St. Louis directory : containing a directory of citizens, including also a business mirror, appendix, co-partnership directory, &c.,
Hart Charles, machinist, r. near 21st Spring
Hart Charles, wagonmaker, r. 9th ne. c. Biddle
Hart Charles E., r. 301 Chesnut
Hart Charles H., express agt., r. 82 Locust
Hart Edward H., produce dealer, rooms Kennett's bldgs
Hart George, (Hart & Harvey) r. 185 Morgan
Hart George, blacksmith, r. ss. al. bet. and 9th 10th Carr Biddle
Hart George W., clerk, bds. ss. of Cozzens w. High
HART GUSTAVUS, steamboat agt., 1 n. Levee bds. Washington av. c. 5th
Hart Henry N., lawyer, 47 n. 3d. s. 16th
Hart James, plumber, bds, ss. and Biddle bet. 9th 10th
Hart James S ., collector, r. ss. of Cozzens w. High
HART JAMES Y., Capital Oyster Saloon, 57 Chesnut r. Market
Hart Jeremiah, physician, 117 Locust,
Hart John, lab., ss. near Dickson Fillmore av
Hart John, lab., r. ss. and Elizabeth b. Pratte Jefferson avs
Hart John Q., (Thayer, Hart and Co.) bds. Virginia Hotel
Hart Joseph, lab., r. 96 Poplar
Hart Joseph, cigarmaker, r. ws. and 7th b. Rutgers Hickory
Hart Juda A., clothier, 123 n. r. Morgan bet. 9th 10th
Hart Oliver A., architect, and prest. Western Mutual Ins. Co., 1027½ Locust, r. ss. Lucas Pl. bet. 14th 15th
Hart O. M. (Bradford, Hart & Co.) rooms 20 n. 3d
Hart Patrick, bricklayer, r. of 13th s. Cass av
Hart Patrick, lab., r. 22 Florida
Hart Peter, moulder, r. 202 n. 8th
Hart Patrick, ostler, r. ss. near Sidney Anne
Hart Philip, pawnbroker, 41 Pine
HART RALPH S., lawyer, room 9 sw. c. 3d Pine, r. n. 13th
Hart Robert, moulder, bds. Panama House
Hart Robert S., bookkeeper, A. A. O. Brannin & Co., bds. 24 St. Charles
Hart Samuel, pilot, r. and Chambers b. 15th 16th
Hart Samuel, tinner, r. 78 n. 16th
Hart William, driver, r. 181 n. 11th
Hart William, lab., bds. Main c. Mulberry
HART & HARYEY, mnfrs. Hart George Harvey) Paul metal roofers, metal cornice, mnfrs. warm air furnaces and cooking ranges, 71 n. 6th Locust
Hart O. W. & Co., Hart Oliver W. Olthoff) William H. domestic agency, 29½ n. 3d
Harte John, gardener, r. and Geyer av. b. McNair Oneota
Harter Augustine, wagonmaker, and Wharf b. Miller Barry, r.
Harter Henry, engineer, r. and Jackson b. L'esperance Emmet
Harter John, tailor, r. rear 188 n. 13th
Harter Peter, bricklayer, bds. Biddle se. c. 10th
HARTFORD FIRE INS. CO., of Hartford, Main sw. c. Pine, E. Brooks, agt
Hartford Leonardis, mate, bds. Panama House
Harth Jacob, brewer. bds. ws. 14th nr. Howard
Harthuny George, clerk, Eshner & Brother, bds. 151 Market
Hartigan John, drayman, r. n. and 17th bet. Biddle O'Fallon
HARTILUS JOHN, saloon, 312 Broadway, r.
Hartinberger George, blacksmith, r. 160 n. 13th
Harting Stephen, fireman, gas works r. 317 s. 2d
Hartl Charles, provisions, 739 Broadway, r.
