St. Louis directory : containing a directory of citizens, including also a business mirror, appendix, co-partnership directory, &c.,
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ab. above,
agt. agent,
al alley,
asst. assistant,
ave. avenue,
bel. below,
b or bet. between,
bldg. building,
blk. black,
com. mer. commission merchant,
c. corner,
ct. court,
e. east,
es. east side,
est. estate,
ford. forwarding,
indep. independent,
insp. inspector,
la. lane.
lab. laborer,
mkr. maker,
mnfr. manufacturer,
n. north,
ne. north east,
ns. north side,
nw. north west,
nr. near,,
op. opposite,
pk. park,
pl. place,
P.O. post office,
pres. president,
prod. produce,
pub. public,
bds. boards,
r. residence,
rd. road,
Rev. reverend,
s. south,
se. south east,
ss. south side,
sw. south west,
sec. secretary,
supt. superintendent,
trans. transportation,
treas. treasurer,
w. west,
ws. west side,
AkerLouis,shoemaker,r.n.s.Carondeletav.b. Allen and Russell av
AansorghEdward,tobacco mnfr. , av.b. 20th and 21st
AbbathTheodore,musician,r. 112 n. 13th
AbbenJoseph,carpenter,al.b.Columbus and DeKalb, and Sidney and Anna
AbbetsJoseph,dealer in rags,r. St. Charles b. 18th and 19th
AbbeyBrewery,ns.Glendale av
AbbeyPeter,wall decorator,bds.King's Hotel
AbbeyRobert,miller,bds.159 Collins
AbbiottScott,river man,r.Kossuth av.b. Grand and Elizabeth
AbbottCalebJ.,Rev., principal of Mississippi Valley Female and 17th
AbbottEphraim,(Schenck, Bro. & Co., and E. Abbott & Co.,)r.44 Washington av
AbbottEphraim, jr.,printer,r.264 n. 7th
AbbottFrancisB.machinist, b. Cass av. and Mullanphy
AbbottFrankM.,teacher,r.nw.c.Pine and 17th
AbbottJ. Knox,àgt.Belleville Coal Co.,35 Pine, r. Pine c. 17th
AbbottJames,painter,r. rear ss. Divisionb. 24th and 25th
AbbottJames,clerk John Griffiths,r.Biddle nw.c. 24th
AbbottJames,salesman J. C. Havens & Co.,bds.192 Locust
AbbottJoel,clerk B. F. Hudson & Bro.,bds.192 Locust
AbbottJohn,clerk,bds.Dennison House
AbbottLucyH.,teacher, and 17th
AbdelGeorge,baker,r.257 n. 12th
AbekkAnton,r.ns.Rutger's near 6th
Abelbds.41 s. 3d
AbelCharles,contractor,404 n. 9th, r. same
AbelFrederick,soapmaker,bds.sw.c.Adolph and Clark av
AbelHenry,policeman,r.409 s. 7th
AbelJoseph,teamster,r.Poplar b. Ulrici and Adolph
AbelLouis,r.Miami b. Jefferson av. and Carondelet
AbelSamuel,foreman Hardesty, Carter & Ransom,bds.356 n. Main
AbelWilliam,shoemaker, av. near Rossatti
AbelZacharias,lab., b. Jackson and Columbus
AbeleMary,wid. Andrew,r.227 s. 2d
AbelesAmalia,(Abeles, Taussig & Co.,)r.Carondelet av.sw.c. Park av
AbelesConrad,r.1 Carondelet av
ABELES, TAUSSIG & CO.,Abeles,AmaliaTaussigCharles & Taussig,Morrisdry goods,5 Exchange Block s. Main(See advt)
AbelmannHenry,lab., b. Jefferson and Madison
AbelnHermann,brickmaker,ws.Menard b. Emmet and Geyer av
AbelnJohnH.,grocer,ss.Park av.c. Mississippi, r. same
AbelnNicholas,brickmaker,r.Menard b. Emmet and Geyer av
AbenbringFrederick,lab., b. 13th and 14th
AberCharles,clerk, rooms 9 St. Charles
AberCharlesJ.,clerk Meyers & Voorheis,bds.Missouri Hotel
AbercrombieJames,foreman John W. Amiss,r.234 High
AberderPeter,tailor, b. 3d and 5th
AberhartEmil,machinist,r.54 Montgomery
AbichtCatherine,wid. Frederics, and 12th b. O'Fallon and Biddle