St. Louis directory : containing a directory of citizens, including also a business mirror, appendix, co-partnership directory, &c.,
Gokel Herman, grocer, 107 Christy av., r.
Gold Henry, tailor, r. 24 Carondelet av
Goldbeck Mary, wid., Bruno, r. rear 201 n. 12th
Goldberg Charles, clerk, Charles Fette, bds. Levee c Mulberry
Goldberg Morris, furniture dealer, 200 n. 12th, r.
Golden A. Fonde, painter, r. ns. and Park av., bet. 9th 10th
Golden James, drayman, r. ss. and Carr, bet. 20th 21st
Golden James, lab., 10th, se. c. Montgomery
Golden Michael, lab., bds. 10th, se. c. Montgomery
Golden William, painter, r. ss. and 17th, b. O'Fallon Cass av
Goldey Margaret, wid., Thomas, r. rear 28 s. 5th
Golding James, tailor, Cohn & Gershon, r. ws. between 18th, Biddle O'Fallon
Golding John, peddler, bds. 302 Broadway
GOLDING WALTER S., physician, 11 s 4th, bds. Barnum's Hotel
Goldkuhle Felix, tailor, r. ss. and Convent, bet. 3rd 5th
Goldschmidt Martin, clerk, O. & M. R. R., bds. 83 s. 6th
Goldsmidt John, lab., ws. Columbus, nr Miller
Goldsmith Bernard, (Collins, Kellogg & Kirby) r. 251 s. 7th
Goldsmith Rosa, wid., Mingo H., r. ss. and Manchester rd., bet. Beaumont Leffingwell av
Goldstein Frances, grocer, same 9th, sw. c. Spring, r.
Geldstein Henry, lab., r. ns. and Benton, b. 14th 15th
Goldstein Henry, riverman, r. ws. and Broadway, bet. Warren Montgomery
Goldstein Lewis, peddler, bds. 163 Broadway
Goldstein Robert, fancy goods, 150½ n. 3rd, r. Collins
Goldstien Peter A., (Nordhoff & Co.) r. Main, se. c. Mullanphy
Goll Cephas B., pilot, r. ns. and Webster, bet. 9th 10th
Goll Harriet, wid. Boltger, r. 45 Madison
Goll John F., pilot, bds. 45 Madison
Goll Nicholas J., bookkeeper, bds. 45 Madison
Goller Francis, Rev., rector St. Peter and Paul R. C. Church r. s. 7th, nw. c. Allen
Goller John G., cabinetmaker, bds. ws. Broadway, nr. Ferry
Gollin Antoine, woodsawyer, r. 304 s. 7th
Gollinske Adolph, painter, r. 87 s 4th
Gollman Charles, grocer, 318 n. 6th, r.
Gollmer Hugo, lithographer, r. 14 s. 10th
Gollner William, cabinetmaker, bds. 240 Franklin av
Golmeier Frederick, teamster, r. ws. and 13th, bet. Spruce Poplar
Goltermann Lewis, cabinetmaker, r. al., bet. and Wash Carr, nr. 8th
Goly Ludwick, painter, bds. 952 Broadway
Goman Nicholas, barber, ws. same Broadway, nr. Madison, r.
