senter,Wm.William H., Mrs., 2737 Lucas ave.avenue
Shackleford, Genevieve, Miss, 28th and Pine sts.streets
Shands, Effie, Miss, 1404 Pine st.street
Shapleigh,A. F.,Mrs., 1229 Washington ave.avenue
Shaw,Gilbert J., Mrs., Beaumont Flats.
Shelton, Lizzie, Miss, 2016 Chestnut st.street
Shelton, Theo., Mrs., 2016 Chestnut st.street
Shepard, Charles P., Mrs., 3033 Chestnut st.street
Shephard, Clara E., Miss, 2831 Washington ave.avenue
Shepley, John R., Mrs,, 1518 Washington ave.avenue
Shepley, Julia, Miss, 1518 Washington ave.avenue
Shepley, Mary L., Miss, 1518 Washington ave.avenue
Sheppard.J. W., Mrs., 2608 Olive st.street
Sherman, Edith B., Miss, 2633 Locust st.street
Sherman, Ella, Miss, 912 Garrison ave.avenue
Sherman, Lizzie, Miss, 912 Garrison ave.avenue
Sherman, Rachel, Miss, 912 Garrison ave.avenue
Sherman, William T., Mrs., 912 Garrison ave.avenue
Sherrick, George W., Mrs., 2028 Pine st.street
Sherriek, Fanny Isabel, Miss, 2028 Pine st.street
Sherrick, Irene, Miss, 2028 Pine st.street
Shickle, Fred., Mrs., 2409 Chestnut st.street
Shields, Belle, Miss, 1118 Madison st.street
Shields, Emma, Miss, 1118 Madison st.street
Shields, George H., Mrs., Garfield ave.avenue , near Comp-
ton ave.avenue
Shields, John, Mrs., 3120 Franklin ave.avenue
Schmidt, Flor. E., Miss, Beaumont Flats.
Short, Annie, Miss, 3038 Sheridan ave.avenue
Short, Emmie, Miss, 3038 Sheridan ave.avenue
Short, Orville N., Mrs., 3038 Sheridan ave.avenue
Shryock, George S., Mrs., 1316 Washington ave.avenue
Shryock, William P., Mrs., 2707 Morgan st.street
Shultz, May I., Miss, 3005 Easton ave.avenue
Sickles, Susan E., Mrs., 3133 Lucas ave.avenue
Siegrist, John H., Mrs., 2221 Olive st.street
Siegrist, Mollie, Miss, 2221 Olive st.street
Simmons, Chester, Mrs., 3028 Locust st.street
The Elite Directory. 49 SIM-SOU
View original image: Page  0049
Simmons, E. C., Mrs., 2721 Olive st.street
Simon, Henry T., 2821 Locust st.street
Simon, Lizzie, Miss, 2821 Locust st.street
Simon, May, Miss, 2821 Locust st.street
Simpkins, George W., Mrs., 3106 Morgan st.street
Simpson, James H., Mrs., 2731 Olive st.street
Sire, Rebecca W., Mrs., 3450 Pine st.street .
Skidmore, Darwin L., Mrs., 2909 Pine st.street
Slater,M. K., Mrs., 3504 Olive st.street
Slaughter, F. W., Mrs., 3250 Olive st.street
Slayback, Alonzo , W., Mrs., 2827 Olive st.street
Slayback, Charles E., Mrs., 3015 Locust st.street
Slayback, Preston T., Mrs., 1100 N.north Compton ave.avenue
Slayback, Susie, Miss, 2809 Olive st.street
Sloan, E. C., Mrs., 1320 Lasalle st.street
Sloan, Mary, Miss, 1320 Lasalle st.street
Sloan, Sophie, Miss, 1320 Lasalle st.street
Sloan, E. W., Mrs., 2650 Olive st.street
Sloan, Katie, Miss, 2650 Olive st.street
Slocum, T. L., Mrs., s.w.southwest cor.corner Carolina and Julia sts.streets
Small, Joseph, Mrs., 3114 Lucas ave.avenue
Smith, Mrs., 2809 Morgan st.street
Smith, C. B., Mrs., 2719 Locust st.street
Smith, Edwin Bathurst, Mrs., 1519 Olive st.street
Smith, Huntington, Mrs., 2611 Locust st.street
Smith, Lily K., Miss, Carondelet.
Smith, Mary, Miss, 2901 Washington ave.avenue
Smith, W. H., Mrs., 2901 Washington ave.avenue
Smith, Samuel, Mrs., 3215 Pine st.street
Smith, Thadeus S., Mrs., 821 Chouteau ave.avenue
Smithers, John A., Mrs., 3311 Pine st.street
Smythe, Isaac S., Mrs., 3518 Lindell ave.avenue
Snow, Clara, Miss, 2700 Olive st.street
Snow, Fannie, Miss, 2700 Olive st.street
Snow, Robt. B., Mrs., 2700 Olive st.street
Snow, Lewis E., Mrs., 3726 Washington ave.avenue
Snow, Marshall T., Mrs., 2910 Pine st.street
Sneed, Anna, Miss, Kirkwood.
Snyder, John, Dr., Mrs., 3012 Olive st.street
Sonneschein.Solomon H, Mrs., 2307 Chestnut st.street
Soper, Arthur W., Mrs., 2919 Washington ave.avenue
Soulard, Benj. A., Mrs., 2940 Locust st.street
Soulard, Mary, Miss, 2940 Locust st.street
Soule, E., Miss, 3525 Lindell ave.avenue
50 The Elite Directory. SOU-STI
View original image: Page  0050
Soule, R., Mrs., 3525 Lindell ave.avenue
Spain, Miss, 819 S.8th st.street
Speck, Chas., Mrs., 1206 Morrison ave.avenue
Speck, Corrine, Miss, 1206 Morrison ave.avenue
Speck, Ella, Miss, 1206, Morrison ave.avenue
Spencer, Horatio N., Mrs., 2725 Washington ave.avenue
Spinney, W. R., Mrs., 3132 Chestnut st.street
Spinsby, Lizzie, Miss, 2816 Adams st.street
Spinsby, Katie, Miss, 2816 Adams st.street
Sproule, Andrew, Mrs., 2212 Olive st.street
Sproule, Annie, Miss, 2212 Olive st.street
Sproule, Emily, Miss, 2212 Olive st.street
Squier, M. L., Miss, 1127 Washington ave.avenue
Stanard, Cora V., Miss, 3629 Lindell ave.avenue
Stanard, E. O., Mrs., 3629 Lindell ave.avenue
Stanford, Alice, Miss, 1615 Olive st.street
Stagg, George T., Mrs., 3035 Morgan st.street
Stagg, Henry, Mrs., 3633 Finney ave.avenue
Stanley, Kate C., Miss, Claggett ave.,avenue s.e.southeast cor.corner Papin.
Stanley,Lizzie, Miss, 9th and Warren sts.streets
Stanley, Nellie, Miss, 9th and Warren sts.streets
Stark, S., Dr., Mrs., 1421 Pine st.street
Stebbins, L. W., Mrs., 3503 Chestnut st.street
Steedman, Dr., Mrs., 2803 Pine st.street
Steigers, Clotilde, Miss, St. Louis County.
Stein, Oscar, Mrs., 2605 Morgan st.street
Stinde, Conrad, Mrs., 3032 Lucas ave.avenue
Stelle, Samuel M., Mrs., Barnum’s Hotel.
Sterling, E. C., Mrs., 1318 Chouteau ave.avenue
Sterling, John, Mrs., 1120 Chambers st.street
Stettinus, Isabella, Mrs., 2307 Olive st.street
Stevens, Della, Miss, 3006 Locust st.street
Stevens, Mate, Miss, 3006 Locust st.street
Stevens, May, Miss, West End Place.
Stevens, May, Miss, 517 Ware ave.avenue
Stevens, Nathan, Mrs., 2624 Washington ave.avenue
Stevenson, John D., Mrs., 2109 Walnut st.street
Stewart, Miss, 3540 Olive st.street
Stewart, Charles, Mrs., 3540 Olive st.street
Stewart, Ettie, Miss, 3540 Olive st.street
Stewart, Fannie, Miss, 3540 Olive st.street
Stickney, Lucy, Mrs., 1009 Chouteau ave.avenue
Stickney, William J., Mrs., 3341 Morgan st.street
Stillwell, Sallie , H., Miss, 2344 Chestnut st.street
The Elite Directory. 51 ST.J-TAU
View original image: Page  0051
St. John, J. A., Mrs., 915 Catalpa st.street
Stockwell, J. L., Mrs., 606 Myrtle st.street
Stoddard, T. A., Mrs., 2626 Chestnut st.street
Stone, Ella, Miss, 3706 Hogan st.street
Stone, Fannie B., Miss, 3912 Bellefontaine Road.
Stone, Wm.William H., Mrs., 3912 Bellefontaine Road.
Stowers, Mamie, Miss, Kirkwood.
Strassburger, Charles C., Mrs., 1316 Toney st.street
Stratton, A. J., Mrs., 2813 Thomas st.street
Straub, Ida M., Miss, 2024 Lucas ave.avenue
Straub, Mattie A., Miss, 2024 Lucas ave.avenue
Strong, Bessie, Miss, 1003 Garrison ave.avenue
Strong, George P., Mrs., 1003 Garrison ave.avenue
Strong, Nelly, Miss, 1004 Garrison ave.avenue
Stuart, M., Miss, 109 N.north Channing ave.avenue
Sturgeon, Ella, Miss, 2326 Olive st.street
Swain, Lillie J., Miss, 1011 Benton st.street
Swallow, John, Mrs., 1314 Olive st.street
Swallow, Thomas, Mrs., 2629 Olive st.street
Swallow., Mrs., 22 N.north Compton ave.avenue
Swarmsteadt, George, Mrs., 1400 Pine st.street
Swearengin, Mrs., Lindell Hotel.
Sweeney, Mrs., 2639 Gamble st.street
Sweeney, Kate, Miss, 1125 Locust st.street
Switzer, Alice, Miss, 1725 Washington ave.avenue
Switzer, Edward, Mrs., 1404 Chouteau ave.avenue
Swon, John C., Mrs., 1522 Washington ave.avenue
Swope, Joel, Mrs., 2931 Olive st.street
Sylvester, James J., Mrs., 3422 Washington ave.avenue
Sylvester, Nellie, Miss, 3422 Washington ave.avenue
Sylvester, Lizzie, Miss, 1833 Morgan st.street
Sylvester, R. H., Mrs., 1833 Morgan st.street
Sylvester, Willie, Miss, 1833 Morgan st.street
Talmage, A. A., Mrs., 2223 Lafayette ave.avenue
Talmage, Nellie, Miss, 2223 Lafayette ave.avenue
Tansey, Mollie, Miss, 911 Garrison ave.avenue
Tansey, Robt. P., Mrs., 911 Garrison ave.avenue
Tatum, Henry, Mrs., 2324 Chestnut st.street
Tatum, John, Mrs., 12th st.,street s.e.southeast cor.corner Julia.
Tatum, Joseph, Mrs., Jefferson ave.avenue , near Amelia.
Tatum, Louis R., Mrs., 1115 Dollman st.street
Taussig, Charles, Mrs., 1219 Dollman st.street
Taussig, Clara, Miss, 1219 Dollman st.street
Taussig, James, Mrs., 1109 Valle ave.avenue
52 The Elite Directory. TAU-THO
View original image: Page  0052
Taussig, John L., Mrs., 937 Hickory st.street
Taussig, John J., Mrs., 1708 Hickory st.street
Taussig, Joseph S., Mrs., 1519 Decatur st.street
Taussig, Julius, Mrs., 1312 Dillon st.street
Taussig, Morris, Mrs., 1009 Grattan st.street
Taylor, Angelique, Miss, 2920 Locust st.street
Taylor, Dan’l G., Mrs., 2920 Locust st.street
Taylor, Grace, Miss, 2920 Locust st.street
Taylor, Zoe, Miss, 2920 Locust st.street
Taylor, Annie, Miss, 2820 Olive st.street
Taylor, Kate, Miss, 2820 Olive st.street
Taylor, Ida, Miss, 1804 Lucas Place.
Taylor, Philip C., Mrs., 3111 Lucas ave.avenue
Taylor, Mortimer F., Mrs., 1746 McNair.
Taylor, Seneca N., Mrs., Cook ave.,avenue n.e.northeast cor.corner Jones.
Teasdale, Birdie, Miss, 1223 St. Ange ave.avenue
Teasdale, James, Mrs., 1223 St. Ange ave.avenue
Tennent, James, Mrs., 3016 St. Ange ave.avenue
Tennent, John H., Mrs., 3016 Lucas ave.avenue
Terill, Florence, Miss, 1529 Papin st.street
Terry, Jonn H., Mrs., 2728 Washington ave.avenue
Terry, John R., Mrs., 3310 Washington ave.avenue
Tetard, Adrien, Mrs., 2133 Market st.street
Tetard, Amelie, Miss, 2133 Market st.street
Tetard, Lucie C.Miss, 2133 Market st.street
Thatcher, Geo. W., Mrs., College View.
Thaw, Adelaide B., Miss, 3436 Washington ave.avenue
Thaw, Chas , C., Mrs., 3436 Washington ave.avenue
Thomas, George W., Mrs., 3637 Olive st.street
Thomas, Frank H., Mrs., 2618 Lafayette ave.avenue
Thomas, Ida, Miss, 1618 Washington ave.avenue
Thompson, Chas , A., Mrs., 2136 Eugenia st.street
Thompson, Della, Miss, 3224 Washington ave.avenue
Thompson, Geo. R., Mrs., 3002 Pine st.street
Thompson, Frank, Mrs., 1422 Olive st.street
Thompson, J. D., Mrs., 3224 Washington ave.avenue
Thompson, Jessie L., Mrs., 2708 Lucas ave.avenue
Thompson, Lillie, Miss, 3224 Washington ave.avenue
Thompson, Julia, Miss, 1906 Hickory st.street
Thompson, Macklot, Mrs., 3d st.street , near Lafayette,
Thompson, W. H., Mrs., 2633 Olive st.street
Thompson, Wm.William H., Mrs., 2649 Washington ave.avenue
Thomson, Almon D., Mrs., 1351 Garrison ave.avenue
The Elite Directory. 53 THO-TRE
View original image: Page  0053
Thorn, Charles H., Mrs., 1605 Chestnut st.street
Thornburgh, Jennie R., Miss, 3534 Washington ave.avenue
Thornburg, Josiah, Mrs., 3534 Washington ave.avenue
Thornburg, Robt., Mrs., 1525 Carr st.street
Thornburgh, Sallie L., Miss, 3534 Washington ave.avenue
Thornburg, William, Mrs., Beaumont Flats.
Thorpe, M. C., Mrs., 918 N.north 17th st.street
Throckmorton, Joseph, Mrs., 2913 Washington ave.avenue
Throckmorton, Josie, Miss, 2913 Washington ave.avenue
Throckmorton, Kate, Miss, 2913 Washington ave.avenue
Throckmorton, Therese, Miss, 2913 Washington ave.avenue
Thurmond, Jennie, Miss, 616 Beaumont st.street
Thurmond, Kate, Miss, 616 Beaumont st.street
Thurmond, Mary B., Miss, 616 Beaumont st.street
Ticknor, Myron, Mrs., 2820 Pine st.street
Tiernan, Mollie, Miss, 1619 Warren st.street
Tiernan, Nellie, Miss, 1619 Warren st.street
Tiffany, Dexter, Mrs., 1512 Washington ave.avenue
Tiffany, James K., Mrs., 3569 Chestnut st.street
Tillman, Miss, 1406 Decatur st.street
Tillman, Felicita, Mrs., 1406 Decatur st.street
Tillman, Charles L., Mrs., 1408 Decatur st.street
Timberlake, Ida B., Miss, 4th st.street , near Olive st.street ,
Timberlake, Mary, Miss, 4th st.street , near Olive st.street ,
Timberlake, Rebecca, Miss, 4th st.street , near Olive st.street ,
Tittman, Edward, Mrs., 900 S.Compton ave.avenue
Todd, Abbie, Miss, 1516 Olive st.street
Todd, Charles A., 1516 Olive st.street
Todd, Mary, Miss, 1516 Olive st.street
Todd, Albert, Mrs., 3212 Olive st.street
Todd, G. W., Mrs., 2710 Lucas ave.avenue
Todd, Washington, Mrs., 2129 Pine st.street
Tompkins, Caroline, Mrs., Kirkwood.
Toms, George W., Mrs., 2119 Eugenia st.street
Tower, Willie P., Miss, Compton Hill.
Tracey, Belle, Miss, 2629 Chestnut st.street
Tracey, Elise, Miss, 2629 Chestnut st.street
Tracey, John T., Mrs., Nicholson Place.
Trask, E., Mrs., 2708 Clark ave.avenue
Trask, Isaac H., Mrs., 2911 Franklin ave.avenue
Treadway, Miss, 1408 Pine st.street
54 The Elite Directory. TRE-VAN
View original image: Page  0054
Treadway, Mrs., 1408 Pine st.street
Treat, Samuel, Mrs., 1114 Pine st.street
Tredway, Dwight, Mrs., 1535 Lucas Place.
Trevor, Ida, Miss,1234 St. Ange ave.avenue
Trevor, Kate, Miss,1234 St. Ange ave.avenue
Trevor, Sallie, Miss,1234 9t. Ange ave.avenue
Trevor, Richard, Mrs., Clara st.street , near Keokuk st.street
Triplett, Lulu, Miss, 2123 Pine st.street
Triplett, John R., Mrs.2123 Pine st.street
Tschudi, James H., Mrs., 2333 Market st.street
Tschudi, Nellie, Miss, 922 S.14th st.street
Tuhoske, Herman, Mrs., 2623 Chestnut.
Tunniclitf, Ella, Miss, 1420 Clark ave.avenue
Tunnicliff, John, Mrs., 1420 Clark ave.avenue
Tunstall, R., Mrs., 3006 Locust st.street
Turner, Charles H., Mrs., 1600 Mississippi ave.avenue
Turner, Delphine, Miss, 706 Lucas Place.
Turner, Henry S., Mrs., 1706 Lucas Place.
Turner, Lattie, Miss1706 Lucas Place.
Turner, Nannie, Miss, 1706 Lucas Place
Turner, John W., Mrs., 2228 Chestnut st.street
Turner, Nellie, Miss, 21st and Eugenia sts.streets
Turner, Thomas T., Mrs., Normandy.
Tutt, Dent G., Mrs., 2918 Locust st.street
Tutt, Mary, Mrs., 2918 Locust st.street
Tutt, Thomas E., Mrs., 2307 Locust st.street
Tyler, Dr., Mrs., St. Charles rock road.
Tyler, Chas. H., Mrs., Barnum’s Hotel.
Tyler, Dixie. Miss., 2622 Chestnut st.street
Tyler, James , M., Mrs., 1203 Garrison ave.avenue
Tyler, Julia, Miss, 1203 Garrison ave.avenue
Tyler, Lou, Miss, St. Charles rock road.
Udell, Freeman, Mrs., 2934 Stoddard.
Udell, Spencer K., Mrs., 3049 Dickson.
Uhl, Nelly, Miss, 313 N.north 11th st.street
Ulrici, Rudolph W., Mrs., Lindell Hotel.
University Club ,1125 Washington ave.avenue
Utterback, J. T., Mrs., 3032 Locust st.street
