St. Louis directory : containing a directory of citizens, including also a business mirror, appendix, co-partnership directory, &c.,
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D'ŒNCH, RIVES & CO.D'Oench(William and Rives,)ThomasL.drugs and medicines, 4 s. 2d,(See adv't p. 104)
DoeningCharles,cooper,bds. 381 Franklin av
DoensmeiseWilliam,lab.,r. alley rear 14th b. Benton and n. Market
DöerGeorge,bookbinder,r.Hickory se.c. 7th
DoepkeyHenry,porter,r.Biddle sw.c. 11th
DoerbaumJohnF.,clerk,r. alley rear 150 Franklin avenue
DoergeCharles,paperhanger,r. 623 s. 7th
DoergeJulius,(Koelling & Doerge,)r. 148 Carr
DoeringAugust,saddler, b. Morgan and Franklin av
DoeringCharlesC. L..jeweler, J. P. Capelle,r.Missouri av.c. Washington
DoeringCharles,prof. of music,bds. 37 and 39 Walnut
DoeringFrederick,grocer,Pratte Morgan, r. same
DoeringHenry,shoemaker,Lucas av.b. Pratte and Beaumont
DoeringNicholas,whitewasher, near Marion
DoernerAugustusC.,clerk, Cuno, Mense & Meyer,r.Orange b. 15th and 16th
DoernerCharlesA .,clerk,r.Orange b. 15th and 16th
DoernerFrederickA.,prof. of music,r.Orange b. 15th and 16th
DoerrAndrew,tailor,ns.Jackson near Marion, r. same
DoerrCasper,painter,r.Geyer Decatur
DoerrHenry,coal dealer, 571 n. 9th
DoerrJohnP.,finisher,r. 241 Wash
DoerrPhilip,finisher, alley b. Wash and Carr and 17th and 18th
DoetlingMartin,r.sw.c.Columbus and Victor
DoetschJohn,barkeeper,bds. 43 n. 3d
DoettlingMichael,(Bergesch, Ferie & Doettling,) av.b. 19th and 20th
DoggettLesley,Kentucky House, 358 Broadway
DoyleJohnS.,(Doyle & Schultice,)r.ns.Benton b. 16th and 17th
Doyle & Schultice,Doyle(JohnS.Schultice,)Simoncarpenters and builders,ne.c.n.Market and 10th
DohartyDonnel,lab.,r. rear 325 Morgan on Gay
DoheneyNicholas,lab.r.Kosciusko b. Barton and Victor
DohertyBernard,lab.,bds. 154 n. 16th
DohertyJames,lab.,r. 16 alley on Cerre b. 5th and 6th
DohertyJohn,lab.,bds. 484 n. Main
DohertyMarthaF.,boarding,r. 41 8th
DohertyWilliam,miller,bds. 484 n. Main
DohertyWilliam,pilot,bds. 61 Mullanphy
DohlHenry,painter,r. 52 Almond
Dohlheimercigarmaker, J. C. Tiemeyer
DohnEugene,eating saloon, 43 s. Levee, r. same
DohneCharles,woodsawyer,r.Wharf bet. Barry and Marion
DohrmanHenry,cigars and tobacco, 169 Franklin av.,r. same
DohrmannJohnD.,carpenter, 450 s. 7th
DohrmeierHeinrich,stonemason,r.Jackson ne.c. Emmet
DohtHenry,teamster,r. rear 169 O'Fallon
DohtLewis,tailor, 112 Biddle, r. same
DoielPeter,tinner,bds. 682 Broadway
DoitsonHerman,cooper, bet. Walnut and Clark av
DolGerard,tailor, nr. Marion
DolanAnn,r. 357 Carondelet av
DolanCharles,lab., 266 n. 8th
DolanChristopher,teamster,bds.ns.Spring bet 12th and 13th
