St. Louis directory : containing a directory of citizens, including also a business mirror, appendix, co-partnership directory, &c.,
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HillDavid, porter, Anderson & Lamoureux,r.10th b. Biddle and Carr
HillDavidB., b. Lynch and Sidney
HILLDAVIDW.,lawyer, room 7 sw.c. Pine and 3d r. 2d sw.c. Pine
HillEbenM.,builder,r. 293 Morgan
HillEdmund,lab.,bds. 700 Broadway
HillElizabethE.,wid. Conrad,r. 43 n. 9th
HillEnochG.,boatman,r.11th nr. O'Fallon
HillF. H.bds.Clarendon Hotel
HillFrederickM.,variety store, 12 City bldgs, Spring b. Mercer and Naomi
HillGeorgeF.,com. mer., 150 n. 2d, r. 266 Olive
HillH.driver, av.b. 2d Carondelet and Mississippi avs
HillHenry,cabinet maker, 190 Carr
HillIsaacA.,artist,, b. Locust and St. Charles
HillJamesB.,r. 53 s. 5th
HillJohn,T. H. A. & St. L. R. R.,r. 58 n. 8th
HillJohn,r. 52 Orange
HillJohn,cabinet maker,bds, 353 Franklin av
HillJohn,lab., and 10th Walnut and Clark av
HillJohn, foreman, W. G. Hillr.4th se.c. Olive
HillJohn,secondhand store, 227 s. 4th, r. same
HillJohnG.,passenger agt.,r. 117 n. 5th
HillJohnW.,bricklayer,r. 99 n. 8th
HillJoseph,ropemaker,bds.Malinckrodt c. Bellefontaine rd
HillLouis,confectioner,bds. 1 n. 11th
HillMartin,tailor, 351 s. 2d, r. same
HillMary,wid. Oscar, and Washington av. near 7th
HillMichael,steward.r.ns.Wash b. b 20th and 21st
HillRobert,carpenter, bet.n. 2d and Broadway
HillSamuelG.,engineer,r. 43 Orange
HillThomas,captain,bds. 114 n. 15th
HillThomas,mason, bet. 21st and 22d
HillThomasB.,mate,r. 341 Franklin av
HillTimothy,Rev.,r. 1 n. 9th
HillWilliam,bds. 135 Collins
HillWilliam,bricklayer,r.Cass av.b. 17th and 18th
HillWilliam, conductor, People's Railway,bds.nsPark av.e. of 2d Carondelet av
HillWilliam,upholsterer,bds. 94 Morgan
HILLWlLLIAMG.,plumber and brass founder, 64 Olive, r. Gamble av.b. High and Pratte av
HillWilliamG.,printer,bds. 83 St. Charles
HillWilliamH.,carpenter, b. 9th and 10th
HillWilliamM.,machinist, av. 2d Carondelet and Mississippi avs
HillWilliamR.,carpenter,bds. 232 n. 10th
Hillebrand Bernard,(Hillebrand & Witte)r.18th and Chouteau av
Hillebrand Joseph,lab., and Fulton and Barry and Marion
HILLEBRAND & WITTE,(Hillebrand Bernard and Witte)Frederickhardware, 158 Franklin av
HillendroffErnest, driver, steam fire engine Deluge,14th se.c. Market
HillenkotterJobstM.,lab.,r. 225 Wash
HillenkütterCasparH.,lab., and 18th Carr and Biddle
HillerJohnW.,shoemaker,r.r. 85 Morgan
HillerichAdam,cooper,Broadway sw.c. Malinckrodt
HilliarGeorgeW.,bellowsmaker,r,es.14th b. Chambers and Madison
HilliardJohn, collector, Hathaway & Schureman,r. 102 n. 14th
HillierHiram, blacksmith, Gaty, McCune & Co
HillikerGeorge,lab.,r.Manchester road, c. Cabanne