Valle, Jessie, Miss, 2710 Washington ave.avenue
Valle, Jules, Mrs., 2710 Washington ave.avenue
Valle, Minnie, Miss, 2621 Morgan st.street
Van Blarcom, Jacob C.Mrs., 2340 Pine st.street
Vane, A., Mrs., 2328 Chestnut st.street
Van Studdiford, Henry, Mrs., 1623 Olive st.street
The Elite Directory. 55 VAN-WAL
View original image: Page  0055
Van Studdiford, Maggie, Miss,1623 Olive st.street
Van Wagoner, Garrett S., Mrs., 1129 Washington ave.avenue
Van Zant, Wm.William, Mrs., 707 Leffingwell ave.avenue
Vastine, Jo. P., Mrs., 3002 Locust st.street
Vasquez, Cora, Miss,1028 Ham st.street
Vimont, . John M., Mrs., 2915 Lucas ave.avenue
Vimont, Thomas J., Mrs., 2833 Morgan st.street
Vion, Julia, Miss,3542 Washington ave.avenue
Virdin, Bernard M., Mrs., 2226 Chestnut st.street
Virdin, HattieMiss.2037 Eugenia st.street
Virdin, James, Mrs., 2037 Eugenia st.street
Virdin, Letitia, Miss,2037 Eugenia st.street
Virdin, Josephine, Miss,2037 Eugenia st.street
Virden, Sam’l H., Mrs., 2207 Olive st.street
Voorhis, Lolo, Miss,1112 Madison st.street
Von Phul, Ben., Mrs., 2617 Pine st.street
Von Phul, Henry, Mrs.2617 Pine st.street
Von Phul, Fred, Mrs., St. Louis County.
Von Phul, Lessie, Miss,St. Louis County.
Von Phul, Phil., Mrs., 325 Montrose ave.avenue
Von Schraeder, Annie, Miss,1315 Garrison ave.avenue
Von Schraeder, Fred., Mrs., 1315 Garrison ave.avenue
Von Schraeder, Julia, Miss,1315 Garrison ave.avenue
Von Schraeder, Pinnie, Miss,1315 Garrison ave.avenue
Wade, Annie, Miss,3200 Lafayette ave.avenue
Wade, Robert B., Mrs., 3500 Morgan st.street
Wagner, David, Mrs., Planters’ House.
Wagner, William E., Mrs., 2925 Olive st.street
Wahl, Miss,s.e.southeast cor.corner Spring st.street and Grand ave.avenue
Waldren, B., Miss,1809 Morgan st.street
Waldren, Mollie, Miss,1809 Morgan st.street
Walker, A. C., Dr., Mrs., 2809 Washington ave.avenue
Walker, Ella C., Mrs., 2809 Washington ave.avenue
Walker, George S., Mrs., 2809 Washington ave.avenue
Walker, George, Mrs., 2619 Pine st.street
Walker, Abbie M., Miss,3416 Washington ave.avenue
Walker, Willie C., Mrs.3416 Washington ave.avenue
Walker, B. E., Mrs., 1629 Chestnut st.street
Walker, Lizzie, Miss,1629 Chestnut st.street
Walker, L. W., Miss,1629 Chestnut st.street
Walker, Benjamin, Mrs., 2802 Clark ave.avenue
Walker, David D., Mrs., 2710 Lucas ave.avenue
Walker, George, Mrs., 2619 Pine st.street
Wall, Annie, Miss,2810 Locust st.street
56 The Elite Directory. WAL-WEL
View original image: Page  0056
Wall, Mattie, Miss,113 S.16th, st.street
Wall, N., Mrs., 2702 Locust st.street
Wall, Natie, Miss,317 S.16th st.street
Wallace, Mrs., 2811 Dayton st.street
Wallace, Rush R, Mrs., 914 Locust st.street
Walsh, Edmond P., Mrs., 2309 Eugenia st.street
Walsh, Edward, Mrs., 2721 Pine st.street
Walsh, James B., Mrs., 1707 Grand ave.avenue
Walsh, John A., Mrs., 3628 Finney ave.avenue
Walsh, Julius, Mrs., 3018 Sheridan ave.avenue
Walsh, Thomas, Mrs., 3509 Olive st.street
Walton, Elverton S., Mrs., 2207 Eugenia st.street
Wandall, Florence, Miss,1219 N.north 17th st.street
Ward, Fannie. Miss,1610 Clark ave.avenue
Ward, Ella, Miss,1322 Pine st.street
Ward, James, Mrs., 1322 Pine st.street
Ward, Lillian, Miss,1322 Pine st.street
Ward, Mary, Miss,1322 Pine st.street
Ward, Lizzie Hoffman, Miss,Kirkwood.
Ware, Charles E., Mrs., Baden.
Warn, Libbie, Miss,2809 Morgan st.street
Warner, M. M., Mrs., 1510 Olive st.street
Wash, Miss,Ferguson Station.
Washington, Dr., Mrs., Independent Flats, Chest-
nut st.street
Waterloo, Stanley, Mrs., 2308 N.north 11th st.street
Waterman, . Henry D., Mrs., 3118 Morgan st.street
Waterman, Mary H., Miss,3118 Morgan st.street
Waterman, Julia, Miss,Union ave.avenue , near Olive st.street
Waters, Mrs., 3508 Chestnut st.street
Waters, W. H., Mrs., 2309 Locust st.street
Waterworth, James A., Mrs., 1214 Pine st.street
Watson, Sallie, Miss,2830 Easton ave.avenue
Wear, James H., Mrs., 3027 Morgan st.street
Weaver, F. M., Mrs . 2914 Dickson st.street
Weaver, Frank M., Mrs., 2834 Olive st.street
Webb, Annie, Miss,3528 Olive st.street
Webb, Mrs., Shaw ave.avenue , west of Grand ave.avenue
Webb, AnnieMiss,3523 Olive st.street
Webb, Wm.William, Dr., Mrs.3523 Olive st.street
Weber, Charles G., Mrs ,1032 Winter st.street
Webster, Benjamin F., Mrs., Fairview Station.
Wells, John G., Mrs., 2042 Washington ave.avenue
Wells, Hattie, Miss,2725, Olive st.street
The Elite Directory. 57 WEL-WIL
View original image: Page  0057
Wells, Rodney D., Mrs., s.e.southeast cor.corner 4th and Pine sts,
Carondelet .
Wells, Judge, Mrs., Beaumont Flats.
West, George W., Mrs., 1614 Pine st.street
West, Kate, Miss,1614 Pine st.street
Wetzell, Z. S., Mrs., 3707 Washington ave.avenue
Whedon, E. H., Mrs., 2926 Washington ave.avenue
White, Anna B., Miss,2207 Olive st.street
White, Mary B., Mrs., 2207 Olive st.street
White, Ethel, Miss,2622 Gamble ave.avenue
White, Mollie A., Miss,1024 Clay ave.avenue
White, Fannie, Miss,3226 Sheridan ave.avenue
White, Nellie, Miss,3226 Sheridan ave.avenue
White, T. Ewing, Mrs., 507 Ware ave.avenue
Whitehead, John B., Mrs,2d st., near Bates, Caron-
Whitelaw, George P., Mrs., 2027 Park ave.avenue
Whitelaw, Oscar L., Mrs., 3026 Morgan st.street
Whitelaw, Robert H., Mrs., 3234 Morgan st.street
Whitley, Annie A., 2803 Thomas st.street
Whitley,Evie A., Miss,2803 Thomas st.street
Whitman, Charles, Mrs., Beaumont Flats.
Whitney, Augustine, Miss,804 Olive st.street
Whitney, ViolaMiss,804 Olive st.street
Whittaker, Charles, Mrs., 2813 Lucas Place.
Whittaker, John, Mrs., 2813 Lucas ave.avenue
Whittemore, Robt. B., Mrs., 829 S.8th st.street
Whitthorne, Campbell, Mrs., 919 Garrison ave.avenue
Wickham, John, Mrs., 1712 Lucas Place.
Wickham, Blanche, Miss,1712 Lucas Place.
Wickham, Fannie, Miss,1712 Lucas Place.
Wickwise, Clara, Miss,Barnum’s Hotel.
Wickwise, Sue, Miss,Barnum’s Hotel.
Wilson, Lillian, Miss,27 S.16th st.street
Winchester, Charles J., Mrs., 2311 Eugenia st.street
Wise, Lotta, Miss,2007 Lucas ave.avenue
Wise, Jennie, Miss,2919 Laclede ave.avenue
Williams.Ben., Mrs., 2322 Walnut st.street
Williams, Henry W., Mrs., 4th st., near Elmwood st.,
Williamson, Charles K., Mrs., 3107 Lucas ave.avenue
Wilson, Ida, Miss,2619 Pine st.street
Wilson, Maggie, Miss,2919 Locust st.street
Wilson, Robert M., Mrs., 3244 Pine st.street
58 The Elite Directory. WIL-ZEI
View original image: Page  0058
Wilson, W. R. P., 2802 Thomas st.street
Wiseman, BelleMiss,3531 Chestnut st.street
Woerner, Lou, Miss,1007 S.7th st.street
Woerner, Mary, Miss,1007 S.7th st.street
Woerner, TillieMiss,2400 Jackson st.street
Wolcott, William V., Mrs., 2941 Lucas ave.avenue
Wolff, Marcus A., Mrs., Papin ave.avenue , near Claggett ave.avenue
Wonderly, Salile, Miss,1411 O’Fallon st.street
Wood, F. H., Mrs., 1222 Chestnut st.street
Wood, L. T., Mrs., 1506 Webster ave.avenue
Wood, K., Mrs., 2221 Lafayette ave.avenue
Wood, Susie, Miss,2221 Lafayette ave.avenue
Wood, Robert J., Mrs., Chestnut st.,street n.e.northeast cor.corner Ewingave.
Woodruff, Tillie, Miss,1349 Washington ave.avenue
Woods, T. W., Mrs., 2013 Morgan st.street
Woods, W. J., Mrs., Beaumont Flats.
Worst, CharlesMrs., St. Charles Rock Road.
Wright, Wyley, Mrs., 2937 Washington ave.avenue
Wyman, Charles, Mrs., 2949 Thomas st.street
Wyman, Edw., Mrs., 3637 Lindell ave.avenue
Wyman, Florence, Miss,3637 Lindell ave.avenue
Wyman, Frank, Mrs,2710 Olive st.street
Wyman, Henry P., Mrs., 3409 Pine st.street
Wyman, Rodney, Mrs., Barnum’s Hotel.
Xaupi, A., Miss,2337 Olive st.street
Xaupi, Edw. J., Mrs., 2337 Olive st.street
Young, William, Mrs., 2117 Pine st.street
Yellitch, Annie, Miss,1602 Pine st.street
Yellitch, Nellie, Miss,1602 Pine st.street
Zeigler, Theodore C., Mrs., 2824 Gamble st.street
View original image: Page  npn
Gentlemen’s list.
Abadie, Emile, 3335 Morgan st.street
Ackerson, A. S.218 N.north 2d st.street
Acton, E. A.16th and Morgan st.street
Adams, Benjamin S., 2645 Olive st.street
Adams, Frank, 1907 Rutger st.street
Adams, James W., 3507 Olive st.street
Adertoli, George S., 3516 Washington ave.avenue
Aderton, Joseph, 3516 Washington ave.avenue
Aderton, James V.3516 Washington ave.avenue
Aderton, Willie, 3516 Washington ave.avenue
Aglar, Frank, 2131 Market st.street
Alden, John T., 315 Spruce st.street
Alexander, C. M.1525 Pine st.street
Alexander, John G., 1021 Dillon st.street
Alexander, John H., Union ave.avenue
Alexander, John H.1023 Dillon st.street
Alexander, R. N., Cherokee ave.avenue , near California ave.avenue
Allen, C. C.3015 Locust st.street
Allen, Charles H.2645 Washington ave.avenue
Allen, Dan. D., 2645 Washington ave.avenue
Allen, Edw. T., Barnuin’s Hotel.
Allen, Gerard B., 2735 Chestnut st.street
Allen, Taylor, 2735 Chestnut st.street
Allen, J G.Jr.junior 2645 Washington ave.avenue
Allen, Lewis D., Jr.junior , 2919 Washington ave.avenue
Allen, L. S., 1904 Cnipton ave.avenue
Ames, Henry, Lindell Hotel.
Ames, William T., 3506 Olive st.street
60 The Elite Directory. AND-BLO
View original image: Page  0060
Anderson, James N., 3017 Easton ave.avenue
Anderson, W. H. H., Mercantile Library.
Anton, G. P., 310 N.north 5th st.street
Appleton, George D., Lindell Hotel.
Armstrong, H. D., Planters’ House.
Aull, James,Beaumont Flats.
Aull, Robert, Jr.junior , 3414 Washington ave.avenue
Avis, Charles W., 3512 Washington ave.avenue
Bacon, George D., Barnum’s Hotel.
Bagnell, William, cor Easton and Garrisoli aves.avenues
Bagot, Harry C.2316 N 11th st.street
Bailev, Henry V., 3010 Olive st.street
Baker, Samuel J., 2831 Washington ave.avenue
Barnes, William, 3526 Lindell ave.avenue
Barnes, W. S., Lindell Hotel.
Burnett, Benjamin, 2114 Gamble ave.avenue
Barnett, Marian, 1529 Pine st.street
Barnett, William , H., 1529 Pine st.street
Bartholow, Perryx, 916 Chouteau ave.avenue
Bartholow, Thomas , J., 916 Chouteau ave.avenue
Bates, Charles , F., 1012 Dollman st.street
Batte, Benjamin, 3408 Washington ave.avenue
Beach, Edward , N.2118 Chestnut st.street
Beach, Henry , O., 2118 Chestnut st.street
Beauvais, Lewis , K., Magnolia and Grand aves.avenues
Beck, George, Planters’ House.
Beck, J. S., 821 N.north 21st st.street
Behrens, Geo , F., 902 Hickory st.street
Behrens, Louis J., 902 Hickory st.street
Behrens, Wm.William L.902 Hickory st.street
Bell, Charles E., 3518 Lindell ave.avenue
Bell, Ernest P., 3623 Olive st.street
Bell, Leverett, 2826 Dayton st.street
Bell, Wm.William W., 3131 Chestnut st.street
Belvin, JohnMajor. Laclede Hotel.
Bemis, Frank M.1504 Pine st.street
Betts, George D., 1102 Morrison ave.avenue
Bissell, Sherrurd, Baden.
Blair, L. James, 2737 Chestnnt st.street
Blelock, G. M., 1011 Garrisoli ave.avenue
Block, Gorge M., 1703 Olive st.street
Blossom, E. D., 3000 Locust st.street
Blossom, R. N., 3000 Locust st.street
Blow, John G., 2635 Washington ave.avenue
The Elite Directory. 61 BLO-CAL
View original image: Page  0061
Blow, Taylor, 219 N.north 8th st.street
Bodley, E B., 1417 Olive st.street
Bodley, J. H.Kirkwood.
Boehmer, Harry, 829 N 4th st.street
Bogy, Alex., 3212 Clark ave.avenue
Bogy, Joseph A., 2828 Adams st.street
Boisliniere, L. C.Jr.junior 2303 Chestnut st.street
Bollman, O. H.1312 Chornean ave.avenue
Boilms, A. G., 1203 Monroe st.street
Bonner, W C., 1705 Wash st.street
Boogher, Charles N., 1600 Olive st.street
Bougher, Wm.William F.1600 Olive st.street
Booth, James W.3301 Morgan st.street
Bordley, C B.1305 Chouteau ave.avenue
Bosse, Alex., n.e.northeast cor.corner 15th and Gay sts.streets
Botherton, W. K. 1112 Madison st.street
Bonvier, Alfred, 2112 Eugenia st.street
Bouvier, Gabriel2112 Eugenia st.street
Bowen, Samuel, 518 West End Place.
Boyd, Jerome, Mound City Hotel. Broadway and N.north
Market st.street
Boyd, W. W.2810 Locust st.street
Bradshaw, Joseph. 29 S.4th st.street
Bridges, A. S., 2603 Glasgow ave.avenue
Britton, George F.Benton Place.
Brookings, Robert F.2809 Dayton st.street
Brown, Josh., Lingell Hotel.
Brown, J. D.2320 Walnutl st.street
Bryan, KennettKirkwood.
Bryani, Edwin W., n.w.northwest cor.corner 7th and Market
Brydon, George H.2804 Morgan st.street
Budd, H W.3434 Morgan st.street
Bull, Wm.William, 1116 St Ange ave.avenue
Bunzl, Victor, 1701 2d Carondelet ave.avenue , city.
Burd, William, 3407 Pine st.street
Buskctt, William C., Grand and Laelede aves.avenues
Bvers, Maj., Lindell Hotel.
Bvyne, JohnJr.junior , Villa Padua. Stringtown Road.
Cabell, Ashley506 Olive st.street
Cabell, Edward506 Olive st.street
Cabot, Dexter W., 2113 Pine st.street
Cabot, Harry H.2113 Pine st.street
Cain, PatrickPlanters’ House
Calhoun, George S., 1005 Pine st.street
62 The Elite Directory. CAL-CHA
View original image: Page  0062
Calhoun, Kittland, 2705 Lucas ave.avenue
Calhoum, Patrick2230 Gambile ave.avenue
Calif, Amos H.1109 St. Ange ave.avenue
Calif, Ben. H., 2800 Morgan st.street
Campbell, Hugh, Jr.junior , 1508 Lucas Place.
Campbell, . Joe., 1113 Pine st.street
Cantwell, Charles M., 2702 Lucas ave.avenue
Capelle, Eugene M., 620 Garrison ave.avenue
Carleton, Murray. 1600 Olive st.street
Carpenter, MarionLindell ave.avenue , west of Grand ave.avenue
Carr, Childs2735 Chestnut st.street
Carr, Dabnev, 1900 Wash st.street
Carr, Walter C2228 Gamble.
Carson, Henry, 1708 Hickory st.street
Carson, James O., Jr.junior , 2922 Washington ave.avenue
Carson, N. B., Jr.junior , 2922 Washington ave.avenue
Carson, N. B., 102 S.4th st.street
Cartan, Laurence. 1618 Pine st.street
Carter, Sbreve J., 317 N.north 2d st.street
Case, T. C., 3507 Lindell ave.avenue
Casey, John, Miami ave.avenue near, Missouri ave.avenue
Casey, Jules A., Miami ave.avenue , near, Missouri ave.avenue
Casey, Thomas F., Miami ave.avenue , near, Missouri ave.avenue
Castlemau, George A., 3242 Olive st.street
Catlin, Daniel, Jr.junior , 2635 Olive st.street
Catlin, Ephron I., 2016 Olive st.street
Catlin, Theron, 2016 Olive st.street
Cavender, John H.Benton Place, above Park Place.
Chadbourne, Gideon W., 2712 Dayton st.street
