St. Louis directory : containing a directory of citizens, including also a business mirror, appendix, co-partnership directory, &c.,
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DrostenJohnW.,confectioner, 34 n. 3d, r. same
DroughtJohnS., clerk, J. Matthews & Sons, av.b. 8th and 9th
DROUGHTPHILLIP,cupper and leecher, 134 Washington av
DroustFrank,lab., and Decatur nr. Lafayette av
DrowDedrich,lab.,r.Kosciusko bet. Barton and Victor
DrownPercivalS., com. and forward. mer., 91 n. 2d, r. 85 w. Brooklyn
DrucaHermanH.,carpenter, bet. O'Fallon and Cass av.
DruckerHenry, bookkeeper, Woods,Christy & Co., near Ham
DruckerJohn,soapmaker,r.ns.Park 8th and 9th
DruckerLouis,berb doctor,3d nw.c. Market
DrudingHenry,goldsmith, 75 n. 4th
DruekeJohn,lab., bet. Jefferson and n. Market
DruhanMartin,shipper, bet. Elm and Market
DruherWilliam,clerk,r. 160 n. 11th
DRUID'SHALL, 100 s. 3d
DrukkerSimonS.,pawnbroker, 20 n. 2d and 45 Pine, r. 137 Collins
DrumCharles,painter, nr. Arrow
DrumJohn,laborer, bet. Bates and O'Fallon
DrumeyerFrederickA.,boilermaker,r. 111 Carr
DrummWilliam,quarryman,r.18th bet. Conde and Old Grand av
DrummerNancy,(col'd) wid. Charles,r. 42 Orange
Drunser,laborer,r.ns.Lombard bet. Main and 2d
DrureyHenry,(Killoran & Drurey)r. 174 n. 7th
DrusdouAllise,constable and cigardealer,r. 556 Broadway
DRUYTSJOHNB., Very Rev. Prest.board of trustees St. Louis University,r. same
DrydenAlfred,(Sperring & Dryden)r.St. Charles Plank rd.
DryerFrederick,(Futterer & Dryer)r. 90 Gay
DryerHenry,drayman,r. 163 St. Charles
DrysdaleChristiana,wid. James,bds. 186 Market
DrysdaleEmma, wid. Alexander, boarding, 82 n. 6th
DrysdaleJames,carpenter,bds. 419 Morgan
DrysdaleJamesM.,lottery office,3d sec. Pine, r. 6th sw.c. St. Charles
DrysdaleThomas,blacksmith,bds. 419 Morgan
DuakesJohn,carpenter,r.L'esperance bet. Carondelet av. and Jackson
DubanCharles,conductor, 21st and 22d
DubarAnton,tailor,r.Closey bet. Emmet and Julia
DubbsAlfred, clerk, Alexander Kelsey,bds.Gratiot c. 11th
DubbsCharles, clerk, steamboat,bds.11th sw.c. Gratiot
DubbsMartin,local mail agt.P. O., b. 10th and 11th
DubeEnst,lab.,r.ns.Benton bet. 13th and 14th
DubeHenry,teamster,r. rea 125 n. 18th
DubelWilliam, clerk, Oliver A. Hart,bds.Franklin 10th
DubelbeissJohn,tailor,r. 211 s. 3d
DubenrickHenry,teamster,r.Bremen 18th
DubkaFrank,teamster,'Fallon and 13th
DuboisGeorge, baggageman, P.R.R.,bds.Clarendon Hotel
DuBoisOliver,r. 29 s. 4th
DubreuilEtienne,lawyer, 53½ Chesnut, rooms same
DubreuilHenry,lab.,bds. rear 184 s. 3d
DubreuilMichael,lab.,r. rear 184 s. 3d
DubreyJohn,lab.,r. rear 221 s. 3d
DubreyPeter,lab.,es.3d bet. Lombard and Convent
DubuqueGabriel,r. 56 s. 5th
DubuqueJohnC.,tailor,r. 95 n. 16th
DucketHenry,carpenter,r. alley bet. Biddle and O'Fallon and 7th and 8th
DuceyMorris,machinist,r. 160 n. 10th
DuceyPatrick,carpenter,bds. 252 n. 6th
DuceyPatrick,carpenter,bds. 92 Carr
DuchoaJoseph, finisher, J. T. Dowdall & Co.