DolanEdward,drayman,r. 151 Orange
DolanEdward,ostler,bds. 499 Broadway
DolanElizabeth,midwife,r.ns.Franklin 21st and 22d
DolanFrancis,teacher,r.ns.Gamble Mercer and Naomi
DolanJames,blacksmith,r. rear 411 n. Main
DolanJames,lab., bet. Webster and Labeaume
DolanJames,plumber,r. 86 n. 3d
DolanJohn,carpenter, and 11th n. of O'Fallon
DolanJohn,ostler, nr. Malinckrodt
DolanJohn,lab.,bds.Franklin av.b. 15th and 16th
DolanJohn,lab.,r. 256 n. 2d
DolanJohn,lab.,r. 36 n. 16th
DolanJoseph,chemist, b. 15th and 16th
DolanJulia,widow Philip,r. 86 n. 3d
DolanMargaret,widow John,r. 151 Orange
DolanMartin,lab.,r. 94 O'Fallon
DolanMary,widow John, servantbds. 278 Biddle
DolanMary,widow Peter,r. 36 n. 16th
DolanMary,widow William,r. 326 Morgan
DolanMichael,boarding, 335 Broadway
DolanMichael,lab.,r.ns.Bates b. Lewis and Main
DolanMichael,miller,r. rear 338 s. 3d
DolanMichaelJ.,saloon 181 n 4th, r. same
DolanOwen,teamster,bds.ns.Spring, bet. 12th and 13th
DolanOwenB,carpenter,bdsFranklin 14th
DolanPatrick,bartender,bds. 181 n. 4th
DolanPatrick,carpenter, and 9th nr. O'Fallon
DolanPatrick,ostler, and 8th and Morgan and Franklin av
DolanPatrick,lab.,St. Louis bagging and rope factory
DolanPatrick,saddler,r. 36 n. 16th
DolanPeter,lab., bet. Clark av. and Market
DolanRosanna,dressmaker,r.ns.Gamble Mercer and Naomi
DolanThomas,lab., and 9th s. of Cass av
DolanThomas,shoemaker, 228 n. 8th
DolanWilliam,lab.r.17th se.c. Cass av
DoldMathias,baker,Menard, sw.c. Marion, r. same
DoldThekla,widow Sebastian,r. 4 n. 14th
DoldeChristian,widow Daniel, confectionery,Hamtramck b. Emmet and Julia, r. same
DoldeJohnM.,baker,Franklin av.b. Pratte av. and Beaumont av
DoleFrank,stonecutter,r.ns.L'esperance bet. DeKalb and Columbus
DoleHenry,shoemaker,bds. 45 Locust
DolenOwenB.,carpenter,bds. 150 n. 14th
DolenbergHenry,cooper,bds. 351 n. Main
DolinTimothy,lab.,r. 217 n. 9th
DollBarnard,carpenter,bds.7th sw.c. Hickory near Cass av
DollFrancis,quarryman,r.Columbus ne.c. L'esperance
DollFrederickI,(Coch & Doll,) 19th and 20th
DollGeorge,butcher,r. 94 n. 9th
DollGodfrey,saddletreemaker,r.Franklin av.sw.c. 11th
DollJacob,tinsmith, 19th and 20th
DollJoseph,r.6th bet. Wash and Carr
DollLouis,carpenter, near Market
DollThomas,baker, 275 s. 5th, same
DollWilliam,lab., Carroll
DollardWilliam,machinist,bds. 302 n. 2d
DolleFranks,cooper,bds.Wharf bet. Miller and Barry
DolleHerman,bootmaker, 151 s. 7th, r. same
DolleryJohn,carpenter,bds. 364 n. 9th
DollinFrederick,tailor,r. 91 Biddle
DollisJoseph,teamster,r.Franklin 22d and 23d
DollmannDulla,widow Frederick,r. rear 7th bet. Lafayette and Geyer av
DolonMichael,butcher,bds.ns.Wash bet. 22d and and 23d