St. Louis directory : containing a directory of citizens, including also a business mirror, appendix, co-partnership directory, &c.,
Ille Henry, machinist, r. ss. and Gratiot 24th 25th
Iller George, lab., r. 69 s. Main
Illig William, 36 n. 5th, bds. s. Main
Ilsley Arthur M., salesman, B. Chamblin, r. 104 s. 4th
Iman Elizabeth, wid. Frank, r. ns. and Douchouquette b. Congress Carondelet av
Imbasch Claus, umbrella repairer, 108 O'Fallon, r.
Imbush Lütye, lab., r. 2d sw. c. Mullanphy
Imgront Hermann, carpenter, r. rear 159 n. 14th
Imgrund Martin, carpenter, bds. 183 n. 11th
Imhoff George, shoemaker, r. 487 Carondelet av
Imhoff John, brickmaker, bds. 509 Broadway
Immel Jacob, jr., salesman, M. W. Reid. r. ns. and Franklin av. b. 16th 17th
Immert Mina, wid. Henry, r. es. and Buena Vista b. Arrow Ohio
Impson Henry, (Chas. Impson & Co) r. 98 Brooklyn
Imsiepen Frederika, wid. Henry, r, 139 n. 14th
Inbof Anthony, lab., r. 311 s. 5th
Inden John, clerk, Orme, Burgesser & Co., r. of 12th n. O'Fallon
Independent Guard Band. 146 n. 5th
Indes Conrad, cigarmaker, r. ss. and Emmet b. Carondelet av. Easton
Inenger Charles, musician, r. ss. near Hickory 5th
Infield Henry, policeman, r. es. and Rosatti b. Marion Carroll
Inghram Henry, clerk, r. ns. and Eugenia b. 20th 21st
Inghram Zadoc C., salesman, Wentworth & Co., r. ns. and Eugenia b. 20th 21st
Ingle Martin, engineer, r. rear 911 Broadway
Inglis James, salesman, A. F. W. Webb, bds. 90 s. 2d
Ingold George, shoemaker, r. 41 Collins
Ingot George, tailor, r. ss. and Spruce b. Main 2d
Ingram John, r. and Jefferson b. Keokuk Chippewa
Ingram John, provisions, r. alley b. 7th 8th n. Cass av
Ingram John, variety store, 72 Franklin av., r.
Ingram Robert, painter, r. 205 n. 6th
Insel Martin, brassfinisher, r. 3d ne. c. Hazel
Intress Nicolaus, lab., r. Natural Bridge plank rd., nr. Salisbury
Ioos Joseph, brewer, r. rear 199 s. 2d
Ireland Isaac, porter, bds. 245 Broadway
Ireson Matthew, lab., bds. and 9th b. Market Chesnut
Irelander Francis, lab., bds. 361 Franklin av
IRON M. R. R. Depot, es. and Main b. Plum Cedar
Iron Mountain Hotel, (Andreas Roff, pro..) Plum se. c. Main
Iron Mountain R. R. Co. 176 office. s. Main
Irons Charles, lab., bds. 41 s. Levee
Irvin S., engraver, 208 bds. n. 7th
Irvin Thomas H., boatman, bds. ns. and Hickory b. Ham Valle
Irvine James, machinist, r. and Bellefontaine road bet Dock Buchanan
Irving James F., real estate agent, &c., 38 n. 3d, r. 12th c. Warren
Irving James T., land agent, r. ws. and 12th b. Warren Montgomery
Irwin Alexander T., enginebuilder, bds. 47 s. 4th
Irwin Charles W., salesman, Warne, Cheever & Co., r. 579 n. 9th
Irwin Edward, marblecutter, bds. es 12th nr. Poplar
Irwin Joseph S., salesman, Fisher & Bennett, bds. Barnum's Hotel
Irwin Patrick, locksmith, r. 286 n. 2d
Irwin Richard, bookkeeper, J. W. Tooly & Co., bds. 151 n. 6th
Irwin Thomas, lab., r. ws. al. b. and 8th 9th, Biddle O'Fallon
