St. Louis directory : containing a directory of citizens, including also a business mirror, appendix, co-partnership directory, &c.,
Gies Jacob, brewer, r. s. and 13th b. Spruce Poplar
Giesal Conrad, lab., r. ns. and Carroll b. Buel Menard
Giesalman William, chairmaker, bds. 248 n. 6th
Giese Franz, carpenter, r. ws. near 11th Carr
Giese William, bookkeeper, r. 506 s. 7th
Giesecke William F., clerk, Barnum & Co., r. ss. and Gratoit b. 5th 6th
Giesecker Henry, carpenter, r. ws. and Columbus b. Emmet Lafayette av
Gieseke Conrad, lab., r. rear 282 n. Market
Gieseke Henry, milkman, r. al. b. and Davis Hebert
Gieseke Joseph, porter, D. H. Lackmann, and r. es. 16th bet. Market Benton
Geiseker Charles, blacksmith, 71 O'Fallon, r.
Gieseker Harman, blacksmith, bds. 71 O'Fallon
Gieseker Henry, r. 67 Christy av
Gieseking Henry, gardener, bds. Grand av. nr. Bellefontaine
Gieseking William, gardener, r. near Grand av. Bellefontaine
Gieseker Christopher, blacksmith, and Broadway bet. Montgomery Spring Valley Broadway b. Montgomery Spring
Gieselmann Frederick W., brickmaker, Cherokee n. Iroquois
Gieselmann Henry, ostler, 219 n. 6th
Gieselmann Herman, carpenter, bds. Pratte av. nr. c. Warren
Gieselmann Mary, wid. Hermann, r. 189 n. 13th
Gieselmana Peter, lab., r. ns. and Barry b. Fulton Decatur
Giesen Jacob, brewer, bds. 155 Carondelet av
Giesfelmann Herman, saddletree Maker r. 1397 Broadway
Giesie William L., bookkeeper, Gilman & Co., r. 506 s. 7th
Giesker Henry, wagonmaker, r. ss. and Madison b. 10th 11th
Gieselman Frederick, lab., r. and Closey b. Emmet Julia
Gietner Margaret, wid. George, and grocer, nw. c. 3d Almond
Gietinghagen William, trunkmaker, bds. alley b. 6th 7th Franklin av
Gifford G. I. carpenter, bds. 370 Franklin av
Gifford Josiah, carpenter, r. rear 264 n. 13th
Gifhorn Christopher, grocer, 272 s. 5th, r.
Giger Francis, r. 52 Almond
Giger George, barber, r. 52 Almond
Gilbay Matthias, cooper, bds. se. c. and 13th Poplar
Gilbert Abraham, sawyer, r. ss. near Angelrodt Broadway
Gilbert Alphonse, (Pinaud & Gilbert) r. 104 Pine
Gilbert Anthony, wigmaker, etc., bds. 72 Washington av
Gilbert Charles J., (Gilbert, Miles & Stanard) r. Miles & Stanard) r. 54 n. 7th
Gilbert Frances C., wid. Theodore S., r. 198 High
Gilbert Granville, teamster, bds. sw. c. and 12th Clark av
Gilbert James, lab., r. 63 n. 16th
Gilbert John, patternmaker, bds. 92 Collins
Gilbraith James, (James Gilbraith & Co) r. ns. and Spring b. Mercer Naomi
GILBRAITH & CO., Gilbraith, (James Wehrfreid (Hugo U. Fechtenkam) George grocers and produce, 289 Broadway
Gilchrist Daniel, bookkeeper, Toomer & Kimbrough, bds. Barnum's Hotel
Gilchrist Richard, moulder, bds. 159 Collins
Gilcin Bridget, wid. Owen, r. ss. and Wash b. 22d 23d
Gildehaus Heinrich, blacksmith, bds. 5th c. Franklin av
Gildehaus Henry, (H. Gildehaus & Co) r. es. and Johnson b. Gratiot R. R. track
GILDEHAUS & CO., Gildehaus, (Henry Wulfing Charles Dieckriede Charles B. who. grocers, 164 n. 2d
Gilden John, barkeeper, sw. c. and Elm 3d