Chadbourne, William K., 2712 Dayton st.street
Chamberlain, E. H.1819 Washington ave.avenue
Chamberlain, . William F., 1819 Washington ave.avenue
Chapman, Alfred. 1633 Washington ave.avenue
Chapman, George , J., 1109 Washington ave.avenue
Chapman, Nelson C., 2734 Locust st.street
Chapman, Xewlin. 1633 Washington ave.avenue
Charles, F., J. Barnum’s Hotel.
Chartrand, George M., 1624 Clark ave.avenue
Chase, Clinton, Carondelet Road, near Itasca.
Chassaing, J. H., Hotel Belvidere.
Chatard, Ferd. H., 1416 Pine st.street
Chatard, Fred , J., 1416 Pine st.street
Chauvenet, Louis, 2703 Lucas Place.
Chauvenet, Regis. 2703 Lucas Place.
The Elite Directory. 63 CHI-COR
View original image: Page  0063
Chick, Henry,King’s Highway, near Olive st.street
Chick, Washington H., King’s Highway, near Olive st.street
Chouteau, Amedee B., 1722 Washington ave.avenue
Chouteau, Asby S. A., 3556 Lindell ave.avenue
Chouteau, August F., 1022 S.8th st.street
Chouteau, August, 1523 Lucas Place.
Chouteau, Pierre, Main, near Adams st.street , Carondelet.
Chouteau, Sylvester, 925 Amelia ave.avenue
Church, H. B., 1011 Garrison ave.avenue
Claflin, Charles A., 2911 Bell st.street
Clautice, B. F., n.e.northeast cor.corner 17th and Chestnut sts.streets
Clark, Jefferson C., 3507 Lindell ave.avenue
Clark, Robert, Jr.junior , 3006 Locust st.street
Clark, S. J., 1703 Olive st.street
Clark, William O., 2643 Washington ave.avenue
Clarkson, David Baldwin, St. Louis County.
Clayton, W. R., 1429 Pine st.street
Clegg, John, Mercantile Library Building.
Clemens, Alexander, 1220 Second Carondelet ave.avenue
Clemens, Bryan, Cass ave.avenue , near 21st st.street
Clemens, James, Jr.junior , Cass ave.avenue , near 21st st.street
Clement, Harry S., Lindell Hotel.
Clendenin, Kerr, 3329 Pine st.street
Cline, Fred’k A., 840 S.8th st.street
Cobbell, Ashley, 506 Olive st.street
Cochrane, Charles W., Windsor Flats.
Cole, Amedee B., 1728 Lucas Place.
Cole, George G., Lindell Hotel.
Collins, Charles L., 3528 Lindell ave.avenue
Collins, Monroe, Jr.junior , 3528 Lindell ave.avenue
Collins, M. R., 3528 Lindell ave.avenue
Collins, John Bates.3547 Pine st.street
Colman, Chalmer, 600 Olive st.street
Colville, David F., 2308 Eugenia st.street
Comstock, Freeman J., Lafayette and Arkansas aves.avenues
Conn, Harry D., 2931 Olive st.street
Conn, Wm.William A., 2931 Olive st.street
Conway, J. A., Park Flats, 12th and Olive sts.streets
Conway, J. T., St. Nicholas Hotel.
Cook, J. R., 2617 Pine st.street
Cook, Wm.William H., Lindell Hotel.
Corbet, George O., 3514 Chestnut st.street
Corbet, Wallace, 3514 Chestnut st.street
Corney, W. E., 2116 Wash st.street
64 The Elite Directory. COS-DIC
View original image: Page  0064
Coste, Paul S., 1004 St. Ange ave.avenue
Couzins, J. E., 2647 Washington ave.avenue
Cowen, Edmund R., 1317 Morton st.street
Cowen, Frank, 1317 Morton st.street
Crafton, Joe T., 2119 Eugenia st.street
Craig, A. W., 2208 Carr st.street
Crane, Arba N., Garrison, cor.corner Easton aves.avenues
Crawford, Dugald, 2801 Thomas st.street
Crawford, Hugh A., 1526 Olive st.street
Crawford, Lester, 3504 Olive st.street
Crawford, Wm.William H., Lindell Hotel.
Cronin, H. P., Garrison and Easton aves.avenues
Crossin, James, 1406 Pine st.street
Crouch, Wm.William, Barnum’s Hotel.
Crow, Wayman, Jr.junior , 603 Garrison ave.avenue
Crunden, Frank P., 1419 Chouteau ave.avenue
Grunden, Fred , M., 1419 Chouteau ave.avenue
Cummiskey, James, 1611 Chestnut st.street
Cimuingham, Henry A., Beaumont Flats.
Cunningham, Chas., 626 Beaumont st.street
Cunningham, A. D., 626 Beaumont st.street
Curtis, W. J., Barnum’s Hotel.
Dallmer, A. T., 1829 S.7th st.street
Dameron, Ed. C.1705 Washington ave.avenue
Darby, Walter, 2231 Pine st.street
Davenport, Benj. L., Windsor Flats.
Davis, A. C., 3501 Chestnut st.street
Davis, C. M., 3501 Chestnut st.street
Davis, H. C., 3501 Chestnut st.street
Davis, Ray, 3504 Chestnut st.street
Day, F. P., 2737 Locust st.street
Day, Melville C., Lindell Hotel.
De Forest, Major, Barnum’s Hotel.
De Friez, Harry, 1624 Pine st.street
Dell, John, 211 S.15th st.street
Denison, H. H., 2007 California ave.avenue
De Pombiray, Joseph D., 1335 La Salle st.street
Desloge, Frank, Benton Place, near Park ave.avenue
Desloge, John, Benton Place.
Dexter, F. H., 1314 Olive st.street
Dickinson, D. L., Barnum’s Hotel.
Dickson, Chas , K., Jr.junior , 3124 Washington ave.avenue
Dickson, John M., 3124 Washington ave.avenue
Dickson, Martin T., 3424 Washington ave.avenue
The Elite Directory. 65 DIA-ERS
View original image: Page  0065
Diarkes, Bernard, 1718 S.10th st.street
Doan, Thomas , C.2309 Olive st.street
Dodd, Mark D., 2311 Locust st.street
Dodd, S. M., 2311 Locad st.street
Dodge, F. H.1314 Olive st.street
Dodge, Wm.William, 2329 Market st.street
Donaldson, Alex , G., 1321 La Salle st.street
Donaldson, Andrew R., 1321 La Salle st.street
Donovan, Douglas3514 Olive st.street
Doph, W. H., 1402 Olive st.street
Dormitzer, Rudolph, 1701 2d Carondelet, city.
Dorsey, F. A., 2722 Bernard st.street
Douglass, E. L., 2308 Eugenia st.street
Dozier, Louis D., 3127 School st.street
Drey, Adolph, 2632 Chestnut st.street
Dryden, Gordon R., 1112 Madison st.street
Dryden, J. N., 1112 Madison st.street
Dryden, W. C.1112 Madison st.street
Dryden, John W., 2828 Morgan st.street
Duke, Henry B., 2327 Olive st.street
Duke, James C.2327 Olive st.street
Dumars, F. P., 1113 Locust st.street
Dumars, Horace, 1113 Locust st.street
Dunham, F. J., 2631 Pine st.street
Dunkin, Frank A., Lindell Hotel.
Easton, Archibald G., 3154 Easton ave.avenue
Ebert, E. B., Beaumont Flats.
Edgar, Timothy B., 1326 Chouteau ave.avenue
Edgell, George S., 3015 Lucas ave.avenue
Edgerton, George M., Lindell Hotel.
Edmond, H. L., 1305 Fine st.street
Edwards, David, 2628 Chestnut st.street
Edward, Louis, 2628 Chestnut st.street
Edwards, William H.2628 Chestnut st.street
Edwards, Frank W., 3204 Chestnut st.street
Edwards, J. F., 3020 Olive st.street
Edwards, Nelson G.3214 Chestnut st.street
Elder, Basil J., Jr.junior , 1028 Clay ave.avenue
Enders, William , Col, Barnum’s Hotel.
Endres, George F., 927 Autumn st.street
Engels, Frank W., 1112 Brooklyn st.street
Ennis, George, 1306 Clark ave.avenue
Ennis, Thomas A.1306 Clark ave.avenue
Erskine, Floyd, 3025 Locust st.street
66 The Elite Directory. ERS-FOR
View original image: Page  0066
Erskine, Frank, 3025 Locust st.street
Erskine, Green, 3025 Locust st.street
Erskine, Green, Jr.junior , 3025 Locust st.street
Espenschied, Fred. F., Jr.junior , 813 Hempstead st.street
Etzel, Charles, 1337 Hickory st.street
Evers, Edward, 1737 N.north Market st.street
Ewald, Philip, Jr.junior , 1319 Chouteau ave.avenue
Ewing, William L., California, near Miami ave.avenue
Fabian, Fred. , J., 1107 Dillon st.street
Fabian, Werner, 1107 Dillon st.street
Farrar, C. F., 2733 Chestnut st.street
Farrar, John O’F., 2733 Chestnut st.street
Farrar, William C., 2733 Chestnut st.street
Farrell, J. T., 821 Barlow st.street
Faulkner, Charles W., 3223 Locust st.street
Fenby, Charles, 3026 Chestnut st.street
Fenby, Joseph3026 Chestnut st.street
Fenby, Richard. 3026 Chesnut st.street
Fenby, Samuel J., 3026, chestnut st.street
Fenby, George, 2810 Locust st.street
Fenby, Samuel G., 2810 Locust st.street
Ferguson, H. L.1607 Hickory st.street
Ferris, D. R., 109 N.north 13th st.street
Ferris, Franklin, 218 N.north 4th st.street
Field, Charles P., 2903 Olive st.street
Field, Edw. P., 2903 Olive st.street
Filley, Aug., 1614 Olive st.street
Filley, Christopher G., 1527 Lucas Place.
Filley, Giles, 1527 Lucas Place.
Filley, Robert E., 1527 Lucas Place.
Filley, Henry M., 2201 Lucas Place.
Filley, John D., 2201 Lucas Place.
Filley, Oliver B., 2201 Lucas Place.
Firth, John E., 1512 Walnut st.street
Fishback, Louis, Kirkwood.
Fisher, Francis, Laclede Hotel.
Fisher, George D., Laclede Hotel.
Fisher, Jerry, Laclede Hotel.
Flesh, Mathew, 1119 Dolman st.street
Fletcher, Edward, 3 Minnesota ave.avenue
Follett, Charles E., Lindell Hotel.
Follett, Frank, Lindell Hotel.
Forbes, IsaiahJr.junior , 2726 Olive st.street
Foreman, James A., Plauters’ House.
The Elite Directory. 67 FOS-GOO
View original image: Page  0067
Foster, R. M., Temple Building.
Foster, R. W., Lindell Hotel.
Foster, T. Saunders, Lindell Hotel.
Fowle, Charles A., 2908 Pine st.street
Fowler, Frank, n.w.northwest cor.corner Grand and Park aves.avenues
Frank, William J., 902 Morgan st.street
French, H. F., 3204 Chestnut st.street
Frost, John, 1811 Wash st.street
Frost, Wm.William, Lindell Hotel.
Fulton, Sam. H.Lindell Hotel.
Fulton, S. H.Beaumont Flats.
Fulton, S. S., Major, 2315 Chestnut st.street
Funktionier, Millard, 1515 Spruce st.street
Finkhouser, Robt. M., 1515 Spruce st.street
Funsten, Johnson J., 2746 Lafayeette ave.avenue
Furlong, Thomas J., 1326 Olive st.street
Garesche, Henry , M. D., Insane Asylum.
Garesche, E. A. B., Windsor Flats. 13th and Wash-
ington ave.avenue
Garland, James, 1023 N.north Compton ave.avenue
Garneau, James, 1612 Washington ave.avenue
Garnes, James H.920 Webster st.street
Garrison, C. K.3019 Bell st.street
Garvey, Richard, 1245, Dollman st.street
Gauss, Chas , F., California, near Park ave.avenue
Gaylord, Henry N.2358 Chestnut st.street
Gaylord, Clarence, 209 N.north 14th st.street
George, T. , Fisk, 2626 Lafayette ave.avenue
Gibson, Victor, Lafayette ave.,avenue s.w.southwest cor.corner McNair.
Gilkeson, James N., 3035 Dickson st.street
Gilkeson, John M.Lindell Hotel.
Glaser, Adolph, 1111 S.13th st.street
Glaser, Joseph, 1111 S.13th st.street
Glaser, Morris, 1111 S.13th st.street
Glasgow, Allen, 3016 Glasgow Place.
Glasgow, Frank A., 3016 Glasgow Place.
Glover, J. A., 2800 Gamble st.street
Glover, John , M., 2904 Gamble st.street
Glover, J. M.Beaumont Flats.
Goldbeck, Robert, 1123 Pine st.street
Good, John, 2818 Clark ave.avenue
Goode, Robt. W., 208 Pine st.street
68 The Elite Directory. GOO-HAR
View original image: Page  0068
Goodwin, Wm.William H., 2634 Olive st.street
Goodin, Robt. A., 2228 Papin st.street
Gooding, Oliver P., 115 S.5th st.street
Goodson, Frank, 1703 Olive st.street
Gore, Charles, 2204 Olive st.street
Gore, Stephen , D.2204 Olive st.street
Graham, B. B., 2615 Pine st.street
Graham, H. B., 2615 Pine st.street
Grant, B. T., 2113 Walnut st.street
Grant, B. T., 2631 Locust st.street
Grant, Sam’l S., 2113 Walnut st.street
Grant, Solon C.2113 Walnut st.street
Grant, Wm.William H., 2113 Walnut st.street
Gray, Benj. F., 3118 Chestnut st.street
Gray, Olin, 3118 Chestnut st.street
Gray, Wm.William E., 3118 Chestnut st.street
Greeley, Chas. B., 1535 Lucas Place.
Gregg, F. T., 1314 Olive st.street
Gregg, Irwin J., Col. U. S. A., St. Louis Barracks.
Gregg, Norris B., 2639 Pine st.street
Gregg, Wm.William H., 2639 Pine st.street
Gregory, Chas. R., Lindlell Hotel.
Gregory, Clay, 1108 Locust st.street
Gregory, L., Dr., 710 Olive st.street
Griffin, Gerald, 512 Pine st.street
Griffith, Wm.William F., 2835 Lucas ave.avenue
Grimes, E. B., Major Quartermaster U. S. A., 206 S.
4th st.street
Grimsley, John J., 303 S.4th st.street
Grindon, Joseph, 2127 Market st.street
Griswold, Joseph L., Lindell Hotel.
Guion, A. W., 816 Barlow st.street
Hagan, Mr., 3244 Olive st.street
Hale, R. S., Lindell Hotel.
Haliday, Frank, Planters’ House.
Hall, Otis Orlando, 1012 Olive st.street
Hamilton, Alex., Jr.junior , 1308 Clark ave.avenue
Hanenkamp, George W., 3009 Easton ave.avenue
Hanenkamp, R. P., Jr.junior , 3009 Easton ave.avenue
Harding, G. R., 3554 Lindell ave.avenue
Harding, R. E., Jr.junior , 3554 Lindell ave.avenue
Hargadine, A. McC., 1416 Washington ave.avenue
Harklerodes, John G., 2116 N.north 10th st.street
Harkness, Tom L., 18 N.north Compton ave.avenue
The Elite Directory. 69 HAR-HOM
View original image: Page  0069
Harney, Wm.William F., 1426 Lucas Place.
Harper, . J. G., 1605 Washington ave.avenue
Harris, J. A., 920 N.north 17th st.street
Harris, . Joe R.,Planters’ House.
Harris, . L. G., Lafayette Park Flats.
Hart, A. B., 1418 Lucas Place.
Hart, H. Clay. 2603 Olive st.street
Hart, H. W., 1437 Decatur st.street
Hart, Nat G., 2603 Olive st.street
Hartnett, George N., 2909 Washington ave.avenue
Haydel, Edward,Villa Padua. Strmgtown rd.road
Haydel, Francis L., Villa Padua. Strinsjtown rd.road
Haynes, L. C.3016 Pine st.street
Hays, Chas , M., 3026 Locust st.street
Hays, David H., 3026 Locust st.street
Hayward, . Harry E.,1833 Wash st.street
Hayward, Louis J., 1833 Wash st.street
Hazard, Nat., 2643 Olive st.street
Hazard, Wm.William T., Woodlawn.
Hazard, Wm.William T., Jr.junior , Woodlawn.
Hazeltine, . Wm.William B.,Jr.junior , 2731 Pine st.street
Heath, Stephen. Windsor Flats. 13th and Washing-
ton ave.avenue
Helmick, Thomas.1732 Lucas ave.avenue
Heman, Theo. W., 210 N.north 8th st.street
Hickman, Frank M., Kirkwood.
Higgins, Richard D., 1619 Chestnut st.street
Hill, Ewing, 1827 Olive st.street
Hind, T. T., 3116 Morgan st.street
Hirschberg, L. E., 2947 Dayton st.street
Hoeber, Adolph. 1121 St. Ange ave.avenue
Hodgman, Chas., Kirkwood.
Hoffman, Sam. E., Lindell Hotel.
Hofman, Charles. Jr.junior , 1302 Dillon st.street
Holland, Charles H.2116 Gamble ave.avenue
Holliday, Joe H.3252 Olive st.street
Holliday, Samuel N., 3252 Olive st.street
Holliday, T. M., 3252 Olive st.street
Holliday, W. E., 3252 Olive st.street
Hollmann, Sydney. 1233 N.north 21st st.street
Holmes, Nat., 223 Chestnut st.street
Holmes,Sam., 223 Chestnut st.street
Holt, Warner, 1417 Olive st.street
Homan, George, 1401 Olive st.street
70 The Elite Directory. HOO-JON
View original image: Page  0070
Hood, Abner, 2224 S.Spring st.street
Hooton, . David, 3008 Locust st.street
Hopkins, . Warner N., 409 Pine st.street
Horan, John F., 1311 Linden st.street
Horner, E., 1111 Washington ave.avenue
Horner, W. A., 1111 Washington ave.avenue
Hornsby, . Louis. 4th, near Nebraska st.street , Carondelet.
Horton, Wm., Lindell ave.avenue , west of Grand.