Isaac William, shoemaker, r. s. 7th nr. Park av
Isaacs Adolph, (R. Keiler & Co.) 101 St. Charles
Isaacs Andrew C., (Joseph A. Hull & Co.) r. 9th sw. c. Locust
Isaacs Henry, bookkeeper, Co., Chouteau, jr. Chouteau, jr. & co., r. Locust sw. c. 9th
Isaacs Henry G., (Barnett, Sholl & Isaacs) r. 9th sw. Locust
Isaacs Isaac, renovator, 331 Broadway, r. Collins
Isaacs Isidor, fancy goods, 156 n. 3d, r. Collins
ISAACS JACOB L., paperhanger, 27 n. 12th
Isaacs John, clerk, r. 13 s. 3d
Isaacs Judah, pawnbroker, 79 Pine, r. s. 3d
Isaacs J., pawnbroker, 79 Olive, r. n. 3d
Isaacs J. A., dealer wall paper, window shades, oil cloths, 27 n. 12th
Isaac J. Levy, collector, r. 27 n. 12th
Isaacs Lazarus, reporter Herald, 163 r. Collins
Isaacs Manuel, cattletrader, r. al. and bet. Main 2d, Rutger Park av
Isaacs Maurice, clerk, H. Myers, r. 131 n. 3d
Isaacs Moses, janitor, 163 bds. Collins
Isard Charles, bookkeeper, D. T. Wright & Co., 347 r. Franklin av
Isbell Elizabeth, teacher, bds. 53 w. Brooklyn
Ische Henry A., scalemaker, and r. ws. al. bet. 10th 11th nr. Mound
Isdell Charles, painter, bds. 23 Gay
Isenhauer Francis, stonemason, and r. ss. Virginia bet. Julia Joab
Isenstein George, actor, r. 161 n. 4th
Iser Henry, school teacher, bds. 186 s. 2d
Isett E. B., salesman, bds. Everett House
Isett John H., salesman, Child, Pratt & Fox, bds. Everett House
Isick Maria, wid. Fielding, r. 626 Broadway
Isinger Charles, lab., and r. es. al. bet. Franklin av. Wash
Isler Jesse, physician, 223 r. Chesnut
Isler John, (Wezler & Co.) r. Spruce sw. c. 14th
Israel Sarah, wid. Charles, bds. and Lucas av. b. Ewing Garrison avs
Isreal John, pilot, and r. ws. Christy av. b. 20th 21st
Isum James, wagoner, (col'd) r. Clay av. nr. 2d
Ittel Alexander, barkeeper, J. I. Rollo, 9 r. Vine
Ittleng Jacob, lab., r. 7th nw. c. Arrow
Ittner Anthony, bricklayer, bds. ws. Grattan nr . Park av
Ittner Benjamin, bricklayer, near bds. ws. Grattan Park av
Ittner Martin, brickmaker, bds. ws. Grattan, nr. Park av
Ivers William, toymaker. r. ns. n. Market nr. 16th
Ives Alfred, carriagemaker, 84 Franklin av
Ivester Enoch, riverman, and bds. ws. al. b. 9th 10th nr. Clark av
IVORY JOHN C., room No. 4, 3d sw. c. Pine, r. Pine
Ivory Michael, stonecutter, 287 r. Carr
Iwig Nickolas, market master, asst. r. and ws. State bet. Russell Allen avs
Izard Charles, bookkeeper, 176 r. Carr
IZBERG HENRY, teamster, and r. Tayon av b Randolph P. R. R.
JABBAN JOHN H., whitener, 493 r. Morgan
Jabel Josephine, wid. Joseph, and r. ss. Biddle bet. 21st 22d
Jaccard David Constant, (E. Jaccard & Co.) 184 r. s. 5th
Jaccard Eugene, (E. Jaccard & Co.) r. Beckwith head of Orchard
Jaccard Gustavas O., watchmaker, 75 n. 4th, r.
Jaccard Ulysses P., watchmaker, 75 n. 4th, r.
JACCARD E. & CO., Jaccard, (Eugene Mermod Augustus S. Jaccard) David Constant jewelers, 75 n. 4th
Jack Elizabeth, wid. Jedediah, r. Biddle se. c. 17th
George, Jack packer, 55 and 57 Franklin av