HillikerThomas,scenic painter, 89 n. 4th, r. Arnott se.c. 2d
HillingHenry,stonecutter, b. Carr and Wash
HillingtanWilliam,tailor, av. and Wash, 8th and 9th
HillmanFrank,lab.,7th ne.c. Carr
HillmanCharlesE.,(Hillman Brothers)r.Nashville, Tenn
HillmanDavid,(Hillman Brothers,)r.Kentucky
HillmanGeorgeW.,(Hillman Brothers)r.Kentucky
HILLMAN BROTHERS,(Daniel,George W., and Charles E)dealers in iron and nails, 15 n. Levee and 30 Commercial
HillsAndrew,clerk,bds. 173 n. 13th
HillsSamuel, foreman, Redmond & O'Brien,r.12th b. Spruce and Poplar
HillyerWilliamS.,(McClellan, Moody & Hillyer)r. 221 Locust
HilmerHenry,(Henger & Hilmer)bds.ns.Franklin av.b. 5th and 6th
HilmerJohnH.,porter, W. Bennett,r.Carr ne.c. 10th
HilsgottenHenryD.,stonecutter, alley b. 11th and 12th near Biddle
HilsmanJohn,teamster,r.17th b. Cass av, and Mullanphy
HiltonAbraham,welldigger,r.ns.Buchanan b. 11th and Bellefontaine road
HiltonGeorge, engineer, P. R. R.,bds.Pratte av.sw.c. Cooper
HiltonThomasJ.,builder, 60 Locust, r. 188 Washington av
HiltpoldJohnU.,shoemaker,r. 311 s. 3d
HilsweinCharles,jeweler, 109 n. 5th, r. same
HiltzAndrew,tailor,bds.13th s. of Cass av
HiltzConrad,bds. 407 Carondelet av
HILTZHENRY,saloon. 206 s. Main, r. same
HimbleySamuel,bricklayer,r. rear ss. Ann av.b. 7th and 8th
HimePhilip,lab.,r.DeKalb b. Victor and Barton
HimerAnton,lab., av.b. 20th and 21st
HimmerJamesJ.,shipcarpenter, b. Jackson and Columbus
HimmstadtFrederick,shoemaker, 51 Morgan, r. 41 Morgan
HineChristian,tinsmith,r. 160 n. 13th
HINCHCLIFFJAMES,saloon, 53 Olive, r. same
HinchcliffeAlfred,bootmaker,r. alley b. Main and 2d, Pratte av. and Rutgers
HincheMichael,quarryman, b. Montgomery and Spring
HinchmanWilliamN.,(Howard & Hinehman)r. 92 s. 15th
HinchyJames,lab.,bds. 274 n. 13th
HincheyWilliamJ.,portrait painter, 40 Washington av.r. 11th se.c. Angelrodt
HinckelbeinJohn,butcher,ns.Douchouquette b. Congress and Carondelet av
HinckleyAaron,steamboat mate, b. Soulard and Lafayette
HindRobert,grainer,r.ns.St. Charles nr. 23d
HinderMary,widow Caspar, alley b. Carondelet av. and 7th near Marion
HindertJohn,butcher, 10 s. Market, r. Lemp, b. Arsenal and Cherokee
HindleJudith,wid. William,r. 78 Mound
HindleRobertB.,printer,bds. 78 Mound
HindmanBridget,wid. James, b. Spruce and Poplar
HindmanEdward,saw grinder,bds. 484 n. Main
HindrickerAdam,(A. Hindricker & Co)r. 62 Morgan
Hindricker A. & Co.,HindrickerAdam and Schweer)JohnH.grocers, 62 Morgan
HindsJohn,lab., b. Barry and Marion
HindsJonathan,mate,r. near c. Warren and Elliott
HineFrancis,stairbuilder, aley b. 10th and 11th nr. Cass av.,r. Cass avc. 10th
HinemanJoseph,boarding, 6 n. 6th
HinesAdam,scalemaker,ne.c.Palm and n. 2d, Broadway b. Wright and
HinesBryan,tobacconist, b. Carr and Biddle