St. Louis directory : containing a directory of citizens, including also a business mirror, appendix, co-partnership directory, &c.,
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GillmoorJohn,eating house, 120 n. 6th, r. same
GillmoreFrank, salesman, Roberts & Morton, near Garrison av
GillmoreJames,blacksmith,bds. 133 and 135 Market
GillmorePatrick,lab.,r. 126 n. 8th
GilloiRosa,widow Philip, b. Soulard and Lafayette
GillonPeter,lab., near Walnut
GillonThomas, waiter,Monroe House
GillosJohn,blacksmith, b. Cass av. and O'Fallon
GillowayCornelius,hackdriver,r. 17 Center
GillsJohnB.,engineer, b. Chambers and Madison
GilmanBenjaminJ.,(Gilman & Co.)r. at Monticello, Ills
GilmanJohn,physician, 161 n. 4th, r. same
GilmanJohnC.,tailor,r. 27 Benton
GilmanSophia,teacher,bds. 131 Christy av
GilmanWilliamH.,(Gilman & Co.)
Gilman & Co.,Gilman(BenjaminI. and Gilman)WilliamH.who. grocers, 486 n. 2d
GilmartinMartin,lab.,r. 504 n. Main
GilmoreA. W.,clerk,bds. 302 Broadway
GilmoreAndrew, clerk, O. & M. Transfer Co., and Spruce
GilmoreAndrew,collector, and Spruce
GilmoreEllen,widow James,r. 104 n. 15th
GilmoreFranklin, salesman, Roberts and Morton, b. Cass av. and O'Fallon
GilmoreGeorge,carpenter,r. 128 n. 17th
GlimoreJames,locksmith,bds.Denison House
GilmoreJohnC.,policeman,r. 27 Benton
GilmoreWilliamB.,special mail agent,r. 272 n. 8th
GilsbyJacob,lab.,bds. 351 n. Main
GilsonAndrewJ.,cooper,al.b.Elm and Walnut nr. Main, r.ns. Hickory b. Paul and Ham
GilsonGeorgeW.,printer,r. 157 Collins
GilsonWilliam,shoemaker,ws.16th b. Carr and Biddle
GimbelCharles,music teacher,7th sw.c. Hickory, r. same
GinacchioAndrea,fruiterer, 3 n. 4th, r. same
GinderHenry,r.Buel b. Lafayette and Emmet
GinderJoseph,cooper,r.Kingsbury bet. Adele and Virginia
GinnCharlesS.,driver,r. 56 Spruce
GinnonGerrit,lab.,r. 736 Broadway
GinochioDavid,clerk,bds.Clark 11th
GintlerWilliam,tailor,r. rear ns. Park av.b. 9th and 10th
GintzW. N.,clerk, 302 Broadway
GiovannoniMartin,saloon,se.c.Walnut and 3d, r. same
GiovenJohn,drayman, av.b. 15th and 16th
GipperichJoseph,merchant tailor,12th b. Pine and Chesnut, r. 2 Center
GiraldinVirginia,widow Lewis, (Giraldin & Rose)bds.ssPine bet. 5th and 6th
& Rose,Giraldin(Virginia and Rose)C. G.trimmings 53 n. 5th
GirardCharles,intelligence office, 333 s. 7th
GirardJ.,carpenter, av. and 7th and Ann av., 7th bet. and Ann av., and Arrow
GirardJoseph,caulker, and Mulberry
Girard Life Insurance, Annuity and Trust Co.,Edward Brooks, agt
GirardWilliam,driver, bet. Ann av. and Arrow
GirardisFrancis,finisher,r.c.13th and Mallinckrodt
GirauchWencel,tailor,r.nsSoulard, bet. Menard and Rosatti
GiraudMichael,r. 162 Olive
GirdesMathiasT.,carpenter,r. 85 O'Fallon
GirlenNicholas,cook,bds. 106 Morgan
GiromontLouis,porter, Lemcke Bros
GirschbacherMax.,carpenter,r.n.Market bet. 18th and 19th
GirusFredericklab.,rss.Soulard b Jackson and Carondelet av
GisegaJoseph,carpenter, bet. 8th and 9th
GiselGeorge,r. 135 Green
GiskerHenry,wagonmaker,bds.11th bet. Wash and Carr
GislerPeter,confectioner,bds. St. Louis House
GithensJames,shoemaker,r.ns.Lombard bet. 2nd and 3d
GittD. L.,bds.Mt. Vernon Hotel
GittH. M.,bds.Mt. Vernon Hotel
GittemberJohn,tanner,r.Columbus ne.c. Anna
GivanJames,cutter, Matthew Butler,r.ns.Gratiot bet. 22nd and 23d
GivenJosephW.,(Given & Adams)r. 263 Chesnut
Given & Adams,Given(JosephW. and Adams)ThomasC.carpenters, and Chesnut nr. 15th
GivensDavid,(co'd.)lab., and 10th nr. Clark av.
