St. Louis directory : containing a directory of citizens, including also a business mirror, appendix, co-partnership directory, &c.,
Down James, bartender, bds. 13 sw. c. Pine
Downer Bernard, lab., r. 9 al. b. 5th 6th Cerre
Downes David, lab., r. and Spruce bet. 12th 13th
Downes James, lab., bds. 90 s. 2nd
DOWNES PATRICK B., fancy and staple dry goods, 170 Broadway, bds. n. 4th
Downey Ann, wid. Patrick, r. 17th se. c. Cass av
Downey Antoine, carpenter, r. 193 n. 14th
Downey Dennis, lab., r. al. b. and 17th 18th, Biddle O'Fallon
Downey James, (Martin & Downey) r. 13 n. 4th
Downey Jeremiah, stonemason, r. ws. n. and 15th bet. O'Fallon Cass av
Downey Jeremiah, stonecutter, bds. n. and 18th b. O'Fallon Cass av
Downey Jerome, jr., clerk, bds. and Cass av. b. 17th 18th
Downey Jerome, stonemason, r. Cass av. nr. 17th
Downey John, (Downey & Thornberry) r. and 17th bet. O'Fallon Davis
Downey Morris, lab., r. 194 Wash
Downey Patrick, lab., r. ns. and Wash b. 22d 23d
Downey Patrick, tinner, 169 Market
Downey Thomas, lab., r. and Biddle b. 18th 19th
Downey William, lab., r, 100 s. 14th
Downey & Thornberry, DowneyThornberry) and (JohnRobert and carpenters, 127 n. 7th
Downham Edward, stonecutter, r. ns. near Gamble av. Glasgow av
Downie James, lab., r. 4. O'Fallon
Downie Patrick., lab., r. 4 Howard
Downing Alexander, tinsmith, r. 168 n. 10th
Downing Daniel, saddler, bds. 96 Olive
Downing George P., physician, (col'd) 1 Green, r.
Downing John, clerk, Collins, Kellogg & Kirby, bds. es. and 4th bet. Walnut Elm
Downing John, gasfitter, rooms 80 n. 16th
Downing John E., clerk, bds. 136 Washington av
Downing Patrick, lab., r. 15 al. bet. 5th 6th nr. Cerre
Downing Simeon, salesman, J. C. Havens & Co., r. 135 n. 5th
Downing William, (Manny, Drake & Co) r. 121 Chesnut
Downs Edward B., conductor, r. ws. and Broadway bet. Malinckrodt Destrehan
Downs Hudson L., agt Penn R. R. R. Co., r. 51 Mullanphy
Downs Isaac L., ticket agt St. Louis, Alton and Chicago R. R., bds. Planters' House
Downs Patrick B., clerk, r. 115 n. 7th
Downs William T., shoemaker, r. rear 57 s 6th
Doy Daniel, lab., r. ws. al. bet. and 7th 8th nr. Clark avenue
Doy Walter, teamster, r, 445 Market
Doyl Michael, bricklayer, r. rear 244 n. 8th
Doyle Bridget, wid. Terry, r. 45 n. 11th
Doyle Christopher, bricklayer, bds, 181 n. 4th
Doyle Daniel P., carpenter bds. 385 Broadway
Doyle Dennis, salesman, 160 Green
Doyle Edward, bricklayer, r. 50 Gay
Doyle Edward, cutter, r. 216 n. 2d
Doyle Ellen, wid. John, 155 boarding, n. 11th
Doyle Florence, carpenter, bds. 83 Franklin av
Doyle George, carpenter, r. 20 al. b. 5th 6th nr. Cerre
Doyle George A., blacksmith, r. 151 Carr
Doyle Henry, lab., r. 203 Franklin av
Doyle James, (Doyle & Corby) r. 54 Wright
Doyle James, painter, bds. 24th nw. c. O'Fallon
Doyle James, printer, bds. Revere House
Doyle James G., brickmaker, and Davis bet. 13th 14th, r. 9th
Doyle James L., merchant, r. 292 Morgan
Doyle Jane wid. Edward, r. 58 Cedar
Doyle John bricklayer, r. 50 Gay
