St. Louis directory : containing a directory of citizens, including also a business mirror, appendix, co-partnership directory, &c.,
Hartwell S. A., (Alexander Newcomb & Co) r. Louisville, Ky
Hartwieck Henry, furniture car, r. 241 s. 2d
Hartwieg Henry F., lab., r. 13th nw. c. Salisbury
Harty Edmond, lab., r. and 18th b. O'Fallon Cass avenue
Harty John, bookkeeper, Lafflins, Smith & Boies, bds. ws. and 10th b. Clark av. Walnut
Harty Michael, carpenter, r. 231 n. 14th
Harty Patrick, lab., bds. 55 O'Fallon
Harty Rodger, lab., r. and 18th b. O'Fallon Cass av
Harty Roger L., contractor, r. 173 n. 17th
Harvey B., moulder, r. and Bellefontaine road b. Dock Harrison
Harvey Charles, tailor, bds. Merchants' Hotel
Harvey Daniel, constable, r. 288 n. 7th
Harvey David, carpenter, r. 5 Allen av
Harvey David, bricklayer, r. ss. near Rutgers 5th
Harvey David D., fireman, r. ss. Rutgers se. c. 6th
Harvey Edward, peddler, r. es. and Easton b. Victor Sidney
Harvey Frederick, prop. Merchants' dining saloon, 10 Chesnut, r.
Harvey George, (Harvey & Whedon) r. 146 Pine
Harvey Hosea, candymaker, 295 Broadway, r.
Harvey Hugh J., clerk, r. ws. and Barlow b. Chouteau av. Orchard
Harvey Jane, r. 29 Hazel
Harvey John, baker, 40 Wash
Harvey Mary, wid. Patrick, r. ws. and Barlow b. Orchard Chouteau av
Harvey Paul, (Hart & Harvey) r. es. and 12th b. Market Clark av
Harvey William, stonemason, r. alley b. 16th 17th Carr Biddle
HARVEY & WHEDON, Harvey (George Whedon) Edwin H. auctioneers, 45 n. Main
Harvie E., conductor P. R. R
Harwig Louis, confectioner, Everett House, r. and O'Fallon b. Broadway 6th
Harwood J. H., bookkeeper, bds. 302 Broadway
Harwood Jabez, carpenter, bds. 209 Olive
Harwood Levin B., (Harwood & Marmaduke) r. ns. and Chouteau av. b. 12th 13th
HARWOOD & MARMADUKE, forwd., Harwood (Levin B. Marmaduke) Darwin W. com. forwd., n. Levee sw. c. Washington av
Hasampflug John, lab., r. ne. c. and 13th Market
Hasanstab Sebastian, weaver, ns. and Mulberry b. 2d 3d, r.
Hasch Francis, mason, r. and Decatur b. Lafayette Emmet
Hase Frederick, (F. Hase & Co) r. 120 n. 8th
Hase Henry, lab., r. ws. and 14th b. Benton n. Market
Hase Michael, driver, r. es. and Carondelet av. b. Sidney Anna
Hase William, (Hase & Eitmann) bds. es. s. and 6th b. Gratiot Cerre
HASE & EITMANN, Hase (William Eitmann) Diedrich grocers, 5th se. c. Cerre
HASE F. & CO., Hase (Frederick Gosejohann) Hermann furniture, 66 Morgan Franklin av
HASE F. & CO., mnfrs., Hase (Frederick Gosejohann Hermann Brock) Hermann Von furniture mnfrs., 348 Franklin av. Morgan
Hasebroek Hermon J., bookkeeper, State Savings Association, r. 75 Carondelet av
Hasel George, millwright, bds. 351 n. Main
Hasel Otto, patternmaker, bds. 351 n. Main
Haseltine William B., (Haseltine & Bent) r. 233 Pine
HASELTINE & BENT, Haseltine (William B. Bent) Edwin J. leathers and findings, 206 n. Main
Hasely Kasy, stonecutter, bds. 224 Carondelet av
Haseman Christian, engineer, Tamm & Meyer, r. of Cozzens e. 22d
Hasenjeager Henry, lab., bds. 353 Franklin av
Hasenpflug William, butcher, 37 South Market
Haser Lorenz, policeman, r. ws. and Columbus b. Emmet L'esperance
Hasie Eleanor, boots and shoes, 301½ s. 5th, dressmaker, Market, r.
