St. Louis directory : containing a directory of citizens, including also a business mirror, appendix, co-partnership directory, &c.,
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KutscherFrederick,machinist,r. alley b. 7th and 8th, Marion and Carroll
KutzwillerVictor,carpenter, b. 8th and 9th
KyleAlexander,clerk,r. 72 Elm
KyleChristopher, teller, S. A. Benoist & Co.,bds. 98 n. 5th
KyleDavid,coachtrimmer,bds. 14 Collins
KyleFrancis,teacher,r. 72 Elm
KyleJohn,clerk,bds.Planters' House
KyleLucyA., wid. Hazlett,bds. 20 Lucas Place
KyleLydia,wid. David,bds.Washington 16th
KYLERGEORGE, clerk, City Assessor's office, b. Carr and Biddle
KynaJohn,brickmaker, nr. Lynch
KyneJohn,lab., av. and Wash, 7th and 8th
KyneMichael,clerk, J. Clemens, jr.,r. 100 Olive
KyneThomas, porter, W. D. Holliday,r. 19 Collins
KyserJacob,carpenter, rear 3d b. Convent and Hazel
KyserThomas, watchman, P. R. R. Co.,r.ns.Austin b. 13th and 14th
KyteWilliamF.,carpenter,Division bet. 19th and 20th, r. same
LAAHYPATRICK,lab.,r. rear ss. Cass 23d and 24th
LabadiAntoni,(col'd) butcher,bds.Clark av,sw.c. 15th
LabadieJames,moulder,bds.ns.Pacific nr. Pratte avenue
LabadieJames,ostler,r.Pratte Pacific
LabadieMary, wid.,r.ns.Pacific nr. Pratte av
LabadieRobert,engineer,r. 87 s. 6th
LabadieVictoire,wid. Sylvester,r. 172 Market
LabarFrederick,carpenter,r. 1098 Broadway
LabargeAulia, wid. Joseph,r. 99 n. 14th
LabargeCharles,moulder,r. 36 Plum
LabargeJoseph,jr., steamboat capt.,r. 243 Olive
LaBargeO. A. carpenter, Goodwin, Murray &
LabartGeorge,harnessmaker,bds. 170 s. 2d
LabasqueLaurent,tailor, bet. Gratiot and Cerre
LabasseCharles, cook, Barnum's Hotel,r. 9 Myrtle
LabberLeander,lab., nr. Angelrodt
LabeaumeHenry,teacher, b. Wash and Carr
LaBeaumeLouisA.,pres.Gas. Co.,r. 14 Lucas place
LabeaumeTheodorer,19th b. Davis and Hebert
LabenneFrancetailor, rear Mulberry bet. 2d and 3d
LaberHenry,baker,r. 213 n. 12th
LaberMartin,cooper,r.Buel sw.c. Soulard
LabergeStephen,millwright,r. 204 n. 10th
LabertJacob,baker, bet. Franklin av. and Wash
LaboneAmelia,wid. Frederick,r. 69 s. 3d
LabonteMary,wid. Francis,r. rear 257 s. 2d
LabrunerieAdolph,tailor,r. 39 Plum
Lacaueclerk,bds, 180 n. 5th
LaceyPatrick,lab., b. 5th and 6th
LacheJacob,carpenter,r. rear 144 n. 13th
LachlebentHenry,cooper,r. 208 s. 3d
LachuerMichael,brewer,al.b.Biddle and O'Fallon on 16th
LackFrederick,Rev.,r.ns.Chambers bet. 14th and 15th
LackJacob, cutter, A. Cohen,r. 16 s. 10th
Lackaystudent,bds. 80 s. 5th
LackayHugh,collecting agt.,r. 50 Hickory
LackeyAdamS.,baker, 427 Morgan, r. same
LackeyJacob,lab.,r.nw.c.Wash and 10th
Lackland JamesR.,(Lackland, Cline & Jamison) b. Chouteau av. and Gratiot
Lackland RufusJ.,(Wm. M. Morrison & Co.)r.ns.Lucas pl.b. 16th and 17th