Hartlaub Peter, stencil cutter, 12 Vine, r. ws. Chouteau av b. 6th 7th
Hartle Ignatz, brewer, r. Soulard sw. c. Carondelet avenue
Hartley Charles, cooper, r. es. 13th nr. Biddle
Hartley Edward, boarding, and O'Fallon b. 5th 6th
Hartley Martha, wid., seamstress, r. ws. al. bet. and 8th 9th, Biddle O'Fallon
Hartley Samuel, carpenter, r. rear 50 Hickory
Hartling Henry, wooddealer, r. ns. and Carroll bet. 7th Fulton
Hartling William, butcher, 37 Central Market, r. 2d c. Mulberry
Hartman August, blacksmith, bds. c. and 20th Market
Hartman Charlotte, washwoman, r. ws. and Broadway b. Benton Warren
Hartman Frank W., steward, bds. Panama House
Hartman Frederick, wagonmaker, r. ns. and Franklin av. b. 21st 22d
HARTMAN GEORGE, saloon Broadway sw. c. Franklin av., r. 3d sw. c. Almond
Hartman John, carpenter, r. and Picotte b. Carondelet av. Jackson
Hartman John, moulder, r. 34 Chambers
Hartman John, physician, r. 82 Franklin av
Hartman L. A., salesman, r. n. 2d ne. c. Benton
Hartman Louis, tinner, bds. es. and 4th b. Convent Hazel
Hartman Rudolph, hairdresser, bds. Madison Hotel
Hartmann Anton, lab., r. ws. al. bet. an Jackson Columbus nr. Miller
Hartmann Caspar, lab., r. ws. al. b. and Angelrodt Buchanan, 11th 12th
Hartmann David, tinner, 47 Carondelet av., r. es. Carondelet av. b. Barry Marion
Hartmann Francis, cooper, ws. al. b. and 11th 12th, Carr Biddle
Hartmann Frederick charcoal dealer, r. rear ws. 15th b. n. Market Benton
Hartmann Frederick, shoemaker, ws. and 8th bet. Biddle O'Fallon, r.
Hartmann George, cigar mnfr., r. ws. and Carondelet av. b. Postalozzi Arsenal
Hartmann Henry, r. 199 s. 3d
Hartmann Henry, drygoods, 313 s. 5th, r.
Hartmann Henry, gilder, r. 292 Pine
Hartmann John, cooper, r. 121 n. 17th
Hartmann John, driver, bds. al. b. and Davis Hebert
Hartmann John, gardener, r. ss. P. R. R. nr. Grand avenue
Hartmann John, lab., r. 391 n. 9th
HARTMANN JOHN, saloon, 333 n. Main
Hartmann Joseph, chair maker, r. 123 n. 6th
Hartmann Lorenz, teamster, r. ws. and DeKalb b. Victor Sidney
Hartmann Peter, musician, r. ns. Marion nr. 7th
Hartmann Philip, (Hermanns & Hartmann) r. 11 Carondelet av
Hartmann Philipp, carpenter, es. and 16th bet. Benton n. Market, r.
Harrmann Samuel, moulder, r. 36 Chambers
Hartmana William, shoemaker, 42 Carondelet av. r.
Hartnann Antoine, shoemaker, bds, ws. and 3d b. Elm Myrtle
Hartnett Cornelius, carpenter, r. ss. and Wash bet. 22d 23d
Hartnett Daniel, horseshoer, bds. 3 s. 11th
Hartnett Edward, plasterer, bds. 31 s. 10th
Hartnett Honora, wid. Richard, r. es. al. b. and 11th 12th, Franklin av. Wash
Hartnett Michael J., city tax collector and general agt., 33 Pine, bds. Monroe House
Hartobbin Marion, wid. Bernard, r. es. and Menard b. Ann av. Arrow
Hartog George, machinist, r. and Market b. 11th 12th
Hartog Henry, clerk, William Nisbet & Co., bds. n. Market se. c. 14th
Hartry William, fancy store, 242 Market, r.
Hartung Adam, cook, r. 330 s. 3d
Hartung Henry, tailor, bds. 164 Wash
Hartung Julius, clerk, rooms 16, 3 Edward Simous, n. Main
Hartwein Louis, lab., r. ws. and Columbus b. Picotte L'esperance
Hartwell Alford S., acedemic department, Washington University, bds. 6 n. 9th