St. Louis directory : containing a directory of citizens, including also a business mirror, appendix, co-partnership directory, &c.,
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BarhmJohn,cooper, and Fulton
BarischouxPeter,furniture,300 Carondelet av.,r. same
BarkdullEnochJ.,grocer, b. 9th and 10th
BarkeHermann,lab.,r.169 n. 13th
BarkeThomas,shoemaker, and Elm
BarkerAbraham,lab.,r.41 n. Main
BarkerEdmund,stonemason,r.146 Orange
BarkerJohn,stonecutter,r.419 Morgan
BarkerJohnA.,salesman, Rollin Clark,bds.Everett House
BarkerJoseph,printer, and 7thnear Park av
BarkerJosephN.,78 and 80 Pine, r. Clark Carondelet and 7th
BARKEROSBOURNE,horseshoer and farrier,ws.10th b. Chambers and Madison
BarkerPeter,millwright, Cass av
BarkerSamuel,collar maker,bds.15th and Market
BarkerWilliamS.,physician,r.nw.c.10th and Monroe
BarkfeldFrank,clerk, and 16th, O'Fallon and Cass av
BarkhoeferFrederick,grocer,r.nw.c.14th and n. Market
BarkhoeferHenry,grocer,365 n. 9th, r. same
BarkhoeferHenry,lawyer,r. rear 218 n. 11th
BarklageFrederickW.,shoemaker,99 Morgan, r. same
BarklageHerman,bootmaker,78 Locust, r. same
BarklageHermanD.,millwright,bds.353 Franklin av
BarkmanHenry,lab., O'Fallon
BarkmannAndrew,porter,r.22 Gay
BarknerJacob,stonecutter, av.b. Carondelet av. and s. 7th
BarksdaleWilliamH.,(William H. Barksdale & Co.,)r.222 Olive
BARKSDALE WILLIAM H. & CO.,Barksdale,(WilliamH.DavidsonBarksdale & Tomlinson,)HenryT.bankers,sw.c.2d and Chestnut
BarlevortDiedrick,sawyer,r.11th ne.c. Ferry
BarleyCharles,barber, and Columbusnear Marion
BarlmaearCasper,mason,r.214 n. 11th
BarlowDanielH.,lab.,r.O'Fallon nw.c. 17th
BarlowEdwardC.,bds.36 s. 5th
BarlowFrederick,lab.,r.Geyer av.b. Rosatti and Menard
BarlowJ. F.,bricklayer,bds.272 Broadway
BarlowJohnW.,bricklayer, and 16thnear O'Fallon
BARLOWJOSEPHC.,(Barlow & Taylor,)r.34 5th s.
BarlowJosephC., jr.,bookkeeper, Shapleigh, Day & Co.,bds.220 Chesnut
BarlowMichael,steward,r.93 Spruce
BARLOWSTEPHEND.,Pres.Iron Mountain R. R.,r.Compton av.c. Lafayette av
BarlowWashington,carpenter,bds.27 n. 12th
BarlowWilliam P.,compositor,bds.ns.Franklin av.b. 6th and 7th
BARLOW'S BUILDING, 55 and 57 n. 4th
BarmeierHenry,hodcarrier,r.192 n. 10th
BarmerJoseph,cabinet maker, b. 3d and 5th
BarmillerJacob,carpenter,bds.23 n. 12th
BarnardEdwardH.,r.16 s. 16th
BARNARDHENRYC.,druggist,Morgan nw.c. 6th, r. same
BarnardJames,(Barnard & Co.,)r.92 n. 11th
BarnardJohnH.,druggist,4th se.c. Green, r. 273 Washington av
BarnardJoseph,clerk, and 4th
BarnardJosephL.,r.136 6th
BarnardLemuelH.,bookkeeper, Plant & Bro.,bds.16 n. 16th
BarnardScally,plasterer,bds.22 Myrtle
BarnardWilliamD. W.,(Barnard & Co.,)r.Merrimac sw.c. Stringtown road