Hough, Chas. F., Dr., 2227 Olive st.street
Hough, Chas., Kirkwood.
Hough, . Harry, Kirkwood.
Houston, Stafford S., 2322 Walnut st.street
Howard, Edward. 3036 Washington ave.avenue
Hoy, John K., 600 Olive st.street
Hoyle, Henrv. 1332 Chouteau ave.avenue
Hubbard, George T., 2102 Olive st.street
Hudson, B. F., Park Hotel.
Hull, Wm.William J., 701 Washington ave.avenue
Humes,Chas. T., 21 S.16th st,
Humes, Ralph W.,21 S.16th st.street
Hangerford, A. F., 1314 Olive st.street
Hunt, John A., 2816 Stoddard st.street
Huntington, Thos., Jr.junior , 3202 Olive st.street
Hutchinson, Randolph H.,2929 Locust st.street
Hyde, Albert J., Lindell Hotel.
Hynes, George W., 2001 Chestnut st.street
Iglehart, Frank T., 3144 Locust st.street
Ingalls, I. O. Wm., 1613 Pine st.street
Isaacs, Chas. W., 2714 Olive st.street
Isaacs, Frank. 2714 Olive st.street
Isaacs, Henry G., 2714 Olive st.street
Ives, H. C., Prof., 1422 Olive st.street ,
Jaccard, Eugene, 1122 st.street Ange ave.avenue
Jamison, Wm.William C.2601 Chestnut st.street
Jamison, Dorsev A., 2601 Chestnut st.street
Jamison, Samuel. 2601 Chestnut st.street
Jenkins, Hunter B., Evans ave.avenue , near Spring st.street
Jewett, Elliot C., 2916 Morgan st.street
Johnson, C. T., Lindell Hotel.
Johnson, Edward B., 1309 Washington ave.avenue
Johnson, F. A., Hon., Barnum’s Hotel.
Johnson, James. 2131 Lucas Place.
Johnson, Walter. 1309 Washington ave.avenue
Jones, R. S., 2208 Clark ave.avenue
The Elite Directory. 71 JON-KRE
View original image: Page  0071
Jones, Charles. 3113 Lucas ave.avenue
Jones, E. D., 1119 N.north Market st.street
Jones, . Horatio M., Lindell Hotel.
Jones, Louis, 2924 Pine st.street
Judlin, . Frank. 3431 Wash st.street
Judson, . Fred. N., 2201 Park ave.avenue
Karst, Jerome. 2210 Morgan st.street
Kausel, Edmund, 1215 N.north 17th st.street
Kearney, . Stephen, 2631 Olive st.street
Keeler, . D. J., 1922 Morgan st.street
Keleher, . P. F., 2915 Franklin ave.avenue
Keller, . Eugene. 1922 Morgan st.street
Kendall, W. A., 1609 Olive st.street
Kendrick, . Charles A., 2129 Walnut st.street
Kendrick, Crawford M., 2129 Walnut st.street
Kendrick, Jonathan G., 2129 Walnut st.street
Kendrick, Justin S., 2708 Gamble ave.avenue
Kennard, . Thomas, 701 Locust st.street
Kennedy, . Samuel G., 2332 Chestnut st.street
Kennet, Luther M., 2835 Pine st.street
Kent,Henry T., 1609 Washington ave.avenue
Kern, Robert H., 108 N.north 4th st.street
Kerr, George W., 3329 Pine st.street
Kerr, Sprague W., 2124 Cass ave.avenue
Kershaw, Harry W., 2104 N.north 11th st.street
Kershaw, J. Martin. 1502 Washington ave.avenue
Kiely, P. M., 1237 N.north 17th st.street
Kilpatrick, . Claude, 9th and Chestnut sts.streets
Kimball, . James G., 101 S.15th st.street
Kimbrough, F. P., 2730 Morgan st.street
King, Goodman. Lindell Hotel.
King, John W., 2624 Washington ave.avenue
King, . Robert D., 2624 Washington ave.avenue
Kingsland, . Philip S., 2603 Olive st.street
Kirchner, William H.1933 Benton st.street
Knapp, . Harvey G., 818 Gratiot st.street
Knapp, . Leigh O., 2732 Pine st.street
Knapp, John. Jr.junior , 2732 Pine st.street
Knapp, Sheppard. 818 Gratiot st.street
Knox, Isaac H., Lindell Hotel.
Kretschmar, . Charles L., 3307 Morgan st.street
Kretschmar, Fred., 3307 Morgan st.street
Kretschmar, . Herman. 3307 Morgan st.street
Kretschmar, . Howard. 3307 Morgan st.street
72 The Elite Directory. KRI-LEW
View original image: Page  0072
Krieger, J. B., 815 Garrison ave.avenue
Kundert, Caspar. Sldnev and 7th sts.streets
Lackland, Wm.William H.208 Pine st.street
Lackland, Kulus, Jr.junior , 1623 Lucas Place.
Ladd, Wm.William M., Laclede Hotel.
La Motte, Charles C.3546 Washington ave.avenue
La Motte, Joseph H.3546 Washington ave.avenue
Lancaster,Richard, Jr.junior , 1133 N.north Compton ave.avenue
Landcettell,L. X., 718 Broadway.
Lane, Nat. T., Baker ave.avenue , west of Grand ave.avenue
Larimore, Ciay. 1101 Chouteau ave.avenue
Larimore, Nerrell G., 1101 Chouteau ave.avenue
Larimore, Walter L., 1101 Chouteau ave.avenue
Larkin, Edward H.1600 Lucas Place.
Larkin, Thos. H.1600 Lucas Place.
Lathrop, Jos., Jr.junior , 1522 Olive st.street
Lathrop, Wm.William A., 1522 Olive st.street
Laude, Pierre H.1927 Papin st.street
Leavy, Charles H., 1806 Olive st.street
Le Beau, Francis. 3211 Locust st.street
Le Beau, Lewis A.,2209 Market st.street
Le Beau, Sylvester, 3211 Locust st.street
Le Bougeon, Louis, Beaumont Flats.
Le Bourgevis, Charles. 2635 Olive st.street
Lee, Arthur, 2117 Olive st.street
Lee, John, 2117 Olive st.street
Lee, John F., Jr.junior , 318 Chestnut st.street
Lettingwell, Charles H.Kirkwood.
Letlingwell, John B., Kirkwood.
Lemoine, A. X., 1422 Washington ave.avenue
Lemoine, Ashton. 1022 Washington ave.avenue
Lemoine, Edward. Jr.junior , 1022 Washington ave.avenue
Lemoine, J. B. S., 1422 Washington ave.avenue
Lemoine,Louis A., 1622 Washington ave.avenue
Lemoine, Paul K., 1622 Washington ave.avenue
Lemoine, John E., s.e.southeast cor.corner 16th and Washington ave.avenue
Leonard, Frank, 3507 Lindeli ave.avenue
Levison, S., Lindell Hotel.
Lewis, Benjamin W., Jr.junior , 2630 Pine st.street
Lewis, John A., Glencoe, St. Louis County.
Lewis, G. W., 2902 Washington ave.avenue
Lewis, Harry, 2902 Washington ave.avenue
Lewis, Paca N., 2909 Franklin ave.avenue
Lewis, Walter F., 3105 Pine st.street
The Elite Directory. 73 LIN-McD
View original image: Page  0073
Lindenschmidt, C., 2808 Olive st.street
Lindsey, Andrew J., 3542 Washington ave.avenue
Lindsley, J. T., 2931 Sheridan ave.avenue
Lightner, Frank, 1637 Washington ave.avenue
Linton, Frank, College ave.avenue , near O’Fallon.
Linton, Ben., College ave.avenue , near O’Fallon.
Lionberger, Isaac H., 1601 Olive st.street
Little, Wm.William C., Lindell Hotel.
Litton, Charles M., 2220 Eugenia st.street
Livermore, Emery, 2712 Stoddard ave.avenue
Livermore, Heber, 1215 Washington ave.avenue
Lockwood, Archie H., St. Louis County.
Lockwood, George, Webster Grove.
Lockwood, George R., 2731 Chestnut st.street
Lockwood, James T., 2731 Chestnut st.street
Loker, George H., Jr.junior , 2806 Locust st.street
Loker, Harry, 2806 Locust st.street
Loker, William N., 2312 Scott ave.avenue
Long, John F., 2127 Olive st.street
Long, John H., 3523 Olive st.street
Long, William S., 3523 Olive st.street
Longfellow, Stephen, 907 Glasgow ave.avenue
Loring, Charles A., 413 Chestnut st.street
Louderman,James S., 1310 Chouteau ave.avenue
Lucas, Charles, 1515 Lucas Place.
Lucas, Henry V., 1515 Lucas Place.
Lucas, Joe. D., 1515 Lucas Place
Lucas, John B. C., 1515 Lucas Place.
Ludlam, Charles F., 2811 Laclede ave.avenue
Luke, Robert A., 3026 Easton ave.avenue
McAllister, Andrew, 1125 St. Ange ave.avenue
McCabe, Anthony, 2813 Locust st.street
McCabe, Frank X., 2813 Locust st.street
McCartney, Sam., 105 S.16th st.street
McClellan, George, 2644 Olive st.street
McClelland, John, Beaumont Flats.
McCreery, William, 2601 Pine st.street
McCormack, Ed. A., 711 N.north 19th st.street
McDonald, Angus, 3421 Olive st.street
McDonald, Edward C., 3421 Olive st.street
McDonald, John, 1901 Morgan st.street
McDonald, Singleton3421 Olive st.street
McDowell, John B., 3518 Lindell ave.avenue
McDowell, J. H., 1619 Washington ave.avenue
74 The Elite Directory. McF-MEN
View original image: Page  0074
McFall, John, Jr.junior , 2323 Carr st.street
McGuffin, James B., 2630 Solomon ave.avenue , St. Louis
McGunnegle, Edward.1627 Chestnut st.street
McKittrick, . Addison. Mis., 2621 Chestnut st.street
McLaren, Chas. J., 1628 Lucas Hare.
McLelland, J. W., Barnum’s Hotel.
McManns, Frank. 1417 Olive st.street
McMurtlev, . John W., 1600 Olive st.street
McXair,, Henry C.1704 Chestnut st.street
McXair, . Leo G., 1704 Chesinut st.street
McXair, John, 1704 Chestnut st.street
McRee, Fergus, 1621 Chestnut st.street
MacDonald, Charle , W . 3005 Olive st.street
Mafflt, Charles C., n.e.northeast cor.corner 18th and Lucas Place.
Maftit, Wm.William ,C., n.e.northeast cor.corner l8th and Lucas Place.
Magnus, Otto, 1619 Washington ave.avenue
Magorlin, John, Dr., Planters’ House.
Maguire, James H.e. s.east side Benton Place, second house
north of Park ave.avenue
Maguire, John, Lindell ave.avenue , near Cabaline ave.avenue
Maquire, Wm.William A., e. s.east side Benton Place, second house
north of Park ave.avenue
Mahler, Jacob, 1007 Locust st.street
Mahler, John, 1007 Locust st.street
Manuaduke, John S., Gen.,113 S.5th st.street
Marqua, George, 1433 Gay st.street
Martin, Joseph E., 1512 Walnut st.street
Martindale, . J. H.2308 Chestnut St.
Marvin, Fielding, 2719 Lucas ave.avenue
Mason, Wm.William H.1303 Grattan st.street
Mathews, Dr., 1300 Washington ave.avenue
Maurice, Wm.William H., Park ave.avenue , bet, Missouri and Arm-
srtong aves.avenues
Maurice, Wm.William T., Park ave.avenue , bet, Missouri and Arm-
strong aves.avenues
May, Harry, 2932 Olive st.street
Maxwell, Walter H., 1021 N.north Compton ave.avenue
Meacham, E. C., Lindell Hotel.
Mead, S. H., Baruum’s Hotel
Mellier, Auiedee A., 2602 Pine st.street
Mellier,, Duncan L., 2602 Pine st.street
Mellon, Jefferson L., Washington ave.avenue Hotel.
Mence, George W., Planters’ House.
The Elite Directory. 75 MEN-MUE
View original image: Page  0075
Mendel, H. A., 2608 Wash st.street
Menkens, E. T.,3413 Chestnut st.street
Menkens, Herman P., 3413 Chestnut st.street
Mermod, Arthur A., Kirkwood.
Merrick, H. H., 2700 Olive st.street
Metcalfe, A. B., 1100 N.north Park Place.
Metcalfe, Lvne S., Jr.junior , 1100 N.north Park Place.
Meyer, Charles F., 1832 Lafayette ave.avenue
Meyer, Herman A., 1832 Lafayette ave.avenue
Meyer, Chas. W., 1832 Lafayette ave.avenue
Meyers, Levi. 105 N.north 10th st.street
Meysenbury, Edward A., 3017 Glasgow Place.
Meysenberg, Emile A.2213 Eugenia st.street
Meysenberg, Theo. A., 2213 Eugenia st.street
Milburn, James. Jr.junior , 3036 Sheridan ave.avenue
Milentz, Oscar. 3419 Carondelet ave.avenue
Miltenberger, Antliony R.Jr.junior , 3412 Washington ave.avenue
Miltenberger, Frank R.3412 Washington ave.avenue
Miltenberger, Charles. Kansas ave.avenue , near Osceola st.street
, Carondelet.
Miltenberger, Chas. A.,3412 Washington ave.avenue
Miltenberger, Geo. B., 3412 Washington ave.avenue
Miltenberger, Henry B.3412 Washington ave.avenue
Miltenberger, Joseph C.3112 Washington ave.avenue
Miltenberger, Manslield B.3112 Washington ave.avenue
Miltenberger, Tony, 3412 Washington ave.avenue
Minnigerod, Charles. Jr.junior , 1100 Autumn st.street
Mitchell, Randolph. 2908 Olive st.street
Montgomery, Edward C.1316 Olive st.street
Montgomery, Tames W., 1316 Washington ave.avenue
Montgomery, Robt. A., 1316 Washington ave.avenue
Mordaunt, Frank D., 1701 Washington ave.avenue
More, Anson E., .Jr.junior , 3113 Washington ave.avenue
More, Edward A., 3035 Washington ave.avenue
More, James B., 3113 Washington ave.avenue
More, Wm.William S., 3435 Washington ave.avenue
Morehcail, Frank. Restaurant Porcher.
Mordicad, James A., Planters’ House.
Morrison, John W., Barnum’s Hotel.
Morton, H. H., Barnum’s Hotel.
Morton, Nat., 3030 Washington ave.avenue
Morton, R. H., Barnum’s Hotel.
Mott, Henry. 2320 Walnut st.street
Mueller, Bernard, 912 S.4th st.street
76 The Elite Directory. MUE-PAR
View original image: Page  0076
Mueller, Leo, 912 S.4th st.street ,
Mulhall, . Paris, 3537 Mingan st.street
Murphy, Paul J., 807 N.north 15th st.street
Napton, Chas. M., 513 Olive st.street
Napton, Percy S., 513 Olive st.street
Nave, Wm.William H., 2819 Locust st.street
Neal, John. 1901 Morgan st.street
Newman, Charles V., 2107 Walnut st.street
Newman, Wm.William H., 2107 Walnut st.street
Newsoin, Samuel K., Lindeli Hotel.
Newton, Chas., Barnum’s Hotel.
Nichols, . Krank. 2708 Olive st.street
Nichols, George D., 2708 Olive st.street
Nicholson, David. 1108 Garrison ave.avenue
Nicholson, DavidJr.junior , Lafayette, near McNair ave.avenue
Nicholson, James. 1108 Garrison ave.avenue
Nolte, Wm.William J., 928 N.north 13th st.street
Normile, J. C.Lindell Hotel.
North, James N., Prof., Fifth and Locust.
Northrop, J. B., Randolph, near Main, Carondelet.
Norvell, L. G., 2939 Washington ave.avenue
Obear, Frank W., 3008 Locust st.street
Obear, Thomas F., Grand ave.avenue , near McRay.
O’Fallon, Clarence, 3600 Delmar ave.avenue
Overstoltz, Francis. 3439 Washington ave.avenue
Owen, Geo. W., 2647 Washington ave.avenue
Owens, O. E., n.w.northwest cor.corner Glasgow ave.avenue and Dixon st.street
O’Fallon, Jno., 2447 Pine st.street
O’Meara, John B., 2100 Wairen.
O’Fallon, . John J., Normandy.
O’Fallon, Harry, 2447 Pine st.street
O’Neal, Henry, 2304 Morgan st.street
O’Reilly, Dr., Robt. J., 1735 Washington avenue.
O’Reilly, Thomas, Dr., 1735 Washington ave.avenue
Orrick, Chas., Kirkwood.
Pack, Wm.William F., 1127 Washington ave.avenue
Page, Frank N., 510 Wot End Place.
Page, Posey, 510 West Knd Place.
Papin, Frank A., 1209 St. Ange.
Papin, John R., n.w.northwest cor.corner 10th and Washington ave.avenue
Papin, Theophile, 2011 Olive sts.
Papin, Timothy L., Washington ave.,avenue n.w.northwest cor.corner . 16th.
Parker, L. E., Park Flats. 12th and Olive sts.streets
Parker, Frank S., 1026 Clay ave.avenue
The Elite Directory. 77 PAR-PRI
View original image: Page  0077
Parker, Geo. T., 1026 Clay ave.avenue
Parker, Winfield S., 1507 Chestnut st.street
Parks, K. E., Summit ave.avenue , south of Chouteau ave.avenue
Parsons, S. B., Dr., 1226 Washington ave.avenue
Patterson,, Robert, 2828 Locust st.street
Paul, Adolph, Jr.junior , 837 Chouteau ave.avenue
Peck, Rudolph, 3607 Vandeventer ave.avenue
Peck, Rudolph A., 3629 Washington ave.avenue
Peck, Steilheit3607 Vandeventer ave.avenue
Peckhatn, G. H., 1314 Olive st.street
Pendleton, . Allan B., Lindell Hotel.
Perry, Lewis, 3407 Washington ave.avenue
Peters, Edw., Barnum’s Hotel.
Patterson, Frank, 1109 Olive st.street
Pettes, Henry. 1733 Morgan st.street
Pettes, Thos. P., 1733 Morgan st.street
Pettes, Wm.William T., 1733 Morgan st.street
Petttts, Jos. M., 2825 Locust st.street
