St. Louis directory : containing a directory of citizens, including also a business mirror, appendix, co-partnership directory, &c.,
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KenneerEllen,wid. Francis,r. 72 n. 17th
KenneerMichael,bricklayer,bds. 72 n. 17th
KennelJacob,carpenter,r. 6 n. 14th
KennelJohn,cooper,r. rear 157 n. 14th
KennelNicholas,blacksmith,r. 147 n. 14th
KennelNicholas,cooper,r. 157 n. 14th
KennelPeter,pressman,bds. 147 n. 14th
KennellyMaurice, clerk, R. G. Dun & Co.,bds. 72 n. 11th
KennelyEdward,teamster,r. 83 Biddle
KENNERRODHAMF., jr., ticket agent, N. M. R. R.,r. 40 s. 4th
KennerdPeter,stonecutter,r.ns.Trudeau b. Jackson and Columbus
KennettFerdinand,(Blow & Kennett)r.Selma, Mo
KennettLutherM.,bds. 26 s. 7th
KennettMortimer,(Carr & Kennett) 26 s. 7th
KENNETT'S BUILDINGS,ns.Chesnut b. 3d and 4th
KenneyChauncey, fireman, P. R. R.,r.P. R. R. buildings
KenneyHenry,architect,r. 866 Broadway
KenneyJames,mason,bds. 60 Morgan
KenneyJohn,carpenter, alley b.9th and 10th, Biddle and O'Fallon
KenneyJohn,lab.,r. 4 n. 10th
KenneyPatrick,8th b. Locust and St. Charles
KenneyPatrick,lab.,bds. 157 Washington av
KenneyPatrick,lab.,r. alley b.8th and 9th s. of Cass av
KenneyRichard,lab., b. Howard and Mound
KennifecJohn,lab., near n. Market
KenniffJohn,baker, 32 n. 6th
KenniffThomas,lab.,r.ns. alley b.Market and Walnut near 7th
KennishJohn,carpenter,bds. rear 179 n. 12th
KENNONFREDERICKA.,auctioneer and com. mer., 79 n. 4th, r. at Carondelet
KennoshBernard,bartender,r.Columbus ne.c. Marion
KennyDaniel,shoemaker, b. Market and Walnut
KennyMary,wid. Michael,'Fallon b. Lewis and Levee
KennyJames, drayman, A. Walsh,r. 12 Spruce
KennyJohn,physician, 75 n. 6th, bds. King's Hotel
KennyJohn,soda maker,r. 162 n. 14th
KennyLawrence,distiller,ss.Orchard b. 10th and 11th
KennyMichael,r. 261 n. 7th
KennyPatrick,boatman,r. alley b.Howard and Mullanphy, 8th and 9th
KennyPatrick,grocer,es.Broadway near O'Fallon, r. same
KennyPeter,distiller, and Hazel
KennyThomas,lab.,r. 263 n. 12th
KennyWilliam, drayman, A. Walsh,r.Biddle se.c. 7th
KennyWilliamJ.,lawyer, 22 n. 5th, 4th b. Pine and Olive
KenoaHenry,carpenter,r.Jackson b. Emmet and L'esperance
KenoshaBernard,barkeeper,r. 266 n. Main
KenoyPatrick,drayman,r. rear 314 Biddle
KENRICKPETERR.,R. C. Archbishop of St.Louis,r.adjoining St. Louis Cathedral
KenseleJames,city weigher,r. 86 n. 11th
Kensington Iron Co., Laning Paul, 32 n. Levee
KenstlerFrederick,plasterer, rd.b. Angelrodt and Buchanan
KentslerHenry,plasterer, rd.b. Angelrodt and Buchanan
KenzuckFlorentine,hairdresser,bds. 3 Washington av
KentJames,bds. 47 s. 4th
KentJohn,painter,bds. 60 n. 10th
