St. Louis directory : containing a directory of citizens, including also a business mirror, appendix, co-partnership directory, &c.,
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HansalAugust,stonecutter, and 10th n. of O'Fallon
HanscherHenry,blacksmith,r. 134 n. 9th
HanseakErnst,teamster,r.13th s. of Cass av
HansenFerdinand, salesman, J. G. Schuetze & Co., rooms Broadway sw.c. Morgan
HansenHenry,shoemaker,r. 378 n. 2d
HansenflughWilliam,butcher, b. McNair and Gravois rd
HansesJohn,tailor, 185 Carondelet av.,r. same
HANSESPETER,wagonmaker and blacksmithr. Gravois rd.b. Charter and Oneota
HansessBernard,teamster, bet. Easton and Carondelet av
HansgenFrederick,St. Louis Mutual Ins. agt., b. Arrow and Ohio
HANSGENFREDERICKW..carpenter and builderr,ss.Market b. l6th and 17th
HansgenNietolas,finisher,r. on al.b.Walnut and Clark av., 8th and 9th
HansmannChristianN. H.,physician, 13 Franklin av.,r. same
HansmannJoseph,brewer,bds. 155 s. 2d
HansonCharles,(Hanson & Houghton)r.ns.Clark av.b. 13th and Center
HansonEdwardA.,(Taylor & Hanson,) bet. Pine and Chesnut
HansonGeorgeH.,(Hanson & Hurst,)printer,bds. Clarke av.b. 14th and Targee
HansonHansP.,shipcarpenter,r.Mercer b. Clark av. and Poplar
HansonHerman,lab.,es.24th b. Cass av. and Davis
HansonJacobH.,carpenter,r. 260 n. 12th
HansonJohn,carpenter,r. rear 867 Broadway
HansonJosephM.,(Triplett, Brown & Co)r.Clark av.b. 14th and 15th
HansonNeils,tin and stove store 321 s. 2d, r. same
HANSON & HOUGHTON,Hanson(Charles and Houghton)Williamcarpenters and b. Chesnut and Pine
Hanson & Hurst,Hanson(GeorgeH. and Hurst) and job printers 132 n. Main
HantgeGustav,(Hantge & Krey)r. 55 Plum
Hantge & Krey,Hantge(Gustav and Krey)Williamcabinet makers 155 s. 3d
HanthorneMifflinP., hidebuyer, John How,r. 36 Centre
HantonDavid,tailor,r. 73 n. 3d
HanzFrederick,carpenter, and Columbus near Miller
HapFrancis,stonecutter, b. DeKalb and Columbus
HapkaHenry,drayman,bds. 333 n. Main
HapmeierAdrian,machinist,bds.I. M. Hotel
HappelHartman,tailor, 307 Carondelet av.,r. same
HappelWilliam,shoemaker, 304 s. 3d, r. same
HappellHenry,clerk,r.Lafayette av.sw.c. 10th
HappellJohn,r.Lafayette av. and Buel
HapsterJacob,porter, Chauncey I. Filley,r.Jackson b. Emmet and L'esperance
HarGerard,lab., near Marion
HaradayCatharine,wid. Francis,r. rear Buel bet. Lafayette and Emmet
HarbartJohn,tailor, 112 Carondelet 3d b. Convent and Rutgers
HarbaughJohnV., salesman, North, Scott & Co.,bds. 136 n. 6th
HarbesonMatthewL., clerk, Hughes & Marshall,r.Chesnut b. 11th aud 12th
HerbichMaria,wid. Philip, and Carondelet av. Douchouquette and Trudeau
HarbischPhilip,mason,r. 160 O'Fallon
HarbisonJ. Lawlerclerk, Hughes & Marshall,bds.ns.Chesnut b. 11th and 12th
HarbisonJohn,steamboatman,r. 103 Collins
HARBISONJOHNF.,billiards, 45 Pine, r. same
