St. Louis directory : containing a directory of citizens, including also a business mirror, appendix, co-partnership directory, &c.,
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DownJames,bartender,bds. 13 sw.c. Pine
DownerBernard,lab.,r. 9 al.b. 5th and 6th near Cerre
DownesDavid,lab.,r.Spruce bet. 12th and 13th
DownesJames,lab.,bds. 90 s. 2nd
DOWNESPATRICKB.,fancy and staple dry goods, 170 Broadway, bds. 106 n. 4th
DowneyAnn,wid. Patrick,r.17th se.c. Cass av
DowneyAntoine,carpenter,r. 193 n. 14th
DowneyDennis,lab., and 18th, Biddle and O'Fallon
DowneyJames,(Martin & Downey)r. 13 n. 4th
DowneyJeremiah,stonemason, bet. O'Fallon and Cass av
DowneyJeremiah,stonecutter,bds.n.18th b. O'Fallon and Cass av
DowneyJerome, jr.,clerk,bds.Cass av.b. 17th and 18th
DowneyJerome,stonemason,r.Cass 17th
DowneyJohn,(Downey & Thornberry)r.17th bet. O'Fallon and Davis
DowneyMorris,lab.,r. 194 Wash
DowneyPatrick,lab.,r.ns.Wash b. 22d and 23d
DowneyPatrick,tinner, 169 Market
DowneyThomas,lab.,r.Biddle b. 18th and 19th
DowneyWilliam,lab.,r, 100 s. 14th
Downey & Thornberry,Downey(John and Thornberry)Robert carpenters, 127 n. 7th
DownhamEdward,stonecutter,r.ns.Gamble av. near Glasgow av
DownieJames,lab.,r. 4. O'Fallon
DowniePatrick.,lab.,r. 4 Howard
DowningAlexander,tinsmith,r. 168 n. 10th
DowningDaniel,saddler,bds. 96 Olive
DowningGeorgeP.,(col'd) physician, 1 Green, r. same
DowningJohn,clerk, Collins, Kellogg & Kirby, bet. Walnut and Elm
DowningJohn,gasfitter, rooms 80 n. 16th
DowningJohnE.,clerk,bds. 136 Washington av
DowningPatrick,lab.,r. 15 5th and 6th nr. Cerre
DowningSimeon, salesman, J. C. Havens & Co.,r. 135 n. 5th
DowningWilliam,(Manny, Drake & Co)r. 121 Chesnut
DownsEdwardB.,conductor, bet. Malinckrodt and Destrehan
DownsHudsonL.,agtPenn R. R. R. Co.,r. 51 Mullanphy
DownsIsaacL.,ticket agtSt. Louis, Alton and Chicago R. R.,bds.Planters' House
DownsPatrickB.,clerk,r. 115 n. 7th
DownsWilliamT.,shoemaker,r. rear 57 s 6th
DoyDaniel,lab., and 8th nr. Clark avenue
DoyWalter,teamster,r, 445 Market
DoylMichael,bricklayer,r. rear 244 n. 8th
DoyleBridget,wid. Terry,r. 45 n. 11th
DoyleChristopher,bricklayer,bds, 181 n. 4th
DoyleDanielP.,carpenterbds. 385 Broadway
DoyleDennis,salesman, 160 Green
DoyleEdward,bricklayer,r. 50 Gay
DoyleEdward,cutter,r. 216 n. 2d
DoyleEllen,wid. John,boarding, 155 n. 11th
DoyleFlorence,carpenter,bds. 83 Franklin av
DoyleGeorge,carpenter,r. 20 al.b. 5th and 6th nr. Cerre
DoyleGeorgeA.,blacksmith,r. 151 Carr
DoyleHenry,lab.,r. 203 Franklin av
DoyleJames,(Doyle & Corby)r. 54 Wright
DoyleJames,painter,bds.24th nw.c. O'Fallon
DoyleJames,printer,bds.Revere House
DoyleJamesG.,brickmaker,Davis bet. 13th and 14th, r. 516 9th
DoyleJamesL.,merchant,r. 292 Morgan
