St. Louis directory : containing a directory of citizens, including also a business mirror, appendix, co-partnership directory, &c.,
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FreudenthalChristopher,tailor, 46 Franklin av.,r. same
FreundChristian,(Baumgartner & Freund)r. 116 Market
FreundEdwardG.,saddler,r. 53 Carondelet av
FreundMatthias,carpenter,bds.ns.Winter b. 10th and 11th
FreundMoritz,baker,ns.Soulard b. Decatur and Buel
FreyFrederick,carpenter,r,es.Columbus b. Sidney and Victor
FreyHeinrich,grinder,r, 31 Myrtle
FreyJacob,cigarmaker,r. 294 Carondelet av
FreyJohnF.,(Frey & Necker)r.sw.c.9th and Lebeaume
FreyJohnM.,saloon, 3 n. 4th, rooms same
FreyJoseph, bet. Soulard and Lafayette
FreyJoseph,shoemaker,bds. 173 Broadway
FreyMichael,barber, av.b. Beaumont and Leffingwell av
FreySimon,(Frey & Rosenstein)r. at N. Y.
Frey & Necker,Frey(JohnF. and Necker)Jacobvenitian blinds mnfr.,ns.Mulberry b. 2d and 3d
Frey & Rosenstein,Frey(Simon & Rosenstein)Hermantobacco and cigars, 28 Pine
FreyerGodfrid,whitewasher,r.Picotte bet. Carondelet av. and Jackson
FreybergerJohn,teamster,r. 210 n. 8th
FriarlMary,wid. John,r. 80 n. 9th
FribourgFugeue,r. 54 s. Main
FribourgLouis,clothing, 70 n. Levee, r. 38 Franklin avenue
FricheHenry,(Neamann & Friche,)bds. 129 Franklin avenue
FrichsReinhard,music teacher.r. 2 n. 6th
FrichtmannHenry,lab., b. 11th and 12th
FrickKiltan,bds. 255 s. 2d
FrickMichael,brewer,bds. 68 Carr
FrickeFrederick,carpenterns.Destrehan b. 9th and Bellefontaine
FrickeGeorgeW.,salesman, Johannes Ludwig,r. 703 Broadway
FrickeHenry,lab.,r.ns.Madison b. 15th and 16th
FrickeHenry,shoemaker, 95 Carondelet av.,r. same
FrickerChristian,watchman,r.sw.c.Jackson and Barry
FrickleConrad,porter,r. 23 Myrtle
FrickerGeorge,ragpicker, and Columbus near Carroll
FridAdren,cook, near Carondelet av
FridayHenry,bricklayer,r.Closey b. Emmet and Lafayette av
FridayGeorge,bricklayer,r.Closey b. Emmet and Layfayette av
FrieAugust,shoemaker,r.s.7th rear 302
FriecePhilip,turner,bds. 141 Collins
FriedAnna,wid. Armenius, 38 s. 3d
FriedEtienne,(Fried & Fauste)r.Main se.c. Walnut
FRIED & FAUST,Fried(Etienne and Faust,)Michaelrestaurant,Main se.c. Walnut
FRIEDE M. & CO.,Friede(Meyer and Schoen)Leopoldguns and rifles and watch mnfr. 297 Broadway
FriedimanAdolphus,clerk, Charless, Blow & Co.,bds.Walter's restaurant
FriedeMeyer,(M. Friede & Co.)r. 218 Morgan
FriedeHannah,wid. Meyer,r. 218 Morgan
FriedenreichLouis,dry goods, 71½ Market, bds.n. 3d b. Elm and Spruce
EriedentheimAdam,blacksmith,bds. 489 Broadway
FriedhofFrederick,teamster,ss.Biddle bet. 17th and 18th
FriedlanderJacob,peddler,bds. 163 Broadway
FriedlanderL.,clerk,bds. 163 Broadway
