St. Louis directory : containing a directory of citizens, including also a business mirror, appendix, co-partnership directory, &c.,
Addy Dyonisius, mattrass maker, r. and Menard, bet. Emmet Geyer av
Adeline Christian, cooper, r. 127 Biddle
Aden Felen F., book keeper Tennent & Co., rooms 52 n. 5th
Adenstedt Frederick, grocer, 248 s. 2d, r.
Adger Hans, lab., r. and Salisbury, bet. 11th 12th
Adie James E., (J. C. Clark & Co.) r. at Bridgeton
Adkins Henry, foreman Dry Docks, r. es. and Ham, bet. Hickory Chouteau av
Adler Anton, riverman, r. ws. bet. and Algelrodt Buchanan, 11th 12th
Adler Edward, saddler, r. se. c. and 24th Morgan
Adler Charles, cooper, r. 346 n. 2d
Adler J., porter, r. and Bellefontaine Road, bet. Dock Harrison
Adler Zadock, furniture dealer, 228 Wash, r.
Adlerbaum Charles, r. 233 Broadway
Adolpha David, shoemaker, r. ns. and Division, bet. 24th 25th
Adox Flora, boarding house, 186 Market
ADREON STEPHEN W., physician, r. 90 Washington av
Adrian Louis, (Louis Adrian & Co.) r. 368 s. 3d
Adrian Louis & Co., Adrian and (Louis and Hager) Charles locksmiths, 368 s. 3d
ADRIANCE WILLIAM, dry goods, 273 s. 5th, r. Lucas av., bet. Leffingwell Ewing
ADRIANCE WILLIAM, dry goods, staple and fancy, who. 122 n. 4th, r. Lucas av, ne. c. Ewing av
Adrien Tetard, clerk recorder's office, r. and Pine, bet. 6th 7th
Aebie Jacob, box maker, bds. c. and 2d Poplar
Aechmahn Henry, clerk Collins, Kellogg & Kirby, bds. 91 s. 4th
Aeisahour Frank, cooper, r. and Randolph, bet. Ulrici Mercer
Aeschlimann Edward, painter, r. 333 s. 3d
Aeschlhmann Frederick, blacksmith, r. ss. and Mulberry, bet. Main Levee
Aetla Henry, butcher, 1049 Broadway
Ætna Insurance Co., Locust, cor. Main
Afers Henry, shoemaker, r. and Decatur, bet. Lafayette Emmet
Affleck Charles D., paying teller Clark, Bro & Co., r. 55 Christy av
Affolter Louis, plasterer, r. ws. and 13th, bet. Wright Lucas
African Meth, Episcopal Church, ns. and 7th bet. O'Fallon Cass av
Agan Ellen, wid. John, r. 148 Franklin av
Agan John, serg't police, r. 386 Morgan
Agan Thomas, cooper, bds. es. and 22d bet. Wash Carr
Agen James, steward, bds. 89 Washington av
Agenu James, mate, r. 186 Biddle
Aghorn Christian, lab. r. ns. and Dorcas, b. 2d 3d
Aglar James F. (James F. Aglar & Co.,) r. 365 n. Second
AGLAR JAMES F. & CO., E. St. Louis Transfer Co., Aglar and (James and F. Fitzmorris,) James N. E. St. Louis Transfer Co., 13 Exchange bldgs
Agmus Frederick, carpenter, r. 194 s. 2d
Agne Nicholas, shoemaker, r. 102 n. 15th
Agsse Harmann T., goldsmith, bds. 236 s. 2d
Ahart Louis, lab. 24 Buchanan
Ahearn John, shoemaker, r. alley b. Biddle O'Fallon, 7th 8th
Ahearn Michael, lab. r. 142 n. 17th
Ahern Dennis, clk. r. 167 n. 9th
Ahern John A., moulder, r. 309 n. 6th
Ahern Matthew, miller, bds. 45 Poplar
Ahern Michael, jr., r. 311 Washington av
Ahern Michael, sen., contractor, r. 311 Washington avenue
Ahern Patrick, butcher, r. ss. and Adams, b. Pratte av. Emily
Ahern Patrick, stonecutter, r. 311 Washington av
Ahern Thomas, coppersmith, r. 309 n. 6th
Ahesey Edward, shoemaker, ss. and Carr, b. 22d 23d, r.