Philibert, Paul. 2705 Clark ave.avenue
Phillips, T. J., 2315 Chestnut st.street
Philips, Thos. J., Beaumont Flats,
Peirce,M., Lindell Hotel.
Picker, Erich, 2023 Carondelet ave.avenue
Picot, Eugene J., 3337 Morxgan st.street
Picot, Giles D., 3337 Morgan st.street
Picot, Louis D., 3337 Morgan st.street
Pitzman, J., 1900 S.Couipton ave.avenue
Plant, G. J., 2305 Pine st.street
Plant, Ilenrv. 2020 Washington ave.avenue
Plant, Louis P., 1303 Washington ave.avenue
Plant, Wm.William E., Webster Grove.
Poindexter, A.2947 Thomas st.street
Pope, Edw. B., 1803 Washington ave.avenue
Pope, Edward L, 2102 Chestnut st.street
Pope, Wm.William W., 1803 Washington ave.avenue
Posey, D. Gordon. 3518 Olive st.street
Post, T. L., Dr., 3031 Lucas ave.avenue
Post, Truman A., 3031 Lucas ave.avenue
Potter, William B., Prof.Washington University.
Powers, J. J., Barnum’s Hotel.
Powell, K. Ward. 2042 Locust st.street
Pratte, Augustus, 304 N.north 6th st.street
Pratte, Bernard. 304 N.north 6th st.street
Prince, David. 3146 Locust st.street
78 The Elite Directory. PRI-ROE
View original image: Page  0078
Price, M. M., 3556 Lindell ave.avenue
Price, Stephen G., 1827 Papin st.street
Price, Wm.William M., 1827 Papin st.street
Priest, August L., 1003 Chouteau ave.avenue
Priest, Fred. K., 1003 Chouteau ave.avenue
Priest, Geo. A., 908. 19th st.street
Priest, Warren1003 Chouteau ave.avenue
Primm, JeanIllinois, near 4th st.street , Carondelet.
Primm, Wilson. Jr.junior , Illinois, near 4th st.street , Carondelet.
Primm, Vincent B., Illinois, near 4th st.street , Carondelet.
Provenchere, . Frederick. 1103 Paul st.street
Provenchere, Wm.William, 1103 Paul st.street
Puryear, John H., 406 N.north 5th st.street
Quinette, Chas. C., Papin ave.avenue , near Kenealy ave.avenue
Quinette, Germaine. Papin ave.avenue , near Kenealy ave.avenue
Quinette, Oliver J., 2815 Locust st.street
Quinette, Stephen. Papin ave.avenue , near Keuealv ave.avenue
Quinette, Wm.William H, Papin ave.avenue , near Kenealy ave.avenue
Railey, J. G., 1016 N.north 19th st.street
Rankin, David, Lindell Hotel.
Rankin, Hugh L., Lindell Hotel.
Rankin, John D., Lindell Hotel.
Rankin, Robert. Lindell Hotel.
Rankin, Thos., Jr.junior , Lindell Hotel.
Rapp, Alfred J., s.e.southeast cor.corner 21st and Cass ave.avenue
Rasin, Hansom, 1432 Poplar st.street
Rasin, Joseph. 1432 Poplar st.street
Ray,, Aleck, 2009 Sheridan ave.avenue
Ray, Ferman, 2909 Sheridan ave.avenue
Reyburn, Aniedee. 2821 Olive st.street
Reyburn, Thos. F., 2821 Olive st.street
Reyburn, Vallee F., 2821 Olive st.street
Reese, B. E., 600 Olive st.street
Reilly, Eugene, 2637 Locust st.street
Reyburn, Edward F., 2211 N.north 10th st.street
Reynolds, Thos. E., 1619 Washington ave.avenue
Rex, William, 3403 Pine st.street
Richardson, James, Jr.junior , 2827 Locust st.street
Richeson, Thomas, 113 s. 16th.
Ritchev, Frank.1836 California ave.avenue
Robertson, H F., 2913 Washington ave.avenue
Robinson, Archie D, 2731 Chestnut st.street
Roeder, Conrad, 2821 Thomas st.street
Roeder, Frank, 2821 Thomas st.street
The Elite Directory. 79 ROO-SCR
View original image: Page  0079
Rood, Clarence E.,2628 Lafayette ave.avenue
Rosenbaum, Chas. E., 13th and Grand ave., N. St. L.
Rosenheim, Edwin. 3042 Locust st.street
Rosenheim, Otto. 3042 Locust st.street
Rosenthal, S. W., Jr.junior , 1024 Hickory st.street
Rozier, Jules. 2711 Walnut st.street
Rozier, L. E.2711 Walnut st.street
Rude, C. K., 3638 Lafayette ave.avenue
Rush, A. B., 2702 Pine st.street
Russell, H. C2831 Washington ave.avenue
Russell, Wm.William A., 1802 Franklin ave.avenue
Ryan, Alfred D., 3627 Olive st.street
Rvan, L. Thomas. 3627 Olive st.street
Sale, Geo. W., 3114 Lucas ave.avenue
Sands, James T., Lafayette. s.w.southwest cor.corner Compton ave.avenue
Sanders, R. D., 2939 Washington ave.avenue
Sanguinette, Marshall P., 3000 Finney ave.avenue
Sanguinette, Marshall R., 3666 Finney ave.avenue
Sass, Richard F., 3126 Chestnut St.
Saunders, Ripley D., 2639 Washington ave.avenue
Sauvageau, Alex.,2847 Clark ave.avenue
Sauvageau, Jacob. 2847 Clark ave.avenue
Sauvageau, Richard A., 2847 Clark ave.avenue
Savitz, Benj T., 2320 Walnut st.street
Savitz, James, 3820 Walnut st.street
Sayers, Kavid, 3305 Morgan st.street
Scarritt, Chas. H., 1424 Lucas Place.
Schmieding, Fred., Gratiot and Johnson sts.streets
Sehmuck, Anthony A., 2119 N.north 19th st.street
Schubert, Otto.925 Autumn st.street
Schuler, A. L. O., 1315 Linn st.street
Schulenherg, Fred. A., 1115 Paul st.street
Schulenberg, Otto G., 1115 Paul st.street
Schuyler, Fouis S., 2820 Locust st.street
Schuyler, Sanford F., 3830 Locust street.
Schuler, Wm.William R., 2820 Locust st.street
Scollav, Harry, 2309 Chestnut st.street
Scott, Mitchell. 3018 Lucas ave.avenue
Scott, Sam , S., 1615 Lucas Place.
Scruggs, Chas. O., 1411 Olive st.street
Scruggs, Edward G., 1411 Olive st.street
Scruggs, Gustavus1411 Olive st.street
Scruggs, Otis, 1411 Olive st.street
Scruggs, Richard F., 1411 Olive st.street
80 The Elite Directory. SCU-SPE
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Scudder, Charles, Lindell Hotel.
Seddon, James A.,1609 Washington ave.avenue
Selby, Arthur P., 3504 Olive st.street
Sellew, R. H., Lindell Hotel.
Senter, Henry H., Planters’ House.
Seward,, L. D., Barnum’s Hotel.
Shapleigh, Alfred L., 1229 Washington ave.avenue
Shapleigh, Augustus, Jr.junior , 1229 Washington ave.avenue
Shapleigh, FrankmLindell Hotel.
Shapleigh, John B., 1229 Washington ave.avenue
Shapleigh, Richard W., 1229 Washington ave.avenue
Sharp, Christopher, 3037 Washington ave.avenue
Shaw, Henry, Shaw’s Garden.
Shell,P. C., Major, Barnum’s Hotel.
Shelton, Henry,2016 Chestnut st.street
Sherman, Thomas, 912 Garrison ave.avenue
Shields,E. G., 513 Olive st.street
Shields, Robert, 3120 Franklin ave.avenue
Shorb,James E.,2925 Olive st.street
Shorb, Joseph C., 2925 Olive st.street
Shreve,A. B., 1702 Chestnut st.street
Shryock, E. A.,Barnum’s Hotel.
Simms, George W., 1111 Washington ave.avenue
Simpson, John E, Lindell Hotel.
Skipworth, Peyton H.,202 N.north 2d st.street
Slaughter, John, Jr.junior , 3250 Olive st.street
Slaughter, Thomas S., 3250 Olive st.street
Slevin, Eugene. 1406 Pine st.street
Smith, Frank, 3411 Washington ave.avenue
Smith, H. P., 1321 Pine st.street
Smith, J. P., Laclede Hotel.
Smith, Percival J., 707 Olive st.street
Smith, Thomas S., 1600 Olive st.street
Smith, William, 2901 Washington ave.avenue
Smith, William C, 2901 Washington ave.avenue
Smithers, John A., Jr.junior , 3331 Pine st.street
Smithers, Melville L., 3311 Pine st.street
Smythe, W. G., 3518 Lindell ave.avenue
Smythe, William, 3518 Lindell ave.avenue
Sneed, John S., Dr., Barnum’s Hotel.
Soulard, Gaston G., 2940 Locust st.street
Soule, Charles, 702 Jetterson ave.avenue
Soule, Charles C., 3525 Lindell ave.avenue
Spencer, Richard H., 1417 Olive st.street
The Elite Directory. 81 SQU-THA
View original image: Page  0081
Squier, E. E., 1127 Wellington ave.avenue
Stagg, William L., 3033 Finney ave.avenue
Stark, Charles. 1421 Pine st.street
Stark, Nicholas, 1421 Pine st.street
Steigers, Dr., Prairie and St. Louis aves.avenues
Steinde, George C.3032 Lucas ave.avenue
Stettenius, Derrick, 2307 Olive st.street
Stettenius, Joseph, 2307 Olive st.street
Stevens, George L., 2624 Washington ave.avenue
Stevenson, William H.215 Olive st.street
Stewart, George M., Planters’ House.
Stickney, Benjamin. Jr.junior , 1009 Chestnut st.street
Stoddard, A. P, Barnum’s Hotel.
Stone, William S., 3113 Lucas ave.avenue
Street, James P., 2308 Eugenia st.street
Stuart, Alexander, 109 N.north Channing ave.avenue
Stuart, Jas, C., 109 N.north Channing ave.avenue
Switzer, Chas , M., 1725 Washington ave.avenue
Switzer, Rober t J.,1725 Washington ave.avenue
Sylvester, R. H.Jr.junior , 1833 Morgan st.street
Tansey, Rohert P., Jr.junior , 911 Garrison ave.avenue
Taylor, Mark, Kirkwood.
Taussig, August, 1219 Dollman st.street
Taussig, Benj. J., 1109 Valle ave.avenue
Taussig, Geo. W.,1210 Dollman st.street
Taussig, Huhert P.1219 Dollman st.street
Taussig, Richard. 1219 Dollman st.street
Taylor, Phil. V., 1746 McNair ave.avenue
Taylor, Sylvester, 3111 Lucas ave.avenue
Teague, M. B., Major, Barnum’s Hotel.
Teasdale, John E., 1223 St. Ange ave.avenue
Teasdale, Walter J., 1223 St. Ange ave.avenue
Tausing, Selignian. 939 Hickory st.street
Taylor, George C., 2820 Olive st.street
Tavlor, George R., 1804 Lucas Place.
Tavlor, Isaac S., 1619 Washington ave.avenue
Taylor, Meredith,2820 Olive st.street
Temple, H. Gordon, 1221 Chestnut st.street
Terry, Chas., 3310 Washington ave.avenue
Tetard, Louis C.2133 Market st.street
Tevis, Rush H.3110 Lucas ave.avenue
Thatcher, . W. H.1426 Olive st.street
Thaver, Frank L., 2913 Franklin ave.avenue
Thayer, Amos R., 3131 Chestnut st.street
82 The Elite Directory. THA-WAL
View original image: Page  0082
Thayer, Hanford. 2913 Franklin ave.avenue
Thayer, Napoleon Bonaparte, 2913 Franklin ave.avenue
Thayer, Wilbur F., 2913 Franklin ave.avenue
Thomas, E. B., 3517 N.north 9th st.street
Thomas, George F., 2d and Cedar sts.streets , Carondelet.
Thomas, John, 2901 Washington ave.avenue
Thomas, Jno. R., St. Louis County.
Thompson, Fred., 2708 Lucas ave.avenue
Thomas, J. S., Jr.junior , 2d and Cedar sts.streets , Carondelet.
Thompson, D. F., 1510 Olive st.street
Thornburgh, Jno. Mc., 3534 Washington ave.avenue
Thornburg, Wm.William A., 1525 Carr st.street
Thornton, J. Fred., 800 S.8th st.street
Tillman, E. J., 1406 Decatur st.street
Tilton, Edgar D., 2802 Washington ave.avenue
Timberlake, Fred. S., 4th st.street , near Olive Carondelet.
Timberlake, Jas., 4th st.street , near Olive. Carondelet.
Timberlake, Wm.William H.4th st.street , near Olive. Carondelet.
Tittman, . Eduard W., 1113 S.13th st.street
Tittman, . Eugene C., 1113 S.13th st.street
Tittman, Harold H., 1113 S.13th st.street
Todd, Geo., 1516 Olive st.street
Todd, Elliott, 1516 Olive st.street
Tompkins, Logan, Kirkwood.
Torrey, Jay L., 919 Glasgow ave.avenue
Tracey, Chas. F., 3518 Washington ave.avenue
Tracey, F., Jr.junior , 3518 Washington ave.avenue
Tracey, Jos., 3518 Washington ave.avenue
Tracey, Paul, 3518 Washington ave.avenue
Trumpbour, Wm.William C., Cal., Barnum’s Hotel.
T urner, Lucas J., 2321 Chestnut st.street
Tutt, Edward G.,2918 Locust st.street
Tyler, Edgar C., 1317 Pine st.street
Tyler, George, 1203 Garrison ave.avenue
Vallee, Amadee, 1516 Lucas Place.
Vallee, Edgar J., 1516 Lucas Place.
Vaughn, Rufus A., Laclede Hotel.
Verdin, Louis, 2037 Eugenia st.street
Verrier, Edmond V., 1609 Chestnut st.street
Von Phul, Stephen, St. Louis County.
Von Schraeder, Otto. 1315 Garrison ave.avenue
Wagerman, A., 2432 Franklin ave.avenue
Waide, Wheeler, 520 N.north Main.
Walker, Wm.William R., 2619 Pine st.street
The Elite Directory. 83 WAL-WOO
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Walsh, Daniel, 2721 Pine st.street
Walsh, Edward J., 2721 Pine st.street
Walsh, Poborts, 3506 Olive st.street
Walter, Wm.William R., 2619 Pine st.street
Wandall, Harry M., 1219 N.north 17th st.street
Ware, . Chas. A.,s.e.southeast cor.corner 14th and Chestnut.
Warner, . Charles S., 2900 Washington ave.avenue
Waterman, . Sherman J., 3118 Morgan st.street
Waters, Frank, 2309 Locust st.street
Waters, Frank A., 2611 Locust st.street
Waters, Wm.William P., 2309 Locust st.street
Watson, J. T., Jr.junior , 3030 Easton ave.avenue
Watson,, Piohard, 2830 Easten ave.avenue
Watson, Ringrove J., 214 Emily st.street
Webb, D. C.3528 Olive st.street
Webster, Joel C., 2712 Lucas ave.avenue
Weil,August J., 1431 Lucas Place.
Weil, Jacob, 1217 Chestnut st.street
Weil, Joseph, 1217 Chestnut st.street
Welker, W., 1510 Olive st.street
Wells, Erastus. 2725 Olive st.street
Wells, Henry. 2725 Olive st.street
Wells, Rolla, 2725 Olive st.street
Welsh, Wm.William, 915 Catalpa st.street
Wiseman, Oliver F., 3531 Chestnut st.street
White, E. J., 2619 Pine st.street
White, Harrison S., 2207 Olive st,
Whitmore, B. F.,Dr., 2024 Cass ave.avenue
Whitthorne, Cam., 719 Garrison ave.avenue
Whyte, Joseph P., 2919 Pine st.street
Wickham, E.S., 1712 Lucas Place.
Wilkinson, Chas. A., 112 Argyle ave.avenue
Williams, E., 519 Ware ave.avenue
Williams, James. Jr.junior , 519 Ware ave.avenue
Williams, James. Sr., 519 Ware ave.avenue
Wilson,, George W.,Webster Grove.
Wilson, C. H.,3517 N.north 9th st.street
Withnell, John, Merimac, near Minnesota ave.avenue
Withnell, Wm.William W., Merimac. near Minnesota ave.avenue
Witt, Thomas D., Mr., Planters’ House.
Wippern, Chas. C.1017 Morgan st.street
Wise, Charles J.,1718 Olive st.street
Wolcott, H.2615 Morgan st.street
Wood, Joel, Lindell Hotel.
84 The Elite Directory. WOO-YOS
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Wood, Walter, 21st and Walnut sts.streets
Woodward, J. B., 1213 Dollman st.street
Wright, Edward, Spring ave.avenue and Parsons st.street
Wright, Harmon, Spring ave.avenue and Parsons st.street
Wright, Silas, Spring ave.avenue and Parsons st.street
Wyman, Arthur, 3637 Lindell ave.avenue
Wyman, Walter, Marine Hospital.
Yarnall, James, 709 N.north 9th st.street
Yarnall, John J., 1601 Washington ave.avenue
Yarnall, Mandica. 1601 Washington ave.avenue
Yarnall, Zaehariah S., 1601 Washington ave.avenue
Yost, J. L., 3500 Olive st.street
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The time at our disposition for the compiling of the
Elite Directory was very limited, and so large a num-
ber of names were unintentionally omitted from the
Directory proper, that in order to facilitate its publi-
cation, it was decided to publish an Appendix, which
adds greatly to the completeness of the volume.
There was not a sufficient number of names in this
portion of the work to require distinct lists of the
ladies and gentlemen, and no such classification has
been made. In some instances names have been du-
plicated, and in such cases the address in the Appen-
dix can be accepted as correct.