Hasie Mark N., watchmaker, 392 Market, r.
Hasfurther George, chairmaker, r. ns. Allen av. nr. Decatur
Hasjegan George D., lab., r. alley b. 10th 11th n. O'Fallon
Haskel B., peddler, bds. 163 Broadway
Haskell Stephen, bds. Planters' House
HASKELL & CO., Franciscus) (James M. bankers and exchange dealers, Main sw c. Vine
Haskil George, W., carriage trimmer, r. al. bet. and 3d 4th Market
Haskil Thomas, carpenter, rooms ws 14th bet. Chesnut Pine
Haskins stairbuilder, bds. 14th c. Market
Haskum Henry, cigarmaker, r. ss. Lafayette av. nr. 7th
Haslake Bernard, lab., r. 164 n, 10th
Hasler Eli, cabinetmaker, r. ss. n. Market nr. 20th
Hasler Rudolph, brushmaker, r. es. near Menard Sidney
Haslet William, moulder, bds. Biddle House
Haslett J. D. S., physician, 5th sw. c. Market, bds. Monroe House
Haslinger George, shoemaker, r. 409 s, 7th
Haslinger William, tinware, and Franklin av. sw. c. Broadway, r. ns. Franklin av. bet. 11th 12th
Haspeck Bonny, lab., r. alley bet, 12th 13th Biddle O'Fallon
Hasper, Bernard, lab., r. 204 n. 11th
Haspes Adolphus, clerk, Collins, Kellog & Kirby, bds. 91 s. 4th
Haspes Richard, bookkeeper, German Savings Institution, r. Broadway ne. c. Destrehan
Hass John, tailor, r. 211 Wash
Hassar John, porter, r. and Spruce bet. 12th l4th
Hassbaum John F., teamster, 177 n. 14th
Hasse Edward, physician, same Hickory sw. c. 5th, r.
Hassebrock William, tailor, 51 Frankia av
Hassed Francis, teamster, bds. of n. Maiden Lane, b. Elliot Glasgow av
Hassefeld Frederick, lab. r, ss. and Benton bet. 13th 14th
Hasselman Ferdinand A., rectifier, 180 n. 2d, r. Orange
Hassen Thomas, cooper, r. ss. and Convent b. 3d 4th
Hassendeupel Charles, finisher, r. ss. near Miller Jackson
Hassendeubel Francis, city engineer 142 s. 3d
Hassendeubel Peter, overseer, City engineer's Office, r. 142 s. 3d
Hassenforder John, r. rear 160 n. 11th
Hasset George W., barkeeper, r. ws. and 19th bet. Morgan Franklin av
Hassey Joseph P., saloon, 154 n. 3d, r.
Hassing Gerard, lab., bds. 353 Franidin av
Hassinger William, P., iceman. r. 217 Christy av
Hassler Barbara, wid. John, r. Victor ne. c. Menard
Hassler John, r. ne. c. and Victor Menard
Haslinger George, shoemaker, r. 12 n. 3d
Hasslinger William, tinware manfr., 209 Franklin av., r.
Hassmann August, fruit seller, r. 32 Spruce
Hassmann Ernest, teamster, bds. ne. c. and Jefferson 13th
Hassmann William R., grocer, Bellefontaine rd. nw. c. Angelrodt
Hasstedt John F., cutter, Muller & Wood, r. es. and 15th bet. Wash Carr
Hasstedt John F., tailor, r. 95 n. 15th
Hasting Patrick, teamster, r. ss. and Wright bet. 13th 14th
Hastings Andrew T., bookkeeper, L. F. Hastings, bds. 27 Brooklyn
Hastings Elizabeth, widow John, r. 126 s. 5th
Hastings H. C. driver, bds. 272 Broadway
Hastings Mathew M., portrait painter, 96 Market, r. s. 5th
Hastings William, peddler, r. 161 Washington av