St. Louis directory : containing a directory of citizens, including also a business mirror, appendix, co-partnership directory, &c.,
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KernJoseph,saloon,Convent sw.c. 3d, r. same
KERNLEWIS,boarding, 163 Broadway, r. same
KernerChristian,(Kerner & Meisner)r. 378 s. 7th
Kerner & Meisner,Kerner(Christian and Meisner)CharlesP.paper and rag dealers, 376 and 378 s. 7th
KerneyJohn,watchman,r. 259 n. 7th
KerneyMartin,bookkeeper,r. 120 n. 12th
KernimanHenry,porter.r. 130 n. 8th
KERNIONGUSTAVUS,Rev., professor, St. Louis University,r. same
KernkampHermann,carpenter,r.14th sw.c. Jefferson av
KernohanAndrew,(Raphael & Kernohan), rooms, Blows bldg., Market b. 4th and 5th
KernonM. F.driver,bds. 302 Broadway
KeronHenryB.,conductor,r. 715 Broadway
KerrAugustus,bds.Planters' House
KerrGeorgeA.,(Tennent & Co.,) av.b. 17th and 18th
KerrGeorgeW.,bds. 144 Pine
KerrHenry,boatman,r.11th bet. O'Fallon and Cass avenue
KerrJames,lab.,r.Poplar, bet. 12th and 13th
KerrJames,packer,bds.St. Louis House
KerrJamesA., clerk, Alex. Leitch, rooms 6 Washington 8th
KerrWilliam,nailor, and Buena Vista, Marquette and Victor
KerrWiliam, porter, Doan, King & Co.,r. 260 n. 8th
KerrWilliam,steward,r, 322 Franklin av
KerrSeleyD.,carpenter, Vista and Cecile, Marquette and Victor
KerranAntonio,lab.,bds. 139 Collins
KerreganNathaniel, butler, City Hall Hotel
KerriganFrancis,cooper, 103 s. 2d, bds. 97 n. 2d
KerriganJames,saddler,bds. 33 Biddle
KerriganJohn,riverman. 202 s. 5th
KerriganMargaret,wid. James,bds. 333 n. 7th
KerreganPhilip,waiter,r. 70 Elm
KerriganWilliam, waiter, Planters' House,r. 92 Myrtle
KerriganWilliamH., clerk, W. Bennett,bds,ss.Myrtle bet. 6th and 7th
KerryJeremiah,lab.,r. 200 s. 5th
KersaJoseph,brickmaker,r.Malinckrodt c. 13th
KerseyWilliam,lab., av. and O'Fallon e. of 7th
KershawAndrewJ.,(Kershaw & Bro)r. 231 n. 2d
KershawJamesM.,engraving and copper plate printing 36 n. 5th, r. 30 s. 14th
KershawWilliamL.,(Kershaw & Brother)r. 231 n. 2d
KERSHAW & BROTHER,(William L. and Andrew J.)brass founders 231 n. 2d
KerspinskiJoseph,draftsman,bds. 252 n. 9th
KersterFerdinand,tinner, av.b. 2d Carondelet av. and Mississippi av
KerstingHenry,papercarrier, b. 7th and Fulton
KerterAnton,porter,r. 87 n. 10th
KerthGeorge, bet. Marion and Barry
KertinJohn,lab.,bds. 409 n. Main
KertinMary,wid. Cornelius,r. 409 n. Main
KerwanMichael,blacksmith,r.ns.Victor bet. Carondelet av. and Easton
KerwinDaniel, salesman, J. J. O'Fallon & Co.,r. 300 n. 6th
KerwinGeorge,boatman,bds. 282 n. 7th
KerwinJames,conductor,r.Salisbury bet. Broadway and 9th
KerwinJames,mason, and 14th, Biddle and O'Fallon
KerwinJohn, clerk, J. J. O'Fallon & Co.,bds. 300 n. 6th
KerwinThomasG.,(Kerwin & Co) bet. Biddle and O'Fallon
KerwinWilliam,lab.,r. 15 Myrtle
KERWIN & CO.,Kerwin(ThomasG. and Andreas)Conradlocksmiths, 88 n. 3d
