St. Louis directory : containing a directory of citizens, including also a business mirror, appendix, co-partnership directory, &c.,
Essman Ernest, clerk, G. O'Rourke, 166 Broadway
Esson Christian, lab., Hickory, r. se. c. 8th
Estebrook Addison L., bookkeeper, bds. 43 s. 14th
Estel John M., (Heinicke & Estel) ws. and Autumn bet. 9th 10th
ESTEL MARTIN P., chinastore, 218 Broadway n. 4th, r. 7th ne. c. Lafayette av
Estel Christopher, confectionery, ss. and Franklin av. b. 22d 23d, r.
Estercutter Bernard, stonemason, r. ws. near 11th O Fallon
Estes Harvey, blacksmith, al. b. and O'Fallon Cass av. 7th
Ete Charles, tailor, 74 Morgan
Eter Frederick, cooper, r. ws. al. bet. and 13th 14th Carr
Etling August, grocer, 489 Carondelet av., r.
Etling Christian, cooper, r. ws. and 2d Carondelet av. b. Marquette Victor
Etling George, barber, bds. 200 Wash
Etman Charles, butcher, r. and Jackson b. Lafayette Emmet
Etnyre Daniel, bds 13 Morgan
Ette Christian, carpenter, r. ss. Warren nr. Pratte av
Etter Colman, dry goods, 391 Market, r.
Etter Frederick, cooper, r. rear 171 n. 14th
Etter John, lab., bds. 12th nw. c. Biddle
Etter Joseph, (C. Sutter & Co) r. Carlyle, Ill
Etter Mary, wid. James 18 r. Biddle
Ettinger Christian, beersaloon, c. and Main Mulberry
Ettliebhuenschield Gottleib, harnessmaker, bds. ns. and Morgan b. Broadway 4th
ETTMANNS ADOLPH, clothing, 28 and 50 Market, r. s. 8th
Etz August, baker, bds. ne. c. and Main Mulberry
Etz Charles, tailor. r. 73 Morgan
Etzel Frederick, (Reneter, Hilderbrandt & Co) Hilderbrandt & Co) r. 6 n. Market
Etzel Mary, wid. Fred., seamstress, r. 64 n. Market
Etziek Stephen, farrier, r. and Rosatti b. Soulard Lafayette
Euchberger Joseph, lab., r. ws and 20th b. Market Estelle
Euel Henry, shipcarpenter, r. 32 Myrtle
Eue August, painter, r. rear Columbus b. Marion Carroll
Enfinger Joseph, clerk, r. rear 222 n. 11th
Eulchen Antoine, stonecutter, bds. 19th sw. c. Monroe
Eulenstein Franz, butcher, 33 Soulard Market, r. es. Columbia b. Victor Barton
Euler Christopher, soapmaker. r. and Adolph b. Market Estelle
Eusich Terrence, ostler, r. ss. and Park av. b. 2d Carondelet Mississippi avs
Eustate Owen, drayman, r. and Randolph b. 18th 19th
Evain William H., teacher of dancing, 109 n. 5th
Evan John, bricklayer, bds. 32 Wash
Evangelical Lutheran Confession School, ns. and Cedar b. 3d 4th
Lutheran School, Barry se. c. Fulton
Evans Anna, wid. 234 Robert, r. n. 5th
Evans Bartley B., carpenter, r. 76 n. 16th
Evans Bridget, grocer, 216 n. 8th, r.