DuckworthWilliam,merchant, and 2d near Myrtle
DuddridgeJamesE.,coal oil dealer,r. 81 n. 8th
DudeGeorge,cabinetmaker,bds.ns.n.Market bet. 16th and 17th
DudleyColeman,mason,r. 153 Wash
DudleyDavidP.(Harris & Dudley) av. near Pacific
DudleyFrankH., clerk, P. O.,bds.United States Hotel
DudleyJames,porter,r. 222 n. 8th
DudleyLorenzoC.,com. mer., 54 n. Commercial, r. 56 n. 17th
DudleyRobert,lab.,r. 37 n. 10th
DudleyThomas,sawyer,r.ns.10th bet. Jefferson and Monroe
DudleyThomasH.,sawyer, bet. Chambers and Webster
DudleyWilliamG.,millwight, bet Jefferson and Monroe
DuebelbeisJohn,tailor,r. 213 s. 3d
DuenJames,lab.,r. 211 n. 13th
DueningWilliam,lab.,bds.Old Bellfontaine road near Angelica
DuerfieldCharlesF.,barber, 25 Olive, bds. 157 n. 3rd
DuerrWilliam,lab.,bds.21st ne.c. Christy av.
DuestrowElizabeth,wid. William, b. Chouteau av. and Hickory
DuestrowLouis,sec'y.Franklin Ins. Co., b. Chouteau av. and Hickory
DuffAlexander,blacksmith, near Pratte av
DuffArchibaldG., salesman, Ubsdell, Peirson & Co.
DuffJohn,lab.,bds. 270 n. 7th
DuffendackHerman,porter, Cutler & Tirrill
DufferJohnH.,(Duffer & Espie)r. 177 Christy av
DuffeyCon,policeman, b. Warren and Montgomery
DuffeyDavidJ.,bricklayer, 74 Franklin av
DuffeyLuke,stonemason,r.16th b. Cass av. and Mullanphy
DuffeyPatrick,lab.,r. 377 n. 11th
DuffeyThomas,drayman,Stoddard bet. Clay and Glasgow av
DuffieldLevi,carpenter,bds. 43 n. 12th
DuFracMedial,tinner,r. 216 s. 2d
DuFronseJohnP., clerk, P. O.,bds. 195 s. 2d
DuffyBridget,wid.,r. 202 n. 8th
DuffyCatharine,wid. Patrick,bds.Spruce bet. 12th and 13th
DuffyCornelius,police, bet. Mound and Howard
DuffyEdward,painter,r. 194 n. 11th
DuffyFrancis,carriage driver, rooms 63 Chesnut
DuffyFrancis,draymnn,r.n.10th b.n. Market and Benton
DuffyFrancis,machinist,r. 370 n. 2d
DuffyFrancis,mason, bet. Wash and Carr
DuffyHenryP.,clerk,bds. 471 Broadway
DuffyHugh,lab.,bds. 214 Morgan
DuffyJames,lab.,r. rear 257 s. 2d
DuffyJames,tailor,r. 141 Carr
DuffyJohn,lab.,bds.ns.Carr b. 20th and 21st
DuffyJohn,lab., and Walnut, w. of 7th
DuffyJohn,shipping and commission,Commercial b. Chesnut and Market, r. Papin se.c. 16th
DuffyJohn,tinner and iron worker, b. Soulard and Lafayette
DuffyJulia,wid. Anthony,r. 217 O'Fallon
DuffMargaret,wid. Michael, b. Chouteau av. and Gratiot
DuffyMichael,carpenter,r.Washington av.b. 17th and 18th