KerwigWilliam,drayman,r.Clark 20th
KerruishJohn,carpenter,bds. 216 n. 10th
KerwynMary,wid.,r. 180 n. 9th
KeryWilliam, sr.,hatter, near Marion
KeryWilliam, jr.,lab., near Marion
KershenWilliam,clerk,bds.ns.Wash b. 10th and 11th
KershenMichael, b. Spruce and Clark av., grocery 247 Broadway
KeslerEdward,cooper, b. Jackson and Carondelet av
KeslerGeorge,machinist, Vista bet. Arrow and Ohio
KeslerJohn,blacksmith, bet. O'Fallon and Cass av
KeslerJohn,cutter,r. 174 n. Green
KeeperJohn,shoemaker,r. 212 Franklin av
KessalringHenry,wagonmaker, Pratte and Beaumont avs
KesslerAnton,teacher,r.Carondelet Allen
KesslerArno,clerk,7th se.c. Chesnut
KesslerAugust,lab.,Phœnix brewery,c.2d Carondelet av. and Lafayette
KesslerHenry, lieut. night watch,r.nw.c.Linn and Emmet
KesslerJohn,gardener,r.Lafayette Park
KesslerJohnH.,r.Linn b. Geyer av. and Lafayette
KesslerJohnS.,teamster,bds.Benton bet. 2d and Broadway
KesslerPhilip,stonemason,r. 255 Franklin av
KesslingWilliam,lab.,r. 62 n. Market
KestenDaniel,barber,r. 147 Washington av
KestenDaniel,carpenter,r. rear 127 Carondelet av
KesterJoseph,locksmith,r. 394 s. 7th
KestnerHarmon,wagonmaker,r. 6 Plum
KetchesonJohnC.,printer,bds. 151 n. 5th
KetchlerMargaret,wid. William,r.Julia b. Hamtramck and Closey
KetchumEwingC.,(Betts, Conway & Co)r. 171 Locust
KetelPeter,lab.,r. rear 171 n. 14th
KethHenry,lab.,r. rear 234 n. 12th
KethJacob,cooper, and 15th, Carr and Biddle
KetingDaniel,tailor,r. rear 71 s. 8th
KetingMary,wid. Patrick,r. 120 s. 5th
KetlehrJohn,huckster,r.Gravois road
KetlerDeidrich,gardener,r.nsPark Toney
KetmannBernard,teamster,r.Mallinckrodt c. 13th
KettelmannHermann,grocer, 171 Biddle. r. same
KetterCasper,draym'nr nsMonroe b 14th and 15th
KettererEmanuel,blacksmith,Menard b. Lafayette and Emmet, r. rear same
KettererJoseph,bookkeeper,r.Arsenal Park
KettlekampRudolph,grocer,Carondelet av.c. illegible
KettlemannAdam,tailor,bds.2nd near Plum
KETTLERFREDERICK,saloon,Levee bet. Biddle and Ashley, r. same
KettsLouis,shoemaker,r.Collins se.c. Carr
KetzJoseph,tailor,r. 57 Carondelet av
KeuneCharles,wagonmaker,bds. 357 n. 9th
KeuneChristian,shoemaker,r. 357 n. 9th
KeunekAndrew,cigarmaker,bds.7th c. Hickory
KeunekeHenry,axe handle maker, and 10th, Allen and Geyer avs
KeuperFrederick,lab.,r.Montgomery se.c. 14th
KeuscherEdward,lab.,bds. 131 Biddle
KentzHenry,salesman,r.Division b. 19th and 20th
KeuzerHenry(Miller & Co) nr. Carroll
Kewe & Kreit,Kewe(Rudolph and Kreit)Charlespainters, 225 n. 13th
KeyCharles,ropemaker,r.ns.Susan bet. Compton av. and Thomas
KeyJames,grainer,r. 104 Olive
KeyesRobert, porter, National Ins Co., b. Chouteau av. and Orchard
KeylackeyJames,drayman, near Wash
KeysEdward,teamster,bds.14th sw.c. Biddle
KeysMichael, machinist, P. R. R.,bds.Pratte av.sw.c Cooper
KeysThomas,chair bet. Wash and Cherry, r. 210 n. 6th