St. Louis directory : containing a directory of citizens, including also a business mirror, appendix, co-partnership directory, &c.,
Forbes Isaiah, dentist, 85 Olive, r,
Forbes James, stonecutter, bds. 95 Franklin av
Forbes James H., tea tea and coffee dealer, 29 Franklin av., r.
Forbes Leonard, (L. Forbes & Co.) r. 86 Olive
Forbes Thomas, lab., r. 185 Green
FORBES L. & CO., Forbes (Leonard Becker) William G. H. jewelers, 88 n. Main
Forbes & Burgh, Forbes (Charles M. Becker) William G. H. jewelers, 51 n. 6th
Forbey George, painter, r. ns. and Pacific b. Pratte av. Summit
Forby Charles, trunkmaker, r. 300 Chouteau av
Forby Charles H., trunkmaker, r. es. and Emily b. Bernard Adams
Forby George, painter, r. ns. and Pacific b. Pratte av. Summit
Forck Henry, lab., r. ws. near Columbus Barry
Ford Bruce, contractor, bds. U. S. Hotel
Ford Charles P., edge tool mnfr., ns. and O'Fallon b. Main 2d, r. Broadway
FORD CHARLES W., U. S. Express agent, bds. 112 Olive
Ford Daniel, fireman, bds. 160 Green
Ford George W., (G. W. Ford & Co) r. 203 Christy avenue
Ford James, r. es. and 10th b, Webster Lebeaume
Ford Jeremiah, lab., r. s. and 7th b. Gratiot Papin
Ford John, clerk, Azariah Connelly, r. sw. c. and 5th St. Charles
Ford John, lab., bds. ws. and 9th, b. Cerre Gratiot
Ford John, stonemason, bds. and Spruce b. 13th 14th
Ford Marcus, lab., r. ss. and Carr b. 21st 22d
Ford Marshal, boatman, bds. 259 n. 8th
Ford Matthew, city weigher, r. and 18th b. O'Fallon Cass av
Ford Michael, lab., r. es. 9th nr. Mallinckrodt
Ford Michael, lab., r. 12 Spruce
Ford Michael, teamster, bds. sw. c. and 12th Clark avenue
Ford Nancy, dress making, 76 n. 5th, r.
Ford Patrick, lab., r. ns. and Carr b. 22d 23d
Ford Patrick, lab., r. ws. and 9th, b. Cerre Gratiot
Ford Sarah, wid. Patrick, r. rear 194 s. 2d
Ford Thomas G., lawyer, r. nw. c. and Farrar Kossuth
Ford Walter, lab., r. 129 O'Fallon
Ford Warren C., collector, Richardson, Mellier & Co., bds. Virginia Hotel
Ford William, carpenter, bds. 484 n. Main
Ford G. W. & Co. com. mers. Ford (George W. Spencer) Edward com. mers. 28 s, Levee s. Commercial.
Fordney Adam, carpenter, bds. 84 Franklin av
Fordney Charles, carpenter, r. 84 Franklin av
Forestes Stephen C., brickmaker, and Davis b. 25th 26th, r. ss. Franklin av. b. 23d 24th
Forenfelt Joseph, matchmaker, bds. and Jackson b. Carrol Soulard
Feristall George, clerk City Hotel, r.
Forkeb Jacob, harnessmaker, bds. ns. near Madison Chambers
Forkes Francis, lab., bds. 7 Morgan
Forman Benjamin, tinner, 263 Market, r.
Forman James A., clerk, Tennent & Co., r. 6th sw. c. St. Charles
Forman Matthew, carpenter, r. b. and 14th 15th Cass av. O'Fallon
Formes Peter, baker, bds. 179 s. 2d
Fornberg Henry, brickmaker, r. ns. and Barry b. Fulton Decatur
Fornoff George, barber, bds. Olive ne. c. 13th
Fornoff Ludwig, tailor, r. Jackson, ne. c. Carroll
Forns Frederick, shoemaker, r. es. and Fulton b. Barry Marion
Foroegar Frederick W., lab., r. 146 n. 9th
Forrest Charles R., paperhanger, bds. and Randolph b. 12th 13th
Forrest James, lab., bds. 52 Centre
Forrest Mary, grocer, ss. and Carr b. 20th 21st, r.