View original image: Page  npn
View original image: Page  npn
Able, Agnes. Miss.Visitation Convent.
Able, Barton, Mrs., Visitation Convent.
Acock, Lucy C., Miss.Brighton. Mo.Missouri
Alexander, Craig, Mrs., 1015 St. Ange ave.avenue
Alkire, Josiah, Mrs., Kirk wood.
Allen, . Mins. 3107 Clark ave.avenue
Allen, Beverlv, Mrs., 2917 Washington ave.avenue
Allen, . Harrv, Webster Grove.
Allen, Molile,Miss, Webster Grove.
Allen, R. A.,Webster, Grove.
Allen, Penelope, Mrs., Bellefontaine Road, near Grand
Allen, Russell, Mrs., 23d and Locust sts.streets
Alleyne, Belle, Miss, 1903 Carr st.street
Aileyne, J. S.B., Mrs., 1903 Carr st.street
Ames, L. V. S., Mrs., 1615 Lucas Place.
Anderson, . F. M., Webster Grove.
Anderson, James M., Mrs., 3017 Easton ave.avenue
Auler, H., Mrs., 1910 State st.street
Averill,H. E., Mrs., 1206, Washington ave.avenue
Avery, James, Webster Grove.
Avery, Katie, Miss, Webster Grove
Babcock, Leicester, Mrs., Lafayette ave.,avenue s.e.,southeast cor.corner
Jefferson ave.avenue
Babcock, Luther, Mrs.1020 Grattan st.street
Bailey, Elizabeth, Mrs., 7th st.,street cor.corner Robert ave.avenue , Ca-
Baker, I. G., Mrs.2710 Locust st.street
Baker, Thomas F., Mrs., 3108 Morgan st.street
Bakewell, Paul, 2734 Clark ave.avenue
Bakewell, Cissie, Miss, 2734 Clark ave.avenue
Bakewell, Robert A., Mrs., 2734 Clark ave.avenue
Baldwin, Misses, Rutger st.street and Missouri ave.avenue
88 The Elite Directory. BAL-BUD
View original image: Page  0088
Baldwin, Susan P., Mrs., Batger st.,street n.e.northeast cor.corner Mis-
souri ave.avenue
Bame, Dollie, Miss, 305 S.22d st.street
Banker, John H., Mrs . 1721 Morgan st.street
Barrada, Eliza, Mrs., 1354 Garrison ave.avenue
Barrett, R. A., Mrs.1335 Washington ave.avenue
Barron, Mrs., Webster Grove.
Barry, James G., Mrs.1340 Chouteau ave.avenue
Barthlow, Thomas J., Mrs., 3044 Easton ave.avenue
Barile, William G.Mrs., Tesson ave.avenue , near Clayton
Bates, Julia D., Mrs., 2732 Morgan st.street
Beach, J. C. H.,Mrs., s.w.southwest cor.corner 23d and Locust sts.streets
Beakey, . James, Mrs., 1608 Washington ave.avenue
Beard, J. E., Mrs., 2316 Fine st.street
Beck, . Clarence M., Mrs., Laclede and Garrison aves.avenues
Belcher, George, Mrs., 2646 Washington ave.avenue
Benoist, Conde L., Mrs., 1311 Park ave.avenue
Benoist, Conine, Miss, 3122 Pine st.street
Benoist, Sanguinea, Mrs., 3122 Pine st.street
Bent, Silas. Mrs., 717 Garrison ave.avenue
Bergfeld, . J. W., 1924 Division st.street
Beruhig, Henry B., Mis., 1325 St. Ange ave.avenue
Berteli, Maggie, Miss, 209 S.16th st.street
Bevis, Florence, Miss, 3437 Morgan st.street
Billingsley, R. L., Mrs., 3510 Lindell ave.avenue
Blank, Aug. H., 3116 Lucas ave.avenue
Block, Lueretia, Miss, 2637 Pine st.street
Blood, Sullivan, Mrs., Lindell ave.avenue , near Grand ave.avenue
Bordley, Florente, Miss, 1305 Chouteau ave.avenue
Bowen, Annie, Miss,Carondelet.
Bowen, Gen., Mrs., Carondelet.
Boyd, Mis., 22d and Eugenia sts.streets
Breman, Bart, Mrs, 3327 Olive st.street
Bridges, A. L., St. Louis and Glasgow aves.avenues
Bridges, Georgie, Miss, St. Louis and Glasgow aves.avenues
Brooks, Carrie, Miss, 1415 N.north 17th st.street
Brothers, S F., Mrs., 1302 Washington ave.avenue
Brotherton, . Marshall, Mrs., 1300 Olive.
Brown, Wyatt W., Mrs., 2709 Washington ave.avenue
Bryan, Eveline, Mrs., 2108 Lafayette ave.avenue
Buck, M. M., .Mrs., Grand ave.avenue , head of Chestnut st.street
Buckland, Thos. A., Mrs., 1643 S.Jefferson ave.avenue
Budd, Geo. K., Mrs., 3434 Morgan st.street
The Elite Directory. 89 BUL-COZ
View original image: Page  0089
Bull, J. C.Mrs., 1116 St. Ange ave.avenue .
Bulkley, P. C., Mrs., 3119 Lucas ave.avenue
Burns,D. D.., Mrs., 26th and Washington ave.avenue
Burns, Emma, Miss, 2612 Wash st.street
Burr, Chas. P., Mrs., 29th and Washington ave.avenue
Burr, Wm.William E., Mrs., Kilkwood.
Buseh, A., Mrs., 8th, S. W. cor. Pestalozzi st.street
Busch, Isidor, Mrs., 932 Hickory st.street
Bvrne,Jno., Jr.,junior Mrs., Stringtown Road.
Cabanne,V. E., Mrs., 1011 N.north 19th st.street
Campbell, Hugh, Mrs., 2728 Pine st.street
Carpenter, Geo. O., Jr.junior , 1837 Kenned Place.
Carter, M. S., Mrs., 3101 Pine st.street
Case, Dr, Mrs., Baden.
Case, Nannie. Miss.Baden.
Catlin, Daniel, Mrs., 3625 Olvre st.street
Chadbourne, G. W., Mrs., 2712 Dayton st.street
Chapman, N. C.Mrs., 2739 Locust st.street
Charles, C. T., Mrs., 2927 Pine st.street
Charles, Joseph, Mrs., 29th and Pine st.street
Charlot, C. S., Mrs., 2849 Clark ave.avenue
Cheek, Frances, Miss, 915 N.north 19th st.street
Chester, Fannie, Miss, 1428 S.13th st.street
Childs, E. S., Mrs., 2319 Eugenia.
Christopher, Fannie, Miss, 3030 Olive st.street
Christopher, Molile, Miss, 3030 Olive st.street
Christopher, Sallie, Miss, 3030 Olive st.street
Churchill,F. A., Mrs., 815 S.8th st.street
Clark, Anna, Miss, 2653 Washington ave.avenue
Clark, Ellen A., Mrs., 3212 Olive st.street
Clark, Herman J., Mrs., 12th and Autumn.
Clarkson, James L.,. Mrs., 5th st.,street cor.corner Kansas st.street , Ca-
Cline, Anna, Miss, 2234 Carr st.street
Clover, H. A., Mrs., 2116 Clark are.
Coleord, . Minnie. Miss, 2800 Morgan st.street
Collier, John P., Mrs., 2221 Lucas Place.
Collier, S. A., Mrs., 1605 Lucas Place.
Collier, W. B.,Mrs., Bridgeton. Mo.Missouri
Conrad, Adam, Mrs., 907 Amelia ave.avenue
Cook, Lizzie, Miss, s. e.southeast cur. Spring and Evans aves.avenues
Copp, Samuel, Mrs., 2303 Lucas Place.
Corby, Josephine. Mrs.2612 Gamble ave.avenue
Cozzens, Ella, Miss, St. Louis ave.avenue , near Glasgow ave.avenue
90 The Elite Directory. COZ-GAY
View original image: Page  0090
Cozzens, Phila, Miss, St. Louis ave.,avenue nrnear Glasvow ave.avenue
Crane, Francis W., Mrs., 3114 Morgan st.street
Crane, Nettie, Miss, 3114 Morgan st.street
Crawford, . Dugald, Mrs., 2801 Thomas st.street
Crittenden, R. W., 2712 Lucas ave.avenue
Crittenden, R. W., Webster Grove.
Crittenden, Miss, Webstter Grove.
Crow, Wayman, Jr.junior , 603 Garrison ave.avenue
Daenzer, Carl., Mrs., 1736 Missouri ave.avenue
Dausman, H., Mrs., 3536 Morgan st.street
Davidson, F. B., Mrs.Pine st.street
Davis, Bessie, Miss, 3501 Chestnut st.street
Davis, Minnie, Miss, 3501 Chestnut st.street
Demmler, Nannie E., Miss.911 N.north 19th st.street
Dennis, W. H., Webster Grove.
Dickinson, Mrs., 2949 Gamble st.street
Dieckriede, Chas. P., Mrs., 1613 Chouteau ave.avenue
Donaldson, . W. R., Mrs., 1305 St. Ange ave.avenue
Dormitzer, C., Mrs., 1507 Rosatti st.street
Dowdall, Mattie, Miss1511 Grand ave.avenue
Dunn, Josie, Miss, u . s. Spring ave.,avenue nrnear Sullivan ave.avenue
Dunn, J. A., Sprinig ave.avenue , near Sullivan.
Dunn, J. W., Mrs., Meramee st.street , near Grand ave.avenue
Dyer, D. P., Mrs., 2721 Locust st.street
Edgar, T. B., Mrs., 1326 Chouteau ave.avenue
Edgell, S. M., Mrs., 3015 Lucas ave.avenue
Edwards, Jennie, Miss, 3103 Cass ave.avenue
Enslin, Chas., Mrs., 1512 Papin st.street
Eoff, Wm.William C., Mrs., 3130 Chestnut st.street
Erfort, A. C., Mrs., 1012 Chouteau ave.avenue
Ewing, Clara,Mrs., California ave., cor. Miami st.street
Fagin, A. W., Mrs., 4003 Bellefontaine Road.
F allon, Wesley, Mr.2741 Locust st.street
Farrar, John O’F., Mrs., 2433 Chestnut st.street
Farrar, J. S.,Mrs., Bridgeton, Mo.Missouri
Forster, Theo., Mrs., 2310 Walnut st.street
Finney, Jane, Mrs., 1335 Washington ave.avenue
Finney, Mary A., Mrs., 1335 Washington ave.avenue
Fisher, Henry, Mrs., 3305 Morgan st.street
Galt, P. F., Mrs., 1103 La Salle st.street
Gamble, L. B., Mrs., McNair ave., cor. Lafayette
Gartside, Joseph, Mrs., 2923 Morgan st.street
Gaty, Samuel,Mrs., 3409 Broadway.
Gay, W. T., Mrs., Union ave.avenue
The Elite Directory. 91 GER-HER
View original image: Page  0091
Gerardi, Joseph, Mrs., Washington ave.avenue ., west of
Grand ave.avenue
Geraukl, .M. L., Webster Grove.
Gettys, . W. P.,Mrs., 2922 Lucas ave.avenue
Gildehaus, M., Mrs., 1910 Gratiot st.street
Givens, Joseph W.,Mrs., 2909 Morgan st.street
Goodell, C. L., Mrs., 3006 Pine st.street
Goodin, W. H., Mrs., 2642 Olive st.street
Gore, Fred H., Webster Grove.
Gore, Wm.William S., Mrs., Webster Grove.
Gould, E . W, Mrs., 35th and Chestnut st.street
Grant, Addie, Miss, 2113 Walnut st.street
Grant, Jennie, Miss,2113 Walnut st.street
Grant, Jeannie, Miss, Wehster Grove.
Grant, S. S., Mrs., 2133 Walnut st.street
Gray, Cora, Miss, 1227 Chestnut st.street
Gray, John B., Mrs., 1823 Kennen Place.
Gregory, B. E., Mrs., 1511 Clark ave.avenue
Haarstick, H. C.Mrs., Pontiac, near Compton ave.avenue
Haltman, A. K., Mrs., 713, Russell ave.avenue
Hamill, Anne, Mrs., Russell ave.avenue , near Thomas st.street
Hamilton,Alex., Mrs., 1308 Clark ave.avenue
Hamilton, Wm.William, Mrs., 1639 Missouri ave.avenue
Harig, A.Mrs., 3118 Washington ave.avenue
Harney, John M., Mrs., 1426 Lucas Place.
Harney, W. S., Gen., 1426 Lucas Place.
Harrison, Mollie, Miss, 1713 Grand ave.avenue
Harrison, Lizzie, Miss,1713 Grand ave.avenue
Hart, Kdward S., Webster Grove.
Hart, H. C, Mrs., Jefferson ave.avenue and Olive st.street
Hastings, F. B., Mrs., 2817 Pine st.street
Hatcher, N. B., Mrs., 2408 Washington ave.avenue
Hauesller, H. A., Mrs., 1011 Dolman st.street
Heacock, Alice, Miss, 11th and Benton sts.streets
Heacock, Carrie, Miss.11th and Benton sts.streets
Heinrichschofen, R., Mrs.,930 Hickory st.street
Helfenstein, Belle, Miss, Webster Grove.
Helfenstein, Lulu, Miss, Webster Grove.
Helfenstein, J. P., Mrs., Webster Grove.
Hemenway, William, 1817 Grand ave.avenue
Hemenway, Ella, Miss, 1817 N.north Grand ave.avenue
Henderson, J. B., Mrs., 3010 Pine st.street
Henry, G. W.Summer st.street , near Spring st.street
Hermans, W. P., Mrs., 1827 Washington ave.avenue
92 The Elite Directory. HER-KEI
View original image: Page  0092
Hermans, Miss, 1827 Washington ave.avenue
Hinchman, Addie, Miss, 21st and Eugenia sts.streets
Hinchman, Hypacia. Miss, 21st and Eugenia sts.streets
Hinchman, Laura, Miss, 21st and Eugenia sts.streets
Hofman, F. W., Mrs., Rutgerst.,street cor.corner Benton Place.
Hoffman, Minnie, Miss.Webster Grove.
Hoffman, Samuel E., Lindell Hotel.
Holmes, J. R., Mrs., 2303 Walnutst.street
Holmes, M. S., Mrs., 3407 Pinest.street
Hopkins, Fannie, Miss,2936 Pinest.street
Hopkins, Lou, Miss, 2936 Pinest.street
Hoppe, Charles, Mrs., 1625 2d Carondelet ave.avenue
Hoppe, E. F., Mrs.3321 2d Carondelet ave.avenue
Hotopp, Annie, Miss, 2622 Clark ave.avenue
Howdell, Mattie, Miss, west side Grand ave.avenue , near
Easton ave.avenue
Howard, R J., Mrs., 3036 Washington ave.avenue
Howard, W. P., Mrs., 3003 Pinest.street
Hoyle, Ella, Miss, 1332 Chouteau ave.avenue
Hudson, B. F., Mrs.1125 Dolmanst.street
Hull, W. F., St. Louis and Glasgow aves.avenues
Hull, D. P., Jr.junior , St. Louis and Glasgow aves.avenues .
Hunter, H. W., Mrs., 1811 Kennett Place.
Hynson, Nannie, Miss, 921 Websterst.street
Hynson, Nettie, Miss, 921 Websterst.street
Irwin, Annie, Miss, Webster Grove.
Irwin, Mamie, Miss, Webster Grove.
Jackson, W. G., Spring ave.avenue and Summerst.street
Jackson, T. B., Spring ave.avenue and Summerst.street
January, T. T., Mrs., St. Louis County.
Jay, Edward, Mrs., 2929 Pinest.street
Jennings, R. W., Mrs., 1211 Garrison ave.avenue
Johnson, S. C.Webster Grove.
Johnston, Dr., Mrs., Laclede Hotel.
Jones, Charles, Mrs., 2140 Eugeniast.street
Jones, C. K., Mrs., 2911 Laclede ave.avenue
Jones, E. D., Mrs., Clinton Place.
Jones, Emily, Miss, Clinton Place.
Jones, Fannie, Miss, 1524 Papinst.street
Jordan, Mattie, Miss, 1808 N.north Grand ave.avenue
Judson, Fred. N., Mrs., 2201 Park ave.avenue
Kearney, M., Mrs., 2631 Olivest.street
Keating, W. P., 1508 Washington ave.avenue
Keiler, Wm.William, Mrs., 2929 Washington ave.avenue
The Elite Directory. 93 KEL-LUD
View original image: Page  0093
Kellogg, S. B., Mrs., 1233 Washington ave.avenue
Kelly, Jennie, Miss, 1708 Morgan st.street
Kennard, Mollie. Miss, 3032 Morgan st.street
Kerr, Wm.William R., 3331 Pine st.street
Ketchum, E. C., Mrs., 3514 Morgan st.street
King, Katie, Miss, Beaumont and Pine, n.e.northeast cor.corner
Kingsland, P. S., Mrs., 2603 Olive st.street
Kirby, E. B., Mrs., Oregon ave.avenue , near Juniata.
Kirtland, J. C., Mrs., 2705 Lucas ave.avenue
