St. Louis directory : containing a directory of citizens, including also a business mirror, appendix, co-partnership directory, &c.,
Lordink William, moulder, r. es. 13th nr. Madison
Lordkiember William, teamster, r. es. and 10th b. Howard Mound
Lord's Detector office, 251 Broadway
Loreat Nicholas, plasterer, r. 214 Carr
Loree Phillip, confectioner, bds. 352 Broadway
Loren John F., lab., r. rear 233 n. 14th
Lorence Marks, tailor, r. 342 s. 3d
Lorence Michael, tobacconist, r. es. s. near 7th Hickory
Lorence Puis, lab., r. rear 1031 Broadway
Lorence Wagner, carpenter, r. 294 Carondelet av
Lorence William, baker, r. 427 s. 7th
Lorensen Marx, tailor, r. 338 s. 3d
Lorentz Martin, quarryman, r. ws. and Main b. Clemens Haren
Lorentz William, riverhand, r. 55 Plum
Lorenz Francis A., grocer, 309 Carondelet av., r.
Lorenz Rohmann, tailor, bds. 45 Locust
Lorenz Rufus, peddler, bds. 21st se. c. Franklin av
Lorenz Samuel, brickmaker, r. 14th nr. Penrose
Lorenzen Henry, clerk, C. & F. Kunsemuller, bds. 42 Morgan
Lorenzen Jacob, blacksmith, bds. 171 n. 8th
Lorhman Louis, ragpicker, r. and Columbus bet. Miller Rutgers
Lori John, painter, r. rear 159 s. 2d
Lorin John, shoemaker, bds. 69 s. Main
Loring Charles E., 111 n. 8th
Loring Charles F., (Henry I. Loring & Co.) boards Virginia Hotel
Loring Henry I., (Henry I. Loring & Co.) 136 n. Main
Loring William, clerk, bds. 323 n. 7th
Loring Henry I. & Co., Loring, (Henry I. Patterson Robert D. Loring) Charles F. books and stationery, 136 n. Main
Lorndalin John, cooper, r. es. and 11th b. Clark av. Market
Lorsbach William, paper bagmaker, r. al. bet. and 12th 13th, Biddle O'Fallon
Loruhm Charles, baker, r. rear Estelle nw. c. 19th
Lorum John, quarry, r. near Carondelet av. workhouse
Los Jacob Sudrict, collarmaker, and Buel bet. Lafayette Emmet, bds.
Losche Peter, hairdresser, r. 213 Olive
Loshauer Louis, cooper, bds. 90 s. 2d
Lostes Augustus, r. Arrow ne. c. Buel
Loters Peter, carpenter, bds. 11th ne. c. Wash
Loth Adolphus, (Kramer & Loth,) r. 89 n. 11th
Lothe Mary, boots and shoes, 367 s. 5th, r.
Lother Mary, wid. Robert, r. and Randolph b. 12th 14th
Lother William, confectioner, bds. and Randolph b. 12th 14th
Lott Bernard, barkeeper, Benedict Schultz, 283 n. Main
Lott Flannery, stonecutter, bds. ss. and Olive b. 3d 4th
Lott Henry, (H. Lott & Co.) r. 136 Carr
Lott John, lab., bds. 136 Carr
Lott & Co., Lott (Henry Schoppe) Frederick flour and feed store, 136 Carr
Lotterweich George, brewer, bds. 135 s. 2d
Lotz John, tailor, r. DeKalb sw. c. Victor
Louche John, ropemaker, r. al. bet. and Soulard Lafayette w. Carondelet av
Louck Peter, stonecutter, r. es. and Carondelet av. bet. Marion Carroll
Louden Joseph, bricklayer, r. 736 Broadway
Louden Mary J., wid. Robert, r. 199 Green
Louderman James C., r. 265 Morgan
Louderman John H., (John J. Roe & Co.) r. 265 Morgan
Louge Hugh, watchman, r. 66 n. 17th
Louge Mary ann wid. Michael, r. 96 Christy av
Louggot Nicholas, feed store, 463 Carondelet av., r.
