St. Louis directory : containing a directory of citizens, including also a business mirror, appendix, co-partnership directory, &c.,
Freudenthal Christopher, tailor, 46 Franklin av., r.
Freund Christian, (Baumgartner & Freund) r. 116 Market
Freund Edward G., saddler, r. 53 Carondelet av
Freund Matthias, carpenter, bds. ns. and Winter b. 10th 11th
Freund Moritz, baker, ns. and Soulard b. Decatur Buel
Frey Frederick, carpenter, r, es. and Columbus b. Sidney Victor
Frey Heinrich, grinder, r, 31 Myrtle
Frey Jacob, cigarmaker, r. 294 Carondelet av
Frey John F., (Frey & Necker) r. sw. c. and 9th Lebeaume
Frey John M., saloon, 3 n. 4th,
Frey Joseph, r. es. and Menard bet. Soulard Lafayette
Frey Joseph, shoemaker, bds. 173 Broadway
Frey Michael, barber, r. ss. and Laclede av. b. Beaumont Leffingwell av
Frey Simon, (Frey & Rosenstein) r. at N. Y.
Frey & Necker, mnfr., Frey (John F. Necker) Jacob venitian blinds mnfr., ns. and Mulberry b. 2d 3d
Frey & Rosenstein, Frey (Simon Rosenstein) Herman tobacco and cigars, 28 Pine
Freyer Godfrid, whitewasher, r. and Picotte bet. Carondelet av. Jackson
Freyberger John, teamster, r. 210 n. 8th
Friarl Mary, wid. John, r. 80 n. 9th
Fribourg Fugeue, r. 54 s. Main
Fribourg Louis, clothing, 70 n. Levee, r. Franklin avenue
Friche Henry, (Neamann & Friche,) bds. 129 Franklin avenue
Frichs Reinhard, music teacher. r. 2 n. 6th
Frichtmann Henry, lab., bds. ss. and Malinckrodt b. 11th 12th
Frick Kiltan, bds. 255 s. 2d
Frick Michael, brewer, bds. 68 Carr
Fricke Frederick, carpenter ns. and Destrehan b. 9th Bellefontaine
Fricke George W., salesman, Johannes Ludwig, r. 703 Broadway
Fricke Henry, lab., r. ns. and Madison b. 15th 16th
Fricke Henry, shoemaker, 95 Carondelet av., r.
Fricker Christian, watchman, r. sw. c. and Jackson Barry
Frickle Conrad, porter, r. 23 Myrtle
Fricker George, ragpicker, r. ws. al. b. and Jackson Columbus Carroll
Frid Adren, cook, r. ss. near Carroll Carondelet av
Friday Henry, bricklayer, r. and Closey b. Emmet Lafayette av
Friday George, bricklayer, r. and Closey b. Emmet Layfayette av
Frie August, shoemaker, r. s. rear 302 7th
Friece Philip, turner, bds. 141 Collins
Fried Anna, wid. Armenius, 38 s. 3d
Fried Etienne, (Fried & Fauste) r. Main se. c. Walnut
FRIED & FAUST, Fried (Etienne Faust,) Michael restaurant, Main se. c. Walnut
FRIEDE M. & CO., mnfr. Friede (Meyer Schoen) Leopold guns and rifles and watch mnfr. 297 Broadway
Friediman Adolphus, clerk, Charless, Blow & Co., bds. Walter's restaurant
Friede Meyer, (M. Friede & Co.) r. 218 Morgan
Friede Hannah, wid. Meyer, r. 218 Morgan
Friedenreich Louis, dry goods, 71½ Market, bds. n. 3d b. Elm Spruce
Eriedentheim Adam, blacksmith, bds. 489 Broadway
Friedhof Frederick, teamster, ss. and Biddle bet. 17th 18th
Friedlander Jacob, peddler, bds. 163 Broadway
Friedlander L., clerk, bds. 163 Broadway
Friedman David, painter, r. 108 n. 11th
Friedman Peter, cooper, bds, es. Jackson nr. Barry
Friedmeyer August, soapmaker, bds. 619 Broadway
Friedmeyer Christian, Varnishmaker, bds. 619 Broadway
Friedmeyer Henry, grocer, 619 Broadway, r.