BARNARD & CO.,(WilliamD. W. & James,)druggists51 Washington av
BarnatFritz,brewer,r.sw.c.Soulard and Carondelet av
BarnauserPhilip,fireman Gas Works, b. Convent and Rutgers
BarnedJoseph,lab., b. Jefferson n. Market
BarnerChristian,tobacconist,r. rear 171 n. 12th
BarnerWilliam,lab., Chambers
Barnescarpenter,207 n. 5th
BarnesA. S.druggist,287 Franklin av.,r. 147 Morgan
BarnesAlgernonS.,druggist and physician,Biddle se.c. 8th, r. 147 Morgan
BarnesAugustusF.physician,4th, ne.c. Green, r. 147 Morgan
BarnesBenjamin,r.334 9th
BarnesDavidP.,mate,r.80 n. 16th
BarnesElizabeth,wid. and 13th s. of Cass av
BarnesHowardT.,bookkeeper Pacific R. R., rooms 4th ne.c. Green
BarnesIsaacO.,engineer,bds.80 n. 16
BarnesJames,plasterer,r.120 Carr
BARNESJOHN,physician,4th ne.c. Green, r.ns. Morgan bet. 8th and 9th
BarnesLucienJ.,bookkeeper Union Telegraph Office, and correspondent Cincinnati Commercial,bds.92 n. 6th
BarnesMaryE.,wid. William,r.274 Franklin av
BarnesMartin,moulder,bds.352 Broadway
BarnesRobertA.,wholesale grocer.,144 n. 2d, r. 67 s. 5th
BarnesStephenG.,carpenter, av and O'Fallon e. of 7th
BarnesThomas,plasterer,bds.164 n. 10th
BarnesT. H.,bookkeeper, P. R. R.,r.ns.Morganbetween 8th and 9th
BarnesWilliam,ship carpenter,r.379 n. 11th
BarnesWilliamH.,cooper,r.15 alley on Cerre bet. 5th and 6th
BarnesstFrancis,finisher, J. T. Dowdall & Co
BarnettAchillesB.,clerk, George C. Reed,bds.208 n. 5th
BarnettGeorgeJ.,(Barnett and Webber) and (Barnett, Sholl and Isaacs)r.89 Washington av
BarnettJohn,lab., bet. 13th and 14th
BarnettJoseph,vinegarmanfr.439 Market, res. same
BarnettJosephN.,clerk, P. O.,r.208 n. 5th
BarnettMichael,clothing,65 Morgan, r. same
BarnettRichard,moulder,r.32 Mullanphy
BarnettRobert,foreman, J. B. Sickles & Co., and Franklin avs
BarnettWilliam,butcher, bet. Emily and Pratt av
BARNETT, SHOLL & ISAACS,Barnett,(GeorgeI.Sholl, and CharlesIsaacs)HenryG.architects and superintendents, Exchange Bank bldg.opposite P. O
BarneyCharlesE.,salesman, C. B. Hubbell Jr. & Co.,bds.197 5th
BarneyComans,drayman,r.325 s. 3d
BarnfieldJohnW.,printer,bds.314 n. 9th
BarnhartEllen,wid. John, Malinckrodt and Destrehan
BarnhurstAnnieE.,millinery,74 Market, r. 87 s. 14th
BarnhurstJohn,variety store,72 and 136 Market, bds. 170 Market
BarnhurstWashingtonRev., pastor 3d Baptist,Clark 13th and 14th, r. 13 s. 13th
BarnidgeCharles,plasterer,r.71 Christy av
BarnidgeJames,bricklayer,r.71 Christy av
BarnidgeJohn,plasterer,r.71 Christy av
BarnidgeThomas,plasterer,r.35 Christy av
BarnsMaryE.,wid. William,r.274 Franklin av
BarnumCharles,(Thayer, Hart & Co.,)r.New York
BarnumJohn,lab.,bds. 364 n. 2d