St. Louis directory : containing a directory of citizens, including also a business mirror, appendix, co-partnership directory, &c.,
McC 325 McC
McCluskey Daniel, plasterer, bds. ss. and Austin b. 15th 16th
McCluskey James, bricklayer, bds. ss. and Austin b. 15th 16th
McCluskey Mary, wid. James, r. ss. and Austin bet. 15th 16th
McClusky George, engineer, r. 19 s. 4th
McClusky Henry, private police, bds. 333 n. Main
McClusky John, moulder, bds. 484 n. Main
McCoard William, sailmaker, r. 327 Washington av
McCoe John, carpenter, bds. 226 Morgan
McCollam Daniel, carpenter, bds. and Spruce bet. 12th 13th
McColgan John, teamster, r. ns. and Wash bet. 21st 22d
McColligan Francis, drayman, r. 681 Morgan
McCollister Charles E., bookkeeper, John W. Burd
McCollough John, clerk, 274 Broadway
McCollum John, lab., bds. 302 n. 2d
McCombs John H., (W. H. & W. Smith & Co) r. Warren, Ohio
McComish John, lab., r. 14th nw. c. Madison
McConkin Charles A., salesman, L. Forbes & Co., r. 18 n. 8th
McConnaught Peter, r. 137 Orange
McConnell barkeeper, W. P. Thayer, rooms 73 Chesnut
McConnell George H., photographist, 295 3d sw. c. Green, r. Morgan
McConnel George M., (A. C. Dickson) bds. 5th sw. c. Carr
McConnell James, lab., r. ns. and Wash b. 23d 24th
McConnell Robert, drayman, r. rear 146 n. 10th
McConnell Samuel, bricklayer, bds. Pratte av. sw. c. Clark av
McConnell L., lab., bds. Pratte av. sw. c. Clark av
McConnell Patrick, barkeeper, rooms Olive ne. c. 4th
McConnell Thomas, porter, J. R. Boggs, r. St. Charles se. c. 6th
McConnelloerge James, mate, r. ns. al. b. and 14th 15th, Carr Biddle
McCord Charles W., (McCord & Co) r. Chambers se. c. 12th
McCord James, steamboat agt., 4 City bldgs., r. Morgan
McCord James H., steamboat inspector, (McSherry & McCord) 61 Custom House, r. w. Brooklyn
McCord John T. clerk, r. 300 Morgan
McCord Luther A., lawyer, 47 n. 3d, bds. Market
McCord Ruben C., (McCord & Co) r. near Papin av. Court Buillion School
McCORD & CO., McCord, (Ruben C. McCord Charles W. Garrett) George H. foundry and machineshop 37 and 38 s. Levee, Main c. Spruce
McCorkell William, bookkeeper, S. A. Benoist & Co., rooms 69 n. Main
McCormac Daniel, policeman, r. ns. and Biddle bet. 6th 7th
McCormack James, lab., r. ss. and Carr b. 21st 22d
McCormack agt., Adams' Express, rooms 143 Chesnut
McCormack Anne, wid. Bernard, r. 102 n. 7th
McCormick Bernard, liquors, same Spruce se. c, 3d, r.