FriedmanDavid,painter,r. 108 n. 11th
FriedmanPeter,cooper,bds,es.Jackson nr. Barry
FriedmeyerAugust,soapmaker,bds. 619 Broadway
FriedmeyerChristian,Varnishmaker,bds. 619 Broadway
FriedmeyerHenry,grocer, 619 Broadway, r. same
FRIEDRICHGEORGE,wagonmaker, and blacksmith, 220 s. 4th, r. Hickory se.c. Ham
FriedrichWilliam,cabinetmaker,Columbus b. Lafayette av. and Soulard, r. same
FriedrichsenJohnP.,cigarmaker,r.Warren b. 18th and 19th
FriehantHenry,grocer,ws.Kosciusco bet. L'esperance and Picotte, r. same
FrielJohn,cabinetmaker,r. 554 Morgan
FrielJohn,machinist,bds. 122 O'Fallon
FrielingsdorfJulius,tinsmith, bet Victor and Barton
FriemanFrederickcarpenter, bet. P. R. R. and Chouteau av
FriesBenjamin,musician,r.Broadway sw.c. O'Fallon
FriesBalthazar,laborer,r. 474 Carondelet av
FriesJohn,musician,bds. 450 n. Main
FrieseC.,cigarmaker, J. A. Day
FrieseHermann,lab.,r. 195 O'Fallon
FrieseMina,dressmaking, 8 s. 6th, r. same
FriesekeWilliam,locksmith,r. 444 Morgan
FriezLorenzP.,finisher, bet. 3d and 5th
FrigkMichael,lab.,r.ns.Soulard bet. Buel and Menard
Frigler,Christopher,lab.,bds.ns.Angelrodt near 9th
FrikelMartin,baker, 508 Morgan r. same
FrimmelJohn,white beer brewery 63 s. 7th, r. same
FrinkHenryR.mason,bds. 242 n. 9th
FrinkJacob,hosiery store, 75 Morgan, r. same
FrinkleSaffa,cooper,r.Buel bet. Lafayette and Emmet avs
FrintrunHenry,cigarmaker,bds.s.7th sw.c. Hickory
ErintzingerCharles,gardener,Ann McNair and Superior
Frisbie,Friedrich,clerk,r.18th w. of St. Louis place
FrischeDavid,laborer,Hickory se.c. 8th
FrischeGeorge,laborer, Decatur
FriseJohn,musician, bet. Columbus and Florida
Frisseltailor, 41 Franklin av.
FritchChristian,(Stith &Fritch)r.Hempstead bet. Broadway and 9th
FritchJacobJ.,(Stith & Fritch)r. 65 Hempstead
FritchMartin ostler, Dorcas and Arsenal av
FritchRuno,moulder,r. 333 s. 3d
FritcheFritz,lab.,bds.nw.c.21st and Christy av
FritcherAugust,butcher,r.Kosciusko bet. Barton and Victor
FritcheyJohnQ. A.,lawyer,2d sw.c. Pine, rooms same
FritmanMoses,clothier,Market bet. Beaumont and Leffingwell av.r. same
FritscheCharles,lab.,r.nw.c.,21st and Christy avenue
FritscheCharles,soapboiler, and 22d near Morgan
FritscheGeorge,butcher, 47 s. Market, r. 76 St. George
FritschRudoph,insurance agt.,r. 132 s. 3d
FRITSCHLEJACOB,baker,ns.Chouteau 7th and 8th, r. same office 32 n. Levee
FritshRudolph,(Hellwig & Fritsh)r. 80 s. 3d
FritzAdam,tobacconist,r. 34 s. 3d
FritzAnthony,cigarmaker,r. 93 s. 3d
FritzChristian,policeman,bds. rear 191 s. 2d
FritzCharlesA.,(Fritz and Wainwright) bet. Beckwirth and Barlow
FritzCharlesC.,brewer, bet. and 11th
FritzGeorge,machinist, bet. Soulard and Lafayette av.
FritzIgnats,lab.,r. 153 32d
FritzJacob,lab. 163 s. Main