St. Louis directory : containing a directory of citizens, including also a business mirror, appendix, co-partnership directory, &c.,
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FieldWilliamD.,(Field & Bro.)bdsPlanters' House
Field Brothers,(RichardR.,IsaacN.,JohnK., and WilliamB.) goods for mens' wear, 158 n. Main
Field & Bro.,(WilliamD. and StillmanK.) saloon and billiards, 38 n. 4th
FieldenPatrick,lab.,, b. 18th and 19th
FielderJulius,tailor,r. rear 167 n. 9th
FieldingCalvin,carpenter, Pratte av. and Emily
FIELDINGJAMESE., printer, "Republican" office,bds. 101 Pine
FieldingsDennis,glassblower,,bet.Arsenal and Cherokee near Lemp
FieldmannLouis,boots and shoes, 371 n. Main, r. same
FieldsMary,(col'd) washwoman, on and 8th s. of Walnut
FieldwishHenry,lab.,r.Gravois rd.ns.b. McNair and Oneota
FieldwishJohn,r.Gravois McNair av. and Oneota
FieldyJames,printer.bds. 20 Wash
FieneCatharine,wid. Francis,r. 140 Carr
FieneHenry,cooper,bds. 140 Carr
FieneWilliam,(Ludewig & Co) b. Cass av. and Davis
FienupHermanFred.,cabinetmaker, b. Benton and Warren
FierlinJohn,teamster,r.Buel nw.c. Arrow
FieselmanHenry,lab.,ns.Soulard bet 7th and 8th, r. Carroll b. 7th and 8th
FiesenfeltNicholas,lab., and 11th and b. Carr and Biddle
FiesteCharles,stonecutter, 480 Carondelet av
FietemannJacob,carriage trimmer,r. 298 Biddle
FiezelmanFrederick,teamster,r.Emmet c. Closey
FifeJohn,clerk,r.ns.Christy av.b. 22d and 23d
FifeMatthewS.,(Fife & Vogel)r. 212 Pine
FifeWilliamG.,Fife & Michael)r.ns.Chambers b. 11th and 12th
FIFE & MICHAEL,Fife(WilliamG.Michael,)DanielC. com. and fwd., 54 n. 7th
FIFE & VOGEL,Fife(MatthewS.Vogel)HenryT. whol. boot and shoes, 24 n. Main
FigawloJohn,fruit store,r. 178 Green
FigeusherAdam,lab.,r. 149 Carondelet av
FigganLawrence,lab., b. Marion and Carroll
FiggeHenry, salesman, Taussig & Bieckmann
FiggenerJohn,saddlemaker, rear 437 s, 7th
FigginsLawrence, foreman, Goodwin & Andersonr.Buel b. Marion and Carroll
FigureWilliam,tailor, 51 Franklin av
FihelGeorge,cooper, and Carr and 11th and 12th
FikentsherJohnF.shoemaker,r.14th Myrtle
FiksMartin,hairdresser,bds. 27 Morgan
FilbertWilliamF.,lawyer, 157 Carondelet av.,r. same
FilderGottleib,peddler,r,ss.Hickory near 6th
FillberFrederick,cooper,r. 28 Ashley
FillemanLouis,saddler,r,ws.20th bet. Market and Estelle
FilleyEdwardA.(E. A. & S. R. Filley)r. 304 Olive
FILLEYCHAUNCEYI.,imp. and dealers in china and queensware 108 n. Main, bds. 173 Locust
FILLEYGILESF.,stove manufacturer, 155 and 157 n. Main and 401 n. Main, r. 36 n. 8th
FilleyOliver,B.,(Gerard B. Allen & Co)r. 76 n. 6th
FILLEYOLIVERD.,tiu plate and sheet iron, 129 n. Main and Mayor of St. Louis,r. 76 n. 6th
FilleySamuelR.,(E. A. & S. R. Filley)r. 2 King's Highway b. Olive and St. Charles rd
FILLEY E. A. & S. R.,EdwardA. and SamuelR.) china and glass, 133 n. Main
FillgetAugust,lab.,bds. 830 Broadway
FillierAnton,grocer,Wash sw.c. 8th, r. same
FillmannAnton,ragpicker, near 7th
FillmoreJames,locksmith,bds.Denison House
FillmanJohn,machinists,r.Marion near Tth
FilloJohn,applestand,r. 211 Broadway
FilnerJohn,lab.,r.ns.Geyer Institute
FiltmeyerStephen,lab.,r, 280 n. Market
FinaganAnnC.,wid. Joseph C., boarding, 210 n. 5th
FinanAnn,wid. Thomas,r. 205 n. 2d
FinanJohn,policeman,r. 228 n. 8th
FinanMargaret,wid. Christopher,r. 28 Gay
FinanPeter,grocer, 205 n. 2d, r. same
FinanThomas,sheet iron worker,r. 6 Howard
FinchAndrew,teamster, bet. 21st and 22d
FinchGeorgeE., foreman, Ashbrook's pork house,r. 530 n. 9th
FinchJamescarpenter,bds. 210 n. 5th
FinchJustus,policemen,r.ns.Gay bet. 15th and 16th
FinchSamuel,carpenter, 103 s. 7th, r. 105 s. 7th
FinchwilliamH.,R. R. conductor,r.Carondelet av.sw.c. Sidney
FinchardJohn,brassfinisher,r.ns.Franklin av.b. 10th and 11th
FinckAndrew,clerk,bds.Pine ne.c. 13th
FinckChristine,wid. Jacob,r. 560 in Broadway
FinckEdmond,cigarmakerws.Columbus b. Emmet and Lafayette
FinckJamesA.,baggagemaster,r. 101 n. 10th
FinckMichael,janitor City University,r.Pine ne.c. 16th
FindasLouis,plasterer, bet. 22d and 23d
FineAndrew,cigarmaker,bds.Randolph bet. 12th and 14th
FineCorder,cigars,Pine, r. Randolph bet. 12th and 14th
FineEdwardE., bet. Walnut and Clark avenue
FineJ. David,(William Fine & Son)r.Park av.sw.c. 7th
FineJames,cigar maker,bds.Randolph bet. 12th and 14th
FineJames,watchman,r.ns.Carroll bet. 7th and Fulton
FineJoshua,livery stable,ws.8th bet. Walnut and Clark av
FinePhillip,farmer,r.ns.Carroll bet. 7th and Fulton
FineStephen,carpenter,bdsRandolph bet. 12th and 13th
FineSteward,carpenter,bds.Randolph bet. 12th and 13th
FineWilliam,(William Fine & Son)Park av.sw.c. 7th
Fine William & Son,(WilliamJ. David) collectors 23 Pine
FinefieldAmos,captain,r. 32 Madison
FingJohnA.,paver,r.DeKalb bet. Victor and Barton
FingerLouis,clerk,r. 309 s. 5th
FingerRudolph,cooper, and Geyer avenue
FingkJohn,blacksmith,c.Hamtramck and Emmet r. same
FinniganJanus,engineer, w. of High
FinniganJames, grocer,Carondelet av.sw.c. Lynch, r. same
FiniganJohn,lab.r.ns.Carr bet. 20th and 21st
FiniganJohn, teacher, Academy Christian Brothers
FiniganLawrence,lab.,r.ns.Franklin 24th and Pratte av
FiniganPatrick cutter, D. R. Smucker,bds.City Hall
FinkChristian,lab., bet. Carroll and Marion
FinkConrad,steamboat captain,r.ns.Sydney bet. Rosatti and State
FinkHenry,(Werner & Fink)r. 104 Pine
FinkHenry,stonebreaker, bet. Picotte and L'esperance