Knight, A., Mrs., 2628 Pine st.street
Knight, Pinkie, Miss, 12th and N.north Market st.street
Kretschmar, C. L., Mrs., 1106 Chouteau ave.avenue
Lameroux, M., Mrs., 3033 Washington ave.avenue
Lane, A. E., Miss, 3016 Glasgow Place.
Lankford, A. P., Dr., 610 Olive st.street
Leavenworth, E., Mrs., 1521 Olive st.street
Leavenworth, F. M., Mrs., 1521 Olive st.street
LeBourgeois, E. C., Mrs., 2927 Pine st.street
LeDuc, Louis, 114 N.north 7th st.street
Lee, F. D., Mrs., 2716 Lucas ave.avenue
Lees, Sallie, Miss, 703 Garrison ave.avenue
Leitch, H. N., Mrs., 2702 Olive st.street
Lemoine, J. B. S., Mrs., 1422 Washington ave.avenue
Lepere, Francis, Mrs., High and Spring sts.streets
Lepere, Katie, Miss, High and Spring sts.streets
Lepere, Fanny, Miss, High and Spring sts.streets
Lepere, Mary, Miss, High and Spring sts.streets
Levering, S., Mrs., 2735 Morgan st.street
Levin, Marion, Miss, Webster Grove.
Levin, Hyman, Webster Grove.
Lewis, Jane, Mrs., 3010 Locust st.street
Lindell, J. G., Mrs., 2923 Washington ave.avenue
Linton, A. R., Mrs., College ave.,avenue nr.near O’Fallon ave.avenue
Lockwood, Jennie, Miss, Webster Grove.
Lockwood, P. M., Mrs., 1426 Olive st.street
Lockwood, R. R., Webster Grove.
Lodge, J. G., Mrs., 1825 S.Park Place.
Loeblein, Julia, Miss, n. s.north side St. Louis ave.,avenue nr.near Grand.
Loker, G. T., Mrs., 213 Summit ave.avenue
Louderman, W. H.,Mrs., 1310 Chouteau ave.avenue
Ludewig, J., Mrs., 2707 Olive st.street
Ludewig, Dora, Miss, 2707 Olive st.street
Ludewig, Lena, Miss, 2707 Olive st.street
Ludewig, Annie, Miss, 2707 Olive st.street
94 The Elite Directory. LUD-NAS
View original image: Page  0094
Ludewig, Mary, Miss, 2707 Olivest.street
Luke, Fannie, Miss.,.3026, Easton ave.avenue
McAnally, D. R., Mrs., 5th, nr.near Olive. Carondelet
McClellan, Lillie, Miss, 3428 Morganst.street
McComb, Jessie, Miss, Webster Grove.
McCombs, J. M., Mrs., 2307 Lueas Place.
McCord, M. W.Mrs., 411 S.Highst.street
McCormaek, C. B., Mrs., 2612 N.north 10thst.street
McDonough, Clara, Miss, 1106 Madisonst.street
McKee, Sarah, Miss, 3428 Morganst.street
McKee, Wm.William, Mrs., 1217 Washington ave.avenue
McManus, Wm.William, Mrs., 3739 Lucas ave.avenue
McQueen, W. N., Mrs., 2017 Park ave.avenue
Madden, Michael, Mrs., 818 LaBeaumest.street
Madill, G. A., Mrs., 3119 Chestnutst.street
Maffitt, Julia, Mrs., 18th and Lucas Place.
Maguire, C., Mrs., 1129 Morrison ave.avenue
Mansur, A., Mrs., 1104 Morrison ave.avenue
Mantz, C. A., Mrs., 2112 Walnut ave.avenue
Markham, Wm.William H.Mrs., 1125 S.10th St.
Marmaduke, D. W., Carondelet rd.road , near Walshst.street
Marmaduke, Leslie, e. s.east side Carondelet, near Pennsyl-
vania ave.avenue
Marmaduke, V., Mrs., Lindell Hotel.
Martin, Agnes, Miss, 16th and Walnut sts.streets
Mauntel, B. F., Mrs., w. s.west side Kansas ave.avenue , near Neosho.
Meacham, E. C.,121 Vinest.street
Mellier, A. A., Mrs., 2602 Pinest.street
Mense, Mary, Mrs., 3104 Morganst.street
Michel, E. C.,Dr., Mrs., w. s.west side Pine. bet.between 14th and 15th.
Miller, Miss, Kirkwood.
Miller,Edgar, Mrs., 3116 Morganst.street
Monks, S. V., Mrs., 3014 Pinest.street
Montague, Jennie, Miss, 1103 Olivest.street
Moody,M., Mrs., s.w.southwest cor.corner 17th and Olive sts.streets
Moody, S. Allen. Webster Grove.
Moore, H. I, Mrs., 1221 St. Ange ave.avenue
Moore, J. S., Mrs., 1913 Washington ave.avenue
Mudd, H. T., Mrs., Kirkwood.
Mulford, Carrie,Miss, 2121 Eugeniast.street
Mulhall, Joseph, Mrs., 3537 Morganst.street
Nashe, Katie, Miss, 2323 Olivest.street
The Elite Directory. 95 NAS-PLA
View original image: Page  0095
Nashe, Maggie, Miss,2323 Olive st.street
Naylor, D. H., Mrs., 1011 Benton st.street
Nelson, W. S., Mrs.2656 Lucas ave.avenue
Nieman, Miss,913 N.north 13th st.street
Nieman, Gus., 907 N.north 13th st.street
Niccols, S. J., Mrs., 2651 Washington ave.avenue
Nisbet, R. N. , 1009 N.north Compton ave.avenue
Noel, H. M., Mrs., 1821 Kennett Place.
Noyes, W. A., Mrs., 3021 Easton ave.avenue
Noxon, A. R., Mrs., 19th and Olive.
Obear, M. J., Mrs., 2108 Lafayette ave.avenue
O’Fallon, H. A., Mr., 2813 Pine st.street
O’Fallon, John J., Mrs.
Owen, O. J., Mrs., 2335 Olivo st.street
Owings, J. R., 3202 Chestnut st.street
Paddock, C. K., Mrs., 2934 Locust st.street
Paddock, O., 2934 Locust st.street
Page, Wm.William M., Mrs., 2712 Locust st.street
Papin, L. J., Mrs., 2045 Eugenia st.street
Papin, P. D., Mrs., w. s. Minn. and Delmar ave.avenue
Papin, T. L., Dr., 1601 Washington ave.avenue
Parker, Geo. W.Mrs., Oak Hill.
Parsons, Chas. M., 2804 Pine st.street
Parsons, W. C., Mrs., 1231 Washington ave.avenue
Partridge, Geo., Mrs., 1017 N.north Compton ave.avenue
Patchen, L. W., Mrs., Lucas Place and 23d st.street
Patrick, Wm.William, Mrs., 1618 Washington ave.avenue
Patrick, Wm.William, Mrs., 2324 Chetsnut st.street
Paule, Frank, Mrs., 1803 Carr Place.
Pearce, L. J., Mrs., 2207 Lucas Place.
Peck, Chas. H., Mrs., 3607 Vandeventer Place.
Pearce, Jennie, Miss,e. s.east side Grand, near St. Louis ave.avenue
Peck, Belle, Miss,3607 Vandeventer ave.avenue
Peck, John W., Mrs., 2738 Olive st.street
Peebles, Dr., Mrs., 826 S.14th st.street
Pegram, George, Mrs., 1321 Chouteau ave.avenue
Peper, C., Mrs., 1522 Morgan st.street
Pepper, Fannie, Miss,1233 Chestnut st.street
Pettes, Henry, Mrs., 2812 Locust st.street
Peyton, Hattie, Miss,1403 Monroe st.street
Phillips, C., Mrs., 1508 Washington ave.avenue
Phipps, L., Mrs., 1512 Rosatti st.street
Piggott, A., Mrs., 1217 Dillon st.street
Plant, Fannie, Miss,Webster Grove.
96 The Elite Directory. PLA-ROB
View original image: Page  0096
Plant, Minnie, Miss, Webster Grove.
Plant, Louis P., Mrs., 1303 Washington ave.avenue
Plant, George H., Mrs., 1303 Washington ave.avenue
Plant, Mrs., 3008 Lueas ave.avenue
Plant, A. H., Mrs., 3008 Lucas ave.avenue
Plant, Olive, Mrs , 3008 Lucas ave.avenue
Pocock, J. H., Mrs., 3107 Bell st.street
Polk, Lizzie, Miss, 1406 Lucas Place.
Polk, Trusten, Mrs., 1406 Lucas ave.avenue
Pomeroy, Mrs., 2712 Pine st.street
Poorman, H. B.Mrs., 3115 Washington ave.avenue
Pope,J. D., Mrs., 1124 St. Ange ave.avenue
Porter, F. G., Mrs., 1401 Chouteau ave.avenue
Pottenger, J. H., Dr., 1017 Olive st.street
Price, William M., Mrs., Michigan ave., cor. Rappa-
Price, William M., 2018 Gamble St.
Priest, Miss, 1003 Chouteau ave.avenue
Primm, Hubert, Mrs., 1328 Washington ave.avenue
Pritchard, J. N., Mrs., 1205 Chouteau ave.avenue
Provenchere, P., Mrs., 1103 Paul st.street
Pullis, John, Mrs., 933 Hickory st.street
Pulsifer, W. H, Mrs., 1837 Kennett Place.
Rainwater, C. C., Mrs., south side Osceola ave.avenue , near
Nebraska ave.avenue
Ramsay, C. G., 2610 Locust st.street
Raanken., H. L., 625 Olive st.street
Ranken, J. H., 1522 Lucas Place.
Ranken, Robert, Jr.junior , 2226 Chestnut st.street
Ravold, M., Mrs., 3537 Lindell ave.avenue
Ray, Simon, 2909 Sheridan ave.avenue
Rea, Geo. H., Mrs., King’s Highway, nr.near St. Charles
Rock Road.
Beber, S., Mrs., 3012 Lucas ave.avenue
Reed, G. P., Mrs., 2910 Pine st.street
Renick, R. M., Mrs., 924 Chouteau ave.avenue
Renshaw, Morrison, Mrs., 3212 Olive st.street
Reyburn, Mary, Miss, 2821 Olive st.street
Reyburn, J. V., Mrs., 2821 Olive st.street
Richardson, Laura, Miss, 2829 Locust st.street
Rickart, Wesley P., Mrs., 1114 Madison st.street
Ringeling, . F., Mrs., 2227 Pine st.street
Robeson, Mrs., 2816 Olive st.street
Robert, P. G, Mrs., 2731 Morgan st.street
The Elite Directory. 97 ROB-STA
View original image: Page  0097
Robinson, W. E.Mrs., 2125 Walnutst.street
Rockwood, Thos. H., Mrs., 3023 Glasgow Place.
Rodgers, Nellie, Miss, Webster Grove.
Rogers, H., Mrs., 3220 Washington ave.avenue
Rowland, D. P., Mrs., 2910 Morganst.street
Rowse, E. S., Mrs., 1820 Shields ave.avenue
Rozier,F. F., Mrs., 1302 Mississippi ave.avenue
Ruben, M., Webster Grove.
Ruggles, H. I., Mrs., 1516 Walnutst.street
Rule,, Wm.William A., 3106 Easton ave.avenue
Rumsey, L. M., Mrs., 2701 Morganst.street
Russell, Lucie, Miss, 1906 Washst.street
Russell, T . G., Mrs., 1744 Missouri ave.avenue
Ryan, Theo., Mrs., 3627 Olivest.street
Sadler, Maggie, Miss, w. s.west side Spring ave.avenue , near Sulli-
van ave.avenue
Sadler,Wm.William H., Spring, bet.between St. Louis and Sullivan
Salomon, C. E., Mrs., 930 Winterst.street
Salorgne, Theo., Mrs., 1541 Chouteau ave.avenue
Samuels, E. E., Mrs., 3519 Washington ave.avenue
Sanguinette, M. P., Mrs., 3666 Fenway ave.avenue
Saugraun, Peter, 821 S.9th.
Schuyler, Lilly, Miss, 2317 Chestnutst.street
Scott, L. L., Mrs., Belvidere Flats.
Selby, Thomas H., 2707 Thomasst.street
Sells, Miles, Mrs., Cote Brilliante.
Senter, Henry, Planters’ House.
Shaw, Fannie, Miss, 1305 Lucas ave.avenue
Shaw, Mary J., Miss, 1305 Lucas ave.avenue
Simmons,Emeline, Miss, Webster Grove.
Simmons, Lois,Miss, Webster Grove.
Simmons, Marmiron, Webster Grove.
Simmons, Stanley, Mrs., Webster Grove.
Simmons, Warren, Webster Grove.
Simonds,L. M.,Mrs., 3424 Morganst.street
Slevin, Chas., Mrs., 1406 Pinest.street
Sloss, J. L., Mrs., n. s.north side Lindell ave.avenue , near Grand.
Smith, A. J., Mrs., 2911 Washington ave.avenue
Smith,A. S., Mrs., 3431 Franklin ave.avenue
Smith, Capt., Mrs., 2733 Locustst.street
Smith, E. F., Mrs., 2724 Washington ave.avenue
Smith,S. O., Mrs., Webster Grove.
Stanard, S. B.,Mrs., s. s.south side Penrose, near Broadway.
98 The Elite Directory. STA-WAT
View original image: Page  0098
Stansberrv, . Ira.923 Webster Grove.
Stansberry, H., Mrs., 3818 Carondelel ave.avenue
Starkweather, E. B., Mrs., Lafayette ave.,avenue nrnear Grand
Storer, W. E., Belvidere Flats.
Sturgis, Ella, Miss, Locustst.street
Sturgis, . Genl., Mrs., Locustst.street
Switzer,M. .T., Mrs., 1725 Washington ave.avenue
Sparks, A. V.Mrs., Webster Grove.
Stanley,, Mrs., 9th and Warren sts.streets
Swain, Lillie, Miss, 21st and Walnut sts.streets
Taylor, Aline, Miss, 15thst.street and Clark ave.avenue
Taylor, Thomas M., Mrs., Kirkwood.
Timkin, Amelia C, Miss, e. s.east side Grand ave.avenue , nearst.street
Louis ave.avenue
Travis, A. C.Mrs., 1448 Garrison ave.avenue
Trevor, Belle, Miss, 1234 St. Ange ave.avenue
Troutman, Lillie, Miss, 927 Websterst.street
Taylor, Miss, Kirkwood.
Taylor, Wm.William C., Mrs., St. Louis County.
Terrell, Dr., Mrs., 1529 Papinst.street
Tholozan, . A., Mrs., 3502 Olivest.street
Thompson, Lottie, Miss, Webster Grove.
Thompson, N. D., Mrs., Webster Grove.
Thompson,, Robert, Webster Grove.
Ticknor, Julia, Miss, 2820 Pinest.street
Tilden, M. L., Mrs., 3005 Glasgow Place.
Tower, . Geo. F., Mrs., e. s.east side Grand ave.,avenue nr.near Park ave.avenue
Tracy, Chas., Mrs., 3518 Waahlnjcton ave.avenue
Tracy, John H., 2328 Olivest.street
Valle,, A.Mrs., 1516 Lucas Place.
Valle, Julia, Miss, 1516 Lucas Place.
Vogel, John C.Mrs., 820 Pinest.street
Waggenian, Major,Mrs., Porcher’s Restaurant.
Wahl,Josie, Miss, e. s.east side corcorner . Springst.street and Evans ave.avenue
Walker, Lydia, Miss, 2386 N.north 12thst.street
Ward, Lilly, Miss, e. s.east side 13th above Chestnutst.street
Ward, Mary, Miss, 1322 Pinest.street
White, Fannie , B., Miss, 3230 Sheridan ave.avenue
White, Nellie, Miss, 3230 Sheridan ave.avenue
Wainwright, C. D.Mrs., 1121 Morrison ave.avenue
Walker, . M. J., Mrs., Grand, nr.near California ave.avenue
Waller, Frank. 1111 Washington ave.avenue
Waterworth, James L., Gamble ave.avenue
The Elite Directory. 99 WET-YOS
View original image: Page  0099
Wetherill, Kate, Miss, Webster Grove.
Wild, Mrs., Webster Grove.
White, Sadie, Miss, 2622 Clark ave.avenue
Whitman, Sudie, Miss, 2024 Cass ave.avenue
Wilson, Annie E., Miss, Webster Grove.
Wilson, Emma, Miss, Webster Grove.
Wilson, Ida, Miss, Webster Grove.
Wilson, George, Webster Grove,
Wolf, D., Mrs., 1225 St. Ange ave.avenue
Wolff, Marcus A., Mrs., Cote Brilliante.
Woodburn, Ida, Miss, 3024 Bell st.street
Wright, Emma Scott, Mrs., 1815 Olive st.street
Wright, . Hattie, Miss, west side Spring, near Parsons.
Yeatman, James E., Mrs., 1526 Olive st.street
Yocum, Nelson, Mrs., 1022 Dillon st.street
Yost, George R , Mrs., Independent Flats.
View original image: Page  npn
Complete calling code.
View original image: Page  npn
First calls.

