St. Louis directory : containing a directory of citizens, including also a business mirror, appendix, co-partnership directory, &c.,
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KemppterJoseph,musician,ss.Trudeau bet. Congress and Carondelet av.,r. same
KemptAndrew,painter,r. 37 Chambers
KenalyJohn,lab.,r. 44 Collins
KenanJohn,lab.,r. 433 Broadway
KendallDavidG.,(Wallace & Kendall) Pacific
KendallGeorge,bds. 90 s. 2d
KendallHiramN.,steam cracker baker, 32 n, 6th, r. Upper Alton
KendallJacobT.,carpenter,r. 306 n. 6th
KendallWilliamS.,foreman, 32 n. 6th
KendrickS., painter, works Theodore Salorgne
KendrickCharles,r.ns.Montgomery bet. 9th and 10th
KendrickCrawfordM., bookkeeper, Geo. Reading,bds. 167 Pine
KendrickDaniel,moulder,r. 470 n. Main
KendrickDennis,lab., b. Spruce and Poplar
KendrickJonathanG.,clerk, William B. Crane,r. 167 Pine
KendrickLouen,lab.,bds. 11 Morgan
KeneJamesB.,lather, and 11th, Biddle and O'Fallon
KeneavyThomas,lab., and O'Fallon 7th and 8th
KenedaJohn,wheelwright,bds. 593 Broadway
KenellekPatrick,drayman,bds.12th sw.c. Clark avenue
KenefickWilliam,lab.,r. rear 12th sw.c. Clark av
KenegbleWilliam,butcher, b. Joab and Toney
KeneiMichael,fruitdealer. 355 s. 5th, Carondelet av.b. Barry and Marion
KenekeChristian,cabinetmaker, near Jefferson
KenellyLucy,widow John, nr. Carroll
KenholtzFrancis,carpenter,r.Toney's add
KenkadeGeorge,dairyman,r.Channing av. and Thomas
KennadyJamesG.,carpenter,bds. 252 n. 6th
KennarAugust,cooper,r. 322 s. 3d
KennardJohn, jr.,(Kennard & Son)r. 52 n. 8th
KennardJohn, sr.,(Kennard & Son)r. 52 n. 8th
KENNARDP. S.,paper hangings, 111 n. 4th, r.sw.c. 14th and Olive
KennardSamuelM.,salesman,bds. 52 n. 8th
KENNARD & SON,Kennard(John, sr. and Kennard,John jr., carpets ans oil cloths 121 n. 4th
KennaryThomas,laborer, and O'Fallon and 7th and 8th
KennedeyJohn,gardener, bet. Lafayette and Park av
KennedeyWilliam,gardener,r.ns.Lafayette av. near Wellington av
KennedickCaspar,lab.,r. 246 Market
KennedyAdamS.,carpenter and builder,ss.Chouteau av.b. 7th and 8th, Rosatti near Ann av.