GivensGeorgeF., clerk, Wise, Singer & Co.,bds.Barnum's Hotel
GivensJames,speculator,bds.Planters' House
GlaceyTimothy,butcher, and 23d
GladeJulius,dry goods, 188 Broadway, r. 82 Franklin av
GlaeserWilliam,teacher, nr. Barry
GlaessnerGeorge,mer. tailor, 467 Carondelet av
GlafleyPatrick,lab.,r. 58 Madison
GlaherHenry,lab.,r.ns.Carroll nr. Jackson
GlananPatrick,lab., bet. 3rd and 4th
GlancyMathias,lab.,r.n.8th bet. O'Fallon and Cass av
GlancyMichael,lab., bet. O'Fallon and Cass av
GlantzHenry,barkeeper, 167 Market
GlanvilleJamesE.,lawyer,bds.ns.Monroe bet. 15th and 16th
GlanvilleSeptimusC., clerk, Ellis & French,bds.Papin bet. 14th and 15th
GlanvilleWilliamS., clerk Supreme Court,Court House rooms Churchill's bldg
GlanzValentine,livery stable, 735 Broadway, r. 30 Madison
GlanznerJacob, cigarmaker, J. C. Tiemeyer
GlasJohn,tailor, rear r. 105 n. 12th
GlascoJohn,plasterer,bds. 114, n. 15th
GLASERGEORGEF., salesman, D. Nicholson,r.7th sw.c. Papin
GlaserFerdinand,tobacconist, 388 s. 2nd, r. same
GlaserFrederick,tinner,bds. 209 Franklin av
GlaserThomas,paper box maker, 165 n. 4th, r. same
GlasgowDaniel,(Glasgow & Harkness)bds.Everett House
GlasgowEdwardJ.,(Glasgow & Bro.)r. 234 Locust
GlasgowGeorgeW., salesman, Toomer & Kimbroughbds.King's Hotel
GlasgowWilliam,r.ns.Cass av.,nr. Fillmore
GlasgowWilliamH.,(Glasgow & Brother)r.Natural Bridge rd., St. Louis co
GLASGOW & BROTHER,(EdwardJ.Glasgow)WilliamH.wholesale grocers, 100 n. 2nd
GLASGOW & HARKNESS,Glasgow(Daniel and Harkness)Jameslivery stables,se.c.Locust and 6th
GlasgerJoseph,brickmaker,r. 184 n. 10th
GlasnaerJames, driver, U. S. Express,bds.California House
GlasnierJames,express wagon,bds. 213 Broadway
GlaspeJohn,boarding, 20 Wash, r. same
GlassCharles,baker,bds.11th, nwc. Carr
GlassGeorge, waiter, Barnum's Hotel, and Main nr. Almond
GlassG. W., drug clerk, Henry C. Barnard,nw.c.Morgan and 6th
GlassJohnP.,(Shaler & Glass) rooms St. Louis Bank bldg