St. Louis directory : containing a directory of citizens, including also a business mirror, appendix, co-partnership directory, &c.,
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FoyJohnA.,barkeeper, W. O. Wheeler rooms 69 Chesnut
FoyMartin,shipcaulker,r.n.Main b. Madison and Jefferson
FOYPETERL.,editor "Democrat," rooms 10 Chesnut
FoyRobert,stonecutter, bet. Carr and Biddle
FoyetHermann,safemaker,bds. 259 n. 7th
FoylkFrank,tanner, b. Marion and Carroll
FrabartHerman,lab.,r. 125 n. 9th
FraeMatthias,r.ns.Arrow b. Buena Vista and Gravois road
FraeterkJohn,teamster, b. Bremen av. and Angelica
FragerCaroline,wid. John,r. 297 s. 5th
FrahdeGeorge,teamster,r. rear Estelle b. 20th and 21st
FrahmHenry,cloth renovator, 126 Market, r. same
FrahnhoferAugust,cigarmaker, J. C. Tiemeyer
FraignacFranz,lab., and 13th, Park av. and Marion
FrainArchibald,pilot, bet. Warrea and Montgomery
FrainJohn,engineer,r.n.18th b. Biddle and O'Fallon
FrainarJohn,woodchopper,r.ns.Marion nr. 7th
FralmannHenry,lab., near Madison
FrambachJohn,teamster, b. Martha and Victor
FrambergerDorothea,wid. Joseph,r.DeKalb bet. Victor and Barton
FrameRobert, clerk, J. & S. Frame,bds. 153 n. 17th
FrameThomas,feed store,se.c.18th and Franklin av.,r. 431 Market
FrameThomas,lab.,r. 34 Chambers
FrameWilliam,grocer,ne.c.17th and Cass av.,r. same
FRAME J. & S.,(James and Samuel)grocers, 153 n. 17th
FrammAugust,carpenter,r. 245 n. 12th
FranPeter,lab.,r. alley rear Mulberry b. 2d and 3d
FrancBernard,bartender,r. 100 s. 2d
Francismarblecutter,bds. 167 Green
FrancisAaron,sergeant night police,r.nw.c.Brooklyn and 10th
FrancisArthurG.,lawyer, 41½ Chesnut, 8th b. Gratiot and Chouteau av
FrancisC. F.bds.Barnum's Hotel
FrancisCharles,gardener, Carondelet av. near Pestalozzi
FrancisCharlesW., salesman, Norris & Garesche,es.8th near Chouteau av
FrancisDaniel,sculptor,bds.Green b. 8th and 9th
FrancisDavid,tanner, John How
FrancisElizabeth,wid. James,r. 215 Carr
FrancisGeorge,machinist,bds.12th c. Franklin av
FrancisGesina,wid. Theodore,r.c.Duchouquette and Columbus
FrancisIsaac,turner,bds. 284 Broadway
FrancisJames,(Bingham & Francis)r.Gamble av.nw.c. Mercer
FrancisJames,tanner, av.b. Barton and Victor
FrancisJames,wood and staves,14th rear depot, r.ns. Gamble av.b. Mercer and Naomi
FrancisJamesW.,(Francis & Bro.)r. 215 Carr
FrancisJohn,(Francis & Bro.,)r. 215 Carr
FrancisJohn,(col'd) cook, and 10th nr. Wash
FrancisJohn,sailmaker, on O'Fallon b. 15th and 16th
FrancisJuliaG.,wid. Alfred, b. Chouteau av. and Gratiot
FrancisMary,r.Salisbury b. 11th and 12th
FrancisMatthew,carpenter,bds. 165 Washington av
FrancisNelson,(col'd) porter, and Walnut w. of 9th
FrancisThomas,tanner, b. Barton and Victor
FrancisWilliamH.,clerk,r. 29 n. 12th
FRANCIS & BRO.,(James W. and John)druggists, 264 Broadway and sw.c. 3d and Green
FranciscasJacob,painter,bds.sw.c.Pratte av. and Cooper
FranciscoHenry,driver,r.sw.c.Park av. and 2nd Carondelet av
FranciscoJohn,carpenter and builder 35 s. 8th, r. in the country
FranciscusJacob,machinist,r.P. R. R. bldgs
FranciscusJamesM.,(Haskell & Co.)r. 176 Olive
FranckGerhard,tailor,r. 220 High
FRANDEMAX,groceries and saloon 82 n. Levee, r. same
FraneyPatrick,lab., and 9th, Biddle and O'Fallon
FraneyThomas, clerk, J. & E. Walsh,r.4th sw.c. Cerre
FrangelHenry, dep. constable,constable, 43 Cherry, Market nr. 6th
FrankAdam,teamster, nr. Jefferson
FrankAlbert,lab., av. and Spruce
FrankAndrewbutcher,bds.Chouteau 28th
FrankAugust, Joseph nr. 6th
FrankAugust,cigarmaker, J. C. Tiemeyer
FrankCharles,porter, Krausse, Heinicke & Gaust, b. Menard and Rosatti
FrankConrad,lab.,r. 8 al.b. Lafayette and Soulard, Jackson and Carondelet av
FrankDominick,cooper, Clark av. and Spruce
FrankFredoline,tailor,318 s. 5th r. same
FrankFrancis,tinner, nr. Columbus
FrankFrederick,saloon, 112 Franklin av.,r. 133 Franklin av
FrankGeorge,cooper, bet. Lafayette and Emmet
FrankGeorge,furniture dealer, 87 Carondelet av.,r. same
FrankGottleib,lab.,al.b.Jackson and Carondelet Soulard
FrankHenry,bricklayer,bds.cor.Soulard and Rosatti
FrankHenry,lab., and Soulard, Jackson and Carondelet av
FrankHenry,shoemaker, 39 Green, r. O'Fallon bet. 7th and 8th
FrankIsaac,drygoods, 104 Morgan, r. same
FrankJacob,lab.,r.Soulard b. Wharf and Main
FrankJohn,lab.,r.ns.Trudeau b. Columbus and DeKalb
FrankJohn,riverman,r.Congress b. Douchouquette and Lami
FrankJohn,tinner, 113 Carondelet Marion nr. Columbus
FrankJohnN.,r.c.Decatur and Lafayette
FrankMichael,clerk, b. Emmet and Lafayette
FrankOtto,machinist, av. and 17th
FrankPhillip,painter,ss.Gratiot b. 15th and 16th, r. same
FrankPaulina, wid. Menro, notions 315 s. 5th, r. same
FrankRegine,wid. Joseph, r. Joseph,r. rear ns. Gratiot bet. 9th and 10th
FrankValentine,r.Franklin av.b. 21st and 22d
FrankaHenry,bricklayer,r.ns.Dorcas b. 2d and 3d
FrankeAugust,saddler,r. 234 Carr
FrankeCharles,porter,bds. 158 Market
FrankeCharlesH.,bricklayer,r.Grattan b. Chouteau av. and Hickory
FrankeChristian,carpenter, b. Madison and Chambers
FrankeConrad,turner, bet. Madison and Chambers
FrankeGeorge,saloon, 174 n. 4th, r. same
FrankHenry,grocer,es.6th nr. Hickory, r. same
FrankelHyman, bookkeeper, W. & S. Landeker &Co.,r. 101 Morgan