DoyleJanewid. Edward,r. 58 Cedar
DoyleJohnbricklayer,r. 50 Gay
DoyleJohn,(Crickard & Doyle)r. 23 Christy av
DoyleJohn, and 11th and O'Fallon and Cass av
DoyleJohn,lab.,bds.wsal.b.7th and 8th n. Clark av
DoyleJohn,lab., and 2d near Myrtle
DoyleJohn,lab., near Bellefontaine rd
DoyleJohn,stonecutter,r. 106 n. 14th
DoyleJohn,teamster, bet. Wash and Carr
DoyleJohnS.,carpenter,r.ns.Benton bet. 16th and 17th
DoyleLambertL.,.bookkeeper,bds. 109 w. Brooklyn
DoyleLaughlin,saloon, 351 Broadway, r. 262 7th
DoyleLewis,moulder,r. 50 Gay
DoyleMarcusL. F.,(M. L. F. Doyle & Son)Davis b. 13th and 14th, r. 516 9th
DoyleMargret,wid. William,r. 23 Christy av
DoyleMartin,lab.,r. 205 Green
DoyleMartin,undertaker, 261 n. 7th
DoyleMatthewJ., bookkeeper, B. A. Soulard,r. 475 s. 7th
DoyleMichael,moulder,r.ns.Spring bet. Broadway and n. 2d
DoyleMichael,shoemaker,r. 313 Washington av
DoyleMichael, teacher, Academy Christian Brothersbds. same
DoyleMoses, clerk, George Dunford,bds. 20 Wash
DoyleOwen,bakery, 124 Morgan, r. same
DoylePatrick,blacksmith,r. 92 O'Fallon
DoylePatrick,carpenter, av.b. Emily and Pratt av
DoylePatrick,hackman, av. and O'Fallon c. of 7th
DoylePatrick,lab.,r. 4 Howard
DoylePattick,lab.,r. 313 Washington av
DoylePatrick,liverystable,n.7th, r. same
DoylePatrick,lab.,r. 72 Collins
DoylePeter,shipcarpenter,r. 265 s. 4th
DoylePatrick,stonecutter,r. rear 202 Wash
DoylePatrick,teamster,bds. 28 Collins
DoylePatrick,teamster,bds. 58 Cedar
DoylePatrick,teamster,ws.21st bet. Wash and Carr
DoylePeter,lab.,r. rear 231 n. 14th
DoylePeter,marblecutter, bet. Spruce and Poplar
DoylePeter,policeman,bds. 254 Market
DoyleRichard,lab., Mallinkrodt and Destrehan
DoyleRose,wid. Michal,r. 50 Gay
DoyleThaddeusS.,bricklayer,bds. 516 9th
DoyleThomas,baker, 32 6th
DoyleThomas,carriagedriver,r. 46 O'Fallon
DoyleThomas,lab.,r. 7 s. 13th
DoyleThomas,lab., and Destrehan
DoyleThomas,stonecutter,r. 313 Washington av
DoyleThomas,tinner, and 14th and Biddle and O'Fallon
DoyleThomas,waiter,Monroe House, r. same
DoyleTimothy,r.ns.Hempstead bet. 1st and 2d
DoyleWilliam,(J. L. Thompson & Co.)r.ns.Morgan bet. 24th and 25th
DoyleWilliam, drayman, M. S. Mepham & Bro., and Biddle and Broadway and Collins
DoyleWilliam,lab.,r. 383 n. Main
DoyleWilliam,lab., and Ashley and Collins and Broadway
DoyleWilliam,moulder, nr. Market
DoyleWilliam,A.,carpenter and builder, 92 n. 5th, bds. Emmet Exchange
DOYLE & CORBY,Doyle(James and Corby)WilliamH. brass foundry,Cherry nw.c. Main
DozeGottlieb,lab., bet. Biddle and O'Fallon
DozierBenjaminA.,captain,bds. 60 n. 17th
DozierF. M.,carpenter, rooms 104½ Locust
DozierJamesE.,wines and liquors, 15 n. 2d, r. 74 s. 6th
DozierLewis,inspector of poor and supt. of tollgates, Court House,r. 76 s. 6th