St. Louis directory : containing a directory of citizens, including also a business mirror, appendix, co-partnership directory, &c.,
Kern Joseph, saloon, same Convent sw. c. 3d, r.
KERN LEWIS, boarding, 163 Broadway, r.
Kerner Christian, (Kerner & Meisner) r. 378 s. 7th
Kerner & Meisner, Kerner (Christian Meisner) Charles P. paper and rag dealers, 376 and 378 s. 7th
Kerney John, watchman, r. 259 n. 7th
Kerney Martin, bookkeeper, r. 120 n. 12th
Kerniman Henry, porter. r. 130 n. 8th
KERNION GUSTAVUS, professor, Rev., St. Louis University, r. same
Kernkamp Hermann, carpenter, r. 14th sw. c. Jefferson av
Kernohan Andrew, (Raphael & Kernohan), rooms, Blows bldg., Market b. 4th 5th
Kernon M. F. driver, bds. 302 Broadway
Keron Henry B., conductor, r. 715 Broadway
Kerr Augustus, bds. Planters' House
Kerr George A., (Tennent & Co.,) r. ss. and Washington av. b. 17th 18th
Kerr George W., bds. 144 Pine
Kerr Henry, boatman, r. and 11th bet. O'Fallon Cass avenue
Kerr James, lab., r. and Poplar, bet. 12th 13th
Kerr James, packer, bds. St. Louis House
Kerr James A., clerk, Alex. Leitch, rooms 6 Washington av. ne. c. 8th
Kerr William, nailor, r. al. bet. and Cecile Buena Vista, Marquette Victor
Kerr Wiliam, porter, Doan, King & Co., r. 260 n. 8th
Kerr William, steward, r, 322 Franklin av
Kerr Seley D., carpenter, r. al. bet. and Buena Vista Cecile, Marquette Victor
Kerran Antonio, lab., bds. 139 Collins
Kerregan Nathaniel, butler, City Hall Hotel
Kerrigan Francis, cooper, 103 s. 2d, bds. n. 2d
Kerrigan James, saddler, bds. 33 Biddle
Kerrigan John, riverman. 202 s. 5th
Kerrigan Margaret, wid. James, bds. 333 n. 7th
Kerregan Philip, waiter, r. 70 Elm
Kerrigan William, waiter, Planters' House, r. 92 Myrtle
Kerrigan William H., clerk, W. Bennett, bds, ss. and Myrtle bet. 6th 7th
Kerry Jeremiah, lab., r. 200 s. 5th
Kersa Joseph, brickmaker, r. Malinckrodt c. 13th
Kersey William, lab., r. al. bet. and Cass av. O'Fallon e. 7th
Kershaw Andrew J., (Kershaw & Bro) r. 231 n. 2d
Kershaw James M., engraving and copper plate printing 36 n. 5th, r. s. 14th
Kershaw William L., (Kershaw & Brother) r. 231 n. 2d
KERSHAW & BROTHER, (William L. Andrew J.) brass founders 231 n. 2d
Kerspinski Joseph, draftsman, bds. 252 n. 9th
Kerster Ferdinand, tinner, r. ss. and Park av. b. 2d Carondelet av. Mississippi av
Kersting Henry, papercarrier, r. ss. and Barry b. 7th Fulton
Kerter Anton, porter, r. 87 n. 10th
Kerth George, r. es. and Fulton bet. Marion Barry
Kertin John, lab., bds. 409 n. Main
Kertin Mary, wid. Cornelius, r. 409 n. Main
Kerwan Michael, blacksmith, r. ns. and Victor bet. Carondelet av. Easton
Kerwin Daniel, salesman, J. J. O'Fallon & Co., r. 300 n. 6th
Kerwin George, boatman, bds. 282 n. 7th
Kerwin James, conductor, r. and Salisbury bet. Broadway 9th
Kerwin James, mason, r. al. bet. and 13th 14th, Biddle O'Fallon
Kerwin John, clerk, J. J. O'Fallon & Co., bds. 300 n. 6th
Kerwin Thomas G., (Kerwin & Co) r. ws. and 7th bet. Biddle O'Fallon
Kerwin William, lab., r. 15 Myrtle
KERWIN & CO., Kerwin (Thomas G. Andreas) Conrad locksmiths, 88 n. 3d
Kerwig William, drayman, r. Clark av. nr. 20th