Gildersleve George, riverman, bds. 266 Biddle
Gildey Patrick J., waiter, Planters' House
Gile Absalom G., (R. B. Snow & Co) bds. 3d nw. c. Green
Giles David, iron melter, r. ns. Ferry opp. rolling mill
Giles Elizabeth, wid. Peyton, r. 28 s. 6th
Giles George, whitewasher, r. 80 Washington av
Giles George C., drayman, (col'd) r. rear 100 Myrtle
Giles Mark, trunkmaker, bds. Simon House
Giles Thomas, foreman, gas works r. alley b. 3d 4th Convent
Giles Thomas, lab., r. rear 289 s. 5th
Gilfillan John A., teacher, r. es. and Barton b. Chouteau av. Gratiot
Gilfillan Samuel M., bookkeeper, r. ns. alley b. 14th 15th Franklin av. Wash
Gilfillan Samuel M., bookkeeper, Republican office, bds. sw. c. and 3d Market
Gilfin Dynes, r. 249 n. 9th
Gilhooly Peter, lab., r. 263 n. 12th
Gilke Francis, engineer, r. ne, c. and Broadway Webster
Gilkeson John M., clerk, Samuel & Allen, bds. Virginia Hotel
Gilkoyne John, lab., r. 240 n. 2d
Gill Delia L., wid. William, r. 136 n. 13th
Gill George H., (Gill & Bro) r. 127 s. 5th
Gill George H., engineer, bds. 106 Morgan
Gill John, brickmaker, r. O'Fallon nw. c. 17th
Gill John, type caster, Ladew, Peers & Co
Gill John J., stoves, 227 Broadway, r. n. 15th
Gill John R., riverman, bds. 201 Broadway
Gill Thomas M., clerk, Bridge, Beach & Co., r. 62 n. 15th
Gill William, auctioneer, bds. 302 Broadway
Gill William C., dentist, r. 62 n. 4th
Gill William P., salesman, Sewell & Bro., bds. Washington House
Gill & Bro., (George H. Gill) furnishing goods, 95 n. Main
Gille John, shoemaker, bds. 177 n. 4th
Gillen John, moulder, bds. 158 n. 5th
Gillespie, Alexander, foundry, r. 81 n. 10th
Gillespie Ellen J., wid. Charles, bds. 396 Market
Gillespie James, boatman, r. alley b. Cass av. O'Fallon e. 7th
Gillespie James, machinist, r. 283 n. 6th
GILLESPIE JAMES L., lawyer, 39 Pine, bds. n. 3d
Gillespie John A., lab., bds. 351 n. Main
Gillespie William, upholsterer, bds. Bruner House
Gillespy James L., lab., bds. 263 Green
Gillet Barnard, boatman, r. 133 O'Fallon
Gillet Edward, carpenter, r. 78 Spruce
Gillet Francis, driver, r. 78 Spruce
Gillett Charlotte, widow Augustus, r. 98 Wash
Gillett F., blacksmith, works Theodore Salorgne
Gillett Julia, milliner, 219 Carondelet av., r.
Gilletley John, meatdealer, r. 185 Broadway
Gillfoy Samuel, engineer, bds. 354 n. Main
Gillham John N., (Randle & Gillham) r. Randle House
Gillham William P., clerk, 290 Broadway
Gilliam George, salesman, J. Symes & Co., bds. sw. c. and St. Charles 6th
Gillick Patrick, lab., r. s. and 7th b. Gratiot Papin
Gillies William, blacksmith, bds. 348 n. 7th
Gilligan Charles, lab., bds. 10 Morgan
Gilligan Elizabeth, widow Peter, r. 224 Franklin av
Gilligan George, carpenter, r. and Division b. 19th 20th
Gilligan John, corkdealer, r. 224 Franklin av
Gilligan Mark, (Killoran & Gillgan) r. rear 158 n. 10th
Gilligan Mary, widow Michael, r. rear 72 n. 11th
Gilligan William, corkdealer, r. 224 Franklin av
Gilliland John, bricklayer, bds. and Spruce bet. 14th 15th
Gillmarten John, lab., r. rear 179 n. 12th