Doyle John, (Crickard & Doyle) r. 23 Christy av
Doyle John, r. bet. and 10th 11th O'Fallon Cass av
Doyle John, lab., bds. ws al. b. and 7th 8th n. Clark av
Doyle John, lab., r. al. bet. and Main 2d Myrtle
Doyle John, lab., r. ss. near Malinckrodt Bellefontaine rd
Doyle John, stonecutter, r. 106 n. 14th
Doyle John, teamster, r. ws. and 21st bet. Wash Carr
Doyle John S., carpenter, r. ns. and Benton bet. 16th 17th
Doyle Lambert L.,. bookkeeper, bds. 109 w. Brooklyn
Doyle Laughlin, saloon, 351 Broadway, r. 7th
Doyle Lewis, moulder, r. 50 Gay
Doyle Marcus L. F., (M. L. F. Doyle & Son) and Davis b. 13th 14th, r. 9th
Doyle Margret, wid. William, r. 23 Christy av
Doyle Martin, lab., r. 205 Green
Doyle Martin, undertaker, 261 n. 7th
Doyle Matthew J., bookkeeper, B. A. Soulard, r. 475 s. 7th
Doyle Michael, moulder, r. ns. and Spring bet. Broadway n. 2d
Doyle Michael, shoemaker, r. 313 Washington av
Doyle Michael, teacher, Academy Christian Brothers bds. same
Doyle Moses, clerk, George Dunford, bds. 20 Wash
Doyle Owen, bakery, 124 Morgan, r.
Doyle Patrick, blacksmith, r. 92 O'Fallon
Doyle Patrick, carpenter, r. ss. and Gamble av. b. Emily Pratt av
Doyle Patrick, hackman, r. al. b. and Cass av. O'Fallon c. 7th
Doyle Patrick, lab., r. 4 Howard
Doyle Pattick, lab., r. 313 Washington av
Doyle Patrick, liverystable, n. same 7th, r.
Doyle Patrick, lab., r. 72 Collins
Doyle Peter, shipcarpenter, r. 265 s. 4th
Doyle Patrick, stonecutter, r. rear 202 Wash
Doyle Patrick, teamster, bds. 28 Collins
Doyle Patrick, teamster, bds. 58 Cedar
Doyle Patrick, teamster, ws. and 21st bet. Wash Carr
Doyle Peter, lab., r. rear 231 n. 14th
Doyle Peter, marblecutter, r. es. and 12th bet. Spruce Poplar
Doyle Peter, policeman, bds. 254 Market
Doyle Richard, lab., r. es. and Bellefontaine rd. bet. Mallinkrodt Destrehan
Doyle Rose, wid. Michal, r. 50 Gay
Doyle Thaddeus S., bricklayer, bds. 516 9th
Doyle Thomas, baker, 32 6th
Doyle Thomas, carriagedriver, r. 46 O'Fallon
Doyle Thomas, lab., r. 7 s. 13th
Doyle Thomas, lab., r. es. al. bet. and Mallinkrodt Destrehan
Doyle Thomas, stonecutter, r. 313 Washington av
Doyle Thomas, tinner, r. al. bet. and 13th 14th Biddle O'Fallon
Doyle Thomas, waiter, same Monroe House, r.
Doyle Timothy, r. ns. and Hempstead bet. 1st 2d
Doyle William, (J. L. Thompson & Co.) r. ns. and Morgan bet. 24th 25th
Doyle William, drayman, M. S. Mepham & Bro., r. al. bet. and Ashley Biddle Broadway Collins
Doyle William, lab., r. 383 n. Main
Doyle William, lab., r. ws. al. bet. and Biddle Ashley Collins Broadway
Doyle William, moulder, bds. es. s. 11th nr. Market
Doyle William, A., carpenter and builder, 92 n. 5th, bds. Emmet Exchange
DOYLE & CORBY, Doyle (James Corby) William H. brass foundry, Cherry nw. c. Main
Doze Gottlieb, lab., r. ws. and 11th bet. Biddle O'Fallon
Dozier Benjamin A., captain, bds. 60 n. 17th
Dozier F. M., carpenter, rooms 104½ Locust
Dozier James E., wines and liquors, 15 n. 2d, r. s. 6th
Dozier Lewis, inspector of poor and supt. Court House, r. 76 s. 6th