Gömann Henry, lab., r. ns. and Benton, b. 14th 15th
Gomersell John J., printer, r. 296 n. 9th
Gomes John, blacksmith, r. and Clark av., bet, 14th Targee
Gonberger George, r. and Menard, bet. Emmett Geyer av
Gondeman Christian, teamster, r. 465 Carondelet av
Gonder Louis, blacksmith, r. ss, and Marion, bet. 7th Fulton
Gondolf George, lab., r. and Salisbury, b. 11th 12th
Gonemeyer Diederich, lab., r. es. Kociusko, nr, L'esperance
Goner William, peddler, r. rear 153 n. 14th
Gonnels William S., porter, Hughes & Holladay
Gouner Jacob, quarryman, r. and Carondelet av., bet. Park av. Barry
Gonsalves A. Joseph, cigardealer, 67 and 69 Chesnut
Gonser Christian, lab., r. rear 159 s. 2nd
Gonser Simon, blacksmith, r. ws. and Carondelet av., b. Russell Ann av
Gonter Charles G., (Anderson & Gonter) r. 221 Pine
Gonzales David, cigarmaker, ns. Carroll, nr. Closey, bds. Plum, ne. c. Main
Gonzalla Leriggo, barkeeper, r. 99 s. 4th
Good Adam, clerk, H. M. Woodward, bds. ns. and Spruce, bet. 7th 8th
Good Adam, engineer, r. sw. c. and Ann av. Decatur
Good Anthony, milk dairy, r. and Charless, bet. Gravois S
Good Benton, bookkeeper Jas. Luthy & Co., bds. 4th, nw. c. Almond
Good Bernard, plasterer, bds. Biddle House
Good Charles, lab., bds. 325 Broadway
Good Francis, ostler, bds. 27 Cedar
Good Francis A., driver, r. 27 Cedar
Good Henry, cooper, bds. and Rosatti, bet. Lafayette Soulard
Good Martin, domestic, r. Charless, nr. Gravois
Good Richard, stmbt captain, bds. Exchange Hotel
Good Samaritan Hospital, ws. and Pratte av., b. Dayton Dickson
Good William, finisher, r. and 13th bet. Almond Poplar
Good William, lab., r. and Hamtramck bet. Emmet Julia
Goodall Andrew, (col'd.) porter, r. ws. and 11th bet. Cass av. O'Fallon
Goode George W., 97 off. Chesnut, r. St. Charles rd
Goode Patrick, shoemaker, r. 68 Morgan
Goodell William, grainer, r. Biddle ne. c. 14th
Goodfellow David, hosedriver, bds. 126 Biddle
Goodfellow Margaret, teacher, r. nr. St. Charles rd
Goodfellow Sarah, widow Robert, r. 268 Wash
Goodfellow William, sergeant-at-arms, 3 City Hall Chesnut
Goodfriend, Joseph, barkeeper, Frederick Frank, 112 Franklin av
Goodin Charles R., clerk, bds. 15 n. 13th
GOODIN JOHN, Eagle steam and gas pipe works, 42 Vine, bds. Barnum's Hotel
Goodin Samuel, clerk, Alcine & Bro., bds. 15 n. 13th
Goodin William F., notary, r. 15 n. 13th
Goodin William H., bookkeeper, asst Child, Pratt & Fox bds. 15 n. 13th
Goodin William B., bds. Washington Hotel
Goodlett Charlotte, widow Adam G., r. and Walnut b. 15th 16th
GOODLETT GEORGE W., lawyer, 3 s. 4th, r. ss. Walnut b. 15th 16th
Goodlett John A., lawyer, 3 s. 4th, r. ss. Walnut b. 15th 16th
Goodman Rachel, seamstress, r. 156 n. 13th
Goodman Stephen, lab., Denison House
Gondman Thomas G., dancing master, r. 20 al. onCerre b. 5th 6th
Goodrich Benjamin, r. 378 n. 9th
Goodrich Chauncey, blacksmith, bds. 486 n. Main
Goodrich Courtland V. G., clerk, Child, Pratt & Fox bds. 142 Washington av
Goodrich Daniel H., clerk, Hillman Brothers, bds. Barnum's Hotel
Goodrich Elizabeth, r. 66 Carr
Goodrich James G., (Goodrich, Willard & Co.) r. 38 n. 8th
Goodrich William A., baker, r. 186 s. 4th
GOODRICH, WILLARD & CO., Goodrich (James G. Willard, Peter H. Child) Albert A. who. grocers, 130 n. 2d
Goodridge Moses H., bookkeeper, bds. 54 n. 7th
Goodrow Francis, lab. r. 75 Biddle
Goodwin Aaron S. W., (Goodwin & Anderson) r. 64 s. 16th
Goodwin Benjamin F., engineer, r. ns. and Madison bet. 15th 16th
Goodwin Eben, (Goodwin, Murray & Co.) r. New York
Goodwin Edward F., clerk. Goodwin & Anderson, bds. ne. c. and 16th Clark av
Goodwin Edward W., clerk, A. Armfield & Co., rooms 7th c. Olive