St. Louis directory : containing a directory of citizens, including also a business mirror, appendix, co-partnership directory, &c.,
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JaegerAnton,brewer,es. Menard bet. Sidney and Victor, r. same
JaegerCharles,milkman,r.Chippewa nr. Nebraska
JaegersChrist,hairdresser,Biddle bet. 5th and 6th, bds.n. 8th b. Biddle and O'Fallon
JaegerConrad,cooper, av.b. 24th and 25th
JaegerFrederick,carpenter, b. 13th and 14th
JaegerJohnB., drayman, Abeles,Taussig & Co., nr. 23d
JaegerJohnF. A.,shoemaker,r. rear 244 Wash
JaegerMichael,plasterer, bet. 17th and 18th
JaegerNicholas,brewer, bet. Sidney and Victor
JaeschkeRobert,watchmaker, 229½ Carondelet av.,r. same
JagelsCord,clerk,bds. 212 n. 9th
JagerPhilip,barkeeper,r.Charter nr. Victor
JagerPeter,carpenter,r. 117 n. 11th
JaggerDavidB.,(White & Co) and agt,Jackson wagon co.,bds. 23 n. 8th
JaggiEdward, watchman, E. Jaccard & Co., 75 n. 4th
JahnErnst,physician, 130 s. 2d
JahrlingJohn,barkeeper,r. 41 s. 3d
JahrlingJ. Peter,boarding house, 41 s 3d
JailJohn,plasterer, Biddle and O'Fallon nr. 17th
JakeilJohn,blacksmith,r. 15 s. 13th
JakobePeterns,blacksmith,r. Franklin 21st and 22d
JackobsmeiarHenry,clerk,bds. 33 n. 12th
JalleChristopher,beer and boarding house,ss.Franklin av.b. 23d and 24th, r. same
JallierCharles,clerk,bds. 20 s. Levee
JamJoseph,lab.,r. Franklin av.b. 22d and 23d
JamaicaJohn,lab., 168 Carondelet av
JamesAlonzo,headcook,Monroe House
JamesBrown,tinner,bds. Kentucky House
JamesCharles,riverman, Gamble Emily and Summit
JamesJamesW.,caulker, Buchanan and Angelrodt and 9th and Broadway
JamesJohnV.,bricklayer,r. 63 West Brooklyn
JamesJohn,carpenter.r. 58 n. 15th
JamesLouisa, wid. Henry, washing,r,12th bet. Spruce and Poplar
JamesMatthew,coach body maker,r. 46 Chesnut
JamesMatthewG., foreman, Wing, Meagan & Co.,r.17th sw.c. Hickory
JamesSamuelL.,agt,White, Sand & Co., 174 n. 2d, 12th n. of Chesnut
JamesTalliafero,(Wing, Meagan & Co)r. 17th sw.c. Hickory
JamesThomasR.,miller,r. 176 s. 3d
JamesTimothy,moulder,bds. 351 n. Main
JamesonAlexander,bds. 110 Walnut
JamesonE. H. E.,local editor Daily Bulletin.bds.Everett House
JamesonElisha,carpenter,r.ns. Carr b. 23d and 24th
JamesonJosephA.,(Jameson, Cotting & Co)r. 33 n. 9th
JamesonSamuel,clerk,bds. 110 Walnut
JAMESON, COTTING & CO.,Jameson,(JosephA.CottingAmos and Edgarton)GeorgeM.dry goods, 43 n. Main
JaminetAlphonse,physician, 101 Pine, r. same
JamisonAlbert,shipcarpenter,bds. Southern Hotel
JamisonAlbertG., dry goods and hardware, 32 Franklin av.,bds.ns. St. Charles bet. 5th and 6th
JamisonDavidS.,engineer,bds.Walnut sw.c. 15th
JamisonJesseT.,pilot,r. Walnut sw.c. 15th
JamisonRobert,painter,r. 218 n. 11th
JamisonSally,bds. 225 Pine