Kerruish John, carpenter, bds. 216 n. 10th
Kerwyn Mary, wid., r. 180 n. 9th
Kery William, sr., hatter, r. es. near Buel Marion
Kery William, jr., lab., bds. es. near Buel Marion
Kershen William, clerk, bds. ns. and Wash b. 10th 11th
Kershen Michael, bds. ws. and 12th b. Spruce Clark av., grocery Broadway
Kesler Edward, cooper, r. ss. and Emmet b. Jackson Carondelet av
Kesler George, machinist, r. es. and Buena Vista bet. Arrow Ohio
Kesler John, blacksmith, r. es. n. and 16th bet. O'Fallon Cass av
Kesler John, cutter, r. 174 n. Green
Keeper John, shoemaker, r. 212 Franklin av
Kessalring Henry, wagonmaker, bds. ss. and Laclede av. bet. Pratte Beaumont avs
Kessler Anton, teacher, r. Carondelet av. nr. Allen
Kessler Arno, clerk, 7th se. c. Chesnut
Kessler August, lab., Phœnix brewery, c. and 2d Carondelet av. Lafayette
Kessler Henry, lieut. night watch, r. nw. c. and Linn Emmet
Kessler John, gardener, r. Lafayette Park
Kessler John H., r. and Linn b. Geyer av. Lafayette
Kessler John S., teamster, bds. and Benton bet. 2d Broadway
Kessler Philip, stonemason, r. 255 Franklin av
Kessling William, lab., r. 62 n. Market
Kesten Daniel, barber, r. 147 Washington av
Kesten Daniel, carpenter, r. rear 127 Carondelet av
Kester Joseph, locksmith, r. 394 s. 7th
Kestner Harmon, wagonmaker, r. 6 Plum
Ketcheson John C., printer, bds. 151 n. 5th
Ketchler Margaret, wid. William, r. and Julia b. Hamtramck Closey
Ketchum Ewing C., (Betts, Conway & Co) r. 171 Locust
Ketel Peter, lab., r. rear 171 n. 14th
Keth Henry, lab., r. rear 234 n. 12th
Keth Jacob, cooper, r. ns. al. b. and 14th 15th, Carr Biddle
Keting Daniel, tailor, r. rear 71 s. 8th
Keting Mary, wid. Patrick, r. 120 s. 5th
Ketlehr John, huckster, r. Gravois road
Ketler Deidrich, gardener, r. ns Park av. nr. Toney
Ketmann Bernard, teamster, r. Mallinckrodt c. 13th
Kettelmann Hermann, grocer, 171 Biddle. r.
Ketter Casper, draym'n r ns and Monroe b 14th 15th
Ketterer Emanuel, blacksmith, and Menard b. Lafayette Emmet, r.
Ketterer Joseph, bookkeeper, r. Arsenal Park
Kettlekamp Rudolph, grocer, Carondelet av. c. illegible
Kettlemann Adam, tailor, bds. near 2nd Plum
KETTLER FREDERICK, saloon, and Levee bet. Biddle Ashley, r.
Ketts Louis, shoemaker, r. Collins se. c. Carr
Ketz Joseph, tailor, r. 57 Carondelet av
Keune Charles, wagonmaker, bds. 357 n. 9th
Keune Christian, shoemaker, r. 357 n. 9th
Keunek Andrew, cigarmaker, bds. 7th c. Hickory
Keuneke Henry, axe handle maker, r. al. b. and 9th 10th, Allen Geyer avs
Keuper Frederick, lab., r. Montgomery se. c. 14th
Keuscher Edward, lab., bds. 131 Biddle
Kentz Henry, salesman, r. and Division b. 19th 20th
Keuzer Henry (Miller & Co) r. es. s. 7th nr. Carroll
Kewe & Kreit, Kewe (Rudolph Kreit) Charles painters, 225 n. 13th
Key Charles, ropemaker, r. ns. and Susan bet. Compton av. Thomas
Key James, grainer, r. 104 Olive
Keyes Robert, porter, National Ins Co., r. es. and Beckwith b. Chouteau av. Orchard
Keylackey James, drayman, r. ws. near 12th Wash
Keys Edward, teamster, bds. 14th sw. c. Biddle
Keys Michael, machinist, P. R. R., bds. Pratte av. sw. c Cooper
Keys Thomas, chair mnfr. es. and Broadway bet. Wash Cherry, r. n. 6th