St. Louis directory : containing a directory of citizens, including also a business mirror, appendix, co-partnership directory, &c.,
Glass Nicholas, saloon, 152 s. 2nd
Glass Stephen, saddler, r. ws. and 22d, b. Morgan Franklin av
Glassan John, tailor, bds. 180 s. 2nd
Glassey Alexander, drayman, Wells Bros. & Co., r. 577 Broadway
Glassey Armstrong, porter, Wells Bros. & Co., r. 577 Broadway
Glassey James, drayman, r. 210 Franklin av
Glassford John, dealer in coal &c., r. ss. and Chambers bet. 11th 12th
Glassmeyer Franklin, lab., r. 162 n. 13th
Glate Julius, dry goods merchant, r. 82 Franklin av
Glate Julius, lab., 84 Franklin av
Glattus Joseph, lab., bds. 60 Morgan
Glatz George, brewer, bds. 224 Carondelet av
Glatz Landeline, stonecutter, r. ss. and Orange b. 21st 22d
Glauert Gottleib, drayman, r. es. and 13th b. Spring Montgomery
Glauser Frank, porter, r. es. al. b. and 10th 11th nr. Biddle
Glave Otto B., clerk, 238 Broadway
Glawser Mary R., wid., r. ns. and Orchard b. Barlow 11th
Glazer Frank, porter, A. J. McCreery & Co., r. 180 n. 10th
Glean Benjamin F., butcher, r. ws. and 24th b. Franklin av. Wash
Gleason Henry B., wagonmaker, r. sw. c. and 12th Clark av
Gleason James, moulder, bds. near Main Mulberry
Gleason John, baggagewagon, bds. 67 O'Fallon
Gleason John, lab., bds. Austin sw. c. 16th
Gleason Mathew, boots and shoes, 150 n. 3d, r.
Gleason Patrick, drayman, r. ns. and Biddle bet. 22d 23d
Gleason Thomas, lab., r. ss. and Biddle b. 22d 23d
Gleason William C., painter, bds. 72 Washington av
Gleason Alexander, baker, r. 146 n. 10th
Gleeson Catharine, wid. Timothy, r. ns. Gratiot nr. High
Gleeson Daniel, nurse, City Hospital, Linn nw. c. Soulard
Gleeson George F., boarding, r. 595 Broadway
Gleeson James, lab., r. and 13th b. Branch Davis
Gleeson James, lab., r. and Spruce b. 12th 13th
Gleeson John, drayman, r. sw. c. and 4th Lombard
Gleeson John, lab., r. al. b. and 15th 16th, Cass av. O'Fallon
Gleeson John, lab., r. es. 15th nr. O'Fallon
Gleeson John, teamster, bds. and Davis b. 17th 18th
Gleeson Lawrence, lab., bds. ns. Gratiot nr. High
Gleeson Michael, lab., r. 35 Broadway
Gleeson Paul, lab., r. and Davis b. 17th 18th
Gleeson Patrick, lab., r. 380 n. 2d
Gleeson Thomas, drayman, bds. Lombard sw. c. 4th
Gleeson Timothy, lab., r. rear 220 Biddle
Gleeson Francis, hairdresser, r. and 7th b. Carr Biddle
Glegh Jacob, painter, r. ss. Marion nr. Jackson
Glei John, porter, Plant & Bro., r. 57 s. 2d
Gleich Adam, hairdresser, 12 Morgan, r.
Gleich Jacob, painter, r. ss. and Marion b. Jackson Columbus
GLEIM CHARLES, druggist, agt. William S. Felix, se. c. and 6th St. Charles, r.