Evans Benjamin, clerk, r. 362 s. 7th
Evans Catharine, wid. Michael, r. 62 Biddle
Evans David B., (Evans, Willard & Co) bds. 80 s. 4th
EVANS DAVID H., and wholesale wines and liquors, (Evans & Carey) 191 and 193 n. Main bds. Virginia Hotel
Evans David, shipcarpenter, es. rear River 7th opp. Mound Mkt
Evans Edward, bricklayer, bds. O'Fallon nw. c. 17th
Evans George, lab., r. 62 Biddle
Evans James, carpenter, r. es. and 10th b. Benton Warren
Evans John, machinist, r. 251 n. 8th
Evans John B., lawyer, 71 Market, r. es. 9th b. Malinckrodt Destrehan
Evans John B., marblecutter, bds. 29 Gay
Evans John R., bookkeeper, Martin & Bro., rooms ns. Pine b. 5th 6th
Evans Joseph P., carpenter, bds., 264 s. 7th
Evans Mary Ann, wid. John, r. O'Fallon nw. c. 17th
Evans Patrick, tailor, r. 204 n. 8th
Evans Robert, teamster, r. 216 n. 8th
Evans William N., tobacconist, (col'd) r. 179 Morgan
Evans & Carey, Evans (D.H. Carey) David saloon 126 and 128 n. 3d
EVANS, WILLIARD & CO., com. mers., Evans (David B. Willard) Thomas C. auctioneers and com. mers., 69 Market
Evarit Vance, painter, bds., Commercial nw. c. Vine
Eveler Henry, lab., r. rear 239 n. 13th
Eveler Henry jr., boatman, r. rear 239 n. 13th
Evendorf Charles, bds. ns. al. b. and Market Walut nr. 7th
Evens John C., (Evens & Howard) and (Evens & Parker) r. Olive ne. c. 14th
EVENS & HOWARD, mnfrs. Evens (John C., Howard) Richard J. mnfrs. fire brick, office Market nw. c. 10th
Evens (John C. Parker) Henry L. brickmakers, Evens & Parker, Market nw. c. 11th
Everel Samuel, painter, bds. 83 Franklin av
Everest Abijah, carpenter, r. s. and 7th b. Choteau av. Gratiot
Everett Alonzo R., stovefinisher, bds. 471 Broadway
Everett George, carpenter, r. 110 Carr
Everett James, boarding, 471 Broadway
EVERETT HOUSE, prop., Abel S. Merrit 81 n. 4th
Everhart J. F., physician, bds., 106 n. 4th
Evering Fredereka, wid. John, r. ws. and Rosatti bet. Geyer Allen avs
Everist M. G., salesman, rooms 56 Walnut
Everlaa John, butcher, r. ws. and Sarah bet. Toney Joab
Everley Joseph, brewer, r. es. Rosatti nr. Carroll
Evers Augustus, clerk, E. Heckman & Bro., bds. 98 s. 4th
Evers Charles, shoemaker, r. 102 n. 15th
Evers Christian, cooper, r. ws. and Columbus b. Soulard Lafayette
Evers Eberhart, teamster, r. and Bellefontaine Road bet. Angelrodt Destrehan
Evers John H., (Block & Evers) r. n. Market nw. c. 16th
Evers William, (Evers & Brocker) r. ns. n. 16 and Market b. w. 16th
Eversgut Henry, r. ss. and Malinckrodt b. 11th 12th
Evers & Brocker, mnfrs. Evers (William Broker) Charles mnfrs. of cabs and velocipedes, es. n. 16 and Market b. w. 16th
Eversman Henry, lab., r. ns. and Clark av. bet. 10th 11th
Eversman Victor, lab., r. ns. and Clark av. bet. 10th 11th
Eversole George H., (Eversole & McLard) r. 8 Brooklyn
Eversole & LcLard, Eversole (Geo. H. McLard) Jas. carpenters and millwrights, 759 Broadway
EVERTS CHARLES, cashier, Mechanics' Bank, r. ss. and Hickory b. Ham Winter
Eves John C., dep. county marshal, Court House, r. 241 Morgan
Evill John, plasterer, 102½ Locust, r. Olive
Evingden John, carpenter, bds. 10 Brooklyn
Evins Davis, carpenter, r. 213 n. 9th
Evrett James, (James Evrett & Co) r. 471 Broadway
Evrett James & Co., Evrett (James Clow) Lewis E. grocers, 489 Broadway
Evritt William R., cook, r. 120 s. Main
Ewald Elora, wid. Adam, r. rear 205 n. 13th
Ewald Henry, grocer, se. c. and 23d Carr, r.