St. Louis directory : containing a directory of citizens, including also a business mirror, appendix, co-partnership directory, &c.,
Mier Rudolph, barkeeper, bds. 1410 Broadway
Mier Valdelene, stonecutter, r. and Emmet bet. Jackson Carondelet av
Mier W., brewer, r. and Lami b. Carondelet Congress
Miermann Dedrick, cabinetmaker, 301 s., 3d, r. s. 3d
Miers Henry, lab., r. 61 Madison
Mierson James, (Mierson & Rosenthal) r. 138 n. 7th
MIERSON & ROSENTHAL Mierson (James Rosenthal) William jewelers, 132 n. 3d
Miesel Michael teamster, bds. ns. and Carr bet. 21st 22d
Miesenpech Gustavus, cigarmaker, 384 s. 7th, r.
Mieslang A., dressmaker, 64 s. 3d
Mieslang Frederick, saloon, 108 Market, r. s. 3d
Mieslang Nicholas, engineer, r. 64 s. 3d
Miespel Charles, saloon, 49 Morgan, r.
Miessler bookbinder, r. 168 n. 14th
Miethe Charles, lab., r. rear 157 s. 2d
Mietzel John, lab.. r. 19th nr. Hebert
Mietzgar Michael, cooper, r. ns. and Emmet b. Jackson Columbus
Mieure William, agt., r. 152 n. 6th
Mihan Patrick, boilermaker, n. and 8th b. O'Fallon Cass av
Miheil John, blacksmith, r. ss. and Market bet. 20th 21st
Mihhlauser Marguerite, wid. Peter, r. 609 s. 7th
Mike John, deckhand, bds. 136 s. 2d
Mila Michael, lab., r. 26 Collins
Milan Patrick, lab., bds. 45 Poplar
Milberg Henry, r. O'Fallon se. c. 12th
Milbert Haran, wid., William, r. Clarke av. se. c. 8th
Milburn Mary, wid. William, r. 243 Chesnut
Milburn Nathan L., carpenter and builder, r. Carr ne. c. 24th
Mild Peter, lab., r. 9 Chesnut
Mildoney Mary, wid., Michael, r. 1283 Broadway
Mileham Catharine, wid. Henry, r. 152 n. 6th
Miles Benjamin H., (Garrigues & Miles) r. 49 Collins
Miles C., wid., r. es. and Moore b. Market Clark av
Miles Dixon S., bds. Barnum's Hotel
Miles Henry, blacksmith, r. alley bet. Cass av. O'Fallon e. 7th
Miles James, blacksmith, r. 332 n. 6th
Miles James, lab., r. 2 Warren
Miles Jonathan R., (Gilbert, Miles & Stanard) r. Miles Station, Ill
Miles Louisa, wid. Henry, r. rear 89 Christy av
Miles Peter, foundryman, bds. 9 n. 9th
Miles Sarah, wid. Patrick, r. 163 n. 14th
Miles William, drayman, r. es. and Barlow bet. Chouteau av. Gratiot
Milfeil William, (Bachka & Milfeil) r. 328 n. 9th
Milford George, oysteropener, rooms 57 Chesnut
Milford Joseph, silversmith, bds. 35 Gay
Milford Richard, carpenter, bds. 35 Gay
Milford William, lab., r. 35 Gay
Milhaeli Gerhart, cigarmaker, bds. ss. and 9th bet. Carr Biddle
Milhaupt Jacob, shoemaker, r. 199 n. 2d
Milhause John, lab., r. es. near Jackson Barry
Milhchester Michael, brewer. bds. 10th sw. c. Market
Militzer Julius, cooper, r. 169 n. 13th
Milkhes George, lab., r. ss. near Russell Decatur
Milkes Herman, porter, r. rear ns. Jefferson bet. 12th 13th
Milkies Bernard, lab., r. es. near 2d Carondelet av. Pestalozzi
Milkies William, lab., r. es. near 2d Carondelet av. Pestalozzi
Mill John, r. ns. near Columbus Carroll
Millagan Joseph, moulder, r. near Hebert Davis
Millan James, bds. 88 Olive
Millan James, gasfitter, r. ss. and Wash bet. 20th 21st
Millard Charles M. S., printer, r. 160 n. 4th
Millard Mortan, lab., bds. 13 Morgan
Millard Thomas, clothes renovator, 66 Washington av., r.