Gleim Charles, druggist, bds. 37 St. Charles
Glengler William, tailor, r. ns. and Malinckrodt b. 11th 12th
Glenn Campbell, carpenter, r. ss. and Carr b. 21st 22d
Glenn James, drayman, bds. 164 n. 10th
Glenn James F., pilot, r. es. and 2d Carondelet av. bet. Chouteau av Hickory
Glenn John G., steamboat clerk, r. es. and 8th b. Cerre Gratiot
Glenn Michael, porter, Laflins, Smith & Boies, r. nr. Powder Magazine
Glenn Susan, wid. James, bds. es. 2d Carondelet av. b. Chouteau av. Hickory
Glenn William, machinist, r. 92 Christy av
Glenny James, bds. 213 Morgan
Glenny John, (Merry & Glenny) r. 122 n. 9th
Glenny Joseph, r. 213 Morgan
Glenny Joseph, iceseller, r. 128 Orange
GLENNY WILLIAM W. provisions and produce 255 Broadway, r. n. 5th
Gliedt William lab., bds. al. on O'Fallon b. 15th 16th
Gliem Henry, gardener, r. ss. and Park av. b. 2d Carondelet Mississippi avs
Gliem Nicholas, blacksmith, bds. and 2d b. Soulard Carroll
Glingle Henry, basketmaker, r. and Emmet bet. Menard Rosatti
Glinham Henry, locksmith, ss. and Franklin av. b. 22d 23d, r.
Glitt William, lab., r. es. and 16th b. O'Fallon Cass avenue
Glitz Henry, (Vogt & Glitz) r. es. and Laclede b. Pratte avenue Beaumont
GLOBE MUTUAL INSURANCE CO., Merchants' Exchange Building
Glock Peter, shoemaker, r. ns. Marion nr. Carondelet avenue
Glomann Peter, carpenter, r. rear es. 10th Madison
Gloor Anna, wid. Henry, r. 336 n. 9th
Gloor Godfrey, varnisher, bds. 336 n. 9th
Gloor Henry, finisher, r. 242 n. 2d
Gloor Henry, machinist, r. 226 n. 2d
Glore John, carpenter, bds. ss. Franklin av. nr. 21st
Glorius William, packer, Wilson, Brother & Co., r and 18th Franklin av
Glott Catherine, wid., and Lami bet. Carondelet av. Jackson
Glotte William, lab., r. Columbus ne. c. Soulard
Gloury George, clerk, bds. 541 Broadway
Glousemann Hermann, saloon, ne. c. and 14th Monroe r. ns. Monroe bet. 13th 14th
Glover Albert D., lawyer, 7 s. 5th bds Eugenia bet Mercer Naomi
GLOVER HENRY, grocer, and Pine bet. 3d 4th, r. s. 7th
Glover Henry, jr., salesman, John How, r. 3 s. 7th
Glover S. W., painter, and Division bet. 22d 23d
Glover Samuel T., (Glover & Richardson) r. and Eugenia bet. Mercer Naomi
Glover & Richardson, Samuel Glover T. Richardson John C. lawyers, 7 s. 5th
Gluber Gotthold, German teacher, r. ns. and Benton bet. 14th 15th
Gluckselig Joseph, watchmaker, 24 Carondelet av. r.
Gludas Charles, tailor, and alley bet. Main 2d Elm
Glunz Andrew, clerk, Louis Wolf, bds. 3 s. 2d
Glusing Christian, shoemaker, r. 223 n. 13th
Glutz Joseph, porter, Mason & Wetherell, r. 10th c. Soulard
Gmelich Jacob F., watchmaker, r. 64 s. 2d
Gnewickow, Fritz, barkeeper, sw. c. and Elm 3d
Goadby Henry, (Nemours & Co) rooms 184 Carr
Goadby Henry A. clerk, Blow & Kennett, druggist, same 15th se. c. Carr, r.
Goarner John, sawyer, 968 Broadway
Goberti Sero, clerk, J. Stephani, bds. 36 n. Levee
Goble George S., engineer, r. 135 n. 8th
Goble Wilson T., r. es. near 13th Howard
Gobst George porter, Ursuline Convent, r. es. and State bet. Russell Ann avs
Gockelmeir John, baker, bds. ns. and Cozens b. Pratte av High
Goddard Eldridge, (Sears & Co) r. and Park av. bet. St. Ange Dillon
Goddard Franklin H., (Goddard & Metcalf) bds. 194 Market
Goddard Joseph H., clerk, Hyde & Patterson, r. and Park av. b. St. Ange Dillon
Goddard & Metcalf, Franklin Goddard H. Metcalf) Lewis bleachers, 194 Market