In the immediate neighborhood, first calls among
social equals are due from the oldest resident. This
rule does not extend to the different grand divisions
of the city, nor even to remote districts in the same


After a residence of some years, the distinction of
oldest or newest resident is lost, and either party may
make the first call at pleasure, or as occasion may


Lovers of literature, music, or art, may at pleasure,
or on any occasion, call on any other of like taste
without regard to local divisions, and without cere-
mony, to form a personal acquaintance, or invite to a
social affair to gratify the common taste. In such
cases the parties are presumed to be known to each
other by social reputation, and a reasonable discre-
tion will avoid any serious mistake. Not to respond
in some way to such an invitation, would be regarded
as an affront, and afterwards the person invited must
make a return call, or the acquaintance will termi-


The first call is due to the families of the clergy,
and to all high officials, including the mayor, judges,
and senators.

102 Complete Calling Code:
View original image: Page  0102
Return calls.

First calls should be returned as early as practica-
ble. Thirty days is very ample time for this import-
ant courtesy.


In case illness, excessive occupation, or other just
cause renders it impossible or very difficult to return
a call in person within the proper time, a card or note
of friendship and regret may be sent by post or mes-
senger. This will continue the acquaintance until a
call in person can be made, or an invitation to a re-
ception or other entertainment given.

Hours for calling.

The usual for calling are from two to five
P. M. An evening visit by a lady implies some degree
of social acquaintance, and should never be made as a
first call, except under special circumstances. From
seven to nine in the evening are the usual hours for
gentlemen to call; and there is nothing more delight-
ful in society than calls by husbands and wives, or
brothers and sisters together, during the evening hours, on their acquaintances and friends.


Plain engraved cards are always in good taste. In
making visits, always send in or leave your card.
At receptions the usher takes your card. At other
times, if the person called upon is not at home, you
turn down the right hand upper corner of the card,
to indicate that you came in person. If the visit is
intended for the various members of a family, you
either give several cards, or leave one with the entire
right end folded over. The choice is immaterial.

Complete Calling Code. 103
View original image: Page  0103

On leaving the city altogether, do not omit to send
a card upon which P. P. C. is written, on one of the
lower corners.

New Year’s code.

Gentlemen may commence calling at nine o’clock
in the morning, and will leave cards where the ladies
may not be ready to receive them at so early an hour.


At or before ten o’clock, the ladies should be in
their parlors ready to receive callers.


Calling may continue until ten o’clock in the even-
ing, but not later.


First calls are due to the clergy and their families,
and they may receive calls on New Year’s day, or
make them at their pleasure.


Wines are not expected, and when on the table, are
rarely offered to guests. Liquors are prohibited.
Coffee is the standard beverage of the day. In gen-
eral, tables will be supplied with substantial food,
and gentlemen will partake at their usual hours.


Calls are expected from friends, and gentlemen will
not take the liberty of introducing strangers, except
under special circumstances, which seem to warrant
such a liberty. A gentleman calling with friends may
introduce them, but this, as a rule, is a mere formality,
and gives no privileges unless followed by a subse-
quent invitation to the house.

104 Complete Calling Code.
View original image: Page  0104

First calls, especially neglected ones, may be made
on New Year’s day; and if friendly relations have
been disturbed, either party may offer to resume them
by making a New Year’s call.


Should ill health, absence, number of calls to be
made, or other cause prevent making any intended
calls on New Year’s day, they may be made at any
time during the month; or if that is not practicable,
cards may be sent by messenger or by mail, as it is
scarcely possible for any gentleman of large acquaint-
ance to make calls fully in all parts of a large city
like St. Louis, on the same day.


In cards a large liberty is allowed. A written or
engraved visiting card may be used, or a card with
the date and New Year’s compliments. An auto-
graph card is considered most complimentary.


To avoid confusion of names, and to assist the mem-
ory, gentlemen are expected to leave cards at all places
where they may call. It is considered more complimentary to leave a card for each lady, who receives
the call.


To some extent, callers have been requested to
write their signatures in an autograph album pro-
vided for the occasion, but this practice has not yet
been fully established.

Select shopping guide.
View original image: Page  npn

The list below has been selected and arranged with
great care by the compilers, and will be found to
contain representative establishments and such as are
deemed worthy the confidence of the public.


Mahler’s Academy Band, Charles Nitochke, direc-
tor, 1007, 1009, and 1011 Locust st.street

Birds and gold fish.

Bohne, August, No. 16 S.Fifth st.street Birds, Bird-
Cages and Bird-Seed.


Beers, G. S., southeast corner Easton and Garrison

Catholic booksellers.

Herder, B., 19 South Fifth st.street

China and glassware.

Westermann & Meier , 515 and 517 Washington ave.avenue

Cosmetics and fancy goods.

Pozzoni, J. A., 607 North Sixth st.street , Lindell Hotel.
Manufacturer and dealer in imported Perfumeries
and Cosmetics, Colognes, Face Powders, Hair Pow-
ders, Rouges, etc.


Lane, Thomas,Chimney-Sweeper , 822 N.north Seventh.

Coffee and tea urns and pots.

The Eureka Patent Condensing Coffee and Tea Urns
and Pots, Chas.W.Cochrane, , sole agent , 418 Olive

106 Ladies’ Shopping Guide.
View original image: Page  0106
Cupper and Leecher.

Cherot, C. L., 1624 Chestnut st.street

Dancing academies.

Mahler Bros. (John, A. and Jacob, A.), 1007, 1009 and 1011 Locust st.street

Xaupi, E. J., 2337 Olive st.street , for Ladies, Misses and
Masters. Fridays, 4:30 P. M.; Saturdays, 10:30 A. M., and 3:30 P. M.

Bowman, G. A., 2741 Locust st.street
Chase, Henry S., 1124 Olive st.street
Eames, W. H., 1224 Washington ave.avenue
Fisher, Henry, 1133 Washington ave.avenue
Fuller, A. H., 1225 Washington ave.avenue
Harper, J. G., 1605 Washington ave.avenue
Holmes, George P., office, Jaccard’s Building, corner
Fifth and Olive sts.streets
Judd, Homer, 1605 Washington ave.avenue
Newby, J. B., 1206 Washington ave.avenue
Newington, H., 1321 Pine st.street
Park, Edgar, 1418 Washington ave.avenue
Spalding, C. W., Room No. 3, Insurance Building, corner Sixth and Locust sts.streets
Whipple, James W., 208 N.north Eighth st.street
Diamonds—[importers of.]

Mermod, Jaccard & , corner Fourth and Locust.
Special Bargains offered in choice stones.

Diamond merchants.

Jaccard, Eugene & , corner Fifth and Olive sts.streets

Dry goods.

Barr, Wm.William & , 420 and 422 N.north Fourth st.street

Crawford, D., & , 416, 418, 420, 422, 424, 426
Franklin ave.avenue , and 826, 828, 830, 832, 834 N.north Fifth st.street


Riley, Russell, 1500 Olive st.street

Ladies’ Shopping Guide. 107
View original image: Page  0107
Drugs, perfumeries and toilet articles.

Bagnell & Cronin , West End Pharmacy , northwest
corner Garrison and Easton aves.avenues


Michel, Henry, & , 107 N.north Fifth st.street Cut flowers a
specialty. Bouquets, Baskets; also Decorations.

Gentlemen’s boots and shoes.

Hackey, F., 724 Olive st.street

Health lift.

Sterns, Dr., H., Singer Building, corner Fifth and
Locust sts.streets , for ladies and gentlemen.

For Ladies exclusively . No. 1422 Olive st.street Com-
plimentary tickets for one week’s trial free on ap-

Health-Lift manufacturer.

F. A.Clifford,311 Olive st.street Price from $25 up-

Jeffer’s French catarrh cure.

Composed of Roots and Herbs. Trial Free . Office,
room No. 4 Jaccard’s Building, corner Fifth and
Olive sts.streets


Mermod, Jaccard & , corner Fourth and Locust.
Special bargains in Watches, Silverware, Clocks
and Bronzes.

Laces and embroideries.

Gumersell, W. H., & , importers of Laces and
Embroideries, Dress Trimmings, French Corsets,
Kid Gloves, Zephyr Worsted, Fancy Goods, etc.,

Merchant tailors.

Brownell & Smucker, 716 Olive st.street


Clark, Wm.William H., 709 N.north Fourth st.street

Clifford, Mrs.E., corner Eleventh and Washington

108 Ladies’ Shopping Guide.
View original image: Page  0108
Millinery and dressmaking.

Lewandovska., Mme., Fashionable Millinery and
Dressmaking Emporium , 323 N.north Fifth, under Mer-
cantile Library.

Paper hanging and art decoarations.

Isaacs, J. L.,1210 and 1212 Olive st.street

Paper hanging and upholstery.
[missing figure]

Story & Camp, Decker Bros.Pianos and Estey Or-
gans , 912 and 914 Olive st.street


English Kitchen, D. S.Randolph,prop’r. , 105 N.north


Lynch, George N., 60S Olive st.street


Lane, Thomas,Whitener, Wall-Colorer, and Plas-
terer , 822 N.north Seventh.

View original image: Page  npn
Mrs. E. Clifford’S
Millinery Rooms,
[missing figure]

N Enortheast Corner 11th and Washington Ave., St. Louis, Mo.Missouri

F.Hackey, , Maker of English Styles of Boots & Shoes.

Patent Leather Shoes & Pumps
A Specialty.
No. 724 Olive Street.

View original image: Page  npn
The Eureka
Patent Condensing Coffee
and Tea Urns and Pots.
[missing figure]

The simplest, cheapest, most economical and complete inven-
tion ever offered to the public.

Coffee and tea can be prepared in three minutes, so much
superior in point of quality and economy by the use of this
invention to that made in any other manner, that proprietors
of hotels, restaurants, boarding-houses, steamers and private
families who consume these beverage, cannot afford to make
coffee and tea in any other way.

Ladies and gentlemen

Are cordially invited to call and see the coffee made and sample
same, or address inquiries to

C. W.Cochrane,,

418 Olive Street,Sole Agent , Maranesi’s Confectionery Store.

The largest and finest jewelry establishment in the West.
View original image: Page  npn
[missing figure]

The Choices Stock of the above ever brought to the city, is
on exhibition at and will be sold at Extraordinary
Low Prices, by

Mermod, Jaccard &
Cor.corner 4th and Locust.

Send for Illustrated Catalogue. Special Bargains in Diamonds.

St. Louis
Fine Art Gallery
and Looking Glass Show Rooms.

No. 617 Olive Street,
G. M.Harding, .

[missing figure]
Admission Free.

View original image: Page  npn
For Ladies and Gentlemen.
[missing figure]

Everything in the Eating Line served on short notice,
and at reasonable rates.

No 105 North Fifth Street, bet.between Chestnut and Pine.
D. S.Randolph, Proprietor.

St. Louis the Herald.
View original image: Page  npn
“The Only Family Paper in the West.”

Its leading departments will comprise Editorials on topics
of fresh interest, Brilliant Romances and portraitures of Ameri-
can life; Editorial Reviews of new events in the world of

Belles Lettres,
Painting, Music,
and Sports.

Original Essays, the first look at New Books, and racy ac-
counts of sayings, happenings and doings in the Beau-Monde—
embracing the freshest matters of interest in this country—the
whole completely mirroring the wit and wisdom, the humor and
pathos, the news and sparkling gossip of the times. Also a
complete record of all sporting matters.

subscribers will receive The St. Louis Herald

Free of Postage!
1 Copy three months $ 75
1 Copy Six months 1.00
1 Copy one year 2.00

Subscribers living in the city will have their paper delivered
at their homes by carriers every Saturday.

To clubs and parties getting up a subscription list, a liberal
discount allowed or commission paid.

Subscriptions will take place immediately, or at any time the subscribers prefer.

Address the proprietors and publishers,
L. C. Tetard &

William H.Clark,
View original image: Page  npn
[missing figure]
Importer of
Fine Millinery Goods
509 North Fourth St.,
St. Louis, Mo.Missouri

The importations of this house are direct from
Paris, and ladies will have their orders promptly
filled for all kinds of Millinery Goods.

John A., Mahler.Jacob A.Mahler,

Mahler Brothers’
Private School for Dancing,
1007, 1009 and 1011 Locust Street.

Classes for Ladies, Misses and Masters,
Fridays at 4 1/2 to 6 P. M., Saturdays, 10 1/2 to 12 M. and 3 1/2 to 5 P. M.

May receive instructions (private only) at their option.

Private Lessons
in the
“Waltz Lanciers,”
“Elite Lanciers,”

And all Fashionable Dances of Society.

Mahler’s Academy Hall may be rented by private
clubs, concerts, etc.
Mahler’s Academy Band may be engaged for parties,
weddings, etc.

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Westermann & Meier,
Glass and Quffuwarf,
and German Glassware
Fancy Goods.
Table Cutlery,
Looking Glasses,
Silver Plated Ware,
Parian Marble,
Lamps, Etc., Etc.
Nos. 515 and 517 Washington Avenue.
J. L.Isaacs, ,
Decorator & Upholsterer ,
Excelsior Buildings,
1210 and 1212 Olive Street,
Calls attention to the following
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Dr. Christopher Dresser’s
English Art Designs
Leisner & Lewis’ French Interior Decorations,

Oil—painted Wall-Paper, and a full line of Imported
and American Paper Hangings of all grades, European
Tesselated Wood Floors, Marks’ Adjustable Folding
Chair, Excelsior Weather Strips, etc.

All work and material warranted.

Chas. E. Ware &
Times Building,
Northeast Cor.corner Fifth and Chestnut Sts.streets
Saint Louis, Mo.Missouri

Special attention paid to Society Printing.

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