McCormick Christopher, carpenter, r. 53 Gay
McCormick Edward, riverman, r. ns. Maiden Lane nr. Reservoir
McCormick Edward, shoemaker, bds. rear 227 Broadway
McCormick Eliza, wid. William, bds. 28 Center
McCormick Henry, ostler, r. Market c. 19th
McCormick James, auctioneer, r. 319 n. 6th
McCormick James, cooper, r. ns. and Carr bet. 22d 23d
McCormick James, lab., r. es. and 16th bet. Spring Wright
McCormick James, marblecutter, r. ss. n. Market nr. Reservoir
McCormick James, teamster, r. 101 Poplar
McCormick John, boilermaker, bds. 260 n. 7th
McCormick John, silversmith, r. 63 Christy av
McCormick John, switchtender, I. M. R. R., Main ne. c. Mulberry
McCormick John, teamster, bds. 172 n. 8th
McCormick John P., (McCormick & Baker) bds Barnum's Hotel
McCormick John W., bartender, bds. 319 n. 6th
McCormick Michael, barkeeper, r. 56 Wash
McCormick Michael, drayman, r. 258 n. 8th
McCormick Michael, lab., r. Cozzens nr. Pratte av
McCormick Michael, teamster, r. Pine ne. c. 17th
McCormick Michael W., boatman, r. 319 n. 6th
McCormick Oliver R., clerk, Adams' Express Co., bds. Barnum's Hotel
McCormick Owen, painter, bds. Mallinckrodt c. Bellefontaine
McCormick Patrick, marblecutter, r. ss. n. Market nr. Raservoir
McCormick Patrick, plasterer, bds. 43 Gay
McCormick Robert R., (Rogers & McCormick) r. 100 Walnut
McCormick Samuel, (McCormick & Smith) r. ws, and 10th b. Warren Montgomery
McCormick Sarah, wid. Charles T., r. 304 9th
McCormick Stephen, carpenter, bds. 325 Broadway
McCormick Thomas, carpenter, bds. s. and 14th b. Poplar Randolph
McCormick Thomas, drayman, r. 26 s. 5th
McCormick Thomas, lab., r. 16th se. c. O'Fallon
McCormick Timothy, lab., 283 n. 8th
McCormick Timothy, lab., 7th ne. c. Carr
McCormick William, bootmaker, r. es. and 12th bet. O'Fallon Cass av
McCormick William, drayman, r. 425 Morgan
McCORMICK & BAKER, McCormick (John P. Baker) William R. agricultural implements, 15 Walnut
McCormick & Smith, McCormick (Samuel Smith) Chares carpenters, 33 Monroe
McCornack William, shoemaker, r. al. bet. and 11th 12th s. Cass av.
McCornack Charles, cigarmaker, bds. 24 Franklin avenue
McCorristen William, accountant, r. 180 s. 4th
McCort John J., tinner, r. es. and DeKalb b. L'esperance Picotte
McCough Catharine, wid. James, r. rear s. 6th Poplar
McCough Patrick, lab., bds. rear s. 6th Poplar
McCourt Laurence, lab., r. Jackson c. Douchouquette
McCow William, overseer, 107 Hyde Park
McCown Hugh, plasterer, r. and Gratiot be. 16th Tayon av
McCoy Aaron, painter, r. 836 Broadway
McCoy Arthur C., (Farmer & McCoy) bds. 199 Green
McCoy Bridget, wid. Thomas, washing, r. and Commercial b. Morgan Green
McCoy Francis, lab., r. es. al. bet. and 10th 11th Biddle O'Fallon
McCoy Helen, wid. Daniel F., r. 236 Market
McCoy John, lab., r. 200 s. 5th
McCoy Lassell, engineer, r. 836 Broadway
McCoy Thomas, milkman, r. 123 n. 13th
McCoy Thomas, riverman, r. rear 172 n. 10th
McCoy William, varieties, 51 n. 5th, r. Everett House
McCracken Henry, jr., painter, r. 60 n. 10th
McCracken Joseph, Rev., r. Scott av. nr. Gamble av.
McCraith Jeremiah, butcher, r. ws. Emily op. Adams
McCraith William, ironmelter, r. n. 2d op. N. M. R. R. track
McCrane Eugene, lab., r. al. bet. and 13th 14th Biddle O'Fallon
McCreavy William, watchman, P.R. R., r. ss. and P. R. R., b. Pratte av. Toney
McCreevey Charles, tailor, r. ss. and Carroll bet. Grattan Curran
McCreery Ann W., wid. Charles, bds. 137 Locust
McCreery Atreus J., ( A. J. MCreery & Co.) r. 17 n. 0th