Millard William, shoe maker 64 Washington av
Millberg Henry, lab., r. 281 n. 12th
Millburn Henry, carpenter, r. 216 n. 10th
MILLEDGE NICHOLAS, silverplater, 75 n. 5th, r. St. Charles
Millen Margaret, wid. William, r. and O'Fallon bet. 18th 19th
Miller wid., bds. 22 n. 12th
Miller A., saloon, 60 s. 7th, r.
Miller Adam, bds. 22 n. 12th
Miller Adam, engineer, r. 221 s. 2d
Miller Adam, moulder, J. T. Dowdall & Co
Miller Adam, policeman, r. 115 n. 9th
Miller Adam, shoemaker, 58 Mound, r.
Miller Adolphus W., marble dealer, 365 Franklin av., bds. n. 8th
Miller Albert, musician, r. 160 n. 9th
Miller Alexander, cigarmaker, bds. 158 Market
Miller Alex., clerk. Wolff & Hoppe, bds. Wolf's Hotel
Miller Alexander F., bricklayer, r. and 24th bet. St. Charles Washington av
Miller Alfred M., carpenter, r. 133 Gay
Miller Amos, sheet iron worker, r. 4 Waddingham
Miller Andrew, hairdresser, 61 Chesnut, r. es. 7th b. Chesnut Pine
Miller Andrew, harnessmaker, 294 Broadway
Miller Andrew, saddler, r. 253 n. 7th
Miller Andrew, tailor, r. 22 Gay
Miller Andrew J., mate, r. 14th nw. c. Biddle
Miller Andrews, wagonmaker, r. 36 Brooklyn
Miller Ariadne, wid., bds. 110 Pine
Miller Arnold H., r. 61 Gay
Miller Augustus F., eloctro silver plater, 71½ Olive, r. s 4th
Miller Benjamin, porter, Young Brothers & Co., r. 52 Morgan
Miller Bernard, brewer, r. es. and 17th bet. Clark av. Market
Miller Bernard, cooper, r. 132 Biddle
Miller Caspar, blacksmith, es. s. and 5th bet. Rutgers Park av., r. es. s. 2d bet. Wood Miller
Miller Casper, milk depot, 78 Wash, r.
Miller Catherine, wid. Jacob., seamstress, r. ss. and Franklin av. bet. 21st 22d
Miller Charles, (Charles Miller & Bro) r. 218 Market
Miller Charles, (R. H. Miller & Sons) r. 80 s. 5th
Miller Charles, carpenter, 208 Biddle
Miller Charles, clerk, M. D. Myers, bds. 9th sw. c. Benton
Miller Charles, drayman, r. 237 n. 13th
Miller Charles, driver, bds. Lafayette c. Compton avenue
Miller Charles., finisher, r. 461 s. 7th
Miller Charles, finisher, Kingslands & Ferguson
Miller Charles, locksmith, r. ss. and Biddle bet. 15th 16th
Miller Charles, miller, r. rear 231 s. 2d
Miller Charles, painter, bds. 381 Franklin av
Miller Charles, peddler, r. 218 Franklin av
Miller Charles, riverman, r. ss. Lynch nr. Menard
Miller Charles, tanner, John How, c. and Easton Barton
Miller Charles, tobacconist, bds. 444 Morgan
Miller Charles, woodyard, 647 Broadway, r.
Miller Charles A., bartender, W. Bayes, 174 s. Main
Miller Charles C., (Bowen & Miller) bds. Biddle c. 14th
Miller Christian, (Charles Miller & Bro.) 218 Market
Miller Christian, machinist, r. and Carroll bet. Jackson Carondelet avenue
Miller Christopher, baker, r. 431 Carondelet av
Miller Christopher, grocer, Spring se. c. Broadway
Miller Claus, sugar-refiner, r. 228 O'Fallon
Miller Clemence, r. 115 Carondelet av
Miller Daniel, bds. King's Hotel
Miller Daniel, clerk, bds. 647 Broadway
Miller Daniel, umbrellamaker, r. Lafayette c. Rosatti
Miller David stonemason, r. 156 n. 13th
Miller David W., com. mer., r. 47 s. 4th
Miller Dorothy, widow John, r. es. and DeKalb b. Victor Sidney