St. Louis directory : containing a directory of citizens, including also a business mirror, appendix, co-partnership directory, &c.,
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DunkerCasperH.,cigar mnfr., 77 s. 4th, r. same
DunkerFrederick,shademaker, 7th and 8th
DunkerFrederick,(Dunker & Rahing,) 358 O'Fallon
DunkerJohn,grocer, 128 Carr, rooms same
DUNKER & RAHING,DunkerFrederick and Rahing,)Charlestobacco mnfrs, 249 n. 14th
DunkinJerry,(col'd,) lab.,r. 181 Morgan
DunkmanEdward,drayman,r.13th, sw.c. Monroe
DunkmannErnst, porter, Giles F. Filley,r. 133 n. 9th
DunkmannWilliamH.,teamster,r.ns.Jefferson b. 13th and 14th
DunlapJohn,lab.,bds,11th nw.c. Montgomery
DunlapJohn,stonecutter,r. 77 Gay
DunlapWilliam,riverman, Mercer and Naomi
DunlavyThomas,lab.,r. 95 Biddle
DunlaySamuel,riverman,r. 90 Almond
DunlevyEdward,shoemaker,r. 218 Biddle
DUNLOPEDWARD,produce, 230 n. 5th, 8th b. Franklin av. and Wash
DunlopJohn,bricklayer, bet. O'Fallon and Cass av
DunnAlexanderK.,salesman, Fiske, Knight & Co.,bds.Monroe House
DunnAndrew,blacksmith,r. 2d near Carr
DunnAnn,widow Peter,r. 20 O'Fallon
DunnBarnard,carpenter, b. Warren and Benton
DunnBenjaminD.,carpenter,bds. 109 n. 3d
DunnBridget,widow Michael,r. 115 Gay
DunnCharlesE.,supt.public lamps, 31 Pine, r. 38 s. 15th
DunnCharlesW.,(Dunn & Wooll,)bds, 228 Morgan
DunnChristopher,lab.,r.12th c. Randolph
DunnDennis,lab.,r.13th se.c. Spruce
DunnEdmund,lab.,r.12th sw.c. Benton
DunnEdward,r. 108 Christy av
DunnEdward,carpenter,r, 37 Centre
DunnEdward,carpenter,r. 43 s. 10th
DunnElizabeth,widow John,r.ns.Manchester Laclede av
DunnFrancis,bds. 361 Market
DunnFrancis,bricklayer, b. Warren and Benton
DunnGeorgeW., dep. clerk C. Common Pleas,bds.Olive b. 8th and 9th
DunnJames,bds. 396 Morgan
DunnJames,blacksmith,r.ns.Bates near Main
DunnJames,engineer,r. 184 s. 3d
DunnJames,lab., and 11th, and Carr and Biddle
DunnJamesW.,carpenter,r. rear 149 n. 17th
DunnJohn,barber,r.Market sw.c. 19th
DunnJohn,driver,,Market c. 19th
DunnJohn,grocer, 174 n. Green, r. same
DunnJohn,horseshoer, 90 Green, r. same
DunnJohn,lab., av. and Wash
DunnJohn,mason, b. 21st and 22d
DunnJohn,varnisher,r.12th b. O'Fallon and Cass avenue
DunnKerren,tailor, and 14th near O'Fallon
DunnMargaret,teacher,r. 163 Green
DunnMatthew,carpenter,bds. 363 Market
DunnMichael,carpenter,bds.15th b. O'Fallon and Cass av
DunnMichael,drayman,bds. rear 182 n. 12th
DunnMichael,lab.,bds. 358 Market
DunnMichael,lab.,r. 108 Christy av
DunnMichael,porter,r. 99 Orange
DunnMichael,teamster,r.Christy 16th and 17th
DunnMichael,waiter, King's Hotel
DunnMortimer,lab.,bds.O'Fallon b. 5th and 6th
DunnNicholas,blacksmith, av. near Chouteau av
DunnO'Brien,lab., and Franklin avenue
DunnPatrick,carpenter,bds. 9 n. 9th