KennedyAlexander,R. R., contractor,bds. 78 n. 7th
KennedyBryan,fireman, Gas Works,bds.Convent se.c. Main
KennedyDaniel,blacksmith,r. rear 194 s. 2d
KennedyDaniel,printer, rooms 29½ n. 3d
KennedyEdward,cigar store, 103 Morgan, r. same
KennedyEdward,plasterer,r. 29 Center
KennedyEdward,riverman,bds. 45 Locust
KennedyFrancis,fireman, Gas Works, b. 3d and 4th
KennedyFrankD., salesman, Wolff & Hoppe, rooms 65 Washington av
KENNEDYFRANKLIN,lawyer, 99 Chesnut, bds. Everett House
KennedyGeorge,carpenter,bds. 262 n. 6th
KennedyGeorgeW.,carpenter,bds. 44 Biddle
KennedyHenry,builder, b. Clark av. and Market
KennedyHenry,carpenter,bds. 122 O'Fallon
KennedyJames,carpenter,bds. 11 Collins
KennedyJames,carpenter,bds. 109 Collins
KennedyJames,clerk,P. O.,r. 26 Gay
KennedyJames,horseshoer,bds. 8 s. 10th
KennedyJames,lab.,r. 321 Washington av
KennedyJames,lab.,r.Spruce bet. 17th and 18th
KennedyJames,porter, P. O.,r. 95 Biddle
KennedyJamesG.,plumber,bds. 104 s. 4th
KennedyJeremiah,lab., b. 2d and 3d
KennedyJohanna,widow Lawrence,r. 272 Market
KennedyJohn,(Horine, Kennedy & Co.)r.7th b. O'Fallon and Cass av
KennedyJohn,carriagemaker,bds. 593 Broadway
KennedyJohn, and Carondelet near Carroll
KennedyJohn,lab.,bds.Decatur sw.c. Carroll
KennedyJohn,lab.,r. 105 Biddle
KennedyJohn,lab.,St. Louis Bagging and Rope Factory
KennedyJohn,livery stable,Wash b. Broadway and 5th, r. 337 n. 7th
KennedyJohn,moulder,r. 163 n. 9th
KennedyJohn,policeman,r al.b.Marion and Carr, Jackson and Carondelet av
KennedyJohn,waiter,Monroe House
KennedyJohnA.,clerk, H. & R. B. Whitteriore & Co.,r. 7 s. 14th
KennedyJohnT.,ropemaker,r. 124 n. 3d
KennedyJoseph,lab.,r.ns.Harper b. 5th and 6th
KennedyLuke,baker,r.2d b. Cherry and Carr
KennedyMargaret,widow Charles,r. 7 s. 14th
KennedyMargaret,widow William,r. 274 Market
KennedyMartin,lab.,bds. 73 Almond
KennedyMary,widow Michael, av. and Wash
KennedyMary,widow Patrick,r. 65 Green
KennedyMatthew,bds. 217 Green
KennedyMichael,clerk, 412 Morgan, bds. same
KennedyMichael,drayman,r. 281 s. 2d
KennedyMichael,lab.,bds.Randolph nr. Tayon av
KennedyMichael,lab.,r.11th b. O'Fallon and Cass avenue
KennedyMichael,teamster,r. alley b. 2d and Main near Spruce
KennedyMiltonF., salesman, Wm. Young & Co.,bds.Barnum's Hotel
KennedyPatrick, clerk, A. C. Dickson & Co.,r. 282 Market
KennedyPatrick,lab.,r. 194 s. 2d
KennedyPatrick,lab.,r. 417 n. 9th
KennedyPatrick,lab.,bds. 56 Biddle
KennedyPatrick,lab.,bds.Spruce bet. 18th and 19th
KennedyPatrick,teacher, near Howard
KennedyPeter,engraver, 75 n. 4th
KennedyPeter,tailor,r. 200 n. 12th
KennedyPhilip,lab.,Pratte Lucas av
KennedyRileyS.,tailor,r. 60 n. Market
KennedyRobert,engraver, 71 Locust, Beaumont and Market
KENNEDYROBERTV.,(Kennedy & Co) and editor Home Pressr. 102 s. 4th
KennedySamantha,wid. Reuben, b. High and Pratte av
KennedySamuelM.,printer, 97 n. 4th
KennedyThomas,moulder,bds. 272 Broadway
KennedyThomasJ.,groceries, 283 n. 8th
KENNEDYTHOMASJ., agent, J. B. Brant, 101 n. 5th, r. same
KennedyTimothy,lab..bds. 56 Biddle
KennedyWilliam,bds.Spruce b. 17th and 18th
KennedyWilliam,carpenter,bds.Gravois rd. near Grand av
KennedyWilliam,engineer,r.ns.Market b. Pratte av. and Beaumont
KennedyWilliam,lab., av.b. Gratiot and Cozzens
KennedyWilliamJ.,collector, 23 Christy av.,r. 676 Morgan
KENNEDY R. V. & Co.,Kennedy(RobertV. and Halpin)ThomasM.publishers and proprietors St. Louis City Directory Book and Job Printing executed in the highest style of the art 158 n. 4th