Lough Thomas, bds. Barnum's Hotel
Loughborough James M., (Loughborough & Long) r. at Carondelet
LOUGHBOROUGH & LONG, Loughborough (Jas. M. Long) Alton real estate dealers, 99 Chesnut
Loughborough John, Surveyor General, 10 Chesnut, r.
Loughran Patrick F., (A. McDowell & Co.) r. 10 Collins
Loughran Thomas, broker, 35 Pine, r. Bridgeton
Loughridge Catherine, wid. Robert, r. 10 s. 14th
Loughridge John, pilot, bds. 10 s. 14th
Loughridge Samuel, pilot, bds, 10 s. 14th
Louida Albert, stonecutter, r. ws. and Carondelet av. b. Russell Ann av
Louis Alexander, fancy goods, &c., 74 Spruce, r.
Louis Daniel, tobacconist, r. es. and 10th b. Webster Chambers
Louis John, beer saloon, 337 s. 2d
Louis William O., clerk, P. R. R., r. ws. and St. Auge av. b. Hickory Park av
LOUISIANA HOTEL, Bonnet John prorp., Market se. c. 6th
Loukes Michael, carpenter, r. and Congress b. Douchouquette Lami
Lounsburg James C., steamboat mate, r. es. and Ham b. Chouteau av. Hickory
Lourentning Frank, lab., r. es. 13th nr. Park av
Loury Fielding, (Moore, Loury & Co.) r. 176 Pine
Lousby farmer, r. es. and Ham b. Chouteau av. Hickory
Louthan Francis K., (Ryan & Louthan) rooms Locust se. c. 7th
Loup Jacob, policeman, r, ss. 7th c. Marion
Lovalle Anthony, lab., r. 276 n. 2d
Love James, (Love & Howarth) r. 456 Morgan
Love James E., grocer, 526 n. 9th, r.
Love John, second hand furniture, 187 n. 7th,
Love & Howarth, Love (James Howarth) Henry blacksmith, Main se. c. O'Fallon
Lovejoy Harren, watch mnfr., r. ns. and Park av. b. 8th 9th
Lover William, saddletree maker, bds. 38 s. 10th
Lovering George, clerk, bds. St. Charles sw. c. 6th
Lovering John P., lab., 207 n. 5th
Lovet James, carpenter, bds. 830 Broadway
Lovington John B., bookkeeper, bds. ns. and Destrehan bet. 9th Bellefontaine rd
Low Henry, provisions, and Broadway se. c. Wash, r. ws. 9th b. Jefferson monroe
Low Jeremiah D., lumber mer., r. ns. and Papin bet. 15th 16th
Low John, clerk, Court House, bds. 142 Market
Low John E., clerk, Assessor's office, 112 Court House, bds. n. 4th
Low William, carpenter, r. 13 s. 15th
Low William, (Low & Eggleston) r. ws. and 2d Carondelet av. b. Park av. Lafayette
Low William, (Porter, Low & Co.) r. 68 Olive
Low & Eggleston, Low (William Eggleston) William H. sash and blinds, 221 s. 14th
Low Ferdinand, porter, r. ns. al. b. and Barry Marion, Carondelet av. 7th
Lowe August, carriagemaker, bds. ws. and 4th b. Morgan Franklin av
Lowe Samuel B., (S. B. Lowe & Co.) and (Robertson & Co.) r. 284 s. 7th
Lowe Thomas, carpenter, r. 143 Walnut
Lowe William, locksmith and bellhanger, 54 n. 5th r.
Lowe S. B. & Co., mnfrs., Lowe, (Samuel B. Robertson ] A. C. ] Herrick) George railroad car mnfrs., 2d nw. c. Palm
Lowell Benjamin C., printer, works " Republican" office
Lowenstein Charles, cooper, r. nr. Arsenal
Lowenstein Joseph, furniture dealer, 86 Biddle, r.
Lowitz Deny A., (Lowitz & Allen) rooms 162 Locust
Lowitz & Allen, Lowitz (Deny A. Allen) James M. fancy goods, nw. c. n. and 5th Locust