HarbisonThomas,(C. H. Olcott & Co.,)r. 8 n. 13th
HARBOR MASTER'S OFFICE, 25 n. Commercial,Joshua Cheever, master
HarburgRolfe,cigars and tobacco,r. 103 s. 4th, r. same
HarbushJohn,lab.,bds. 952 Broadway
Harchlermiller,bds.12th bet. Branch and Davis
HarcourtHerman, porter, Young Brothers & Co., b. Biddle and O'Fallon
HarcumLouis,glassblower, Carondelet av.b. Arsenal and Pestalozzi
HardawayMoore,baker, 359 Franklin av.,r. same
HardawayWilliamA.,(Hardaway & McDonald)r. 216 n. 6th
HARDAWAY & McDONALD,Hardaway(WilliamA. and McDonaldGeorgecom. and forwd.,Olive, ne.c. Commercial
HardcastleAddisonL.,(Bryan and Hardcastle)r.ns.Cherokee b. Pennsylvania and Nebraska av
HardcastleWilliamR., bookkeeper. U. S. Ins. Co.,r.6th se.c. Fine
HardelinkGertrude,wid. Henry, b. Ohio and Martha
HardenreishJohnA.,cooper,r. rear 333 n. 7th
HardensteinRachael,wid. Michael,r. 320 s. 3d
HardestyFrank,(Hardesty, Carter & Ransom)
HardestyHaddock,bricklayer,r. 338 n. 9th
Hardesty, Carter & Ransom,Hardesty,(FrankCarterWalkerR>Ransom,)GeorgeM.Iron Mountain Foundery, 3 Ashley
HardinB. L.,(C. B. Hubbell jr. & Co.)r.New York
HardinHowlet,(col'd) and Walaut w. of 7th
HardinWilliam,driver,r. 56 Spruce
HardinWilliamH., collector, Pittman Bros & Co.,bds.Virginia Hotel
HardingCharles,(Harding & Co.,) bet. 8th and 9th
HARDINGCHESTER, JR.,(Krum & Harding,)lawyers, rooms 5th sw. c. Hanson
HardingGeorge,Ins. agt.,bds. 13 n. 13th
HardingGeorge,picture frame marker,bds.ns.Bernard c. Emily
HardingGeorgeE.,(Kelley & Harding,) and (Harding given & co.,)prest.Union Bankr. 228 Chesnut
HardingGeorgeM., salesman, Samuel Spencer & Co., near Summit av
HardingHenry,trilor,bds. 225 n. 8th
HardingJames, painter, works Theodore Salorgne
HardingRogerE.,, b. 16th and 17th
HARDINGSAMUELW.,insurance agent, 47 n. 3d, bds. 13 s. 13th
HardingWilliamH.,carpenter,r.ns.Franklin, 16th and 17th
HARDING, GIVEN & CO.,Harding,(GeorgeE.Given,HenryF.Watts,DavidGiven,D. A.WattsW. C. and Bryan)H. mer., 74 w. 2nd.(See advt. p. 148)
HardiwayHattie,r. 54 Montgomery
HardmanFrederick,wagonmaker,r.ns.Franklin 21st and
HardmannJohn,cooper,r. 121 Biddle
HardsmanC. B.,shoemaker,r.Buel bet. Lafayette av and Emmet
HardungChristian,blacksmith, and Rutgers and 3d and 4th
HardwickAugustus,cabinetmaker,ws.14th bet. Wash and Carr, r. Cass 9th
HardwickConrad,barkeeper,r.Buel b. Lafayette and Emmet
HardyAnn,wid.James,r. 161 St. Charles
HardyEdward,plasterer,r. 171 n. 13th
HardyJames,carpenter,bds. 118 s. 6th
HardyJames,lab., b. 15th and 16th
HardyJamesA., rooms 40 Pine
HardyJohn,provision dealer, bet. St. Charles and Washington av
HardyRichardL.,carpenter,bds.Gravois Grand avenue
HardyThomas,boxmaker,bds. 261 St. Charles
HardyThomasJ.,engineer,r. 161 St. Charles
HardyWilliam,bootmaker,bds.Walaut sw.c. 3d
HardyWilliamF.,dep. col. and county taxes, samebds. 41 n. 6th