KenteJoseph,tailor, av. and Carroll, Rosatti and 13th
KentnorJohnA.,engineer,bds. 1156 Broadway
Kentucky House,L. Doggett,proprietor, 358 Broadway
KenworthyCharlesW.,deputy constable,bds. 109 n. 3d
KenyonChancey,coffeehouse,Center Market, r. 69 s. 7th
KenyonJames,ostler,bds. 499 Broadway
KenzCharles,lab.,r. rear 470 n. 9th
Kenzalcarpenter,bds. 225 Carondelet av
KeoghDaniel(Keogh & Dowell)r. 200 Franklin avenue
KeoghJames,carpenter,r. rear 160 n. 11th
KeoghJoseph,printer,bds. 305 Broadway
KeoghThomas,lab.,r. 246 n. 14th
KeoghThomas,lab.,r. alley bet.Biddle and O'Fallon, 6th and 7th
Keogh & DowellKeogh(Daniel and Dowell)Williamgrocers, 200 Franklin av
KeoghnierMichael,boxmaker,r. 205 n. 11th
KehoeLuke,lab.r.s.13th bet. Poplar and Randolph
KeonHubert, clerk, G. O'Rourke, rooms, 166 Broadway
KeonemannJohnC. H.,porter,r. 132 n. 8th
KeonigWilliam,lab.,bds. 131 Biddle
KeovicPatrick,drayman,r. 103 s. Main
KepfasleJohn,brass foundry,r. 699 Broadway
KeplerLurenz,brewer,r.sw.c.Ann av. and Decatur
KepnerGeorgeW.,com. mer.,r. 53 Center
KeppesserHenryJ.,r. 201 Carondelet av
KeppleThomas,carpenter,bds. 109 n. 3d
KeramerHenry,shoemaker, b. 14th and 15th
KerberAfa,wid. John,r.Jackson c. Lami
KerberJacob, cigarmaker, J. C. Tiemeyer
KerbeyJames,clerk, b. 20th and 21st
KerbyBridget,wid. Daniel,bds. 31 Center
KerbyJames,harnessmaker,bds. 31 Center
KerbyJohn,r. 17 s. 13th
KercherJacob, cigarmaker, J. C. Tiemeyer
KerchevalAnn,wid. John,bds. 266 Market
KERCHEVALROBERTM. V.,prov. and com. mer., 61 s. Main, r. 263 Washington av
KerchmerMichael,boxmaker,r. 205 n. 11th
KerdesHenry, porter, Charles H. Boertner,r. 191 O'Fallon
KerckelGeorge,saloon,Poplar bet. 20th and 21st, r. same
KergarmaerHenry,saloon, 965 Broadway, r. same
KerhlyBenjamin,teamster, rear Lombard bet. 2d and 3d
KeriganMartin,cooper,r.Levee bet. Cedar and Mulberry
KerkerJohn, blacksmith, works Theodore Salorgne
KerkhofChristian,cigarmaker, av.b. 9th and 10th
KerkickFrederick,teamster,r. 202 n. 12th
KerkmannHenry,carpenter, and 18th, Carr and Biddle
KerseickHenry,teamster, rooms 214 n. 9th
KerksieckFrederick,laborer,bds.ns.Soulard b. 7th and 8th
KerksieckHenry,bartender,bds. 13 Morgan
KerlGeorge,saloon,ws.Broadway b. Bremen av. and Angelica, r. same
KermarNathan,tailor,r. 366 s. 7th
KernAntoine,saddler,r. 132 n. 16th
KernChristophe,barber, 665 Broadway, r. same
KernConrad,saloon,ss.Franklin av.b. 24th and Pratte av.,r. same
KernFrederick,saddler,bds. 132 n. 16th
KernHafoer,hairdresser.Menard se.c. Park av.,r. same
KernJacob,laborer,bds.11th b. Market and Clark avenue
KernJacob,wagon mnfr., 236 s. 3d
KernJohn,carpenter, b. Rutgers and Park av