DunnPatrick, jr.,drayman,bds. rear 182 n. 12th
DunnPatrick,lab.,bds. 327 Broadway
DunnPatrick,lab.,bds. 358 Market
DunnPatrick,lab.,r. 182 n. 12th
DunnPatrick,lab.r.Randolph b. 12th and 13th
DunnPatrick,lab.,r. 210 n. 2d
DunnPeter,stonecutter,bds. 155 n. 11th
DunnRhody,bookkeeper, Holliman's livery stable, b. Chesnut and Market
DunnRichard,boarding,r. 55 s. 10th
DunnRichard,drayman, av.b. 23d and 24th
DunnRobert,hack driver,r. 115 Gay
DunnRodgers,bookkeeper,r. 2 n. 10th
DunnSidney,stonecutter,r.Fulton nw.c. Barry
DunnSusan,wid. Robert, dressmaker, room 104 Wash
DunnT. C.,salesman,bds.Chesnut sw.c. 14th
DunnTheophilus,clerk, Pomeroy & Benton, rooms 242 Chesnut
DunnThomas,butcher, b. 21st and 22d
DunnThomas,lab.,r. 108 Christy av
DunnThomas,lab.,bds. 94 n. Levee
DunnThomas,teamster,bds.s.14th b. Poplar and Randolph
DunnThomas,teamster,r.Christy av.b. 16th and 17th
DunnThomasR.,moulder,r. 31 s. 6th
DunnTimothy,grocer, 255 Market, r. same
DunnWilliam,blacksmith,r.b.Broadway and Palm near N. M. R. R
DunnWilliam,lab.,r.18th b. Biddle and O'Fallon
DunnWilliam,stonemason,bds.ns.Benton b. 16th and 17th
Dunn & Wooll,Dunn(CharlesW. and Wooll)CharlesM.dry goods, 213 Morgan
DunnaganJohn,carpenter,bds. 102 s. 4th
DunnarantJoseph,lab., nr. Park av
DunneMichacl,clerk,r. 99 Orange
DunnePatrick,butcher,r.Pratte av.b. St. Charles and Washington av
DunnesJohn,woodsawyer,bds. 90 s. 2d
DunnewaldHenry,lab.,r. rear 235 s. 3d
DunnhouseJohn,lab.,bds. 173 Broadway
DunnicaJames,r.Chippewa se.c. Grand av
DunnicaTheodoreW.,inspector of steamboats,Pine sw.c. Main, r. 264 Pine
DunningFrederick,tailor, 85 Franklin av
DunningJohnM.,bookkeeper,bds. 78 Olive
DunningPatrick,lab.,r. rear 325 Morgan on Gay
Dunningdonbroommaker,bds. 107 n. 5th
DunnstanThomas,lab.,bds.Pacific House
DunphyDavid,ropemaker,r.6th c. Labadie
DunphyMichael,drayman,6th c. Labadie
DunsfordJohn,ropemaker, near Lynch
DunstanPeter,machinist,bds.Wash se.c. 13th
DunstanRobertW.,(Dunstan & Hildred)r. 70 s. 6th
DunstanRobertW.DUNSTAN & HILDRED, coal dealers, 65 Chesnut
DunwillJohn,composition roofer,bds. 32 Wash
DuorgappConrad,bricklayer,r.L'esperance b. Carondelet av. and Jackson
DuoyartyJoseph,lab.,r. 73 Carr
DupavillonAlbertC., conveyancer, Recorder's office, b. Gratiot and Orchard
DupavillonLucy,wid. Cheroi, b. 9th and 10th
DupavillonLionel,clerk, S. Edgler & Co., b. 10th and 11th
DupavillonParvilleC.,clerk, bet. 9th and 10th
DupeeHenry,(col'd) porter,r. rear 28 s. 5th
DupeyronJoseph,tailor,r. 78 Spruce
DupfshireLeon,shoe store,r. 407 Carondelet av
DupheiderHenry,dairyman, av. and Thomas
DuphyCatharine,wid. Richard,r. 12 Labadie
DuphyMichael,drayman,bds. 12 Labadie
DupinsAchilla,cook,r. rear 753 Broadway
DupkeAugust,(A. Dupke & Co.)r.Park av.nw.e. 5th