FRIEDRICH GEORGE, wagonmaker, and blacksmith, 220 s. 4th, r. Hickory se. c. Ham
Friedrich William, cabinetmaker, and Columbus b. Lafayette av. Soulard, r.
Friedrichsen John P., cigarmaker, r. and Warren b. 18th 19th
Friehant Henry, grocer, ws. and Kosciusco bet. L'esperance Picotte, r.
Friel John, cabinetmaker, r. 554 Morgan
Friel John, machinist, bds. 122 O'Fallon
Frielingsdorf Julius, tinsmith, r. es. and Easton bet Victor Barton
Frieman Frederick carpenter, r. ss. and Cozzens bet. P. R. R. Chouteau av
Fries Benjamin, musician, r. Broadway sw. c. O'Fallon
Fries Balthazar, laborer, r. 474 Carondelet av
Fries John, musician, bds. 450 n. Main
Friese C., cigarmaker, J. A. Day
Friese Hermann, lab., r. 195 O'Fallon
Friese Mina, dressmaking, 8 s. 6th, r.
Frieseke William, locksmith, r. 444 Morgan
Friez Lorenz P., finisher, r. ss. and Convent bet. 3d 5th
Frigk Michael, lab., r. ns. and Soulard bet. Buel Menard
Frigler, Christopher, lab., bds. ns. near Angelrodt 9th
Frikel Martin, baker, 508 Morgan r.
Frimmel John, white beer brewery 63 s. 7th, r.
Frink Henry R. mason, bds. 242 n. 9th
Frink Jacob, hosiery store, 75 Morgan, r.
Frinkle Saffa, cooper, r. and Buel bet. Lafayette Emmet avs
Frintrun Henry, cigarmaker, bds. s. 7th sw. c. Hickory
Erintzinger Charles, gardener, and Ann av. bet. McNair Superior
Frisbie, Friedrich, clerk, r. of 18th w. St. Louis place
Frische David, laborer, Hickory se. c. 8th
Frische George, laborer, r. ss. Geyer av. nr. Decatur
Frise John, musician, r. ws. and Main bet. Columbus Florida
Frissel tailor, 41 Franklin av.
Fritch Christian, (Stith &Fritch) r. and Hempstead bet. Broadway 9th
Fritch Jacob J., (Stith & Fritch) r. 65 Hempstead
Fritch Martin ostler, r. es. and Carondelet av. bet. Dorcas Arsenal av
Fritch Runo, moulder, r. 333 s. 3d
Fritche Fritz, lab., bds. nw. c. and 21st Christy av
Fritcher August, butcher, r. and Kosciusko bet. Barton Victor
Fritchey John Q. A., lawyer, rooms same 2d sw. c. Pine,
Fritman Moses, clothier, and Market bet. Beaumont Leffingwell av. r.
Fritsche Charles, lab., r. nw. c., and 21st Christy avenue
Fritsche Charles, soapboiler, al. bet. and 21st 22d Morgan
Fritsche George, butcher, 47 s. Market, r. St. George
Fritsch Rudoph, insurance agt., r. 132 s. 3d
FRITSCHLE JACOB, baker, ns. same office 32 Chouteau av. bet. 7th and 8th, r. n. Levee
Fritsh Rudolph, (Hellwig & Fritsh) r. 80 s. 3d
Fritz Adam, tobacconist, r. 34 s. 3d
Fritz Anthony, cigarmaker, r. 93 s. 3d
Fritz Christian, policeman, bds. rear 191 s. 2d
Fritz Charles A., (Fritz and Wainwright) r. ss. and Orchard bet. Beckwirth Barlow
Fritz Charles C., brewer, r. ss. and Orchard bet. 11th
Fritz George, machinist, r. es. and 2d bet. Soulard Lafayette av.
Fritz Ignats, lab., r. 153 32d
Fritz Jacob, lab. 163 s. Main