Ahfelt Frederick, miller, r. ws. near 12th, Jefferson
Ahlbrand Julia, widow, Henry, r. 222 Franklin av
Ahlemeier Henry, lab. 11th, sw. c. Howard
Ahlers Henry, carpenter, bds. 241 n. 13th
Ahlert Victor, teamster, r. ss. and Market, b. 20th 21st
Ahlf Jacob, lab. r. ss. and Lynch, b. Sophia Sterling
Ahlheim Peter, tailor, r. alley b. 9th 10th, Allen av. Geyer av
Ahlorers Frederick, lawyer, bds. s. 7th, sw. c. Hickory
Ahloers Frederick, clk. 157 Carondelet av
Ahmaer Henry, brickmaker, r. sw. c. and 12th Howard
Ahme Frederika, widow, George, r. es. and Rosatti, b. Warren Carroll
Ahner August F., saddler, r. ns. and Soulard, b. Carondelet av. Jackson
Ahner Gotleib T., printer, r. 122 Carondelet av
Ahner Nicholas, lab. Tamm & Meyer
Ahrenk Frank, lab. r. ws. alley b. 8th 9th, Biddle O'Fallon
Ahrens Andreas, shoemaker, bds. 357 n. 9th
Ahrens Charles, bakery, ns. and Cozzens, b. Pratte av. High; r.
Ahrens Charles, tailor, r. ss. Cozzens, cor. 22d
Ahrens Charles, woodsawyer, r. 173 O'Fallon
Ahrens Charles E, second-hand clothing, 51 Convent, r.
Ahrens Conrad, carpenter, r. 13th, nw. c. Jefferson
Ahrens John, carpenter, r. 13th, nw. c. Jefferson
Ahrens John F., printer, r. 9th ne. c. Franklin av
Ahring Frederick W., tailor, r. ws. and 7th b. Chesnut Pine
Ahrensmann Henry, lab. r. ws. 21st cor. n. Market
Ahret Frederick, basket maker, r. es. and DeKalb, b. Victor Sidney
Ahret John, patternmaker, 13 Ashley
Ahron Henry, shoemaker, 1 Wash
Ahronson Albert, dry goods, 34 Franklin av. r.
Aichelman Andre, mechanic, r. 133 Biddle
Aicheson James machinist, r. 143 n. 17th
Aiha Michael, cooper, r. and 12th, b. Lafayette Anna
Aiken James, compositor, Democrat, r. 77 Biddle
Aiken Joseph A. (Aiken & Menge) r. 236 Morgan
AIKEN & MENGE, Aiken & Joseph) & A. Menge) John H. cigars and tobacco, 134 n. Main
Aikens William, engineer, bds. n. and Levee bet. Biddle Ashley
Aikhoff Frederick W., laborer, bds. e. s. n. and 15th, bet. O'Fallon Cass av
Ainsman Andrew, (Dightman & Co.) r. 81 n. 7th
Ainsworth Leonard, soap maker, bds. 9 n. 13th
Aird John, blacksmith, bds. Biddle House
Airy John D., physician, 68 Walnut, bds. 4th se. c. Elm
Aise Frederick, saddle tree maker, bds. e. s. and Jackson, bet. Marion Carrol
Aisick Solomon, peddler, r. 92 n. 14th
Aitken James, conductor, RR. r. ss. Park av n. St. Ange av
Aitken William, moulder, r. 355 n. 11th
Aitken William K., dentist, 98 Market, r. Division, bet. 19th 20th
Aka Clemens A., scavenger, r. nw. c. and State Anna av
Akan Wilson, stone cutter, bd.s ne. c. and 14th Webster
Ake Francis, driver, r. alley bet. Columbia DeKalb, bet. Sidney Ann
Ake Philip, r. w. s. and Kosciusko, bet. L'esperance Picotte
Aken Alfred S., plumber, bds. 12 Centre
Aken Edwin C., (Aken & Son) r. 12 Centre
Aken Joseph, (Aken & Son) r. 12 Centre
Aken William S., plumber, bds. 12 Centre