Forrestell James, lab., r. ws. alley b. 7th 8th nr. Clark av
Forrestell Lawrence, teamster, bds. es. and 8th b. Clark av. Walant
Forrester Daniel S., carpenter, r. ns. and Orange b. 18th 19th
Forrester Richard, (Forrester & Bro) 22 Gay's building
Forrester St. Clair, stonecutter, r. 168 n. 14th
Forrester Stephen C., brickmaker, r. ss. and Franklin av. b. 23d 24th
Forrester Thomas, (Forrester & Bro) r. 134 Washington av
Forrester Thomas, foreman, white lead and oil co., r. and Randolph b. 12th 14th
Forrester William, machinist, r. ss and Bernard b Emily Pratte av
Forrester & Brother, (Thomas Forrester) Richard millinery goods 42 n. Main
Forse Thomas, carpenter, r. es. and Ham b. Chouteau av. Hickory
Forst Alexander, brickmaker, r. ss. and Franklin av. b. 22d 23d
Forst George, r. 187 n. 13th
Forst Joseph, tobacconist, r. 187 n. 13th
Forstell John, saddler, 294 Broadway
Forster Carl, shoemaker, r. ss. and Convent b. 2d 3d
Forster Charles, mate, bds. Panama House
Forster Edward, shotmaker, r. Estelle nr, Pratte av
Forster Michael, shoemaker, bds. 1145 Broadway
Forster Robert C., painter, bds. Ashley sw. c. n. 2d
Forster Theodore Sec. St. Louis Shot Tower Co., and (Chadbourne & Forster) r. ss. and Estelle b. Pratte av. High
FORSTER MARGUARD, vinegar factory, 88 and 90 s. 14th, r.
Forsting William porter Garnett & Brandon, r. nr. three-mile house
Forstkner John, r. north side near Marion Jackson
Forsyth Alcorn, r. 400 n. 9th
Forsyth James, baker, r. 162 n. 14th
Forsyth James, fruit dealer, and Franklin av. sw. c. Broadway, r. ws. 14th b. Wash Carr
Forsyth John, carpenter, r. ns. and Franklin av. b. 18th 19th
Forsyth Julia, wid. George, dressmaker, r. ss. and Benton bet. 16th 16th
Forsyth Leonard E., (L. E, Forsyth & Co., 580 n. Commercial
FORSYTH L. E. CO., ford. Forsyth (Leonard E. com. ford. and R. R. agents, 58 n. Commercial n. 7th
Forsyth Richard, riverman, bds. 177 n. 4th
Forthie Louis, driver, bds. and Wharf bet. Miller Barnes
Fortlozer Henry, brickmaker, r. Malinckrodt c. 13th
Forthmann Bernard, cooper, r. ss. and Salisbury, b. 11th Bellefontaine road
Forthmann Frederick, cabinet maker, r. Greene c. 19th
Fortman Gustavus, carpenter, r. 190 n. 10th
Fortune Bridget, wid. Lawrence, r. 110 n. 10th
Fortune Alfred, finisher, r. al. and Paul b. Chouteau av. Hickory
FORTUNE JAMES, grocer, 157 n. 3d, r. n. 10th
Fortune James, saddletree maker, r. ws. and 21st bet. Morgan Franklin av
Fortune John, lab., bds. 87 s. Main
Fortune Joseph, r. al. and Paul b. Hickory Chouteau avenue
Fortune Joseph T., clerk, bds. Pine ne. c. 13th
Fortune Michael, shoemaker, r. 123 n. 2d
Fortune Patrick, salesman, J. Fortune, bds. 157 Green
Fortune Walter, saddletree maker, 262 Market, r. ss Clark av. bet. 14th 15th
Forthwangler Henry, carpenter, r. ss. and Market bet. 18th 16th
Fox John, carman, and Morton b. Chouteau av. Hickory
Fos George, teamster, r. 218 n. 9th