St. Louis directory : containing a directory of citizens, including also a business mirror, appendix, co-partnership directory, &c.,
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BarthFrederick,(Barth, Wm. Bros.,)58 Franklin av
BarthFrederick,cabinet maker,r.Madison nw.c. 9th
BarthGeorge,(Barth, Wm. Bros.,)55 Morgan
BarthHenry,shoemaker,bds.255 s. 2d
BarthJacobH.,bookbinder,r.nw.c.Rutgers and 3d
BarthJohn,lab.,r.Geyer av.b. Rosatti and Menard
BarthJohn,lab.,r.c.Levee and Mulberry
BarthJoseph,saloon, Government and Harvey, r. same
BarthLewis,baker,r.349 n. 2d
BarthRobert,(Angelrodt & Barth,) and president German Savings Association, road,near Bremen av.
BarthWilliam,(Wm. Barth & Bros.,) grocers,55 Morgan
Barth William & Bros,Barth,(WilliamBarth, and FrederickBarth,)Georgegrocers,58 Franklin av. and 55 Morgan
BarthelAugust,cabinet maker,r.323 s. 3d
BarthelMartin,(Th. Barthel & Bro.,)r.61 s. 3d
BarthelTheodore,(Th. Barthel & Bro.,)r.61 s. 3d
BARTHEL & BRO.,(TheodoreBarthel,)Martinstoves, and tin and copper ware,295 Broadway
BarthelsRichard,clerk D'sŒnch, Rives & Co.,r.61 s. 3d
BartholdDaniel,carpenter,r.Linn, bet. Lafayette and Geyer av
BartholfTunisW.,machinist, Gaty, McCune & Co.,r.107 Christy av.
BartholomewDanielL.,painter,bds.52 Vine
BartholomewSam'lW.,plane maker,bds.137 n. 6th
BartleWilliamG.,(D. S. Carter & Co.)bds.Belleview House
BartleeHoratio,carpenter,r.sw.c.8th and Martha
BartlesHannibal,lab.,r.Harveynear Government
BartlesNancy,wid. Frederick,r.Harveynear Government
BartlesWm.,engineer,r.Harveynear Government
BartlettAbner,physician and surgeon, office and r.286 Pine
BartlettElizabethA,wid. Reuben,r.35 n. 12th
BartlettFrederickR.,clerk D'Œnch, Rives & Co., and 3d
BartlettGeorge,clk., Morris & Price,bds.35 n. 12th
BartlettGeorgeW.,carpenter and builder,ws.14th, bet. Chesnut and Pine, r.c. 23d and Chesnut
BartlettJamesA.,clk, Marine Ins. Co. of St. Louis,98 n. Main
BartlettJulia,wid., Dillonbet.Hickory and Laselle
BartlettPeter,bartender, rooms 210 Broadway
BartlettRobert,carpenter,r.73 n. 11th
BartlettSyphax,(col'd,) lunchhouse,45 n. 3d,rooms same
BartlettThomas,messenger Ohio & Miss. R. R.,bds.35 n. 12th
BartlettThomasW.,bookkeeper, Brown & Co.,bds.4th se.c. Elm
BartleyEdward,clerk,bds.22 n. 12th
BartleyEleanor,widow Henry, boarding,22 n. 12th
BartleyWilliamT.,(Lytle, Johnson & Co.,)r.New Orleans
BartlingHenryE.,clerk, J. N. Gordon & Co.,r.22 n. 12th
BartlinkFrederick,lab.,r. rear es.14th, bet. Chambers and Madison
BartlyWilliam,sergeant night police,bds.Madison House
BartmanCharles,wagonmaker,, b. Lombard and Hazel
BartmanFerdinand,carpenter,bds.ns.Park av.,b. 8th and 9th
BartmanMathias,lab.,r.ns.Park av.,bet. 8th and 9th
BartmannSamuel,machinist,93 s. 3d, r. same
BartmannSophia,widow Henry,r.ns.15th, bet.n. Market and Benton
BARTMERHENRY,dry goods and clothing,245 Franklin av.,r. same
BartolJohn,salesman,bds.143 Locust
BartoleAndrew,lab.,J. T. Dowdall & Co.
