St. Louis directory : containing a directory of citizens, including also a business mirror, appendix, co-partnership directory, &c.,
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BerdenPhilip,lab.,r. 66 s. Main
BereickJohn,lab.,r. rear ns. Arrow, bet. 7th and 8th
BerellaraEdward,lamplighter,r. 11 n. 9th
BerengHenry,carpenter,r,es.16th, bet. Wash and Carr
BerensBenjaminF.,cigar mnfr 90 n. 3d, r. same
BergFerdinand,beer saloon12th nw.c. Carr, r. same
BergFrederick,r.Iroquois nr. Cherokee
BergGeorge,agt.ins co.,, nr. Miller
BergGeorge, clerk, Heinicke and Estel,, bet. 6th and 7th
BergJohn,confectioner, nr. Miller
BergMatthias, and Columbus, Soulard and Lafayette
BergNicholas,clerk,r.Iroquois nr. Cherokee
BergNicolaus, ins. solicitor, av.b. Cherokee and Potomac
BergWilliam, salesman, Young, Bros. & Co
BergdorfHenry,grinder, nr. Carroll
BergeConrad,drayman,r.Hickory nr. 6th
BergehThomas,tailor, and Decatur Park av. and Barry
BergenJohn,harnessmaker,r. 99 Franklin av
BergenJohn,salesman,r. 216 Morgan
BergenJulia,dressmaker, 99 Franklin av.r. same
BergenRichard,lab.,r.ns.Wash, b 21st and 22d
BergerAntonie,baker,bds. 310 n. 7th
BergerBarnard,glass maker,bds.Jackson se.c. Soulard
BergerCharles,teamster,bds. 242 n 12th
BergerDaniel,butcher, 27 Lucas Market, r. Missouri av.,bet. Convent and Hickory
BERGEREDMUND,fancy goods, 52 Market, Dillon, bet. Park av. and Hickory
BergerFrancis, coachman, E. W. Gould, Lafayette and Park av
BergerFrederick,driver, Sidney and Anna
BergerFrederick,finisher,bds. 183 Broadway
BergerGeorge, porter, Young, Bros & Co.,r.ns.Wash, bet. 8th and 9th
BergerHenry,teamster,r. 766 Broadway
BergerLeon,minstrel,bds.n.7th. bet. Wash and Franklin av
BergerLeonD.,musician,r. 182 s. 3d
BergerLeopold,( L. Berger & Co.,), bet. Franklin av. and Wash
BERGERLOUISA.,lottery office 157 Market, r. Broadway, b. Destrehan and Malinckrodt
BergerMichael,surveyor,r. 87 s. 4th
BergerPaul,r. 184 s. 3d
BergerPeter,surveyor,r. 182 s. 3d
BergerSimon,bookkeeper,bds.Morgan se.c. 3d
Berger L. & Co.,Berger(Leopold and Hoffman,)Morris auction goods, 125 Franklin av
BergerhausenFrederick, bookkeeper, Aug. Wiebush & Son,, bet. Mulberry and Lombard
BergermanHenry,lab.,, bet. Florida and Mullanphy
BergeronPeter,artist,r. rear 191 s. 4th
BergeschFred.,treas.St. Louis Mutual Fire and Marine Ins. Co., and (Bergesh & wheeler,)r.6th b. Wash and Carr
BergeschHenry,dry goods and clothing, 41 Franklin av.r. same
BergeschHermanH.,lumber dealer,7th cor Cass av., and (Bergesch, Ferie & Doettling,)r. 244 n. 8th
Bergesch, Ferie & Doettling,Bergesch,(HermanH.FerieJoseph and Doettling,)Michael brewers,ss.Franklin av.b. 19th and 20th
BERGESCH & WHEELERBergesch(Frederick and Wheeler,)John livery stable 219 n. 6th
BergfeldtEdwinL., bookkeeper, G. F. Vogel,bds. 221 s. 4th
BergseleFrancis, porter, David Pearce,, b. O'Fallon and Cass av
BerghoffJohn,r.Buel, nw.c. Soulard
BerghoffJohnT.,physician and druggistBuel nw.c. Soulard
BerghoffTheodore,butcher, 27 City Market, Broadway nr. rolling mill
BerghoffTheodore, butcher, 27 City Market, Broadway nr. rolling mill
BerghornWilhelmina,wid. Herman, near Mullanphy
BergiaCarroll,clerk, rooms 37½ Chesnut
BerginDennis,carpenter, and 25th
BerginJohn, porter, Mandeville & Traynor, b. 3d and 4th
BerginJoseph, and 25th
BerginMalachi,lab., b. Market and Clark av
BerginMargaret,wid. Patrick,,24th near Cass av
BerginMichael,upholsterer, b. Market and Clark av
BerginPatrick,grocer,ne.c.Biddle and 25th
Bergland Frank,teamster,r.10th b. O'Fallon and Cass av
BergmannAndrew,salesman, John Howr. Main nec. Green
BergmannAugust,matchmaker,bds. 102 Carondelet av
BergmannConrad,drayman,r.Monroe ne.c. 16th
BergmannFrederick,tailor, and 14th and O'Fallon and Biddle
BergmannHenry,wagonmaker,r.ns.Howard b. 15th and 16th
BergmannWilliam,carpenter, near Chambers
BergmannWilliam,cigarmaker,bds.sw.c.Walnut and 3d
BergmeierJohnF.,lab.,r. 624 Broadway
BergnerChristian,knifemaker, 329 s. 7th
BergsaferJohn,riverman, av.b. Buel and Menard
BergschJohn, drayman, Chas. Beardslee & Bros.,r.Franklin av.c. 17th
BerieFrederick,spoonmaker,r.Julia b. Hamptramck and Julia
BerikahMitchel,musician, and Columbus near Marion
BeringJohnH.,carpenter,r.Carr c. 16th
BeringhoffMax,bartender,bds. 489 Morgan
BerkhartJoseph,carpenter, b. Soulard and Lafayette
BerkartSimon,stonemason, and Soulard
BerkemeyerHenryW.,carpenter,r.sw.c.n.Market and 13th
BerkemeyerWilliam,carriage maker,r. rear 151 n. 14th
BerkenkampHerman,millstone cutter,r.201 n. 14th
BerkenmeyerHenry,lab.,bds. 1387 Broadway
BerkleyAugustus,saloon and restaurant, 33 n. 4th, Christy av. near 21st
BerkleyEdward,Rev., pastor St. George Episcopal Church
BerkleyGeorgeW., bookkeeper, Robert H. Miller & Sonsr. 170 Locust
BerkleyMichaelH.,barkeeper, av. near 21st
BerkompChristopher,lab.,r.Bellefontaine road b. Angelica and Ferry
BerleLouis,bartender, 139 Market
BerlinJonathan,(J. Berlin & Co.,)bds.Monroe House
Berlin J. & Co.,BerlinJonathan & rectifiers and liquors, 62 s. Main
BerltCharles,saddler, b. Wash and Franklin av
BermanJoachim,saddletree makerbds.Market sw.c. 10th
BermanJohn,box maker, on 17th b. Biddle and O'Fallon
BermanJohn,lab.,r.ns.Victor b. McNair and Gravois road
BermanWilliam,cigars and tobacco 31 Olive, r. same
BermanJacob,cigars,bds. 163 Broadway