JamisonWilliamC.,(Lackland Cline and Jamison)bds.Barnum's Hotel
JamissonWilliamC.,pilot,r. 51 Christy av
JammerHenry,teamster,r. 160 O'Fallon
JanderMichael,physician, 161 Carr, r. same
JanderPhilip,artist,r. 161 Carr
JanesBenjamin, clerk, Kelley & Oppenlander,bds. Collins near Cherry
JanesClaraM., principal of day school,bds. 168 Morgan
JangerJoseph,shoemaker,ns. Franklin av.b. 24th and Pratte av
JANICKEANDREW,(Janicke & Robyn)r. Park av. near Decatur
JANICKE & ROBYN,Janicke(Andrew and Robyn)Charleslithographers,Chesnut ne.c. 3d
JankeJohnW.,carpenter,r. 425 s. 7th
JanneySarah,wid.,r. 44 n. 8th
JanningHarmon,plasterer, Geyer and Allen avs. near Menard
JansenAugust,mechanic,r. 57 s. 5th
JansenBernard,shoemaker, Julia b. 8th and 9th
JansenGerhard,milkman, David and Dora
JansenHenry,lab., O'Fallon and Cass av., 9th and 10th
JansenHenry,porter,r. Monroe se.c. 15th
JansenHermanL., porter, Henry A.Homeyer & Co., b.n. Market and Monroe
JanissenD. H.,r. 236 Franklin av
JanssenGerhardJ., drayman, H. Geldehaus & Co.,bds. Madison sw.c. 15th
JanuaryDerrickA.,(D. A. January & co) and pres. Chamber of Commerce,r.Washington 12th
JanuaryPeterW.,farmer,r. 98 Washington av
JANUARY D. A, & CO.,January,(DerrickA.BrothersHowardJ. and Noel)FrankS.grocers 143 and 145 n. 2d.(See adv. 154)
JanzenJoseph,lab.,r.Biddle, nw.c. 11th
JaquesMichael,policeman,r. 188 Carr
JaquotHenry,(Jaquot & Farrell) Myrtle bet. Main and 2d
JAQUOT & FARRELL,Jaquot(Henry and Farrell)Johnwood carvers, 64 Market
Jarand August,machinist,r. 92 Mound
JargoJames,(col'd) lab.r. 42 Orange
JarkJacob, bet. Biddle and O'Fallon
JarrettRobertP.teamster,r.20th bet. Wash and Franklin av
JarvisJohn,soldier,bds. 90 s. 2d
JarvisLouis,painter, 18 Myrtle, r. 2d Carondelet b. Crittenden and Arsenal
JasonJames,(col'd) boatman,r. 75 s. 15th
JasperErnest,cooper,bds.Broadway, sw.c. Chambers
JasperHenryJ. B.,clerk,bds. 64 s. 14th
JasperJohn,> lab.,r. 10 Madison
JasperJohnB. H., bookkeeper, S. Englert & Co.,r.14th nw.c. Clark av
JasperMaryE.,wid. Francis,r. 64 s. 14th
JasperP. H. Leo, deputy coroner,r.Clark av.nw.c. 14th
JasselBenjamin,cigar mnfr.,bds. 10 Chesnut
JauchAndrew,harnessmaker,bds. 83 Franklin av
JaulJacob,carpenter, av.b. 22d and 23d
JayHenryB.,driver,r. 56 Spruce
JaycoxBernardèsS.,produce dealer, 399 Broadway, r. rear 89 Carr
JaycoxH.,driver,bds. 302 Broadway
JeagoeJohnF.,wigmaker,bds.Exchange Hotel
JeambayLouisa,wid. Henry,ws.Congress b. Trudeau and Douchouquette
JeanneretCharles, clerk, E. Jaccard & Co., rooms 17 Myrtle
JebanichutzJohn,birdcage maker,r. 189 n. 11th
JeckJacob,tailor, rooms 245 Franklin av
JeckoJobn, clerk, Joseph Jecko,bds.2d c. Market
JeckoJoseph,lawyer, 47 n. 3d, r.ns. Hickory b. Ham and Provencherre
JeckoPeter,lab.,r. alley b. Jackson and Columbus, Emmet and Lafayette