BartonAaron,lab.,r.Biddle, se.c. 17th
BartonArthurJ.,plasterer,r.Biddle, se.c. 17th
BartonCharlesA.,plasterer,Biddle, se.c. 17th
BartonChauncyH.,R. R. contractor,bds.369 n. 2d
BartonDavidH.,ice salesman, Haight & O'Brien, and O'Fallon
BartonEdwardW.,entry clerk, H. & R. B. Whittemore & Co.,bds.143 Locust
BartonGeorgeH.,plasterer,r.Biddle, se.c. 17th
BartonJamesS.,carpenter,r.168 n. 11th
Barton,JohnW.,printer,bds.Franklin av.,bet.n. 5th and 6th
BartonMichael,shoemaker,19 Spruce
BartonSebastian,shoemaker, rooms 371 n. Main
BartonWilliamJ.,carpenter, bet. 21st and 22d
BartramEdsonL.,saloon,15 Green, bds. Virginia. Hotel
BartromGeorge,lab., Ann av.,bet 7th & 8th
BartsheerJohn,cooper, bet. Spring and Wright
BartsheerTheresa,wid. Joachim, bet. Spring and Wright
BaryEmilie,(col'd) wid. of Benjamin,bds. rear 101 s. 5th
BaryLewis,tailor,r.200 Franklin av
BasChristian,teamster, bet. Emmet and L'Esperance
BasaminnFrank,tailor, alley bet.Malinckrodt and Destrehan
BaschAdolph,salesman Frey & Rosenstein,r.267 Franklin av
BaschJacob,quarryman, bet. Easton and Carondelet av
BaschallaJohn,soap boiler,r.11th se.c. Marion
BaschedayAugust,teamster,r.ns.12th bet. Benton and Warren
BascomJames,carpenter,bds.177 n. 4th
BascomJonathanD.,wood and coal dealer, bet. Orchard and Gratiot
BascomWilliamB.,bookkeeper, Roberts & Morton,r.1173 Broadway
BaselEmile,clerk,bds.48 n. 7th
Bashbds.17 Walnut
BashJohn,laborer,r. alley bet.15th and 16th Cass av and O'Fallon
BashintchAbraham,peddler,r.237 Broadway
BaskettWilliam,clerk, bet. Salisbury and Malinckrodt
BaslerJohn,gun maker,70 s. 2d, r. 21 Almond
BaslerJohn,stone cutter, bet. 20th and 21st
BasonMackson,butcher, Pratte av. and Emily
BassBancroftW.,clerk Getchell & Newhall,bds.12 Franklin av
BassJohnW.,commission merchant,r.Clark Adolph and Mercer
BasseAugust,teamster,r.Choteau av.c. 22d
BassetPhilip,optician, Rosatti
BassetAaron,mason,r.ns.O'Fallon bet. 22d & 23d
BassettAlexanderA.,(Chiles & Bassett) rooms 5th sw.c. St. Charles
BassettAugustus,bricklayer,84 Franklin av
BassettDavid,engineer, and 11th n. of O'Fallon
BassettJohnA.,bds.217 Morgan
BassettL. S.,carriage maker and dealer,171 n. 4th, r. same
BassettMartha,wid. James, washerwoman,r.ns. alley bet.Market and Walnut w. of 7th
BassettPhilanderV.,carpenter,r. alley bet.10th & 11th n. of O'Fallon
BassettWilliamA.,liquor dealer,bds.Burnett House
BassonEdward,tailor,bds.208 n. 7th
BastAlexander,steamboat mate,125 n. 3d
BastWilliamH.,(Bast, Alexander & Co.)roomsLocust se.c. 7th
BAST, ALEXANDER & CO.,Bast,(WilliamH.Bast,GeorgeY.Alexander, and BazilW.Lansing)RobertY.wholesale grocers, 102 n. 2d