Lackland SamuelM.,clerk, Wm. M. Morrison & Co., b. Chesnut and Pine
LACKLANDWILLIAMH.,lawyer, 52½ Chesnut, 8th b. Chouteau av. and Gratiot
Lackland, Cline & Jamison,Lackland,(JamesR.ClineGeorgeW. and Jamison)Williamlawyers, 52½ Chesnut
LackmanCasper,carpenter,r.Marine Carondelet rd
LACKMANNDIEDRICHH.,fancy goods, 155 n. 3d, Cozzens b. 17th and 18th.(See advt p. 118)
LackmûllerHenry,lab.,r.14th nr. Bremen av
Laclede Rolling Mills,ss.Ferry b. Broadway and Gingrass creek, office 146 n. 2d
LacledeSchool,5th c. Poplar
LaConaJosephC.,boat stores,r. 14 s. 16th
LacroixAnacletL.,(S. McCartney & Co.) b. Walnut and Clark av
LaCroixLucienF., bookkeeper, A. J. McCreery & Co.,r. 120 n. 14th
LacyBenjamin, clerk, L. C. Duval,bds. 39 n. 6th
LacyCharlesC., clerk, P. R. R. Co.,bds. 42 s. 14th
LacyJames,bricklayer, av.b. Mercer and Naomi
LacyFranklin,bricklayer, bet. Pratte av. and Emily
LacyLewisF.,clerk,r. 42 s. 14th
LacyPatrick, candlemaker,Kosciusko c. Barton
LacyTheophlius,bricklayer,bds. 23 n. 12th
LadageWilliam,paver,r. 237 Biddle
LADDATTILIUSA.,(Ladd, Patrick & Co.) 28 Carr
LaddJamesL. S., auctioneer, Murdoch & Dickson,r. 29 s. 4th
LaddJohnA., clerk, S. A. Benoist & Co.,bds.6th sw.c. Carr
LaddMartha,widow James, b.w. Brook and Webster
LADD, PATRICK & CO..Ladd,(AttiliusA.Patrick,WilliamPatrick,JamesKellerJohn and Stuart)AdamD.planing mill,13th nw.c. O'Fallon
LaddeyThomas,cooper,r.Baldwin nr.n. Market
LadenbergerCharles,clerk, 935 Broadway, r. same
LaderlaJoseph,butcher,r. 610 Morgan
LadermannJohn,mason,r.Lami b. Carondelet av. and Congress
LadewAugustusP.,(Ladow, Peers & Co.)r. 161 Chesnut
LadewStephen jr.,typedresser,r. 88 n. 17th
LADEW, PEERS & CO.,Ladew,(AugustusP.PeersValentineJ. and Bright)Williamtype founders and paper dealers, 197 n. Main
LaduePeterA..sec. and treas.St. Louis Bld'g and Savings b. 7th and 8th
LADYJOHN,(Dann, Lady & Co.) and money broker, 40 Chesnut, r. 145 Chesnut
LaefilerLouis,collarmaker,r.s.7th nr. Rutgers
LaehderHermann,carpenter, bet. Soulard and Lafayette
LaemkullarFrancis,carpenter, b Franklin av. and Wash
LaengeMariaR.,widow John,r. rear 101 n. 17th
LaengroberBernard,dairyman,r.ns.Arrow bet. Menard and Buel
LaesFelix,cigarmaker,r. rear 189 s. 4th
LaetschCharles,china store, 247 Franklin av.,r. same
LafaixEugene,engraver, 159 s. 5th
LafaixJohnR.,engraver,r. 159 s. 5th
LafayetteBrewery, 68 Carr,Theodore Brinckworth, proprietor
LafayettePark,ss.Park av.b. Missouri and Mississippi avs
Lafayette Public School,ns.Ann av. near 8th
Lafayette Winter Garden,Lafayette Park
LafayonVictor,tanner,r. rear 307 Broadway
LafeeElizabeth,widow, dressmaker,r. 21 Collins
LafertyEdward,printer,bds. 89 Franklin av
LafflerFrank,harnessmaker, bet. Emmet and L'esperance